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MHI Challenge Coin Update

I should have posted this earlier, but I was in New York for the last few days. Originally we were going to take orders until today, but we had a bunch of requests come in to delay it for people who are paid on the 1st or Friday. So our cut off for taking coin orders is now Saturday the 5th.

These are going to be awesome. I expected the second run to be smaller than the first, but we’re actually closing in on the last run’s total number. Considering we’re not doing it through Kickstarter this time (and saving 10% processing!), that’s pretty darned cool.


Do not be alarmed. (Pt II: The Fixening)

Jack Wylder here. The website  will be going offline temporarily. Do not be alarmed- we are not being attacked by reptoids, SJWs, or red lectroids from the planet 10.The ILoH is scheduled to be traveling once again so Wendell has instructed us to fix the blog once and for all. The process is scheduled to begin around midnight tonight (YMMTime) and should only take about 4 of your Earth hours. The forums should be unaffected. Thank you for your patience.


Do not be alarmed