11 thoughts on “Tower of Silence audiobook is available for download now!”

  1. I left this review on the Audible site but wanted to share it here:

    “Outstanding! This is without question the best volume so far in the SAGA OF THE FORGOTTEN WARRIOR series. Larry has outdone himself with this one. I cannot wait for the fifth and final book. Hopefully it will be released later this year because I am on pins and needles with the ending. Spoiler alert: I was very sorry to see a major character die. I’ll just leave it at that.”

  2. Worth the wait. As usual, I was bummed when it ended. The only good thing about the delay is now I don’t have to wait as long for the finale.

    1. Earlier today he posted on Facebook- “ the books have been printed, but the jackets didn’t pass QC. They are being reprinted right now, and then will be shipped to me.”

  3. I finished this audio tome today on my way the see my spinal-alignment guy and I will admit… I sat in the car and SCREAMED in pure, undiluted Irish-born RAGE at you, Mr. Larry Correia. Of all the ways to end this book and you did THAT???


    Thank goodness my spinal wizard is so good at his job… but, Mr. Correia? Sir? Can we have another SotFW story? Soon? 🥺

    Or I may have to pour my rage down range and 40cal ain’t cheap! 😇

  4. My only outstanding question – once she figures out how to do a factory reset, will Rada be able to listen to the audiobook on her tablet?

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