Rogue Stars: Purgatory

I’ve been plugging the Tower of Silence audiobook release, but I’m going to take a minute to plug a friend’s new release. Remember when I plugged Dead Acre and Cold as Hell, the weird west series narrated by Roger Clark from Red Dead Redemption 2? And you guys all enjoyed those. This is one of those writers with a new sci-fi.

Rogue Stars: Purgatory

A fight for survival at the edge of the galaxy.

In the depths of space, far from the watchful eyes of Lenzaaban government, lies Prison Station 12, or as it’s fearfully known, Purgatory. It’s here that Commander Predaxes, a hardened former Marine, faces his most daunting mission yet. With only a wormhole linking them to civilization, the isolation of PS12 is palpable; the danger, imminent.
Enter Samea Malik, the latest addition to PS12’s population and a man with a target on his back. As the son of the Minister of Justice, Malik is a pawn in a galactic game of chess where the stakes are life and death.
When an assault on the station forces the crew and inmates to flee, they find themselves crash-landing on Faebos—a world as deadly as it is beautiful. Abandoned mining colonies whisper secrets of the past, while the planet’s native creatures lurk in the shadows, ready to strike.
Stranded and surrounded by peril, survival hinges on the uneasy alliance between guards and prisoners. As Commander Predaxes and Malik navigate this alien landscape, they must confront not only the beasts of Faebos but the ghosts of their own pasts.
From the mind of bestselling author Jaime Castle comes Rogue Stars. A tale of survival, redemption, and the thin line between captors and captives, this Military Sci-Fi adventure is packed with high-octane action, cutting-edge technology, and a world that will captivate and terrify in equal measure.
Prepare to be thrust into the heart of the unknown, where every decision could be your last. Welcome to Purgatory, where the battle for survival is only the beginning.

Tower of Silence audiobook is available for download now!
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10 thoughts on “Rogue Stars: Purgatory”

    1. Nope. I’ve heard it said that as long as you have books left on your TBR list, you can’t die. I’m not sure if that was a threat or a promise.

      1. I don’t worry about my TBR list. I worry about my To Be Written list. The ones I want to write before I die. It keeps getting longer, even as I grow older.

  1. It’s a very fun novel. I read the advance copy early last year. Really sets up the start of a cool series.

  2. I started watching The Expanse the other day. Got about five episodes in before I saw the credit “based on the books by”. Quickly went out and grabbed Leviathan Awakes by James Corey. You’ve probably all read it but if you haven’t, it’s a lot easier to follow the story in the books. I was enjoying the TV series but found it a bit hard to understand what was going on or where it was going. Now I may not go back since I have nine novels and nine short stories to read instead.

    1. This is generally why I watch the series before I read the associated books. It’s really rare for the series to measure up.

      Unfortunately I was like 5 books in when the Dresden Files first aired…. Had to pretend it was an entirely separate story in order to enjoy the show at all.

  3. Purgatory is outstanding. Don’t put it in your TBR list, move it to the top and read it! Characters and story are phenomenal! You’ll be glad you did.

  4. Aethon Books, I’ve yet to read anything from them, but them and Chris Kennedy Publishing tend to have pretty cool SciFi cover art

    I am not sure who does them, but it’s awesome AF

  5. Must admit, when I saw they were in PS12 I KNEW they were in Purgatory. Any Public School 12 is now Purgatory!

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