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The Current State of the Cannibal Feeding Frenzy

-Jack here. This needed to be archived…

So now the Hugo controversy cannibal feeding frenzy gets even better, where it comes out that the King Chorf they’re gonna blame it all on to make him the sacrificial goat to take away their sins has sexual harassment allegations against him too. Because of course he does.

Okay, a few things to note for my amusement.

First off, I told you so. 😀

Next, we all know this bullshit ain’t the fault of a couple of administrators. Being censorious, manipulative assholes has been part of WorldCon’s basic culture for a long time.

A lot of libs are crying about this. Oh well. I tried to warn you.

With these email leaks, note how it was already enshrined in WorldCon’s culture how to investigate authors for political wrongthink so they could be punished or excluded. That didn’t suddenly spring into being for the first time when the Chinese came along. They already had the methodology to fuck authors with the wrong beliefs down because they’d been doing it for a long time.

A clique of connected, politically aligned insiders turned what was supposed to be an award representing all of fandom into their personal little playground, where they could be horrific bastards to anybody who wasn’t part of their clique to drive them out. I demonstrated that to the world years ago, and their response was to double down and make it even worse.

All that happened this time was our amateur statist authoritarians ran into their professional statist authoritarians. Hilarity ensued.

Fandom observers are currently recoiling in horror that the awards are A. given for politics and connection rather than the quality of work itself. B. don’t actually represent all of fandom, but rather one narrow clique of assholes who made it their own little playground while pretending it was still for everyone.

All I can say to those people is… well duh.

When me and my friends exposed that, you all plugged your ears and covered your eyes while chant screaming “RACISSSSS SEXISSSS” over and over again, until we just said fuck it and bailed, leaving you to spiral into your inevitable doom.

Now, a note on how their chosen sacrificial goat suddenly and reliably has sexual harassment allegations… from clear back in 2011!

When I upset the Chorfs, they immediately combed through everything I’ve ever done or said. The Guardian (which is allegedly a British newspaper) even crowdsourced a witch hunt to go through all of my books, internet posts, and blogging clear back to the dawn of the internet looking for some sins to cancel me with. Something. Anything… They came up with nada.

So instead they fabricated a bunch of nonsense about how I was a racist sexist monster trying to keep women and minorities out of publishing… by nominating a bunch of women and minorities for their sainted award? (which in the prior year had been won by 14 white liberals and 1 Asian liberal and so they hailed it as a “triumph of diversity”) Yeah, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it is about narrative not reality with these fucks.

When an outsider threatened their status quo, they went out of their way to malign and destroy me. They had coordinated press coverage in a dozen different entertainment websites and magazines all repeating this same narrative. And even though after I busted out the lawyers and threatened libel lawsuits and the chickenshit outfits like Entertainment Weekly put retractions on their dumb articles, that foul stuff lingers to this day. Anything I do I have to listen to that same tired shit from the stupid gullible types and malicious liars.

And they didn’t just do it to me. They harassed the shit out of all my friends and threatened the careers of everybody I got nominated. Then George Martin threw a party for everybody who caved in to the bullies.

Only when it comes to being bullies, the Chairman Xi is way better at it than you’ll ever be. 😀 (well, maybe not Mary 3 Names. I’m actually surprised the ChiComs didn’t offer her a job with the secret police)

But now, the anointed scape goat, who these same cadre of assholes have decided will take the blame for their entire rotten culture, has sexual harassment allegations from 14(!) years ago, and these allegations weren’t ever a secret? And that wasn’t an issue for you fuckers before now? Only now that it is convenient and you need a bad guy for your hubris it becomes a thing?

Lol. 😀 You dorks.

An amusing side note on that. Of the loudest puppy kickers who screamed about my racist misogyny a decade ago, I think about a dozen of them have since been canceled for being gropy, rapey, sleazy, perverts. Go figure. Nice bunch y’all got over there. 😀

So anyways, I’ve just got to say that this whole sham has been wonderful to watch, and I’m having a wonderful time enjoying the same cadre of vapid fucks who made excuses for why it was good to exclude authors for politics years ago, freaking out and clutching their pearls about how excluding authors for politics is super bad now that the shoe is on the other foot.

