Inclusivity and Respect in the CRIT Awards

-Jack here, copying this post of Larry’s over from the Book of Faces so they can’t bury it as easily. Given the nature of things, I’m going to copy the relevant part of the code of conduct here before they memory hole it. Until they do, you can read it HERE. Pay special attention to section 1.5

Code of Conduct

The CRIT Awards is committed to fostering a positive and inclusive environment that celebrates creativity and recognizes outstanding achievements in all aspects of the TTRPG industry.

To ensure a safe and respectful experience for all participants, we have established this Code of Conduct, which outlines the standards of behavior expected from all nominees, attendees, organizers, and partners involved in the CRIT Awards.

1. Inclusivity and Respect

1.1. No Racism: We do not tolerate any form of racism, racial discrimination, or xenophobia. Treat all individuals with respect and fairness, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or cultural background.

1.2. No Homophobia: We embrace diversity and do not condone any homophobic behavior or discrimination against individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

1.3. No Ableism: We are committed to being accessible and accommodating to all individuals. Avoid ableist attitudes or behaviors and strive to make the CRIT Awards inclusive for people of all abilities.

1.4. No Sexism: Gender-based discrimination, stereotypes, or harassment will not be tolerated. We promote gender equality and a supportive environment for all genders.

1.5. Individuals who identify as Zionists, promote Zionist material, or engage in activities that without a doubt support Zionism are not eligible for nomination.”

This new anti-Semitic crap from GenCon reminds me of a story. This is a story about cowardice and hypocrisy. Names redacted to protect those without the moral fortitude to do the right thing, the kind of people who all this weak social shaming and peer pressure nonsense one side of the political divide uses as a club actually works on.

Many years ago there was another writer who I considered a very close friend. We did lots of stuff together. I’m conservative or libertarian depending on the issue. This dude was moderate to liberal, but we were still friends.

As you guys know how I roll, I like to promote other writers. My career was doing great. His was struggling. So he asked me for a promotion. (this was back when Book Bombs were still a thing, before the algorithm strangled them). I had it scheduled.

But then something happened in the news that week in politics. I wrote a blog post about it. The topic was gun related. It was actually a very funny blog post, obviously tongue in cheek, silly, but still filled with good pragmatic advice. It went viral.

The next day I get a message from my friend, begging me to cancel that week’s Book Bomb for him. I was confused. Back in those days BBs would sell between 200-1000 books over the week, mostly to new readers, which is a fantastic promotion.


Because “he can’t be seen associating with someone like me”.


Well it turns out that my viral blog post was deemed SUPER OFFENSIVE by some of his liberal “friends”. In fact, one of them declared it to be ANTI-SEMITIC. And he couldn’t be seen associating with such a horrible racist who hates Jews.

Now this baffled the shit out of me, because there was literally nothing in there about Jews. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Zip. Plus, when it comes to the Arab world vs. Israel, I’ve been openly Go Team IDF the whole time. (There was literally a Merkava with an MHI logo on it!)  And I’m genetically part Jewish! (on my maternal side which makes it even funnier!)

So I was confused, because all it took was some leftist asshole to declare something I wrote to be anti-Semitic and boom. There it was. I was an awful bad horrible evil person who needed to be shunned and thrown under the bus by all proper liberal goodthinkers.

I gave him the response you guys would expect, which I won’t repeat because the bots are already going to be throttling this post anyway because of all the politically charged words, and that would totally kill it. But half the words started with the letter F.  

Ironically a few days later, one of the most respected leftist publications in America, the grand old lady herself, the New York Times, made me an offer to buy that blog post to run as an OpEd, because even though it poked fun at libs and their silly beliefs, the advice in it was actually super solid. I told them no of course, because I don’t want to be associated with that dishonest rag. (which is saying something, because it turns out their OpEds pay pretty good!) But I share this part just to illustrate how profoundly NOT racist this blog post of mine was.

Didn’t matter. Some libs declared a post that had absolutely nothing negative about Jews in it, no matter how hard you squint at it, to be bad, and boom, I was a bad guy. Cancel. Do not associate.

That insult, and the fact he was too stupid to grasp why it was an insult, pretty much ended our friendship. I even helped his dumb ass out behind the scenes a few years later, promoting him as a writer, and he never even knew I was involved.

