A Review of Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever

Since Larry’s currently in Vegas, allow me to share one of his recent entries from the Book of Faces- Jack

Some reviews just baffle me. The ones where the reviewer thinks they are clever are the worst.

I just saw one that was complaining how Fever is different than the previous memoirs novels. Well no shit. It’s an entirely different narrator, set in a different time and place, with a different co-author. He knocked it for being more like a regular MHI novel and not the “slice of life” of the previous memoirs. Dude. It’s an entirely different book.

He knocked it for being short and made a snide comment about how my novels are getting shorter and that “must be the economy” like I’m greedy and ripping you guys off.

A. All the memoirs novels are the same size just over 100k. Fever is almost the exact same length as the previous 3.

B. The rest of my books tend to be very similar in length based on the series. MHI was the one anomaly because it was my first book and I didn’t know what I was doing. Most regular MHI novels are 120-140k.  All the Saga novels are around 140k. I’m actually remarkably consistent.

He said he didn’t like it because it was a “cliff hanger”. It is not a cliff hanger. The actual plot is resolved. The thing he’s bitching about is that there are allusions to further threats and adventures in the future. Which I leave in all my books, which ironically he praised about the series earlier in the same review. (roll eyes) This would be like bitching about a book about WW2 because it doesn’t tell you how it shakes out with the Soviet Union.

Then he repeatedly complains about how SLOW I AM. Because it is LIKE TWO WHOLE YEARS BETWEEN MHI NOVELS.  And then he dings Fever because he guesses the sequel won’t be out until 2026 or 2027…

A. how the fuck do you ding a product because you’re guessing when the next book will be out?

B. I write like five series simultaneously, and have averaged 2 books a year for 15 years, so get off my fucking back, man. 😀  

C. Over the last 15 years I’ve written 8 regular MHIs, 4 spin offs, and a collection of shorts. Holy fuck. In between that I wrote like 20 other books in my other worlds. What do you people want from me? I’m only human. 😀

D. If I did just want to be lazy and cash in, I would only write MHI novels nonstop, because those make the most money. Except I don’t because if I did that I’d get bored and the books would get stale. The reason they stay good is that I step back, do other things, and then come back fresh. That’s one reason why each book is different than the ones that came before, and THAT IS A GOOD THING. DUH.

“I’m not sure anyone was really longing for 1970’s LA monster hunting but I guess when you only get a book every 2 years you can’t be overly picky.”

If you want to feed prompts into an AI and have it barf out some soulless garbage that checks all the boxes you want, go do it. Ain’t nothing stopping you. Us human authors are gonna create what we feel like. You know, that whole “art” thing that makes it so the entertainment products you are consuming are actually something we’re enjoying making, so they stay good.

If I took this bullshit advice I’d be the same as the MCU churning out 4 mandatory Marvel movies of declining quality every year.

“Also how is there not a Hotel California monster or location in this book?”

What kinda nitpicky fucking bullshit is this? Why didn’t I have every reference to every single pop culture thing that happened that decade? This motherfucker doesn’t want an author. He needs ChatGPT. 😀  Plug that shit in and leave me be!  

He has a giant confusing paragraph talking about stuff I WROTE in the other MHI novels and how he liked that better (and some grammatically confusing stuff about Sluggy Freelance?) then whines “You never want to come across as “A better writer did something funny, I need to copy that.”… Dude… I WROTE ALL OF THOSE THINGS YOU ARE COMPARING IT TO.  😀

And it’s also extra fucking stupid as he’s citing that and I know exactly what I was shooting for in each of those scenes, and they’re all accomplishing wildly different goals… but I’ve got to get knocked because this dude doesn’t understand how storytelling works.

So basically, three stars for keeping my long running series fresh and interesting rather than formulaic and repetitive, while only having an work ethic better than like 99% of my career field. 😀

These fucking people, I swear.
I’m glad most of you aren’t like this. 😀

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33 thoughts on “A Review of Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever”

  1. It puts the words in the basket, or it gets the hose again.

    Seriously, this dude needs to realize that everything is not about him.
    Unfortunately, there’s a lot of that going around in society nowadays.

  2. There is nothing worse than a reviewer trying to demonstrate how clever they are. I write reviews as recommendations for the readers of the review. Read this. It’s good. Here’s why.

    Others write them with a different agenda. I’m smart. Smarter than you. Smarter than the author of the book I am reviewing.

    Those reviews are a waste of ink or pixels, and the review readers’ time.

  3. I wonder if a former manager of mine wrote that. He always thought he was smarter than everyone else, too. He also got weird about performance reviews: he NEVER gave all-positive reviews because he ALWAYS found something to ding us for. For example, I wasn’t always on-time for my breaks … in a tech support call center, where you never know whether the next call is going to be 3 minutes or 30 minutes … so I got dinged for that despite being within the allowed tolerance range (because the higher-ups understood unpredictability and didn’t demand perfection). A colleague of mine, a senior tech whose job wasn’t to answer the phone all the time and COULD make his break times, did so every day without fail (he set an alarm for them) — literally doing exactly what was expected of him … and got dinged for “taking himself too seriously”.

    Getting put on that manager’s team was a huge motivation for me to find another job and GTFO.

    Some reviewers just cannot bring themselves to give good reviews. Maybe they feel like they make themselves look better by finding problems in others, but really, they just come out looking like @$$holes.

