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WriterDojo episode 6: genre

This week Steve and I talk about the concept of “genre”, what it actually is, what it is actually for, and why most of of the “genre rules” that get crammed down aspiring authors’ throats are nonsense. As usual our goal is to teach you how to work the system in order to Get Paid!


(edit, and I do silly voices to make fun of dumb tweets giving bad writing advice!)

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WriterDojo Episode 5 – The Discipline of Idea Management

WriterDojo Episode 5 is out. This week Steve and I talk about how to get, develop, organize, and use ideas for your fiction. Ideas are everywhere. (and I forgot last week to post that Episode 4, Outlining vs. Discovery Writing was out, and it’s a good one) This episode I also tell the story for the first time of where the idea for Wendell T. Manatee came from.

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This Week in Politics – It’s all Bullshit and we’re Fucked

Normally I’d put my angry political takes on Facebook, and the blog is for business or posts that are longer and more well thought out, but I’m currently banned, so here we go. Rant time.

First, keep in mind all of our current political bullshit is because the Biden Administration really wants you to forget that they just caused the biggest military fuckup in American history. There are still Americans trapped in Afghanistan because we ABANDONED them there. (something that would normally be inconceivable). Our friends are dead, or soon will be. America has never looked weaker. We have never looked like a worse ally. Nobody is going to be foolish enough to trust us again, all because of how badly this administration sucks.

Note. I don’t even say how badly Joe Biden sucks, because he’s clearly a meat puppet they trot out to babble what he’s told, and then mute and rush off stage before he shits his pants.

There were hundreds of individual events/images during the Afghanistan fuck up, any of which would have dominated a month-long super outraged 24/7 news cycle if a republican had been in charge. They impeached Trump for a phone call and bitched about shirtless buffalo hat guy for months but images of people literally falling off of airplanes vanish from the news in the blink of an eye. Our evil news media and big tech is doing everything in its power to get America to focus on anything other than the fact Biden made our country look like weak, pathetic, inept, cowardly, losers.

Leave no man behind was our thing. Abandoning people should be fucking unconscionable. It is against the fundamental moral basis of who we are, but not to these fuckers. But they certainly can’t let the public focus on that.

So the first sleight of hand trotted out was, of course, abortion. Because when you are in the running for worst president in American history, and the news is trying super hard not to tell you the names and stories of the Americans we left to die horribly or be used as hostages by the motherfucking Taliban, and all your usual useful idiot cheer leaders are keeping their heads down because even they can’t defend a screw up that bad, what hot button issue do you trot out to energize your idiot base?

Abortion. Obviously. It’s a classic! Quick everybody, let’s all rehash the same tired stupid arguments we’ve been having for the last 50 years. Because we’ve not come to terms with that ghastly and gigantic stack of dead babies over several generations, clearly we need to fight about that right now instead of the giant embarrassing fuck up which should have resulted in a whole bunch of politicians, government employees, and military officers being hung from lamp posts.

So then the entire news media and internet turned into a great big abortion thing again for a few days, where we were treated to cartoons drawn by naïve melodramatic dipshits about how Texans are the same as the Taliban (and I’m sure most Texans would say if it means you fucking liberals will quit moving there, sure, we’re the Taliban, pack your shit and move back to California, progs).  Of course, as intended, this familiar topic roused the Useful Idiot Brigade from their hiding places, and they reliably dusted off their Handmaid’s Tale cosplay so they could rush back onto social media to scream at their friends and family like usual.

But oh no! After several days of big tech jamming clumsy memes and pro-choice slogans down America’s throats, polling shows the public aren’t sufficiently distracted from the fact we don’t actually have a president! Quick! Quit talking about how bodily autonomy is sacred and switch to how bodily autonomy is evil, because we’re flipping the dial back to vaccine mandates!

But wait… We’ve already covered all that bullshit ad nauseum all year. Everybody has made up their mind. Nobody trusts the authorities they’re supposed to trust because the experts keep getting caught lying their asses off, or being wrong, and no experts ever gets held accountable. So how are we going to reignite this crisis which has pretty much ceased being a crisis in most of the country (don’t believe me on that? Get out of your arbitrarily locked down blue city and check out all the videos of maskless college students having fun at football games like normal human beings again. The Jump Around video brought a tear to my eye. Watching people have basic happiness will bring joy to your shriveled little hearts)

So how do we put more new fresh crisis into our old tired crisis, sufficient that people will quit paying attention to the fact we don’t have a functioning government?

I know! Let’s have this unpopular, incompetent, corrupt executive branch go for an insane power grab! They can’t even guard an airport from a bunch of goat rapists, but by golly, they’re going to swagger back to America, say fuck you Separation of Powers, fuck your Three Branches of Government, tear off a big chunk of the Constitution and wipe their ass with it on TV, all in the name of “the greater good”. That’s sure to be a hit!

For those of you who slept through School House Rock, that’s not how any of this shit is supposed to work. However, the executive being able to just give itself crazy new powers on the fly is the inevitable end of the road that we’ve been on for quite some time. I’ve been bitching about this consistently my entire adult life, whether the hot new power grab came from Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, and now this fucking turnip, each time the team sports cheer leaders would be happy their guy was grabbing more unchecked authority for the executive branch, while the team on the outs cried about it… but then promptly did the same thing once they got back in.