But the reason I’m reminded of this now, fast forward like 8 years, the EXACT SAME PEOPLE who were condemning people as anti-Semitic even though they clearly weren’t, and shaming the spineless into compliance, have gone all in on the Jew hate. They’re out there supporting terrorist murderers. They’re cheering the beating of Jews at synagogues in LA. They cheering as Jews are having to hide from protestors in universities. They lie their asses off without shame and repeat propaganda so ham fisted and illogical that it falls apart with like two seconds of scrutiny, but they just don’t give a shit. They’re chanting river to the sea slogans about literal genocide. They’re the evil mirror version of what they claimed to hate just a few years ago.  

These people have no honor, dignity, or shame. They’ve got no spine, no chest, and no soul. They’re miserable assholes and their only goal is to make everybody else as miserable as they are. They’re Wormwood and Screwtape without the brains.

Ten years ago I defended the normal attendees at GenCon from goofy (and super vague) accusations of racism from a race hustling grifter (son of a billionaire ironically) who weaseled himself into some social justice “advisory” position. Four years after that my “attack on this PoC” got me booted from another gaming convention.

And today? GenCon is hosting a event that explicitly bans people who think Israel has a right to exist… yet I guarantee the same kind of invertebrate squishes who condemn people like me for nothing, won’t say crap about that.

None of these grifter scumbags actually give a crap about racism. It’s always a political weapon, nothing more. I can at least respect them for their hustle. It’s their willing dupes, the cowards, the quislings, the useless one-way virtue signalers who can only speak up when their masters say it’s okay, who are too scared to go against the rigid group think of their deranged cult, who’ll let evil shit slide because they’re scared their team will get upset at them… Those people I despise.

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54 thoughts on “Inclusivity and Respect in the CRIT Awards”

  1. “1.5. Individuals who identify as Zionists, promote Zionist material, or engage in activities that without a doubt support Zionism are not eligible for nomination.”

    How many times can we nominate Benjamin Netanyahu?
    Edit: Dangit, nominations are already closed.

  2. We are definitely seeing the separation of the wheat and the tares in what I fully believe are the end times. Mark Hamill selling out supporting Biden and calling him “Obi-Wan” or whatever. Other movie stars like the Clooneys and celebs openly declaring their allegiance to the Progressive narrative and hatred for Israel. Today is the day to choose. Neutrality will not be allowed.

    1. Please revise this. Gen Con told the CRIT Awards to remove their ban of Zionists, but they refused and have pulled out of Gen Con. Gen Con is not antisemitic, they did the right thing.

          1. Could you be any more retarded?
            (rhetorical question, we already know the answer)

      1. GenCon might not be considered anti-Semitic, but they COULD be considered anti-Palestinian for not allowing this award ceremony to take place at it.

    2. Mark Hamill was always a liberal and always hated Trump (as would anybody else with any sense, because Trump’s a fascist, as is his MAGA movement), so him supporting Biden and being with Biden in that little video he did with Biden where both say ‘May the Force be with you-always’ isn’t off the ‘mark’ for him (he also did stuff mocking Trump in the Joker’s voice), so no, he’s not a sell-out according to you or anybody else here.

      1. Pay Lionel no mind. He’s a goofy dipshit who likes to come in and spam my comments occasionally. All he does is lie and whine. 🙂

    1. Oh, they realize. They just don’t care, bc they hate Jews. And therefore consider them an acceptable target for racism. (Not unlike how white folks–particularly male white folks–are also an acceptable target for their racism. Or non white folks who don’t toe the leftist line. Or women who refuse to play the victim or hate men, or…you get the idea 😉 )

    2. Muslims are higher than Jews on the current “hierarchy of victimtude” chart. All good Lefties are supposed to side with the higher ranked victims. (The chart is arranged in order of perceived usefulness in their eternal war against Western Civilization.) Note that straight, White Christian men are permanently labeled at the bottom of the chart in the special category of “deplorable oppressor”.

      1. There’s no monolithic ‘All good Lefties’ and you know it; there IS a monolithic fascist right wing that’s fronted by Donald Trump called ‘MAGA’, and you, Larry and others here are a big vocal part of it, whether you like it or not.

        1. This stupid lying ass motherfucker, who I’ve banned repeatedly, posted over a dozen times today.
          Pathetic. 😀

  3. They say “Zionists” because they think it sounds more upscale than to say flat-out that they hate the Jews, but it means exactly the same thing.