Especially as every time this is getting discussed somewhere there’s an exchange that goes like- “hey, isn’t this exactly what Larry Correia/Sad Puppies was talking about when–” “OMG NO THAT WAS TOTALLY DIFFERENT REEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!11”

You have destroyed your legacy. You are a lumbering corpse. Everybody knows it. Plus, your scam where you just hide from all criticism by crying sexist is played out. You are all trash.
You sowed the wind. Now reap that whirlwind. 😀

Update 2/21/24:

As I’m enjoying the utter destruction of the Hugos, my friend who likes to keep up on the Vile 666/Cameltoe crowd (dude must be a masochist) pointed something fun out to me this morning.

Normally, those douchebags spy on everything I write and whenever I say anything even sorta controversial they quote me for hate clicks from their audience of angry inbred dipshit communist troglodytes.

“Tellingly, neither Glyer nor Cammy have mentioned the reactions of the former Puppies to the news. And normally everything you guys say and do is fodder for their blogs.”


I wonder why. 😀

Meanwhile, John Scalzi is screaming at people that he will not “re-litigate Sad Puppies” and immediately blocking anyone who points out Larry Was Right.

Gee whiz. I wonder why? Could it be because those assholes were okay with this kinda shit when it was them and their publishing house benefiting from the political games, but when it’s done on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party THEN it’s bad?

I voted for the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party, but I never thought the leopards would eat MY face!

Sorry, dummies, I tried to warn you.

The sad part is, the ChiComs just manipulated the game, business as usual for them, it’s nothing personal, because that’s what they do. The CHORFs were petty dicks while they did it. China just fucked authors. You assholes fucked authors and CELEBRATED it. Even the genocidal Chinese secret police have too much dignity to make wooden assholes. The Chinese had some politically unacceptable authors silenced. You fuckers gleefully lied to try and destroy careers of anyone who stepped even slightly out of line while crowing about how righteous you were even as your pet weirdo deviant perverts bullied and threatened women. I think I might actually respect Xi Jingping more than George R.R. Martin, which is a really low bar, but damn, you guys fucking suck.
The world knows Larry was right and I’m fucking loving it. Quote that, you gravy-blooded hypocrite sack of whale blubber. 😀

update 2/26/24: I’m going to keep adding the updates here instead of making a new post in order to keep all the comments in this one place. – Jack

Lol. I told you these little scumbags spy on everything I say. 😀 (they are so incredibly easy to bait)

But let’s take a look at the janky disingenuous response from one unctuous parasite, shared by the fatter, dumber parasite. Glyers like some kind of bulky tape worm, and Cameltoe is one of those fish who get stuck in urethras. I don’t know. Whatever.  

To sum up this example of the typical intellectual honesty we’ve come to expect from Cameltoe Feppledouche-

First off, I’m obviously not “cross”, you wanker. To everybody watching this unfold, I’ve clearly been gleeful at the public disgrace and shaming of you mopes. Me and my friends have basically been sending each other links for the last couple months going “LOOK AT THIS! HAHAHAH!” as these morons have been screaming and floundering, then we high five each other.

On that note I wonder how many comments Scalzi has had to delete for posting #LarryWasRight ? 😀

Now, for Carnalsnob’s actual rebuttal: Years ago Larry said that a clique of insiders had taken an award that was supposed to be for all fandom and turned it into their own little personal playground where they were justified in excluding any outsiders they felt like because of their politics. But this time a clique of insiders has taken an award that was supposed to be for all fandom and turned it into their own little personal playground where they were justified in excluding any outsiders they felt like because of their politics… which as you can see is TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

(as I summed up previously, the biggest difference is that the Chinese were coldly proficient and they stomped on the American liberals, while the American liberals were absolute pricks as they openly stomped on the American conservatives. For the Chinese, this was just business, nothing personal, to our petty chorfs this was deeply personal and they delighted in being as viscious and cruel as possible)

I do love how every single thing this twit ever says is some kind of twisted lie-

Like I thought there was a “vast number of (Tor) employees”?

