13 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Fantom”

  1. Unless there’s been a change that I’m not aware of, it’s not coming out Thursday, it’s coming out tomorrow.

  2. Seems it’s available today (Tuesday). I pre-ordered, but logging out, it is available for purchase.

  3. And all I can see is an animated set of armor coming to chop up a dude with an Uzi. I sincerely hope he’s got some more impressive hardware nearby!

    1. Heh. Because so many other authors are popular enough in a foreign country that their authors want to do an antho in that world in their language published in their country, and then by popular demand from the US customers, it gets translated into English, but all those other authors would like totally turn that down on principle. 😀
      Cope and seethe, bitch. 😀

    2. Two different comments from two different emails on two different posts within 4 minutes, but from the same IP.
      We got us a genius up in here. 😀

  4. Is there going to be a physical print of this book? When is Vendetta going to have a reprint?

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