June Update Post

Sorry for the lack of updates, but life has been very busy! A few weeks ago was the 3rd annual JoinderCon gun school event at my house, and I’ve got some more gun school next week.

Book Stuff –

The next release is Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever, by me and Jason Cordova, which is coming out in October. We just barely got the final edits back and turned in this week. I think you guys are going to really like this one.

All the MH Memoirs books are going to be collaborations, and feature other characters who haven’t been in the main series (though Chloe Mendoza gets mentioned in Bloodlines) and in other times/settings. Like the previous memoirs took place in Seattle and then New Orleans in the 1980s, Fever takes place in Los Angeles in the 1970s. Though the narrator of this one is very different in personality from Chad!

Jason Cordova is a really talented author and it has been fun working with him. I’m really hoping this helps get his name out there and gets more people to check out the rest of his work.

Up next, though I don’t have the date, is the third Noir sci-fi/fantasy anthology that I’m co-editing with Kacey Ezell. This one is called Down These Mean Streets. The first one the theme was Femme Fatales. The second, Hardboiled Detectives. This one, the theme is The City. And the stories are awesome. I’m really excited for you guys to see this one.

My current writing project is the fifth and final part of the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, which is titled Graveyard of Demons. I’m currently rereading the first four books (man, I love this series). I look forward to finishing Ashok’s story.

(on that note, there will be a Tower of Silence audiobook, they are working on it, as soon as I know the date I’ll post it)

I had a hard time deciding between what to do next, the next mainline MHI novel, or Saga. But by doing this that’ll make the whole series be about a decade from first book to last, and I honestly think that fantasy genre fans would like to see some series get wrapped up for once. 😀

I’ve negotiated a deal with Audible for a 3rd episode of Lost Planet Homicide. No idea on dates for that yet. The plan is for me to do several episodes, audio exclusive, and then combine them into one cohesive novel.

After I finish the tale of the Sons of the Black Sword, it’ll be back to regular series MHI, post Bloodlines. There’s also going to be another Monster Hunter Files anthology with stories from other authors. This has been something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but just haven’t had the time.

There is a second Grimnoir trilogy planned, which is another reason I’m looking forward to finishing Saga, before I start another series.

Steve Diamond is currently working on the rough draft for the sequel to Servants of War. The outline of this one is awesome. Like seriously, this story is cool, and the universe/setting is really interesting.

I mentioned Monster Hunter Memoirs above, but there’s another one of those in the works with author Les Johnson. I need to get with him at LibertyCon to talk planning and timing.

Writing Related Stuff

The MHI miniatures game from Everything Epic is still moving along. They have sent me the final rule book to review (which I’ve not had a chance to do yet!). The best source of updates for that though is their emails.

After getting repeatedly kicked in the nuts by Covid and various economic meltdowns and supply chain issues, the leatherbound Grimnoir books project is almost done! The first two have shipped, and they’re almost done with Warbound. When that’s all been fulfilled I hope you guys buy the rest of them, because they got their butts kicked on this one.


I am the GoH at LibertyCon in TN coming up here in a few weeks, and then in January I’m the GoH at MarsCon in VA in January. I’ll be at 20books in Vegas in October.

And thanks to our amazing supporters, WriterDojo now has good sound equipment to take on the road with us to interview other writers at all these events.

Gun School Fun: Pistol Shooting Solutions from Gabe White
WriterDojo S4 Ep22: Lessons From the Gun Range

39 thoughts on “June Update Post”

  1. Looking forward very much to the last book in Forgotten Warrior and the Lost Planet Homicide story!
    Do you have any plans for a Gun Runner sequel?

    1. All of these things! Much as I love MHI I’m super pumped to hear the Saga is going to get an ending soon(ish).

      Lost Planet Homicide and Gun Runner are a wonderful universe and I really am hoping for more from both!

  2. I think you have done enough creation in the MHI world and you should now just work with others so they can tell their stories in that world. I would really like to see you start another world, which I understand is a lot more work than continuing to write within a framework that you know so well, but I’m confident that you are up to the challenge.

    How about “The further adventures of Cookie Monster” where you can write about his struggles to get clean? 🙂

    I think your strength lies in some sort of urban fantasy, which is exemplified by MHI & Grimnoir. Going off in a different direction from those would likely be very good.

    Just some thoughts from someone who has bought all of your books in hardcover, because I didn’t want to wait for a paperback edition.

  3. I love seeing the full schedule, especially in context of the crap in your life thst you don’t tend to talk about but allude to here and there like on this week’s Dojo. It gives me greater confidence that I can work past the crap in my own life.

