They’re Doing it for YOU

Larry posted this over on the Book of Faces and good golly they didn’t like it! They throttled it to the point that there were maybe 24 comments in over 2 hours. Even with their regular throttling of his account, he would normally have been yelled at by a few hundred people by that time, so it’s really telling. Know where they can’t throttle it? Right here on the Monster Hunter Nation site. Enjoy. -Jack

I posted this on twitter earlier. Now I’m going to get yelled at by crazy people for the next few days.


For all the people on social media crying about Israelis blowing up innocents this week, yep, that sucks, but why do terrorists hide behind civilians?


That’s it.

You make it an effective tactic for them.

I see people saying that anything that harms innocents should be a war crime.

You just ensured that’s the tactic every evil bastard out there will use from now on. Hiding under a church or school or hospital becomes a get out of jail free card.

Go do terrorist shit. Then hide behind your kids. Kids die. Wait for the world to freak out and pressure the people you murdered to give up and leave you alone. Do more terrorist shit to them again tomorrow.

Your naivete about the nature of evil ensures that hiding behind civilians is a winning tactic for them. You get sad for their human shields, governments cave, the evil doers get to live to rape and murder again tomorrow.

There is nothing nice or kind or merciful about war.

It’s miserable. Innocent people suffer and die. It’s total bullshit.

And it’s been part of human nature forever and will never ever stop, regardless of how hard you virtue signal your angst on Twitter.

Letting aggressor barbarians hit you but get away just ensures that they’ll do the same shit tomorrow. Every nation in history has understood this.

It isn’t about being mean. It is about being punitive.

There aren’t diplomatic solutions with barbarians who are willing to go house to house, raping people to death.   That ship has sailed.

The people who got hit are going to respond. We would. In fact, we did. Did we do it smartly? Nope. We did a lot of pointless shit for the next 20 years, but on 9-11 we didn’t give a shit what any other country had to say, and anybody who talked to us about “proportional response” got told to fuck off. This is the same thing, but approximately 30 times worse adjusted for relative population size.

So they’re going to do what they’re going to do, in the hope that they can stop it from happening again.

Will it work? Beats me. This shit’s complicated and anybody who pretends it isn’t is trying to sell you something.

But what I do know is that if you reward the enemy and give them what they want for hiding behind human shields, that just ensures they are going to do it more. Because when you’re evil, life is cheap, even your own kids, and everybody is expendable to get what you want.

So when Hamas hides under a school, they’re doing it for you.

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  1. Not surprised this made a lot of people less than happy, and the book of feces… errr… faces throttled it.
    The truth will set you free, but first it will smack you around a bit, make fun of you, and make you cry.
    Curious how all the people talking about “Israel hurting innocents” ignore the terror caused by hamas, but… whatever.

    1. Or (like one choicely gullible troll on LinkedIn) they dismiss the Hamas-filmed videos as IDF propaganda…. I told her the folks who sold her that had a new bridge for her in New York, with fewer goats.

      “You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you odd.” ~ Flannery O’Conner

  2. Building off something CBMTTek said above:

    The people crying about how Israel is harming innocents when they go after terrorists who are using those innocents as shields, aren’t saying anything about the innocents Hamas harmed in their invasion.

    At least Israel is aiming at legitimate military targets (who happen to be hiding behind innocent non-combatants). Hamas aimed at innocent non-combatants from the get-go; they didn’t even try to strike military targets.

    IMHO, the reason these people are crying about Israel “harming innocents” but not about Hamas’ targeting civilian non-combatants, is for one reason: They truly believe there are no innocent Israelis; Israel is always the bad guy and Jews deserve to be attacked in their homes, abducted, tortured, raped, and murdered.

    You cannot reason with people who sincerely hold that world view. They will always accuse Israel of “harming innocents” and “disproportionate response” because in their mind, it’s the solemn duty of Jews to die, and the holy mandate of groups like Hamas to kill them.

    Jews fighting back and defending their lives, lands, and families? That goes against the will of heaven/Allah/whatever! How dare they!

    1. I believe it was Tom Wolfe that noted ages ago that the Israelis are seen Western Bourgeoises and automatically evil, while the Palestinians are radical Proletariat, and thus automatically good.
      There’s a lot of Euromush Trustfund Baby Radical Chic going on here.

