Bestseller Life, from Michaelbrent Collings

Michaelbrent Collings is a friend and author that I’ve mentioned a lot, and we’ve talked about him on WriterDojo a few times. He’s a horror author, has done screenplays, and most importantly for the topic at hand, makes his living as an indy author, and has done so for a lot of years.

He’s put together an online course for aspiring authors and people trying to make it in the business. Check it out and see if you’re interested. He even put together The Special Larry Portal for my fans, which he made as ridiculous as you can imagine considering my and your reputation. 😀

Normally I don’t plug things like this but I’ve known Michaelbrent for a lot of years, and we’ve done a ton of events and panels together, where he is always the other guy with good practical business advice, without all the flowery fluff and artistic mumbo jumbo designed to make writers sound cooler than we actually are. The dude treats it like a real job, which I respect.

I watched a bunch of these segments, and all the advice he was giving was solid and spot on. So take a look and I hope this might be of use to some of you.

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9 thoughts on “Bestseller Life, from Michaelbrent Collings”

  1. Is this a course that happens at a set time with everyone else taking the course with you, or is it online video at your own pace?

    Because I didn’t see dates anywhere.

  2. He’s Amazon exclusive. Kindle Unlimited is a verrrrry different business strategy than selling Wide (meaning all bookstores). Know your goal before going in.

  3. I got the course. It’s definitely worth the money.

    You also get access to the BestSeller Life library.

  4. Towards this end, I’m going to also call attention to the work of Marc Alan Edelheit, who has taken the Indy Route to succcess, and been good enough that
    1 — Amazon had to create a new category, “Military Fantasy” to contain his works (offhand, I’d suspect the “Saga of the Forgotten Warrior” series could easily fit into it).

    2 — he hasn’t got Larry level of success, but he has quit his day job and been writing steadily, with an increasing fan base.

    3 — He also wrote his own book about his process, with the kindle version often available for free if you don’t want to spend the money and don’t have a KU account.
    Every Writer’s Dream: The Insider’s Path to an Indie Bestseller

    Marc is a cool guy.

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