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Another Example Why I Think Mike Glyer is a Simpering Feculent and his Shitty Gossip Column Website File 770 is the Prolapsed Anus of Fandom

Some of you may be asking, who is Mike Glyer and why is he a simpering feculent? Well, count yourself lucky that you’ve avoided running into him, because he’s basically an oily discharge from a diseased dog’s colon. He’s a loathsome slug of a man, who creates nothing of value, but who makes himself feel important by tearing down people who do create things. He runs a sci-fi and fantasy lit “news” site for the dimmest, most pathetic, social justice dipshits you’ve ever seen, and 97,000 Chinese robots.

You’ve heard the term “clown shoes” before? Well, Mike Glyer is clown shoes, but only if the sewer clown from IT threw out his pair because of the fungal infection and all the rotting toenails that had broken off inside.

I wrote this link the last time he failed to keep my name out of his whore mouth, and it’s got links to several of the previous times he forgot to keep my name out of his whore mouth:

Though I have repeatedly warned him not to write about me, Mike Glyer must be desperate for some (non-Chinese bot) web traffic, because he’s talking about me again.

So what got Glyer’s panties twisted up into his greasy taint hole this time? Well, apparently it was because almost exactly one month ago I mentioned in passing (literally two sentences) that Glyer had put a pirate link to an author’s work on his shitty website, and when that author also told Glyer to keep his name out of his whore mouth and take down the link, Glyer got all butt hurt about how he couldn’t be a useless tick sucking the lifeblood from authors like usual, and bitch moped about it.

Well shucksy darn, the poor fella, I bet that crushing disappointment at not being able to be a leech off the controversy to bad mouth another writer was just awful. He could barely handle all that disappointment. So after taking a month off to eat a few hundred gallons of Ben & Jerrys while rewatching his entire VHS collection of vintage Tijuana donkey porn, Glyer finally worked up the gumption to post this:

My friend and moderator, Jesse, sent me that link (archived so as to not give yourself Vile 770 cooties). Warning, reading Vile 770 comments can cause double vision, dizziness, despair for the future of mankind, death, and anal seepage. What is the readership of his page like? Imagine the comments section of Youtube, but subtract a bunch of IQ points, then give them mobility scooters and oxygen tanks, or twenty housecats.

So what is China Mike’s problem? (Besides being a self-absorbed idiot , obviously) Well, it turns out that he is super butt hurt that all the authors with the wrong politics are now aware of his schtick and an increasing number of us no longer tolerate his antics. As usual he tries to frame all this with how he is the persecuted victim with his usual passive-aggressive snide insinuations.

Sadly, Glyer sucks at everything so he screwed that up too.

So let me break down the many ways Glyer is dumb this particular time:

First off, his big long-winded explanation about how he is really the victim here and he is So Offended that people called him a pirate… it’s all bullshit. Like usual, Glyer was an asshole, and then gloms onto some interpretation that makes him the good guy, even if the interpretation is really stupid, and nobody sane buys it.

This is what happened on my side of the fence (my side of the fence is nice, Glyer’s side of the fence smells like hobo urine). See that first link I wrote? I stuck that on Facebook. In the comments another author mentioned another example of how Glyer had put a link to that author’s stuff on File 666, and when the author told him to take that link down, Glyer got all bitchy and entitled. So I mentioned it, I think the next day.

I didn’t even care enough to look into it. I didn’t know the details. I had no reason to disbelieve the author (can’t say that about Mike Liar though!), but since I was already beating Glyer like a pinata (but there is no candy when you break him open, only gravy comes out) I mentioned it. That’s it. Whoop de fucking do.


Whatever. But now that he brought it back up I decided to get the details. So I messaged Richard Fox and he was happy to forward over the entire email exchange between him and China Mike.  After reading it, I ain’t apologizing for anything. Instead I’m going to expound about why Glyer should crawl back under his Lilly pad.

If you are an author with politics anywhere to the right of Che Guevara, and your name appears on Glyer’s shitty gossip column blog, you’ve got a 770% chance that it is because he’s snidely trying to stir up controversy against you. It riles up his idiot readers and gets him hate clicks. (and we’ve already established he loves to brag about his traffic, even when he’s so fucking incompetent that the screen shots he posts to show off said traffic indicate only 3% of them are actual human beings).