On the contrary, Mr. CamelStrawMan (see what I did there?) It was my getting to see the actual result stats after Reno that showed me a few as a DOZEN votes could swing whole categories, and my cruel auditor brain realized just how tiny, insular, and petty this game was, which was the moment I decided that somebody needed to screw with it! Duh! This moron wrote a book (which literally nobody read) about this so he knows better.
He left off the part that I also predicted that EXACTLY this would happen the day they announced WorldCon was going to be held in communist China (and you dorks responding by screeching THATS RACISSS!) I’ve loved watching this train wreck. In this case it was a train carrying toxic waste that derailed into a sewage treatment plant, and I want you to know, Cammy and Pearl, that I will continue to take great joy in your suffering. 🙂

Larry is not a fan of social media companies

Larry posted this on the Book of Faces, so I quickly grabbed it before they could memory hole it:

To put into perspective just how profoundly dishonest social media companies are, and this one in particular, and how hard it is for creatives to stay in touch with the audience who wants to buy their work…

I’ve been frozen around 24k FB followers for years. That number never seems to go up. It rose steadily for years, and then suddenly, poof. It just stopped. Cold. I could write something super viral with hundreds of shares to new readers, and literally thousands of comments, but nothing. Follower count stays the same.

Over on Twitter my follower count grew steadily for years, and then suddenly, for no apparent reason it just stopped around 10k if I recall correctly. No matter what I did or said, it was frozen. Elon buys Twitter, and for the first time in years that number started to grow. Now it’s at 27k with steady growth, and big jumps whenever I write something that goes viral.

Also amusing after the Elon purchase, I’d tweet something, and somebody who’d followed me years ago would go “wow! You’re using twitter again? I haven’t seen you tweet in forever.” Oh, I was there, they just didn’t show you anything I wrote.

When FB does show my followers what I wrote, it is often days later. This was one of the things that utterly ruined the Book Bombs I used to do for authors. It also pisses me off when I’m trying to do some charity thing and trying to build momentum to help somebody, but FB is all like, nope. Fuck you.

Not that the FB follower number actually means anything, because near as I can tell whatever I post only gets shown to a small fraction of them anyway. If I use any no-no or hurt-hurt words that offend the algos (which is basically everything) that percentage is far smaller. But even the most innocuous things only get shown to a handful.

I hear Instagram is better about the throttling, but I just don’t get it, and hardly ever use it. It’s pictures and hash tags. I’m a writer. So I mostly use it when I post a picture of a new book coming out.

Blogs? Blogs are a shadow of what they once were because the social media companies tricked all the creators into aggregating our followers into one convenient place before they pulled the rug out from under us. So now most of the audience doesn’t go to blogs anymore.

Email newsletters? I’ve got one that I use strictly for book product announcements only. (you can sign up for it on my blog) but how much of that ends up in everybody’s spam folder to do no good, I don’t rightly know.

It would be so nice and convenient if the social media companies had a feature we could simply pay for that was basically  “show this post to all the people who voluntarily clicked to see my all posts.”

That’s it. Just a button with a dollar sign and an amount on it.

But nope. We get feeds full of ads for shit tier holsters and “fuel filters” and “recommended” pages of total fucking bullshit clickbait garbage that we don’t want. But we don’t get to see the actual stuff we signed up saying we wanted to see.
Seriously, I would pay actual money for that. I know your robots are reading this. Add that button, you greedy bastards.

Dread O’Hare

-Hi all Jack here- at Marscon Larry mentioned this and I realized it hadn’t made it over here. From the Book of Faces circa 2019…

American Airlines has destroyed society. It is chaos here. Not like the Before Times, when airlines didn’t sell 87 tickets for an airplane that only holds 70 passengers.

The demon lord, American Airlines, offered me a voucher. I declared, nay to your wickedness, foul beast! I bought a 1st class ticket three months ago, you already ruined one whole day of my book tour this week. I should not be cast out amongst the pathetic Bumped!  But American Airlines laughed, and said foolish mortal, if you don’t “volunteer” then you will be bumped anyway, and be banished to the outer darkness of Dread O’Hare for at least another day.

So I took my voucher of sadness, that I may book another flight so that they may torment me again in the future. When I asked if I could use the voucher at another airline that wasn’t a complete shit show, American Airlines was not amused.

Thus I was cast from the holy 1st class, and sent to live among the dregs.

I have joined a tribe to survive.

The Delayed live in fear of the roving gangs of the Bumped. We battle for the vital territory of O’Hare, like the six working power plugs in the entire airport. Or the one water fountain that actually squirts far enough you don’t have to wrap your lips around it.

Rations are running low. I went to Chili’s but Endless Chips is a lie. There is an end.

I bought a hot dog. It was $4000. It mocked me with its sadness.