      1. John McWhorter said the other day that the Palestinians are seen as brown people and the Israelis are seen as white people, so the left must side with the Palestinians. I think that’s part of it.

        1. It is true that to the American Left, race and skin color supersede all other things, whether they admit it or not.

          Most Israelis and Palestinians share a common ethnic ancestry; they’re more closely related than the world gives them credit for. But when people hear “Jews” they think of the Holocaust, which defines Jews as Central Europeans — a.k.a. “white people” — and when they hear “Palestinians” or “Muslims” they think Middle East, which defines them as Arabs — a.k.a. “brown people”. (Never mind that most Israeli Jews are ethnically Middle Eastern, and most Muslims in the world are South Asian or North or East African.)

          But that’s what happens when you perceive everything through the lens of “race” — including religion, which has NOTHING AT ALL to do with race or skin color.

      2. Hamas is descended from the PLO. In the early 80’s the PLO raised funding by offering package tours to the Eurotrash Trustfund Radicles. “You want little girls! You want little boys! You want drugs! You want to shoot people with sniper rifles! Come on down to Lebanon and bring your money!”
        I got there right after the Marine Barracks explosion. I was waiting on my ship in Turkey when that happened and was flown down to a different ship. We were flying some of the injured to different locations for treatment, including some out to the ship. Many times we would pass this large building that I was told was a hotel. Almost every time we flew near there we’d catch ground fire. At that time we were unarmed, not even personal weapons. I found out that the “hotel” was owned by the PLO and that on one side of the building you had the rooms where ABC, CBS, CNN, BBC, API, UPI and the other media groups stayed. The other side was where the PLO put up the Eurotrash that they were making money from. We heard some of the names in briefings and they were the spawn of some of the top names in Europe. God forbid one of them stubbed a toe. This whole mess goes a lot further back than most people realize and so many things that are going on in the world that are connected or have their basis in things like this. The Company I work for is based in Europe. When I look at some of the names of the senior people many of them look familiar.

    2. Isn’t it “funny” that all of those on the left screaming that we are “Nazis” are literally acting exactly like fucking Nazis.

      1. Hey, now, you’re exaggerating.

        Nazis wouldn’t do half the sadistic evil shit Leftroids do. They were all about efficiency, not atrocities just for the sake of atrocity.
        It takes two to make peace. It only takes one to make war.

  3. David Drake’s writing totally shifted my perception of collateral damage and civilian casualties in war. I can’t recommend Hammer’s Slammers enoughwhen it comes to teaching people about what it costs to win.

  4. The thing is, Israel has done just what the idiots wanted. Pulled back. Not killed Hamas and Hezbollah and Goat-Copulators-R-Us, because of the reaction of the international community, the international news media (which is partially owned by muslim states,) idiots on college campuses in the Western Hemisphere, idiots from perverse lifestyles that normally get gacked by the Religion of Pieces, and worse, secular jews.

    Israel has paid restitution. Given land. Removed Israelis and destroyed evil Israeli buildings. Helped little kids. Sent wounded and sick to their own hospitals. Provided water and food. Helped in cleaning up after Israeli strikes on the Goat Schtupers.

    And what has Israel gotten in return? Acclaim from the international community? Nope, just more hatred. Acclaim from the international news media? Nope, just more Pallywood (for those not knowing, it’s what we call when the Goat Schtupers make false news videos. False videos are a given, but they are sooo stupid that they get caught at it, and Israel points it out, but still the international news media stays silent on Pollywood.) Acclaim from the college fanatics? Nope, just more calls to “Free Palestine” and “Stop the fascist oppression” and “End the Apartheid State” (which is funny, because non-Jews have pretty much the same rights as Jews in Israel, and the best scouts and trackers for the IDF are Muslim desert peoples.) And on, and on, and on.

    And the worse, as I said earlier, are the secular Jews, mostly found in New York Copulation City, who ‘side’ with the Gazans and West Bankers every friggin time.

    Oy, veh! They’re all meshugganah.

    Israel has tried to be ‘The Nice Guy’ and all its gotten in return is death, doom and destruction.

    Time to try the Mongol Solution. “Let us make a desert and call it ‘Peace.'”

