Monster Hunter Fever – Out Tomorrow

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever is out tomorrow. I had a lot of fun with this one and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever

Audio version

The memoirs novels are spin offs with other main characters, set in different eras, and I do them as collaborations. The last memoirs were the Chad novels with John Ringo, set in Seattle and New Orleans in the 1980s. This time I’ve teamed up with Jason Cordova, and it is California in the 1970s. The main character is Chloe Mendoza, who you’ve not met before, but stuff she did has effected the main series (and it’ll be fun when you guys catch those parts) 🙂

Somebody asked how much of this was me and how much was Jason, because people always suspect on collaborations that the senior author phones it in. Oh hell no. I’m way too nitpicky and meddlesome for that. I’ve talked about this a lot on WriterDojo before with Steve (another co-author) but my goal by the end of a collab is for neither of us to really be sure who actually wrote what bits. Ideally collabs are books that turn out unique from what either author would create on their own, but still be as enjoyable or better than what either author would come up with on their own.

Jason Cordova is a really talented author, and if you guys check this out and enjoy it I’d encourage you to go check out the rest of his books. The other big benefit of a collaboration between a more and less well known author is that the fans of the first guy go check out the works of the second guy so he picks up new readers.

And we finally got the audiobook preorder up! It’ll be available for download tomorrow. For the FAQs, Ollie is still the regular series narrator, but not the narrator on this one because Fever has a female PoV character. We went with a new narrator named Annika Chavez. Jason and I listened to a bunch of auditions, which were all good, but as soon as we listened to Annika we both went “Yeah, that’s Chloe.

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever - Out today!
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11 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Fever – Out Tomorrow”

  1. I read the book and it is GREAT! Very fast reading. You don’t want to put it down. Great part of writers! When is the next one?

  2. I’m a dead tree person so I have to wait until Saturday. I hope I can last that long. No spoilers y’all!

  3. I already pre-ordered the hardcover. Just waiting patiently. This will give me something to clear my mind of ballistic calculations when I’m not grinding on coursework!

  4. In case you missed it your email sender field is still “My Company”. That can’t be good for open rates and all that. Best of luck!

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