I remember Valentines Day with my wife in the Before Times, but my only intimate alone time today was spent with a blue gloved TSA agent, because his machine thought my testicles looked suspicious.

Though I dwell in Dread O’Hare, my luggage has flown to Utah. Where they assure me it will be taken care of by competent, American Airlines employees who totally won’t laugh as it is looted off the baggage claim.

Deprived of luggage, I have hunted and killed a service animal, and fashioned from its hide a loin cloth.
The Bumped Tribe has started a bonfire in terminal H to stay warm. We plot our next move against the Delayed Tribe.

Larry in La La Land

-Jack, here. Larry shared his Hollywood experience on TwitterX recently and I thought it should be preserved here.

There are thousands of books out there with original ideas that could be made into movies, but Hollywood is mostly illiterate.

Okay, I’m gonna expound on this with a thread about my experiences with Hollywood, as limited as those may be. As a working novelist and red state American I’m like an outsider barbarian there. 

First, I’m not exaggerating about them being illiterate, let me tell you a story-

Back when I was first getting started, Monster Hunter International had just blown up. I got contacted by my first movie producer. Nice guy. Had a made a bunch of movies I’d heard of in the 90s and early 2000s. 

This guy actually read books. Little did I know just how odd that was at the time. So this producer read MHI, loved it, showed it to his friend who was the #2 person at a major movie studio, who also read books. And he was literally like the only guy at the entire movie studio who actually READ BOOKS.

I wish I was exaggerating. I’m not.

The #2 guy at Major Studio you’ve all heard of reads MHI. Loves it. Even had an MHI patch on his desk. I flew out there to meet with these people, only to promptly discover that literally everybody else in Hollywood is functionally illiterate. I have a lunch meeting with these dudes, some Studio People, another novelist (way more famous than me), and a guy who has won an Academy Award for special effects. 

First time in my life I had mango chutney. Which is pretty awesome. Not so awesome was the rest of Hollywood. Studio guy starts pitching who should star in MHI, and this is when I learn Hollywood doesn’t give a fuck which actor actually fits the part, or who would do a good job, but who they have a deal with to give more work to. So they started casting- they start casting my 6’5″ 300 pound half Polynesian former illegal pit fighter main character. 

Hey, what about Tobey Maguire?” 

Oooh, I know, Jake Gyllenhall would like this part!” 

And I’m like… are you people high? WTF is wrong with you? Other writer leans over, whispers in my ear “Don’t say anything. They never give a fuck what us writers think.” Of course none of the studio people had read the book, nor did they care to. Their job is to be VISIONARY. 

As this went on, their vision got goofier and goofier, but I enjoyed my mango chutney quite a bit. It was an expensive place and the studio was paying for it.

Amusing side note- being a Hollywood restaurant, other patrons were wannabe actors, so when they heard us talking business, the actors realized these were actual studio people, so they started interrupting our lunch to introduce themselves and drop off glossy pictures and bios. 

Oh hi I couldn’t help but overheard your conversation and I think I’d be perfect for blah blah blah” as they are handing out pics. 

When the first actor did this, all the other wannabes there saw this happen, so they all ran back to their cars and came back with pictures and bios to give us too. The studio people didn’t seem to notice. I didn’t know what to do with them so I started collecting them like trading cards.

So the Major Studio people loved MHI. They’re going to make me an offer. A week later the literate producer calls me and says the deal is dead. Why? Because Will Smith, who at the time was the biggest box office winner in the world, had just talked about doing a family comedy with Kevin James called “Monster Hunters” where a pair of child psychologists discover that the monsters under kids’ beds are real. (great pitch by the way)  Which meant instantaneous death for my project. They aren’t messing with Will Smith. 

And then Will Smith never made that movie anyway. 

(Keep in mind, this was way before most people in America had ever heard of the Japanese video game with that name too, which extra kicks me in the nuts 12 years later!)