Laws? We don’t need no stinking laws. Just make a “rule”. Why even have congress? And the dementia puppet’s speech writer even handily stuck in a line about getting those pesky governors our of the way! Because why do we even have states?

The ultimate goal of course is to just have a cadre of elite “experts” from the Corpo-Uni-Party run every aspect of our lives for “the greater good”, without any of that pesky stuff like freedom or agency getting in the way. And some of you are like, oh Correia, that’s so wacky and far-fetched! Uh huh. And twenty years ago the idea of needing government permission to work or go to church would have sounded insane, but here we are.

Anyways, now we’ve got a hot new crisis of insane government over-reach for people to focus on, rather than the last crisis (also caused by the same government!) which is currently causing America to slide into global irrelevance as toothless consumer state so that Communist China can eat our fucking lunch (and continue paying Hunter Biden a quarter million dollars per shitty wannabe art-house painting for some baffling and inexplicable reasons that couldn’t possibly have anything to do with who his dad is).

But, but Correia, the inevitable statist bootlicker will cry, this really is for THE GREATER GOOD. Bullshit. I don’t give a fuck if the administration issued a mandatory order that all Americans have to buy Larry Correia novels or face a $10,000 fine, that would be really great for me personally! However, that’s not within the scope of their fucking power, and all Americans should reflexively tell them to fuck off. Especially the people who think they have something to gain.

I didn’t write this post to rehash the debate over abortion or vaccines or whatever tomorrow’s new crisis will be if this one doesn’t poll good enough. I wrote this post because all of this shit is a byproduct of the people letting our government become too big, powerful, and invasive. And when that wasn’t bad enough, the leviathan became one with the megacorps who control all information. And all you have to do to get a pass from those pesky laws and rules they hound the rest of us with is be part of the leviathan! Because what could possibly go wrong there?

And then some of you will ask, but Correia, what’s your solution? Lol. What solution? Shit’s probably going to get weirder. My solution? Buy ammo and food storage. Make friends with your neighbors and be useful to your community. Don’t live anywhere run by democrats.  

Best case scenario is the opposition party finds its spine and actually fights for something. That might stall the doomsday clock a bit. Realistically? They’ll screw it up. Or win (depending on how “fortified” the mid-term election is) and squander it as usual. Note however, I’m not saying the two parties are morally equivalent. That’s for cowards. Republicans suck, but the DNC as currently constituted is pure Satanic evil incarnate.

As our elected leaders continue to suck and fail, I expect to see a lot more civil disobedience happen. This isn’t a shocker. The left has already made it very clear that the rules don’t apply to them. The left burns, loots, murders, whatever. It all gets a pass. The right gets slightly uppity and it’s a world ending crisis that requires the full might of the federal government to come crashing down on their heads and 24/7 news coverage for months and special commissions and anybody who tangentially agrees with those uppity types needs to be driven from society for their extremist ways.

Progs like to blather on about the “social contract” but that’s a one-way street. We owe them everything. They don’t owe us shit. A black republican gets called “boy” and gets eggs thrown at him by a lady in an actual fucking gorilla mask and there’s crickets while a black liberal sees a garage tie and there’s an emergency FBI special investigation into the racist hatemongery of NASCAR. There’s one right wing protest and it’s an insurrection that requires 35,000 troops and endless fucking pearl clutching freak outs, but a Bernie Bro shoots republican congressmen at a baseball game and it’s like it never happened. A republican senator gets beaten and bones broken and the late-night hosts crack jokes about it. It’s why you can’t have a job and your kids suffer with miserable masks and all this abnormal anxiety causing bullshit that might emotionally scar them for life, but Barack Obama can have a birthday bash with 500 of his closest friends.

This lop-sided shit can’t last. The government doesn’t have a monopoly on force. Force got delegated to it by the people because the people trusted the government to use that force fairly. That’s the real “social contract”, and when it breaks bad things happen.

And for the fools cheering this madness on, we have this system for a reason. We have laws for a reason. We create laws the way we do for a reason. The founding fathers weren’t stupid. They were smarter than you idiots. Quit trying to gut or destroy every protection they put in place. That shit is there to protect you. But these stupid motherfuckers are not going to quit pushing until a critical mass of Americans just says fuck it and go full on Rwandan machete party.

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Monster Hunter Bloodlines is now available on Audible:

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and Episode 4 of the WriterDojo is now available wherever you stream your podcasts. (This week: Outlining vs Discovery Writing- Round 1)

Gun Runner wins the Dragon Award

Gun Runner won the Dragon Award for best Military Sci-Fi this weekend at DragonCon. Big props to my co-author John Brown, who is a great story teller and all around wonderful human being.

This is a big honor. Thanks to the fans. The Dragon is a straight up fan award. Anybody can nominate. Anybody can participate.

I’ve won a few times in different categories now so I’ve been telling my fans to vote for other people and share the love. The exception to this is collaborations because me saying that would be really unfair to my co-authors.

My category had a bunch of really talented people in it, any of who would have been worthy winners instead of us. And I hope they all go on to win it in the future.