  5. It’s a true cluster. Lots of people are going to die. Most will be innocent. You think it’s bad now? Get ready to see the bodies of American hostages that were killed by Israeli ordinance while being kept in Hamas strong points. It’s hideous, and strikes me as a pretty predictable tactic for Hamas.

    To what extent are the people of a nation responsible for the actions of the ruling class? I don’t think it’s arguable that Hamas is the ruling class of Gaza. Not every person there is Hamas. Not every person is a combatant. No elections in over a decade so popular support is…probably typical of the region. Still, they didn’t do anything to stop them, and it’s not an exaggeration to say the innocent Gazan; as propaganda, human-shield, and fund raising tool, is the primary strategic asset of Hamas.

    What do you do when civilians can’t leave the area? There’s no logistics to support the evacuation of 1M people. No one wants these people. Egypt won’t let them in. Israel would like them to leave, but knows they can’t be fed or housed in the south. Hamas wants full and enthusiastic resistance, but knows that while many want to GTFO, the people are just stuck so why not score the points. Non-combatants are screwed and will die in droves.

    Is there an option other than sieving the area finely? I don’t see one. The Israelis have to go in. No democratic political entity that didn’t avenge such attacks could survive the collapse in popular support. To say nothing of the collapse in deterrence. Airstrikes and precision weapons won’t do the job. Too many targets that are too dug in and dispersed. Fighting in a dense and fortified urban setting is a nightmare and custom cut to limit Israeli advantages and give Hamas it’s best ground. The win condition for Hamas is the minimal “survive to fight again”. The win condition for Israel is, at minimum, “cripple and punish Hamas to the extent it is not a near term threat without loosing international support to the extent that it becomes a strategic defeat”.

    I see nothing that says this will be anything from long, dirty, bloody, miserable and tragic. I’m not sure what options exist for mitigating that. I can’t think of any significant ones that are practical. That’s probably the reasoning a variety of nations seem to have encouraged these attacks. The horrid nature of the conflict is baked in. The international response will divert attention from other conflicts, disrupt efforts to constrain Hamas sponsors, and strain Israeli allies. If you didn’t care about the people of Gaza and wanted to do that…this was pretty genius.

    I wish it was different, and would love to see if anyone knows alternatives.

    1. Get ready to see the bodies of American hostages that were killed by Israeli ordinance while being kept in Hamas strong points. It’s hideous, and strikes me as a pretty predictable tactic for Hamas.

      Even more predictable, is those hostages get killed by one of Hamas’ home-made plumbing-supply rockets misfiring a half-mile away from where the IDF is operating, but they still blame Israel and the IDF, and the news media, international community, and Western universities eat it up; they won’t even question the narrative.

      Why should they? Hamas said it, they believe it, that settles it. And it’s not like any of them will be sanctioned or censured for reporting or acting on false information from a questionable and biased source.

      When the truth comes out, don’t expect that any U.N. sanctions against Israel over the deaths will be lifted, let alone apologized for, and don’t expect the NYT or WaPo to waste electrons printing a correction.

  6. If I remember correctly, it was PJ O’Rourke who noted that Gaza could have been a Middle East Monaco if the people could just give up their stupid grudge against Israel.
    Who could have guessed that spending all one’s time, energy, resources, people, and money on continued terrorism would make them desperately poor?
    If those NGO and Media people had spent the last few decades exposing the corruption of the Palestinian leadership instead of wringing their hands over justified Israeli responses to terrorism, maybe they wouldn’t be in this place today.

    1. And Lebanon could have been the new Riviera meets Industrial Germany, but look what the wonderful people did to that once beautiful nation.

      1. And all those countries could make a fortune in tourism for their Biblical and Koranic temples and landmarks — enough to fuel their entire economy — if they could just stop destroying anything “offensive to Allah”.

  7. Not all Germans are Nazis, but sometimes you gotta firebomb Dresden to win the war. I am totally okay with whatever action Israel takes at this point. If they want to remove everyone from the area and reclaim it, fine.

    Mossad really needs to hit the Hamas leaders in Qatar.

    1. I got news from the printer just last week that they are reviewing the print file. Apparently some guy named Brandon Sanderson had them a little occupied printing over half-a-million books. Strange.

