LibertyCon 35 was a blast

Bridget and I just got back from LibertyCon last night. This was probably by sixth or seventh LC I think, and I was honored to be the Literary Guest of Honor. We had a great time.

First off, the biggest thing I want to draw attention to just because it is so remarkable the six seats at my charity game of Gritty Cop Show were auctioned off for a whopping $4,900 to go to Ronald McDonald House. That was incredibly generous, and I am humbled that my fans are that awesome. This year’s charity auction raised $17,000, which shattered LibertyCon’s previous record.

The game went really well, and by request, I’ll post a recap of it in the next blog post.

As usual the LibertyCon volunteers were great, and worked their asses off to make sure everything ran smooth. They are a great crew, and Brandy is amazing.

I was on a bunch of things, brunches, kaffeeklatsches, GoH interviews, some panels, autograph sessions, etc. It’s basically three days of non-stop talking for me. We did the WriterDojo 100th episode live with a big audience. I did an interview about my career in front of a big audience. I did a reading from Fever, where I dragged my coauthor Jason Cordova up on stage with me. The book signing was nuts for an hour straight, and by the end I was just having to plow through books as fast as I could because other writers needed the room.

This was probably also the most tired I have ever been at the end of a con, because I had just hit the wall. GoH means you’re busy, but then my dumb ass decided what the heck, Steve and Jack are going to be there too, and we’ve got access to hundreds of awesome writers we’d love to interview, so let’s grab whichever awesome author friend of ours we can find in this spare hour, and we recorded NINE episodes of WriterDojo too. (these were either at the crack of dawn, or super late at night) Which was fun, and you guys are going to love them because we got some fantastic guests, but also kinda stupid on my part!

Any attempt for me to list off all the cool people I talked to at this would be doomed to fail, because I’d inevitably leave out somebody. There’s just that many interesting folks.

The trip home went goofy with Bridget and I getting stuck on a broken down train at the airport so long we missed our flight (which apparently isn’t ATL’s or Delta’s fault, it is us passengers’ fault for using their train, they helpfully explained after we spent another two hours in a different line) But since I was hopping pretty much non-stop during the con (my usual meal break during this consists of inhaling whatever food Bridget hands me while moving between events) so oddly enough, getting shafted by ATL and Delta worked out, and we found a nice hotel with a good Cajun restaurant only a mile’s walk away, so the extra night in Atlanta was like a vacation.

Gritty Cop Show: LibertyCon 35 Charity Game Recap (the statistically impossible edition)
Gun School Fun: Pistol Shooting Solutions from Gabe White

17 thoughts on “LibertyCon 35 was a blast”

  1. Good to hear the trip went well, I hope I can make it next year.

    And yeah, flying through ATL is always a pain, I detest that airport (and I was born in north Atlanta, go figure)

  2. LC is always a blast. All the work you and Bridget put into being a part of it for all of us is much appreciated.

  3. It was my first time and I was absolutely wiped by the end of it. There is so much going on until the wee hours of the morning and I didn’t want to miss anything. Gritty Cop Show was a ton of fun to watch and the players were awesome.

  4. I always come home from Liberty wiped. I’ve gotten to where I deliberately keep the day after clear of anything important, and anything else I can move to another day, because I’m gonna need the rest! Of course, I live only a couple hours’ drive from the big Nooga, so that helps.

    Y’all missed the big storm that hit the convention center, though.

  5. As always, it was great to see you. This was my first time at LC and it felt special. So many great people and good times.

  6. When I was on active duty Army in Alabama, I would drop off and pick up in Atlanta airport a buddy of mine when he flew back home up north (two or three times in a couple of years). I think I missed the exit to get on I-20 every time and wound up wandering in Atlanta for a bit until (with buddy ranting in my ear) I could find the interstate again. I flew in and out of there a couple of times myself, but the last time was 1996 so that’s scarcely relevant.

  7. It was great seeing you and Bridget again. My own LC35 was pretty short (had to work Friday and Monday back in Mississippi) so I didn’t get a chance to watch GCS. Looking forward to the recap!

  8. Great con great time. This was actually my first LC and I ended up as Techops staff as well. I am ready to go back and run staff again. Great to meet you and get the MHI game and 2nd amendment book signed.

  9. My Dad has always said, “To get to Hell you have to go through Atlanta Airport”.


    Happy you made it back in a better frame of mind.

    1. I had to change flights in the Atlanta airport back in the 70s because it was the primary east coast hub. I dubbed the architectural style ‘Early Cell Block’ 😀

      Doesn’t sound like it’s changed much.

  10. LC was my second con ever and it was an absolute blast!! Amazing panels, authors, and I got you to sign my Wendell’s undercover Chico State vest!!! We got stranded in Nashville on our flight home and of course it wasn’t Southwests fault either. Loved visiting with Bridget! You have such a lovely wife. 🥰

  11. This was supposed to be my first year attending, and I ended up in Kuwait instead. Didn’t have any internet access for a while so I couldn’t even notify the Con that I wouldn’t be able to make it and to give my tickets to somebody else. And I missed the registration for next year, so hopefully 2025 will be my year!

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