A few years later I option MHI to Entertainment One for a TV show. I get paid money to just let somebody else hold the rights. And then nada… I don’t hear anything for years. Occasionally something changes and I get an update. They actually paid for a couple of screen plays to be made of it. But nobody tells me anything because I’m just the writer. 🙂

At one point I was told Dwayne Johnson tried to pick up MHI from E1, but that fell through (I have no idea if he read it because who knows, but I was told he wanted to be a bad ass and fight monsters).  But that fell through, and the Rock then bought the rights for Seal Team 666 from my friend Weston Ochse (good dude, RIP) where bad ass Navy SEALs fight monsters. I emailed Weston when that was announced and told him “congratulations, you bastard” 😀

Hard Magic got optioned by Radar Pictures, but same story. I haven’t heard anything new for a while (nobody tells the writer anything). Same thing. Occasionally a movie star I’ve heard of expresses interest, and then nada. A producer briefly shopped Tom Stranger for an adult cartoon, and Adam Baldwin said he’d love to play Tom again if it got picked up (he killed it on the audiobook) but Rick and Morty came along and anything “multidimensional” was seen as a rip off of that, so that project died too. 

Long story short, Hollywood options a lot of books, but they only go into production on a fraction of those. Most of them just hang out in limbo, with us authors getting paid option money to just not sell the rights to somebody else. Ender’s Game got optioned for like 30 years before they finally made a movie. 

So Hollywood has a ton of original unique properties available, but very few people who can actually make decisions actually read any of them. I’ve got a bunch of things which would make great TV shows or movies, and people ask me all the time who I’d like to see play whatever character, but I’m so jaded, I don’t care. I’m gonna cash that check and shut up because nobody gives a shit what the writer thinks. 

Seriously, if you aren’t JK Rowling, Hollywood doesn’t give a shit about us wanting to “maintain our creative vision”.

People always ask me, aren’t I worried that Hollywood will screw it up and make a bad movie? Oh hell no. First off, they have to pay me more if they actually go into production. I am a devout capitalist. Second, if it is actually good, I sell more books because they are now a successful media tie in, and if it is a shitty movie, I just got an hour long commercial with everybody who has read it telling everyone “the book is better”.

So that’s my experience with Hollywood. It is a bunch of people who don’t read books and who don’t really give a shit about the story doing whatever they feel like, while desperate beautiful strangers give them glossy head shots. 

Facebook and the J-Word

-Jack here, once again archiving one of Larry’s rants from the Book of Faces. It seems they are not fans of the J Word these days…

If I use The J Word on Facebook right now Facebook throttles the shit out of it. (See my last post). FB really doesn’t want to talk about how bastions of liberalism talk a big game about diversity and inclusion, but then everything they control inevitably turns to shit and chaos with angry mobs threatening to murder and burn stuff .

Democrats simply can’t run things for very long without fucking it up. Their fundamental basic philosophy is based on tearing down society and replacing it with magic unicorn farts. The transition period between reality and imaginary utopia is the part where people die and everything sucks.

For my friends of the religion which this giant evil mega corporation doesn’t like us talking about what’s being done to you right now, I think it behooves you to-

A. Move away from the big blue cities.

B. Buy guns.

C. Learn how to use those guns.

D. Stop voting for the evil shits who love gun control, violent criminals, and angry mobs, so that those nice areas you can flee to which still have cute traditional stuff like “equal protection under the law” so Ilhan Omar’s brother-husband can’t just have you decapitated in the school library with impunity, stay nice and traditional.

As a block 80% of you guys keep voting for the dumbfucks who enable the assholes who want to MURDER YOU. Stop voting for that shit! Yes. The other party sucks in other ways but at least they are big on letting you shoot back at the people WHO WANT TO MURDER YOU.

If you don’t do anything else, at least do B and C, because if you live in a big blue city with a big blue mayor and a big blue police chief, they do not give a fuck if you get murdered or hate crimed, but by golly they will do their best to make sure none of the angry mob gets offended by any hurtful words during the press conference. Sure. The big blue prosecutor will still send you to big blue prison for daring to defend yourself (you voted to make that illegal remember?) but at least you aren’t dead. Yet.

Quit voting for this bullshit! We had the same discussion with another demographic voting block that votes 80% D a few years back when their democrat police chiefs and democrat mayors let their democrat mobs burn down democrat business and democrat neighborhoods because they felt democrat prosecutors and democrat run police departments were extra mean to certain color democrats… and the obvious solution to this was republicans are racist, explained the democrat professors who are currently part of the angry mob protesting the religion who FB says shall not be named on democrat college campuses. What a mystery that all this wacky social division keeps happening!

Fucking duh.

This rant brought to you by my disgusted reading of the news this morning, and multiple conversations with my friend M.A. Rothman in Las Vegas this week about the goofy state of our world and what guns we are gonna stockpile next.