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Shot Show Day 1

Okay, turning in for the night.

I worked a lot of today, so didn’t see as much as I wanted to.

There was an ND about fifty feet from my booth.  Some cop had a loaded gun in his bag.  Ooops.  I didn’t see it go off, but I saw the guy who did it right after, shaking from the adrenalin.  Cops showed up a few minutes later.  It is funny how a room gets quiet when somebody touches one off.

There’s a company out of Utah that has a bullpup sniper rifle in .338 Lapua, qualitywise set up to compete with the Accuracy International and Sakos.  Trigger pull was AWESOME.  Overall size and weight for a 26″ barrel was excellent.  I have their name around here somewhere, but am too tired to find it.  Deseret Tactical, or something.

I checked out the Kriss.  I’m going to get a demo letter and get a full auto one to rent on the range so we can kick the crap out of it and see if it is good.  It feels weird, but I kind of like it, but I’ve got some weird thing for .45.

As for checking on the 416, I’m afraid that if I walk into the HK area, I’ll get my butt kicked by some big Teutons named Fritz, Hans, and Helmut or something.  “Hey, are you selling the 416?”  “NEIN!  It is the Correia from the internets.  Get him! Schnell!  Schnell!”

I saw the S&W night watchmen.  Pretty cool.  I was with Nightcrawler, and you know what a revolver geek he is.  He was all over it.

I found out that my favorite suppressor is going away.  I love the Tac-16, mostly because the bang for the buck is off the charts, but it is being discontinued. 

Vltor is making a Bren 10.  I like the guys at Vltor, so I figure they’ll do a good job.

I played with the model for the Magpul little tiny personal defense thingy.  It is truely compact.  I want one.  I’m a little leery of the Bushmaster buying of the Masada.  I’ve had some bad QC issues with Bushy in the past, but I’m willing to give them a shot.

Stay away from the buffet at the Sahara.  Trust me on this one.

More before I pass out tomorrow.

Live from SHOT show

Okay, limited Wi-Fi time. The show hasn’t started yet, but I’m an exhibitor, so I get in early to set up.

So far, neatest new thing I’ve seen is a 12 gauge, semi-auto shotgun, with FOUR magazine tubes. The four mag tubes rotate, so when you use one up, you switch to the next. Then you can pull the four tubes off like a magazine, and shove a new one on. Will get more details later.

There will be a civillian SCAR. Most of my crew went to the FN shoot today. I had to work. Somebody around here has to be responsible. The new sniper rifle based on the BAR? PvtPyle gave it two thumbs up. He was impressed with it from initial shooting.

Holy crap the STI Texican is slick. And I like the Rogue. They’ve got something new that they’re going to unveil tomorrow, but top secret until show starts. So I’ll go see them in the morning.

Lots of other stuff, but haven’t gotten to look at it yet. I’ll keep posting through out the week. 

Gun store is coming along, out of books, SHOT show, and more

It has been a super busy week.  The new store is coming along, and we’ll be open for business after we get back from SHOT.  We’ll be officially open on the 11th.  The new walls are up, the slat wall is up, the new carpet is in.  We’ll be moving the inventory in after we get back, and we’ll be good to go. 

You guys have to see this place.  The retail space is 3 times as big as my old store, and I’m so pumped to start working on the indoor range.

We have something really big coming for ammo too.  Details to come as we hammer it out, but we’ll have a supply of NATO spec 5.56 and .308 for cheaper than you’ve seen for the last couple of years. 

I’m currently out of copies of MHI, and have more coming.  I’ve got a couple of paypals over the last couple of days, one order that got lost, and a couple that came in by checks, but I’m out of books, and have more coming from the publisher.  So anything that has been ordered in the last week, or during the next week while in Vegas will go out when I get back.

We’ve got a huge crew going to SHOT.  I’ll be posting here every night about what stuff I think is cool.  I’ll be working at either the Prism (AIS) booth or the Lasermax booth off and on all show, so come by and say hi.

I don’t have the stomach to comment on politics right now.  Sadly enough, I’m watching it come down to McCain vs. Romney, and though I’m glad Guilliani has fallen off the face of the world, I look at McCain and Romney, and rather than enthusiasm, I feel nauseous. 