    1. It does not mean exactly the same thing.
      It’s worse.
      You can dislike Jews without wanting to see millions of them dead. (There are antisemites who are zionists. “Your kind don’t belong around here” does not automatically imply that they have no place to be.)
      You cannot cannot call for the destruction of Israel without wanting to see millions of Jews dead.

    2. They say ‘Zionists’ because said people do exist, and you’re obviously one of them (as I said here earlier, there are Jewish North Americans who don’t hate Israel, but they don’t like Israeli imperialism.)

      1. There is an MHI sticker on a Merkava, and I think that is rad. 😀
        Kiss my ass and bark at the hole, dumbfuck.

  4. Hello, out there, sports fans! Are you, or do you know someone who is LGBTQ+ ?
    Do you realize that Hamas will cheerfully KILL you or your friend for that?
    This is not about making money from the grievance industry. It is about securing something something for you and your posterity. If you knew anything about America’s founding documents, you will understand why are you are not standing all that tall right now.
    I know that would take more effort than hitting, “send“ real hard, but your friends would probably like to know you stand for them, like, OMG, literally.

    Reasoning deficit disorder does not have to take them to their – or your – grave, no matter how much you like their company in misery.

    1. The so-called monolithic left isn’t unaware of what Hamas is like, but what Israel’s doing to the Palestinians to get Hamas is still wrong, as anybody like you should know.

    2. John, you MAGA’s are the biggest people who have ‘reasoning deficit disorder’ in the USA and the world at this point, so your projecting onto the left isn’t working. Also, you do know that Trump’s a convicted rapist and pedophile, right?

    1. They’re claiming that they’ve been threatened so they’re going to have a virtual awards ceremony. Saves them the effort of finding someone even worse than them to hold their stupid little ceremony.

      1. Threatened by racist MAGA’s like you? Yes, they probably are, and then some. How about accepting the truth when it’s staring you in the face?

        1. Yes. We are so threatening that you keep coming back to spam my blog comments about how threatening we are.
          This is like 12 today.

    2. Oh, it’s for safety concerns alright, the safety of any jewish attendees at or around Gen-Con was the reason CRIT got booted.

      Good for Gen Con

  5. How do they propose to find those who identify as Zionist among their nominees? I wonder if it requires the nominees, those with a Jewish sounding names perhaps to pass some test? Like the Nazi Mischling Test? I wonder if any of the nominees had to answer questions on their politics just because of them being Jewish?

    1. Look at the routine lengths the Hugo Award slime went to as they delved deep into the background of every nominee to disqualify them in China. That’s how they do it and they have oceans of morons who think they are doing the Lord’s work weeding out the ‘undesirables.’ Progressives are the stupidest people on the planet.

      1. }}} Progressives are the stupidest people on the planet.

        If I may offer: I contend that “stupid” is the wrong word. “Fool” is the correct one. Stupid is a metric of “IQ”. A little casual consideration shows that many of those on the left are not “Low IQ” . I assert that what they are is “Low Wisdom”. If there was a “WQ” test to match the “IQ” test, then PostModern Liberals would consistently rank in the bottom third of the inevitable Normal Curve that resulted.

        IQ is your capacity to learn from books. Many of the people taken in by this bovine excreta are college-educated, so, clearly, one can reasonably presume that they CAN learn from books.

        “Wisdom” is what you learn from experience. It’s also tied to what we call “Common Sense”, which is much the same thing. But the two capabilities are not tied to one another. There are uneducated wise men, and learned fools.

        Noam Chomsky is an example of the latter. He’s obviously brilliant, but he also supports Marxism, which is probably one of the ultimate tests for foolishness. He is a high-IQ/low-WQ brilliant fool.

        “He was so learned that he could name a horse in nine languages; so ignorant that he bought a cow to ride on.”
        — Benjamin Franklin —

        Another way to look at liberals is as though they were eternal 3yos. Notice how they think that things are “Green” as long as the pollution that applied — yes, talking about lithium batteries, solar panels, and wind turbines — occurs 10,000 miles away in China, and not anywhere they have to see it. These are all supremely filthy technologies, but they are “green” to the fools. They are like 3yo children playing “Peekaboo!” If they cannot see it, it does not exist. They also are “eternal” 3yos, because, as I note, they cannot learn from experience, having low WQs, so, like any 3yo, they have no background of experience to “draw upon”. Another example of this is, of course, Marxism. No matter how many times Marxism fails, “it just wasn’t done right!” Venezuela is a wonderful example of this. Venezuela was a perfect example of a working Marxist state… until, of course, it collapsed and people were eating spoiled meat and dogs because they were starving. THEN, just magically, overnight, it went to “not having been done right”.