      The print file was pretty clean, so unless they see an issue, they’ll be printing that shortly. The file for the foil stamping is already in.

      Things look pretty good. I don’t know what their lead time is. But if I get them before Christmas, I’ll be shipping them out ASAP to try and get them to you all to put under the tree.

  8. Is it not a war crime to hide behind civilians? or to hold hostages and specially hold them in the war zone? Remember these “civilians” voted to put Hamas in charge. Karma’s a b*tch.

    1. I believe so, but remember that according to the U.N., “Palestine” is not a “nation” and is not “at war”, and even if they were their enemy is the Big Bad Jews of Israel.

      So they get a pass on all that.

      RE: Remember these “civilians” voted to put Hamas in charge.

      Yes, they did. Once. In 2005-2006. Hamas stopped having free elections after that, as control-freak totalitarians are often wont to do.

      An entire generation has since grown up with zero voice in their government, zero say in where the international aid funds go or what they get spent on.

      This isn’t to say that all those young people — having been raised under Hamas and “educated” in Hamas-run schools using Hamas-approved curriculum (“Death to Israel, death to America” is practically the national motto) — wouldn’t also choose Hamas. Indoctrination is definitely a thing.

      It’s merely to say that this current generation of young adults did NOT choose Hamas years ago. It’s immoral to blame and punish the children for the sins of the parents; we wouldn’t blame a German born in 1940 for choosing the Nazis and therefore assign blame for their atrocities, so please don’t do it here.

      And these young Gazans, having grown up with minimal food, little fresh water, and none of the basic services most of the rest of the world takes for granted, they might just choose to reform or replace their government if given the chance.

      I’m of the mind that they should be given the chance. Maybe not right this second (there’s a war going on!), but certainly after Hamas is eliminated. If they choose Hamas Jr. or Hamas Lite, that’s on them, but it’ll be their own choosing, not their parents’ or grandparents’.

      1. Hamas light is supposed to be the PA. Abbas has not had elections either. But our brilliant president says we need a two state solution. As if that will solve the problem, they say out loud that any state will only be step 1.
        Arab citizens and permanent residents in Israel make up just over 20% of the country’s population. They have full equal rights, serve in the IDF, Knesset and courts. 2 simple questions for any entity that wants the president wants to make into a state:
        1. What percentage of your population will be Jews (Israel has 20% Arabs)
        2. Will you be a democracy?
        Because why on Earth would the USA want to make racist theocracy? Anyone?

      2. Before asking for Palestinians to be given another chance, look at what happened when Jordan gave then another chance and how that ended in September 1970. They remind of the story of the Frog and the Scorpion.

        1. Good reminder, but remember: Just like I said above, the whole current generation was not involved in that. Two generations in this case; the further back in time you go for a reminder, the further removed this generation is from it. If today’s 20-somethings weren’t responsible for Hamas’ election 17 years ago, they certainly weren’t responsible for events 50+ years ago.

          Some people might be OK with punishing the children and grandchildren for the sins of their parents and grandparents, but I’m not.

          If you are, that’s fine. You’re welcome to your opinion.

          Just one question though: How much in “slavery reparations” have you paid, and how much are you willing to pay in the future?

          All that said, I agree the lesson from The Scorpion and the Frog does apply to all these cases. The question is, if they’re willing to accept our assistance and advice, how do we help arrange a river crossing without becoming the frog?

          1. Archer, have you seen any signs that the latest 2 (3?) generations of Palestinians have become any more tolerant towards others than the 1970 generation were?

            If there is less tolerance, I believe the lessons of the 1970s are still valid and supported by the Palestinians actions over the last 50 years.

          2. “The question is, if they’re willing to accept our assistance and advice, how do we help arrange a river crossing without becoming the frog?”
            There is no need for Westerners to be the Palestinian Arabs’ saviors. More realistically, salvation could and should come through their being allowed to emigrate to the rich Gulf states and to other Arab countries.
            A couple of generations of relative prosperity might change their outlook to some extent.
            Anyway, there is nothing the West can do to “help” solve this issue.