    1. Literally the only job I ever had that I didn’t get across the board top marks was in the Infantry, and NOBODY does for a reason. If you were to get perfect marks on every performance evaluation, A) you’d never grow as a leader, and B) it would get kicked back and you’d never get promoted.

      1. I was reading that and laughing. My Mother asked what was so funny and I showed her the book. She ended up reading the series and becoming a fan.

    1. I’ve heard that one before! Mostly aimed at Larry Niven!
      The folks just can’t understand the genre is SCIENCE Fiction. Yes, it includes what I consider science fantasy, like Star Wars. I prefer a PhD serving of science in Science Fiction.
      Still love Larry’s books. Fantasy is a good thing!

  4. I wish Larry wouldn’t look at these reviews and get riled up (despite how entertaining it is to read his responses). Life is too short to get mad at gnats. He works hard, he writes good books, we enjoy them, and the sales figures are good. He should go buy another gun, savor his home shooting range, and laugh all the way to the bank.

    1. One of the main reasons I come to this site is to read what Larry writes when he is “riled up”. Don’t take that away from me.

  5. “This would be like bitching about a book about WW2 because it doesn’t tell you how it shakes out with the Soviet Union.”

    Few things effectively trash someone else’s opinion better than a great analogy. This is gold.

  6. Cliffhanger? Bloodlines was more of a cliffhanger than Fever.
    You want a real cliffhanger? The most recent book in a series I enjoy ended with most of the good guys losing their magic in the middle of a huge battle. Only a few of the main characters managed to block the attack.
    Waited 8 YEARS for that book.
    At least with Larry I can expect the next book to happen while I’m still alive.

    1. I read that one too! Sadly, there is not a hint about the next book to be found anywhere. We wants MOAR!

      I did get a kick out of the magic hovertank driven by robot mice, though. 😀

      1. Loved it until I got to the last quarter of the book and knew it wasn’t going to wrap up. I’m 67 so I don’t know if I’m even going to live long enough to see the next one.

    2. One of my favorite series stopped with a desperate assault on a planet. It came out in 2009 and I’m still waiting for it to be resolved.

    3. This reviewer has apparently never head of GRRM. Talk about cliffhangers! At least when there’s a cliffhanger in a book Larry writes, you KNOW you might be waiting 2ish years before it is continued. I gave up on GoT after the first decade. Fuck that douchenozzle

  7. “What do you people want from me? I’m only human. ”

    I’m not falling for that. I know you’re the chosen one.

  8. I got a bad review once because the nerd gets the girl. Some guys think they should be the ones deciding how the plot goes.

    To those guys I say “go write your own.” That’s what I’m doing, after all. I just write my own and don’t bother with pretty much anyone else. Larry being nearly the sole exception of authors I still read.

      1. Right? Nerd gets the girl is a pretty popular trope. Everybody feels a little put-upon once in a while, seeing the underdog win is a plus.

        Maybe if we saw it a little more often our SF section at the local bookstore would be bigger than three book cases of stuff written before 2010.

  9. Memoirs is not like Grunge is not like MHI. They each have their own flavor. I heard Larry at a con say that people usually try to guess who wrote what for the co-written books and they can’t. Me neither. But the flavor comes out. But since I totally buy into Memoirs, does this mean Jason writes like a girl? (Respectful leg pull, Chloe is very well done.)

  10. I bought this book from the Baen monthly bundle. IMHO it is the 2nd weakest book in the Monster Hunter series. In most of the books the action happens and there is little space spent on what one character “thinks” another character is thinking about them. Fever lacks the action packed, focus on what is currently happening that we see in the other books in the series.

    That is not saying that some of the scenes are tight and action filled. It just did not hit the standard of 6 previous books in the series.

    Siege is my least favorite because it focused so much on logistics. Was logistics important in the book – absolutely. Is logistics the reason that many battles are lost (or won), absolutely. Is logistics interesting to read about in an action novel, not to me.

    Fever is worth reading. It is more interesting than most action/horror books on the shelves. But it is more of a 3.5 to 4 star book compared to 5 star (first 3 & the 3 with John Ringo).

    Don’t regret buying it. Don’t regret reading it. But IMHO just not as fun as the rest in the series.

    But from Larry’s (possible) point of view: I’m a paying customer who has given him (and Baen) lots of my cash for books, ebooks and audiobooks. This one is just not a favorite.

    1. You know different people find different things interesting. I doubt anyone is going to care about action scenes unless they care at least somewhat about the people/characters involved in the action scene.

  11. Simply put, Fever was my least favorite of the whole MHI line. It just failed to grab me. Too much of a “chick Fest” for me and I loved Bloodlines. Too much vapid girl talk and sophomoric banter. The giant snake scene was overly detailed. I should have waited for a used paperback. Nuff said.

  12. “What do you people want from me?”

    I want to continue to enjoy your tales whenever you think they’re ready for consumption.

    What do I want for you?

    A happy and restful holiday season and peace on Moose Mountain. Cheers!

  13. It’s possible GRR Martin ruined it for everybody. And of course Sanderson had to finish off the Wheel of Time. Before that, people dint really complain about how fast people wrote.
    I appreciate that co authors sort of change the feel of the book. It’s probably fun for writers to work together, but the outcome is very unpredictable.

  14. Larry,
    As a fan of yours I think this post is a bad idea. Having space to vent is important and you’re within your right to do that wherever you wish but you have a large readership and I find it tacky to complain about someone not liking or getting your book. I imagine if another author did this you would write a blog post about them needing thicker skin.

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