A while back Richard Fox got nominated for a prestigious award for a story he wrote. Problem was, Richard is a financially successful indy author, and the snoots have a hate boner for indy authors, (snoots are all about writers having to go through proper thinking “gate keepers” first). Since Glyer is addicted to stirring up controversy, the world’s fattest vulture swooped in and started posting about Richard Fox’s nomination.

Wait… You know what? Glyer is right about one thing. Accuracy is important. Vultures are actually noble, social creatures who play an important role in the ecosystem, which is basically the opposite of Mike Glyer, so I should not have compared him to a vulture. I apologize. To vultures… Not Mike Glyer. He can fuck right off.

Problem was, Richard was already wise to Glyer’s game, and told him to keep his name out of his whore mouth, up to and including sending an official take down notice.

Good. Because fuck Mike Glyer. Every author should tell him to keep their stuff off his awful website.

At the time I didn’t really know or care who posted the story on the internet. That’s obfuscation. If Richard did post it himself, that’s up to him. When I throw out the trash, that doesn’t mean I want racoons rummaging through my garbage can. Nobody wants racoons in their trash. Now imagine Mike Glyer rooting around in your dumpster. No. Shoo, bad Glyer! BAD!

Except after seeing the email exchange, it’s worse than that. Richard posted the link to a private closed forum only readable by SFWA members (the people who would be voting for the award). Somebody (Richard says he doesn’t know who) took that private link and stuck it on Google Drive and Glyer linked to that to get clicks for his shitty public website. When Richard contacted him, rather than be a decent human being and go “Oh, my bad. Sorry.”  Glyer acted like an entitled shit and started lecturing the author he was trying to screw over about his tone and lack of civility.

It probably didn’t help that Richard addressed him as “China Mike”. 😀  Glyer hates that.

Richard also tried to post in the File 770 comments, but as usual China Mike just deletes all the comments that disagree with his narrative. (he also deletes comments when his posters say egregiously stupid shit and people start to mock it, so that he can pretend his readers never said the stupid thing and we’re just making it up to be mean. It’s sorta like gas lighting, only all the gas comes from Glyer’s four stomachs)

You’ve got to understand Glyer isn’t in this to promote authors. He’s in this to fuck them over because it makes him feel like a big shot. Richard told him to take his stuff down, Glyer got butt hurt. Though I do like how this shifty, disingenuous bastard talked about how the exchange between him and Richard got heated, and he’s happy to put up any screen shots that make other people look bad, he never puts up the screen shots of him being a sanctimonious asshole to the author asking for his property to be taken off a page that hates him and everything he stands for.

Glyer is playing it like he’s pure as the snow. Hell no. Glyer isn’t even yellow snow. He’s not three month old Wyoming road snow. He’s that green snow that fell in Utah after the Nevada nuclear tests that ate the paint off people’s cars and gave all the children leukemia.

So when any author tells this toxic scumbag to keep his product off that garbage webpage, GOOD.

Second point, to further illustrate how basically everything Glyer says is more twisted than a duck’s dick, he says that I never said the author’s name even though Glyer’s name was repeatedly mentioned, and he implies that this was some cunning attempt for me to hide the author in question’s identity, because that would like totally exonerate poor innocent Glyer.

Snort. That’s rich. Okay, you guys all know that I am not exactly known for my subtlety. In novels? Yes. For mocking Mike Glyer? No way. For him I’m as subtle as a brick to the face (he never should have picked a fight with the son of a Portuguese dairy farmer, because we are genetically incapable of giving a shit about the opinions of fools).

No, Glyer, you nincompoop, I didn’t mention the author’s name because I didn’t really think about it at the time. I mentioned the incident in passing. Your name got referenced a lot because you are basically the flaming bag of dog shit that shows up on my doorstep a couple times a year. You are the subject. Richard was ancillary to the tale. And if I’d bothered to get more details a month ago, I would’ve made fun of it the exact same way I did here today, because the problem is obvious. You really need to learn to keep authors’ names out of your whore mouth in your desperate attempt for your 57th Dildo Award nomination.

(Yes. Dildo Award, because let’s be honest, if they’re gonna rename the Campbell the “Astounding” because Campbell was “problematic”, Hugo needs to go too)

Third point, Glyer implies that I must have been colluding with Jon Del Arroz because we both mentioned Glyer getting kicked in the sack on this issue around the same time. This just goes to show what a fucking dope Glyer is, because I think JDA is still mad at me for booting him off my fan page for annoying me. I hadn’t talked to him much for months before that, and I haven’t talked to him since, so if we colluded it was by fucking telepathy. The other possible explanation is that there is such a thing as “dates” and “calendars” and we both saw Richard talk about it around the same time, and we both hate Glyer’s guts.