  9. The conditions of Hamas’s election are a bit more complicated. Back in 2005 the support was split between Hamas and Fatah ( there was boycotting and other mess). There was fighting after the election for about 2 years. Hamas eventually took Gaza and a deal was cut between the two. There hasn’t been a leadership election since (in Gaza or West Bank). Most of the 2.1 million people in Gaza never had a chance to vote (demographics skew young, about 500k are under 10) and those that did…probably didn’t vote for Hamas. That doesn’t mean the guys who control the supply of food, medicine, electricity and much of the aid money (control in the sense that they can pass it out) don’t have support, it just means that some of their support is full throated grocery shopping and smiling at gunmen from people who became their subjects after conquest.
    I don’t know that those circumstances change much, but they’re a pretty big asterisk on “voted to put Hamas in charge”. The whole thing is a cluster.

    1. Exactly. It’s been long enough since the last election that there’s a whole generation that did NOT vote for Hamas. They’ve never had a chance to vote for anything! Blaming them for their government because they are civilians and “civilians put Hamas in charge” greatly oversimplifies — reductio ad absurdum — the issue. May as well blame the Holocaust on a German civilian who was 5 years old when the camps were liberated.

        1. Not just cheer. Videos showed they entered behind the Hamas fighter onslaught and participated. “Innocents”

      1. Okay, the current people didn’t, for the most part, vote for Hamas.

        Have they slipped intel to the Israelis? No.

        Have they been fighting a guerilla war against Hamas? No.

        Do they dance in the streets and proclaim Hamas as the bestest ever when Israelis or others are killed by Hamas or other terrorists? Yes.

        Tacit support is support.

        Screw them. They’ve been a pimple on the ass of the Middle East since before the founding of Israel. And they’ve been bitching about Jews killing them since they started killing in the name of Allah back when Mohammad was still upright.

      2. Well, then, the citizens of Gaza should point out the Hamas fighters to Israel so they can kill them and then maybe they can have free elections again.

        I’m sick of hearing that I can’t be islamophobic when muslim terrorist shits kill people, all while huge majorities of their fellow believers don’t say a damn thing against the terrorist scum.

  10. Dear Larry. If you think Faceplant doesn’t like you, rest assured that yahoo and gmail hate you more. I am subscribed to your page under one yahoo and two gmail accounts. I get none of your posts. None. They don’t go to spam, they don’t appear. I won’t tell you how I got wind of this one because I don’t care to have that source axe you.

  11. War is hell, war in the middle east (and Balkans, and Africa) is extra hell. Get the Americans out and let them fight.

  12. Anyone else here over 50 might remember hearing that ‘Arabs can’t be anti-semitic because Arabs ARE semites’, which didn’t make a lot of sense but at least had an ethnographic basis. When exactly did the Arabs become ‘People of Color'(tm) and Jews ’embody Whiteness’? Just wondering…..

    1. The true antisemites (hate Jews, don’t much care for Arabs either) don’t consider Jews to be White. Check out the comments on any number of posts at

    2. I remember, and boggled when I heard it. The change came with the discovery of how useful it was to go all “intersectional” on Israel and proclaim them “people in power” and “white” and “settler colonialists.” So the other side has to be BIPOC(EIEIO).

  13. It’s all theater.
    Normally, historically, the civil population runs away from conflict areas. For example, Germans who could ran away from the Soviet armies during WWII, but the Soviets moved fast enough to overtake many and also cut off the civilians’ retreat on purpose.
    Even in the present conflict, Israel has evacuated some places in the north, expecting more Hezbollah and Hamas attacks.
    So what did the Arabs in Gaza do? The next day after Israel told them to evacuate the northern portion, Hamas published a propaganda video showing they were not going anywhere.
    a) they are very confident that their allies in the international community, like Blinken, will put enough pressure on Israel not to invade or
    b) they are not at all afraid of Israel’s army or
    c) they are somewhat afraid, but they fear and love the Hamas terrorists (who are their relatives and told them to stay) even more or
    d) there are no civilians in Gaza, only terrorists.
    Normally, civilians don’t need a written invitation to get out of combat zones: they are eager to get out of the way. This is all theater.