I’ve disliked Romney since the beginning.  Electable in Mass.  Enough said.

But compared to McCain-Feingold/McCain-Lieberman/McCain-Kenney (notice a pattern emerging here yet?) and between the two, I’ve got to say, Go Mitt.


So sore… can barely… move… Curse you old manky carpet. CURSE YOU!

Like I’ve mentioned before, my gun store is moving to a new, bigger building, that will allow us to build an indoor range.  It was the Pioneer Moters building.  The carpet for our new 3,000 square foot showroom just arrived, so we needed to get the old stuff out, and get the floor prepped so we can put the new stuff in today. 

Yesterday we ripped the old carpet out.  Oh. My. Gosh.

Okay, first there was tile glued to the concrete.  Then the glued the carpet onto the tile.  And they used a lot of glue, and I think it was either super glue, or the stuff that they use to up-armor humvees, then have people walk on it to pack it down for a decade. 

Hell if I know how they did it, but that was the toughest thing I’ve ever had to scrape up.  Finally we managed to get an edge started, and then we used an 8 foot long pry bar to pull up the old tile and carpet.  And no, that’s not a typo, it was a foot and a half longer than me, and weighed like 50 pounds.  Since I was the big guy, I could put the most mass on that bar, I ran it for what seemed like all day.

Now, you’ve got to understand, I used to be a manual-labor animal.  I grew up on a farm hoisting cows all day.  But 5 years living in a cubicle has made me soft.  That carpet kicked my ass. 

We would get up a bunch of it, with Blain and Dave holding up the carpet, and me slamming away at it until all the plaque in my heart would dislodge, and I would have to wait out the aneurism for a minute.  The Minions were getting their butts kicked too, because as we got up more of the carpet (connected to the tile, and 60 pounds of glue per square foot) all of a sudden they’re lifting a metric ton of carpet.  So basically, it sucked for everybody.

This morning, I can’t move.  My back hurts.  My arms hurt.  I tried to lift my breakfast, and I was like, damn, that’s some heavy frosted mini-wheats.  My sissy accountant hands, though a thing of beauty on the 10-key, are not exactly the best thing in the world for swining a big old pry bar, and today, they hurt.  I’m actually typing this with a pencil, one key at a time, held in my teeth.  (just kidding, it’s not quite that bad). 

But it will be worth it.  The new carpet goes in today, and then we start putting up the slat wall.  We’ll be in the old store off and on for the next couple of days, then we’ll be closed for SHOT, and open in the new place on February 11th. 

Answering a few book related questions

I have to write this quick.  I’ve got a 30 person CCW class starting in a few minutes, but luckily for me, Cabelas has wireless. 

A bunch of people have asked when the next book will be out.  I’m working on MHI:2 right now.  It is still very rough and has a long way to go.  I’m really happy that everyone wants a sequel, but I want this to be as good as the first one.  I’m hoping to have it available around the end of 2008, and this time I’m going to try and make Christmas.  But if it comes between making it right, or making it fast, I’m going to go with right.  That’s the beauty of being my own boss.

Some people have asked how the book is selling.  I don’t really know yet.  I’ll don’t get my first royalty check until like 2 months after it is released, so I won’t really know until then.  Personally I’ve sold a couple hundred copies off of this blog.  Amazon has sold out several times, but that doesn’t really tell me much, if they order 4 books at a time, or 40, so beats me.

I can’t make any sense out of Amazon’s best seller ranking.  It seems to change every hour, but I can’t tell what time frame it references.  I’ll check one morning, and I’m #123,567.  I check at lunch and I’m #7,345.  Right after dinner I’m #23,987.   Really, I’ve been as high as the 7,000s and earlier today I was at 60,000 and something, so beats the hell out of me.  I checked some other authors that I liked, and that I know sell quite a few books, and they seem to be all over the map too. 

Though I am proud to say that I beat Stephen King’s Cell yesterday at lunch time.  That and fifty cents will buy me a Coke out of the vending machine. 

Gotta go, people are starting to show up for class.