(as for Jon, I blocked him on Facebook a while back because he pissed me off, but I still wish him the best. I hope he has a great career, writes a pile of books, and makes his fans happy)

Now, back to the half-wit goat-rapist in question.

Fourth and final point, Glyer says I lack the integrity to apologize for spreading this horrible slander against him… Hell no. That would imply that I’m wrong in my assessment of the toad. I’m all in. Let’s hit this head on. I only apologize when I am incorrect, and my point every single time I’ve ever posted about Glyer here is that he’s a corrosive scumbag parasite shit weasel, and a cancer on this business.

Point stands. (double stands, after you read the emails and see what an entitled shit Glyer is)

The day his stupid website finally shuts down, every conservative or libertarian author in America is going to party like the Ewoks at the end of Return of the Jedi.

Yub yub, motherfucker.

That bit about me being a role model? Awesome. No, really. I mean that. Many authors have known that Glyer was a vampiric piece of shit going back for decades, but they rarely said that in public because they were worried about the fallout from angering fandom’s prolapsed anus. Then I came along, rocked the boat (my saying the Hugos were broken was really upsetting to a guy with two dozen Hugos, go figure) and he’s been coming at me ever since.

Believe it or not, I actually tried being polite with him at first (like most authors he screws over), but then I realized what a disingenuous scumbag he was, and I’ve been blunt about him ever since. Glyer is still super upset about that. The awesome part of that is my public honesty about the guy warned a whole bunch of other authors to avoid stepping in that particular Glyer shaped cow pie. It’s kind of awesome now when I go to cons, and get to meet long-time, old-school, writers, and they’re like, oh yeah, Glyer has always been asshole, I’m glad somebody finally came out and said it in public.

As for all his hand waving obfuscation about Richard Fox’s filing a takedown notice on him and the carrying on about perjury, I’ve got no idea. I don’t know legally how any of that stuff works, but if Mike Glyer said the sun rises in the east, I would become suspicious and then go outside to check.

I loved the bit where Glyer says that he has reported Richard Fox to SFWA! (what does he think they are going to do? Send the Stasi to Richard’s house?) But since Mary Robinette Kowal is now SFWA president then I’m sure SFWA’s response will be totally reasonable, rational, calm, and in no way politically biased whatsoever. (hang on… where is the sarcasm tag on WordPress?)

Come to think of it, that would be interesting though, having an organization supposedly for writers siding against a writer trying to protect his product and reputation, in favor of a seedy gossip columnist.

If I am “spreading slander” against Mike Glyer, and he would truly like for it to stop, then the answer is very very simple. So simple that even a pile of rotting kelp like Mike Glyer should be able to understand it: Keep my name out of your whore mouth.

Seriously, Glyer, just shut up about me and I’m happy to forget you exist. But you keep on doing your thing, because parasites gotta suck. If you don’t want me to mock you, all you have to do is refrain from mentioning me on your shitty website. Only since you keep bringing me up for hate clicks, everybody knows you are a lying piece of shit who just wants to play the victim while you go all “Woe is me, Correia is so mean the way he won’t let me snidely belittle authors and harm their reputations with impunity like I used to! I’m gonna go abuse my flaccid cloaca to donkey porn! REEEEEEEE!” or something like that. I’m guessing here. I just kinda skim what Glyer writes. He’s painfully boring.

EDIT: And here is a message I got from Richard Fox. I believe he tried to post this in the comments of the Vile 770 post accusing him of perjury, but of course, China Mike wouldn’t let the comment through. (for “civility” I’m sure, because for scumbags, civility means letting them do whatever they want while keeping our mouths shut)

There’s plenty more to this story that File 770 leaves out, and plenty of outright lies. I rather doubt File 770 has the integrity to allow contrary facts, but we’ll see what happens.

I am the copyright owner of the story Going Dark. I never gave permission (nor was I asked) for File 770 to distribute that work.

Ellen Campbell edited the Backblast Area clear anthology, she’s not the one that published it, that’s JR Handley.

I don’t know who on the SFWA page made the link to the story public facing. The story was posted in forums for SFWA members to read for their consideration. As the Nebula’s are voted on and determined solely by SFWA members, it really does stretch credulity that File 770 would insist that authors want their work read by the general public for this award. The Nebulas are not the Hugos or the Dragons. This is pretty basic and you’d think a SF site would know the difference.

