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Series II Challenge Coins (Update #2)

Hi all-
Jack Wylder here once again with your Series II Challenge Coin update #2.
Finally got word from the mint: the estimated ship date on the entire order is on or about 10/16. This means that with any luck we should be able to get all the orders fulfilled relatively shortly thereafter. I will be out of town for just under a week on a work trip so that will delay things slightly but hopefully not all that much- I will be rallying the troops and dedicating my weekends to getting these to you just as quickly as I can.

A few FAQs:

  • Q: How can I order these awesome CorreiaTech coins for myself?
    A: Without a time machine to take you back to the end of last month, you’ll have to wait for the ’round up’ coins to go on sale once all orders have been filled. Sorry- we DID do our best to make sure everyone knew when we were taking orders!

  • Q: I placed my order weeks ago! Why haven’t I gotten my coins yet??
    A: As we stated before- Phase One was Design, Phase Two was taking orders, Phase Three is manufacture (in progress now), and Phase Four is shipping. We can’t jump over Phase Three. We will definitely keep you posted right here on any updates as we have news to share. We want you to have these coins- I mean, we really really want you to have them and be done with this (so we can GET PAID) 😉

  • Q: I just ordered a patch and it cost $15 for shipping! What the heck is Wendell doing to me here??
    A: Ok, that’s on me. I’m going to readjust the shipping back down for all new orders BUT I am not going to be able to go through and just ship the orders that don’t have coins. I’ve made a note on the swag page that all orders are going to ship in the order they came in (so if you need patches just hold off for now.) If you absolutely HAVE to have the patches ASAP for something, drop me an email at CorreiaTech1911@gmail dot com and we’ll work something out.

  • Q: Where can I get one of the original PUFF coins?
    A: The only way to get one of the original PUFF exemption coins is to somehow convince someone to give theirs up. (Seriously, the number of times I’ve been asked this is just staggering. I would love to have a box of them unearthed in the vast CorreiaTech swag warehouse but I just don’t see it happening, folks. Sorry.)

  • I will update this just as soon as there’s anything new to say about it. Thank you all again! – Jack

    MHI Series II Challenge Coins- Update #1

    Jack Wylder here. As most of you know, the ILoH is currently holding court at DragonCon so it falls on me to give the update. The Series II funding portion has now officially closed! So what’s next? I’m tabulating all of the results now and I will place the full order on Tuesday. (The full order will consist of enough to cover all orders received, plus we’ll round up the numbers.) The mint has already completed all of the molds so the manufacturing time shouldn’t take too terribly long. I will post an update as soon as I have an estimated time of delivery. Once I have them all in hand I will pack these orders up and get them out to you just as quickly as possible. (Again, I will keep you all updated as to the progress of the project every step of the way.) Judging by last time, it is important I make this note: Once we post here that all orders have shipped, if you do not receive your order within say 2 weeks max LET ME KNOW! Do NOT contact us in 2017 to ask about an order that should have been received in 2015. I can not stress this enough- I can’t track orders from 2 years ago! I can be reached at if you have any questions or concerns.

    The members of the Monster Hunter Nation are amazing and we appreciate every one of you. On behalf of the International Lord of Hate and Wendell the Manatee, we at CorreiaTech would like to thank you for supporting Capitalism. Thanks!

    MHI Challenge Coin Update

    I should have posted this earlier, but I was in New York for the last few days. Originally we were going to take orders until today, but we had a bunch of requests come in to delay it for people who are paid on the 1st or Friday. So our cut off for taking coin orders is now Saturday the 5th.

    These are going to be awesome. I expected the second run to be smaller than the first, but we’re actually closing in on the last run’s total number. Considering we’re not doing it through Kickstarter this time (and saving 10% processing!), that’s pretty darned cool.


    Do not be alarmed. (Pt II: The Fixening)

    Jack Wylder here. The website  will be going offline temporarily. Do not be alarmed- we are not being attacked by reptoids, SJWs, or red lectroids from the planet 10.The ILoH is scheduled to be traveling once again so Wendell has instructed us to fix the blog once and for all. The process is scheduled to begin around midnight tonight (YMMTime) and should only take about 4 of your Earth hours. The forums should be unaffected. Thank you for your patience.


    Do not be alarmed