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Announcing Some New Book Projects

I mentioned these in the last update, but couldn’t elaborate because contracts were still in the mail, but I’ve got three new projects on the way.

Up first, there will be two more volumes of noir sci-fi/fantasy anthologies like Noir Fatale, and I’ll be editing them along with Kacey Ezell again. The first one the theme was femme fatales. This next one is called No Game for Gentlemen, and the theme is detectives. The third volume the theme is the city, and it’s called Down These Mean Streets. I’ll announce the authors once that is totally pinned down, but we’ve got some great and talented authors lined up for these.

Kacey is awesome, and I loved working with her last time. Noir Fatale did really well, so I’m excited for this opportunity to do more in this genre. Noir is great. Sci-fi/fantasy is great. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate. 🙂

In the last update I mentioned that there will be more Monster Hunter Memoirs novels, in the style started by John Ringo, but featuring different hunters in different time periods away from the mainline series, where I’ll collaborate with a different author.

This next one is called Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever, by me and Jason Cordova. It takes place in California in the 1970s.

Many of you are already familiar with Jason’s work, but if you’re not, he is really good. This one is already pretty far along already, and will be the next book in the production line for me once I finish the trench fantasy collaboration with Steve Diamond.

EDIT: and I just realized what today’s date is, so probably not the best time to announce new projects, but these are actually legit. When I prank my fans I reach for the stars. I once had a bunch of people convinced that they’d just started filming the MHI movie starring Robert Pattinson as Owen and Janene Garafolo as Julie (with Alec Baldwin as the voice of Skippy).

Coming Soon: Lost Planet Homicide – a new Audible exclusive by me

A little while ago Audible asked me if I’d like to do a novella for them. Could be any of my settings or something new. I had this one idea that I’ve wanted to do something with for a while, but it was too big to be a short story, not fleshed out enough to be novel size quite yet, so this was a perfect spot (this is the same reason Tom Stranger existed in audio before print).

I wanted to do a Gritty Cop Show in Space kind of story. It is set in the same universe as Gun Runner, except it is a lost colony (like we mentioned briefly in passing in GR) that has been cut off from the rest of humanity for over a century.

I wrote 20,000 words last week on this thing (that’s about double my usual production rate), and it came out awesome. It is rare that I finish a piece of short fiction and I’m that excited about it, but on this one, I’m really hoping you guys like it, because now I really want to expand it into a whole book, or at least enough other novella size case files to compile it into a book.

No idea on release date or narrator yet. When will this be in print? I also don’t know that. It has to be audio exclusive for a year, but what I’ve done for my other audio stuff is I put it into my Target Rich Environment collections once it is no longer exclusive. I’ll probably do that here (and interestingly enough, I think I almost have a full third volume worth of short fiction again already).

To give you an idea of my enthusiasm level on this project, I was wrapping up Bloodlines when Audible contacted me about this. Then I had to read another rough for an as yet unannounced collaboration (contracts are in the mail on that and another project, so I’ll be announcing both of those later this week probably). Then I looked at Audible’s emails, said oh man, this is my chance to do Space Gritty Cop Show, and said I’d do it. I spent a day brainstorming, doing research (realizing that I could do A LOT with this setting), and then got started. We emailed back and forth for a couple of days about contract stuff. They came back and said when do you think this would be done by? I said here’s the rough draft. 🙂

Boom. Professionalism. 😀 (also, because it was contractually 20k words max, so I turned in a manuscript that was 19,999, just on general principles)

The main character–an honest detective in a really corrupt city–also happens to be a sci-fi version of a character I played in a fantasy RPG campaign about six or seven years ago. Which is why author-gamers never throw away our notes. The good bits of that kind of stuff are fiction gold (Lorenzo in Dead Six was basically a rogue I played in a college D&D game).

I’m really hoping you guys enjoy listening to this one as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Nominate for the Dragon Awards! Free and open to everyone

The Dragon Award nominations are open. They’re free to participate in and open to anybody. Now is your chance to nominate your favorite books.

I’ve won a few times, so I always tell my fans to nominate someone else to share the love. However, on collaborations, that’s not fair to my coauthors, so if you want to nominate Gun Runner by me and John Brown for sci-fi, that’s great.

But in Fantasy/Paranormal, I have two words for you Jim Motherfucking Butcher. If Peace Talks doesn’t get nominated, that’s just wrong.

John Brown and I Were on the Blasters and Blades Podcast talking Gun Runner

John Brown and I went on the Blasters and Blades podcast to talk about writing, and working together on Gun Runner. We also talked about touring together and the joys of John being confronted at a Barnes and Noble by a guy trying to warn him about the Reptoids from the Hollow Earth. It was a fun show.