Those Google drive links have been taken down after my piracy complaint. Did you read that carefully? The Google drive links and the hosted PDFs have been removed following my piracy complaint. I as the copyright holder did not give permission for those files to be hosted or made available to the public. Piracy. Full stop.

Putting up links to pirated material is piracy. File 770 was told that their link (which went specifically to the Google doc and not to SFWA’s page) was pirated and to remove it. Yes, that is piracy by legal definition.

It’s remarkable that Glyer said he first removed the link because ‘I have no interest in publicizing someone who would make such an unfounded accusation.’ He didn’t remove the link because the copyright holder told him it was pirated, he did it out of spite that his ego was bruised. This says a good deal about Glyer, none if it good.

Previously, when Cameltoe Flipflop hosted the same pirated link and I demanded he remove the link, he did so immediately. As any adult professional would do. Glyer failed in this very basic standard, and then doubled down on having his ego bruised (and the comment I made on his post with the pirated material wasn’t made public at the time of our discussion, his reputation could have remained as pristine as he thought it was and just removed the link as requested). Further, Flipflop never told me where he got the Google Drive link.

After Glyer put the pirated link back up, I told him I would file a DCMA complaint if he continued to host it. When he refused, I sent a DCMA request directly to him. After he refused to comply, I sent the DCMA request to his ISP and they removed the post.

Further, I told him I would submit a complaint to the SFWA Griefcom if he did not remove the link, and after his refusal said complaint was submitted.
It really does baffle the mind where the copyright owner of a work demands infringing material be removed, and somehow Glyer feels he has the moral high ground to keep that pirated up after repeated demands. If he had simply broken the link as requested the first time (and not gone back and redone the link after telling me he’d taken it down. A failed attempt at being clever and displays his lack of integrity) the matter would have ended.

As to the assertion that I have somehow committed perjury: I am the copyright owner of that story. I know who I’ve licensed the story to and those Google docs (and Glyer’s links to it) were not authorized be me. Hence, piracy.

The moral of this story is to not host or link pirated material, and if you’ve done so in error, just fix the issue when requested. But here we are in 2019 and Glyer’s failed at it.

But I’m glad Glyer has made it very clear to all and sundry that he engages in piracy and is proud of it. Bold move, I’m sure the SF community will appreciate it. 

I’ll be at Salt Lake FanX this weekend

I will be at FanX Thursday-Saturday. Most of the time I will be signing books at the Bard’s Tower Booth.

Here is my panel schedule:
5:00 pm

What I Wish I’d Known as a New Writer :: 151D
James A. Owen, DJ Butler, Larry Correia, C.S. Ferguson, Rebecca Rode, Darci Stone, Eric James Stone
Thursday September 5, 2019 :: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm


2:00 pm
Fantasy Worldbuilding: Beyond Swords and Horses :: 251A
Larry Correia, J.R. Johansson, Sara B. Larson, Tricia Levenseller, Gama Martinez, Jennifer A. Nielsen, Erin Summerill
Friday September 6, 2019 :: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

4:00 pm
Writing The Perfect Action Scene :: 255B
Neo Edmund, Jonathan Maberry, Larry Correia, Brian Lee Durfee, Julie Frost, Brian McClellan, Frank Morin
Friday September 6, 2019 :: 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

5:00 pm
Dude! You Rolled A One: Dealing with Catastrophe in RPGs :: 255B
DJ Butler, Larry Correia, Natasha Ence, Michael Haspil, Daniel Swenson, Dan Wells
Friday September 6, 2019 :: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm


10:00 am

Business & Marketing: A Crash Course for Artists, Writers, and Vendors :: 150G
Robert Bruno, Michelle Cori, Larry Correia, Garrick Dean, Chris Hoffman, Travis Richardson

Saturday September 7, 2019 :: 10:00 am to 11:00 am

My novel House of Assassins won the Dragon Award for Best Fantasy

Yesterday was the Dragon Awards at DragonCon. I won best fantasy with House of Assassins.

The Dragons are the premier fan popularity award. They’re open to everybody.

This is a huge honor. Thank you everyone. Congratulations to all the other winners and to all the nominees.  A bunch of my friends won as well, and congratulations to them. Some fantastic authors were recognized. A bunch of my friends were nominated but didn’t win, they were up there with the best of the best and I am sure you will get another chance.