    1. It is theater, but not for any of those reasons. Everyone knows that the 1MM people can’t practically be evacuated. There’s not enough food, shelter ect to move them, and not a lot is going to be coming in right now. Gaza is one of the most densely packed piles of people on the planet, and all the borders are closed.
      The Israelis know there’s no practical course of evacuation. They would like for the civilians to leave, but not a lot of them can. Eventually they will flee, but only when living on the street without knowing where the next meal comes from is preferable. The warning will be of limited use, but needs to be issued anyway.
      Hamas knows the same thing. They’d really rather every person forcefully resist, but know most civilians want to nope out. They’ve got no means to support an evacuation, so why not make good propaganda of the situation.

      Imagine ordering a major city to evacuate due to hurricane, but all the roads are closed and random buildings are exploding.

      1. During WWII and other wars, many people, in the tens of millions, moved temporarily to get away from the fighting. Some were helped by their governments, some weren’t. Some returned to their homes eventually, some didn’t. By no means did all of them have a place to go. They were just afraid for their lives and wanted to leave.
        When living in a potential war zone, it’s natural to want to get away. You don’t wait for a written invitation. You don’t wait for a soldier to knock on your door and tell you to get going. You don’t tell yourself “oh, why bother”. You just leave.
        If the Arabs in northern Gaza felt that going to southern Gaza isn’t far enough, the rational reaction would not be to stay home and let themselves be shot. It would be to force the Egyptian or even the Israeli border with a human wave, like illegal immigrants do at the US southern border. Since they are all refugees and such, fearing international (Arab) opinion, Egypt or Israel would not dare use drastic measures to turn them back.
        The Arabs in northern Gaza are not acting as if they have any reason to move, let alone as if they were in fear for their lives. This is theater.

    1. I’m hoping that out of this we might get:

      “And then the young idiot shit for brains leftist kids backed terrorists and no one gave them jobs and they died homeless on the streets.”

  14. Killing a bunch of people while letting the head honchos be ain’t gonna cut it. The honchos don’t give a shit who gets killed and how many as long as they can rake in the money and popularity from the attack. Why are the heads of Hamas in Qatar? ‘Cause they’re far far away from danger. Why are they in Qatar? Besides Qatar being the moneybags for a lot of these terrorists? Could it be because there is a USA base there? And they live close by it, perhaps?

    Also: Some ‘argue’ that the Palestinians were dispossessed, and they are only taking revenge for that dispossession (funny how those who didn’t try to slaughter Jews were allowed to stay and become citizens). Using that rationale, American Indian activists could go to one of these pro-Palestinian marches and start mowing the marchers en masse and their actions would be justified because everyone there benefited from the dispossession and murder of the pre-colonial Indigenous population. Same with the Aus Aborigines and any number other peoples who lost wars. And any American Indians in the march would also deserve to die for marching with the descendants of colonizers and colonialization benefitters.

  15. The only effective way to negotiate with terrorists is to talk to their corpses as they assume room temperature. Anything else is ineffective. You cannot use logic, you cannot appeal to their better side or their humanity, you cannot reason with them for their desires are totally alien to civilised people.

    I say this having grown up during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

    1. Hey, you gave me an idea!! Israel could use your negotiating tactic to implement a two state solution. Israeli Jews get to live above ground in the state and the terrorists get to live is mass graves under the state. TWO state solution.

  16. No dog in this fight (Aussie ex-pat living in Indonesia) and i sure as shit have no love for Hamas (or Palestinians since I’ve never met one).
    With that being said I lived and worked in Tel Aviv for a few years and have yet to met a more rude or belligerent bunch of people. Btw they think of Americans at best like servants and at worst like willing slaves.

  17. People also forget that Palestine is a fictitious construct. The entire idea behind it was to stir up trouble in the Middle East so that the Soviets could get their foot in the door of places like Egypt, Libya, Syria and others. The Soviets funded and trained the PLO which lead to Hamas.

  18. I see a lot of people debating to what extent the people of Gaza voted for, or support Hamas. When civilians vote for, support, give their loyalty to regimes that commit atrocities, they share moral responsibility for those atrocities.

    HOWEVER, legally, as it concerns the protections afforded to civilians under the laws of armed conflict, it makes no difference. Civilians are civilians, no matter who or what they support politically. When the laws of armed conflict were written, it was generally assumed that the other side’s civilians supported, and were loyal to, your enemy. And it’s not as if the men who wrote them were naive or ignorant about the horrors that enemy might commit in war. So cool it with the “no civilians in Gaza” crap.