        Marxism is the tic-tac-toe of Wargames: “The only way to do it right is to not do it at all”.

        Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.
        — Otto von Bismarck —

    2. Probably had people coming through the social media of the nominees, in the same way that “Is your favorite author a Zionist” list went viral a few weeks back.

  6. This wasn’t Gen Con. It was a small group who booked a room at Gen Con. Furthermore, they added paragraph 1.5 within the last week or so, long after the schedule was set. Gen Con didn’t know.

    The event has now been booted from Gen Con. Officially, the award committee made this decision for “safety” reasons. Behind the scenes, Gen Con booted them, and the scumbags are pissed.

    I would include a link for details, but the blog thinks that’s spam.

  7. “They’re Wormwood and Screwtape without the brains.”

    The irony is that Screwtape himself hated intelligence and knowledge because they were good things: “Alas, alas, that Knowledge, in itself so hateful and mawkish a thing, should yet be necessary for Power!”

    People are desperate for meaning, and self-consciously championing who they think is the underdog vs. an “oppressor” is the only moral lens left by which they’ve been taught to perceive it. All analysis or judgement that undermines the excessively sentimentalized “who, whom” reflex is to be distrusted and disdained.

  8. Banning or prohibiting people is the opposite of inclusion. What not just call it “banning people I don’t like”.

  9. The rest of the Code of Conduct is quite amusing, given the presence of section 1.5.

    Section 2 (both 2.1 and 2.2) mandates a Harassment-Free Environment … unless you support Israel’s right to exist, in which case you can be harassed, I guess?

    Section 3 covers Morality Clause. Section 3.1 is Social Responsibility, which requires people to consider the social implications of their actions … except when applauding a terror-supporting regime that would GENOCIDE another nation in a heartbeat — you don’t have to consider that. Section 3.2 is Community Engagement, to promote collaboration … unless that collaboration includes Israel supporters.

    Section 3.3 is Diversity and Inclusion, to promote, *ahem*, “fostering an environment where individuals of all backgrounds feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute” [bold emphasis mine]. “All backgrounds” isn’t “ALL backgrounds” if you exclude those of Israeli or Jewish descent unless they condemn Israel.

    Sections 4, 5, and 6 are the Review and Removal of Nominees, Reporting Incidents, and Enforcement sections, respectively.

    Here’s where I would have suggested we scour the social media pages of all the nominees, find and document anything in violation of the Code of Conduct, and use their own Section 4/5/6 mechanisms to report and try to have the nominees removed. And publish and publicize the evidence and all communications sent to the review board so the world can see what they chose to overlook if they allow the nominees to remain.

    The primary goal was for the Crit Awards to remove everyone and have zero nominees left, with a secondary goal of exposing the bigotry they promote under the guise of “diversity and inclusion”.

    But after being booted from GenCon, it might be a non-issue now.

  10. (puts on tinfoil hat…) I wonder if this was actually aimed at Larry himself. Maybe they, the CRIT people, think he lives near Zion, Utah…

    sarcasms ends…

    Crazy times, we live in crazy times.

  11. Mike over at the site which shall not be accessed tried to dunk on Larry over this, but almost all of the comments that referenced it said something along the lines of, “I hate to agree with Larry, but he’s right.”

    1. Shocker, Glyer is a fat slug with the morals of a dog turd, so of course he’s in favor of anti-Semitism because I happen to like Jews.

  12. Larry, one can be against the terrorist attack against Israelis by Hamas and not also be anti-Muslim, as well; it seems that people like yourself can’t get over your anti-Muslim racism, so that’s why you’ve been disinvited from most conventions save GenCon; why not be glad of that, and stop attacking the people behind this award?

  13. Trolls are Monsters.
    Larry writes about Monster Hunters.
    Trolls = Engagement.
    Trolls LIKE Engagement, until MHI steps up to the plate.
    Then they start whinging about ‘feelings’ — the world doesn’t care about Feelings, only Facts but they can’t use Facts to support their argument therefore, ORANGE MAN BAD!
    Which, okay, no one is perfect, but If you want to play with the Interdimensional Lord of Hate… be my guest. I’m going to get a bag of popcorn.

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