By request of the Monster Hunter Nation, this is a collection of all of the book bombs from the past. The book bomb-ee still gets more exposure and GETS PAID, while you get to read some awesome writing. Win/win!

Her Brother’s Keeper
by Mike Kupari



Pack Dynamics
by Julie Frost


Residue (Jack Bishop Book 1)
Kindle Edition
by Steve Diamond


Empire of Silence
by Christoper Ruocchio


Primordial Threat
by M.A. Rothman






The Longest Con
by Michaelbrent Collings



Witchy Eye
by Dave Butler



Death By Cliche
by Bob Defendi

Awful Intent
(Frank Shaw Book 2)
Kindle Edition
by John D. Brown


by Brian Niemeier


2113: Stories Inspired by the Music of Rush
Kevin J. Anderson (Editor), John McFetridge (Editor)



by Eric James Stone


* * * * *

In 2015 as part of the Sad Puppies 3 campaign, we provided links to the works we felt were worthy so people could judge for themselves. These mini-bombs made the authors a bunch of money and got them more exposure than winning a Hugo would. So see for your self the works that the SJWs found unworthy of even considering.

**Best Related Work**

This is one of those weird little catch all categories that is often dominated by some really cliquish nonsense. We’ve got some big brain essays, hard science, philosophy, military strategy, and of course Mad Mike.


The Hot Equations: Thermodynamics and Military SF
[Kindle Edition]
by Ken Burnside


Wisdom From My Internet
[Kindle Edition]
by Michael Z. Williamson





Why Science is Never Settled
Part 1, Part 2
by Tedd Roberts (BAEN)

**The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer**
The Campbell isn’t actually a Hugo, but is nominated and voted on at the same time, and the award is given at the same time, so it is pretty much the Hugo for best new author. This is the one that I came in dead last for, which was lucky because we were warned if I had won it would have ended literature forever.

Kary English


Eric S Raymond


Jason Cordova

Edit: I accidentally put up the wrong book for Jason Cordova at first. The publisher actually put this one on sale for today’s Book Bomb.


Best Novelette

“The Journeyman: In the Stone House”
by Michael F. Flynn
(Analog magazine, June 2014)

Mike doesn’t actually have this novelette available for sale, but he did recommend the following item:


“The Triple Sun: A Golden Age Tale”
by Rajnar Vajra
(Analog magazine, July/Aug 2014)

Rajnar came up blank. He literally has nothing original for sale. This is an unfortunate habit with some of the Analog authors who don’t publish much outside of Analog.

“Championship B’tok”
by Edward M. Lerner
(Analog magazine, Sept 2014)

The specific story is not for sale, but Ed says we can go with this one:


“Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Earth to Alluvium”
by Gray Rinehart
(Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show)

(Requires a subscription, which costs $15/yr)
Since Gray doesn’t have a novel or other fiction available online, you can support him by checking out his album at:


Best Short Story

“Goodnight Stars”
by Annie Bellet
(The Apocalypse Triptych)
The End is Now (Apocalypse Triptych Book 2) [Kindle Edition]

“Tuesdays With Molakesh the Destroyer”
by Megan Grey
(Fireside Fiction)

Megan apologizes. She is so new she has nothing for sale, but the story is FREE at the following URL:

by Kary English
(Galaxy’s Edge magazine, July 2014)


“On A Spiritual Plain”
by Lou Antonelli
(Sci Phi Journal #2)

Appears in:

“A Single Samurai”
by Steve Diamond
(Baen Big Book of Monsters)
The Baen Big Book of Monsters


First up, John C. Wright, who I think is one of the greatest wordsmiths alive. The man is brilliant.

One Bright Star to Guide Them [Kindle Edition]
by John C Wright


Our next recommendation is Tom Kratman, who makes me look like a big softie. He’s also a bad ass writer, and I think this is one of the best things he’s ever done.

Big Boys Don’t Cry[Kindle Edition]
by Tom Kratman

On our third Sad Puppies novella nominee we ran into an issue. Our nominated story by Arlan Andrews was originally published in a magazine that we couldn’t sell on Amazon. Brad contacted the author, and he was kind enough to say that he would be willing to email a free copy to anybody who asked him for it.

If you would like a free copy of the Sad Puppies recommended story, send a message to and he will give it to you.

However nice that is of him, that does not make the author GET PAID, so here is something that he does have available for sale on Amazon that you can try out in addition to the free one.

Other Heads and Other Tales[Kindle Edition]
by Arlan Andrews Sr

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  1. I work for Barnes & Noble in Bountiful, Utah. I am interested in talking with you about doing an author event in our store. I hope we will have the opportunity to meet with you.



  2. Invisible Wars Collected Dead 6 major misprint. Not sure if you knew about this. Bought a legit copy, and at page 400, it goes back to page 369, reprints all the way back up to page 400, then jumps to page 433 skipping everything from 401-432. It shows first Baen printing as October 2019. Kinda sucks, especially since it cuts out the end of the battle in Nevada. Sorry if this isn’t the best place, but didn’t know where else to post.

    1. That’s a paper error from the printer. It happens sometimes. The place you bought it from should give you a replacement if you tell them.

  3. Hey trying to get Paper Backs!!!!
    Monster Hunter International seems to be largely out of print in paperback! Need!!!!

    Our prisons only take paperbacks
    For example Vendetta! Gone !!

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