On that note about chances, I asked you guys not to nominate me this year because I’d already won before, and I’d love for you to give other authors an opportunity to shine too. But you nominated me  anyway because you’re an oppositionally defiant bunch who does whatever you want.  (I think every time I mentioned the Dragons I specifically asked, please don’t nominate me again, and you guys were all like Am I Being Detained! You’re Not My Supervisor!)

But seriously, I want the Dragons to be successful for a long time. That means sharing the love.  I love DragonCon and will continue to promote the Dragons because I want them to have a gigantic number of participants that dwarfs other fan awards. I want everybody who loves sci-fi and fantasy to have a home free of snooty high-school mean girl gatekeepers.  I want everybody to have fun. So next year when you are nominating the books you loved, if I was #1, just bump me down a notch to give your next guy a shot. Getting recognized means a lot to an author, and I want others to experience that too.

You guys are awesome. My fans are amazing and I love you. I’ve got the best fan base in the business. Thank you. House of Assassins is probably one of the best books I’ve ever written, but that’s because the people at Baen are fantastic and I’ve got amazing editors. And thank you DragonCon for being all about fun, and putting the good times back in this business.  To the other nominees, you guys rock. Keep doing what you’re doing and keep making your fans happy.

This Week On The Internet

Just as an illustration of how incredibly screwed up we are, this week on the social media:

I saw somebody declare that it was good they had stripped Campbell’s name from the best new writer award because we had learned that his views were “problematic” (he was guilty of being alive when he was alive, and not a woke time traveler from 2019) but then to back up how/why Campbell was a horrible bad thinker who should be shunned once we learned of his sins, she linked to an article by novelist Sam Delaney… who supports NAMBLA.

My personal opinion on the Campbell controversy (and I was actually nominated for one of those when I was a newb!) is that these people are hysterical idiots, and the “Astounding Award” sounds like it should be a paper star you pin on the best behaved Kindergartner. But in a completely unrelated note DragonCon should get Bruce Campbell to host the Dragon Awards, and that year they should add a Best New Author category, which people could then refer to as the Campbell Award for short, but which would in no way have anything to do with anybody else’s estate or trademarks. Groovy.

Then I saw morons declaring that Dave Chappell is a white supremacist now, and we shouldn’t watch him because he’s a hatey hate person of hate (so I’ll probably watch it this weekend because I love Dave).

In a FB hobby group that I’m in, where I never ever go political because I’m not an obnoxious twit (I’m just there for the mini painting) people were talking about how in this imaginary few hundred years in the future sci-fi war game setting, they didn’t like how Islam was being portrayed (and ironically, this is a world where every faction does bad stuff, they’re fairly decent). One guy said he was happy with it and that if he wanted a realistic portrayal of Islam he’d make all his female minis were burkas and hit the gay ones with rocks. He was immediately attacked as a racist, bigot, islamophobe, so on and so forth. The ironic part? The guy who said it was a Muslim immigrant from Iran, joking about the problems in the culture he came from, who then got screamed at and told he needed to “get educated” by a bunch of white American liberals.

Also, the Hong Kong protestors are white supremacists now. So Dave is in good company.

I saw everybody freak out one day about how Trump was stripping birthright citizenship from military babies, and 24 hours later like maybe 1/10th of those people who freaked out posting about how the articles they shared the day before had gotten it wrong.

I learned that my new house is bigger than Barack Obama’s (but I’m still not a *real* writer, sigh), only mine is up high in the mountains, and his is a terrible investment because it will be underwater within 12 years… I actually don’t know which did more damage to the catastrophic global warming narrative this week, Michael Mann’s inability to show his homework, or Obama’s house. Probably Obama’s house.

Because I’m Mormon and a gun nut, I had a lot of people ask me about the news articles that were going around saying the church had banned guns from church buildings. It’s a stupid policy, but not new. They just updated the general handbook (that’s like the binder for how to run a ward). They’ve already banned guns from church buildings since back when I was teaching CCW ten years ago. A multitude of us ignore it and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. The handbook also says I’m not supposed to use foul language, and you can see how well that has stuck.

I had lefties randomly screech at me for a wide variety of topics. That’s so common I can’t remember most of them. You kind of tune them out after a while. I get a lot of rando strangers showing up to scream at me every Hugo season. It’s the annual running of the Chorfs.

But in the spirit of bipartisan fairness, exactly one week ago I got screeched at by people on the right because I said if you are an American and any politician says they “Hereby Command” you to do anything, whether you agree with them or not, your response had better be a reflexive Fuck Off or you are a sorry excuse for an American and need to quit being such a pussy.