    1. Quite right.

      And as for the people pointing to those Gazan civilians who crossed the border behind Hamas’ fighters and actively took part in the “festivities”, there is a clause in the laws of armed conflict — or rules of war, or whatever you want to call it — about non-military combatants.

      They are still civilians in that they are not military, but by actively participating they are nevertheless legitimate targets.

      If the rules didn’t have that clause, any warring country could just say, “We don’t have a military. All those armed people before you, wearing our flag and firing in your direction, are a civilian militia, and because they are civilians they cannot be touched.” With an implied, “Neener neener!” (Hamas’ international PR campaign certainly counts on it, and it doesn’t help that the feckless U.N. Security Council — who should be intimately familiar with the laws of armed conflict — allow them to get away with it.)

      For the purpose of target identification, instead of thinking in terms of “military vs. civilian”, it’s far more useful to think in terms of “combatant vs. non-combatant”.

      There are civilians in Gaza. A lot of them. Some of them take up arms and participate, and in doing so make themselves legitimate combatant targets. But the rest, as long as they don’t participate, are just civilians no matter who or what they support.

    2. Civilians are part of the military effort, whether you like to hear it or not. IN early WW2 many British families built Spitfire parts in their homes. The Japanese civilians did the same, which made them legitimate bombing targets. If the Axis had planes or missiles to reach America, they would have bombed our factories, containing civilians like “Rosie the Riverter” as legit targets. We and the Brits did the same to cripple the Nazi and Imperial Japan’s military industry.

      During the Vietnam conflict, one of the biggest errors with “body counts” was the belief that the US could bleed the VC military to death. It was revealed later was the entire North Vietnamese population were considered combatants by the Communist regime. We in the West don’t think that way, but they do, just like how our military in WW2 could not wrap their heads around the Kamikazes. So it didn’t matter how many NVA/VC soldiers in the field we killed, they would simply be replaced from drawing from the general population. The only way to win using that flawed “body count” method was to kill them all, i.e., genocide.

      You win wars by breaking the will of the enemy to resist, not by body counts. That is what Israel is doing, breaking the Gaza’s will by teaching them its not worth it to poke the bear by making life miserable for them disabling their power plants and infrastructure. If Israel truly wanted to murder them en masse, they would indiscriminately carpet bomb them with B-52’s instead of using surgical strikes with fighter jets. That they do the latter indicates they are striving not to kill innocents. The Hamas, however, fire thousands of rockets and initiate attacks not on Israeli military targets, but deliberately against unarmed citizens. Big difference as to who is doing what to whom. So yes, war is hell. If it wasn’t then as one guy said, we would grow too fond of it.

  19. During WWII we didn’t care what other people thought, we bombed the crap out of the enemy civilians, it was necessary. We firebombed Tokyo and Dresden. It was necessary, pay the butcher now or pay it higher later. We only got sensitive about it after the sixties when the media and the left started attacking us when we went against anything that the communist did and they used the “mantra of Civilian Casualties” to embarrass the United States and the west whereas the communist don’t give a rats ass about civilian casualties because they all belong to the state. That is the difference. In the middle east you ain’t an individual, it matters who your family and tribe is and that is your value. A Palestinian is the lowest form of arab there is, useful as cannon fodder against Israel and that is it. and Iran is behind it attacking the “little Satan”, and guess who is “the big Satan” and our porous southern border.

  20. I’ve changed my minds about sending troops to Isreal. Let’s send the 5200 ATF agents!

    …Then again, there’s a major risk that if we send a bunch of American hating dog haters to a place filled with American hating dog haters they’d join forces.

  21. People forget this is a fight for survival. There are hundreds of countries where Christians and Muslims can go to be safe, but for Jews there is only one country. Israel is that country. Without it they will not survive. There is nothing on the Israeli side that anyone needs. No access to fresh water. Nothing. Palestinians share large border with Egypt, and the Egyptians don’t want them either.

  22. Hamas brutally kidnapped, raped, tortured, or murdered over 3 dozen American citizens in their Oct 7th terrorist attack. Anyone in America calling for a cease fire, or complaining about Israeli atrocities is both a traitor, and a terrorist supporter. I’m still hoping someone sneaks into what’s-her-name’s D.C. office and sets her treasonous Palestinian flag on fire.

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