  4. It took me a while to read this because I passed out after I read new Grimnoir Chronicles trilogy. Turns out I bumped my head when I passed out from the excitement and (no I did NOT faint. I passed out. There’s a difference as I’m not a character in an HP Lovecraft story) I had to be checked for a concussion. I’m good but even if I weren’t, knowing there’s going to be more Heavy Jake Sullivan in my life would sustain me through anything.

  5. Larry,
    My wife and I are looking forward to seeing you again at Libertycon. I’ll have another stack of books for you to sign but nothing like that stack that I had when you were at the B&N in OKC.

    Really looking forward to ‘Fever’, I’ve already pre-ordered a copy through Amazon.

    Maybe I’ve missed it, have you said anything about another ‘Gunrunner’ novel?

    When are you coming back to Oklahoma? Do I need to make a Kickstarter to create an event and request you to be our GoH to get you here again? There are several nice shooting ranges in the area, at least one indoor range that rents F/A shooters.

  6. It’s great news to hear that the leather-bound hardcover edition of “Warbound” is moving along to completion. I bought the full set back in January 2017 and have been very happy with the production quality of the first two books in the trilogy.

    Happy Writing!

    1. Hi Cedric! There sure is! Just head over to Vault Books and you can pick up the trilogy. Hard Magic & Spellbound are at my house, and can ship out immediately. Warbound will ship out in the late summer-ish.

      I’d post a link, but the site says it’s spam. If you type in Hard Magic Vault Books in google, you should find it pretty easy.

      1. Hi Steve, Are you shipping the last two Grimnoir books together for those who purchased the trilogy originally to save on shipping? I have not seen anything about book 2 shipping to me. If you are waiting to ship together, that is fine.

      2. Steven has been honorable and fantastic through trying times. It is nice to know businessmen like that still exist!

  7. I don’t want to see MHI wrapped up. I want to be able to look forward to another MHI mainline story until one of us dies. Whichever comes first.

  8. Hi Larry you said the first two leather-bound have shipped but I have not seen the second one yet? Are they going to be here soon? I’m in UT and bought the complete set as soon as it was available.

      1. @Richard

        Hey there. I’ve sent out quite a few emails asking folks to confirm shipping addresses, but I’ve seen them hit a lot of people’s spam folders.

        Send me an email at info@vaultbooks.pub with your current address, and I’ll get book 2 out to you!

    1. Hey there. I’ve sent out quite a few emails asking folks to confirm shipping addresses, but I’ve seen them hit a lot of people’s spam folders.

      Send me an email at info@vaultbooks.pub with your current address, and I’ll get book 2 out to you!

    2. Robert & Richard –

      Shoot me an email through the contact form at Vault Books with your current mailing address. I’ll get your copies of Spellbound out to you!

  9. MHI is an evergreen; it can never end. Until Larry himself ends, of course. It’s all your fault, Larry. As for Grimnoir, a very underappreciated series that needs to go to 11. Thanks for the update on SOTFW audiobook. I’m waiting with bated breath…

    1. “Dracula never ends. It may be over, but it never ends.” — Bela Lugosi, interview.

  10. I am quite disappointed that I shan’t be at Liberty Con to see Mr C. I was really looking forward to it.

    Now, as for more MHI or finish Ashok’s story? Unfortunately unless Larry begins ingesting large amounts of caffeine and speed in order to work 22 hours out of 24, um…

    Finish Ashok, please.

    As for people saying MHI is ready to wrap up, the current story may be, but I think there’s so, so, so many other stories to tell. Granted, I think maybe short story / novella length, and set prior to whatever the big wrap up for the mainline MHI series is. Perhaps something involving the Nain Rouge?

  11. Hard to believe Saga will have taken almost 10 years by the time Graveyard drops. I had to pull my autographed-by-Larry’s-squiggle copy of SotBS out to check the date. Seems shorter than that.

    After the ending of Tower, I can’t wait to see just how much ass Ashok can kick. He’s certainly earned it!

  12. I have this image stuck in my head, of Owen in a slinky red spaghetti-strap nightclub dress, singing “Fever.” I may be mis-anticipating…

  13. Thanks Larry I look forward to last book in Saga series.

    Not sure if you know but have you heard anything about David Webber War God book you were writing a Novella for. I picked up the whole War God Series when said you were writing in that universe. Its a great series and looking forward to your work in it

  14. Busy is good, and writing is good too! Yes, a lot of folks are definitely ‘waiting’ now for series to be completed before the pick up any of them. Looking forward to seeing y’all at LC.

  15. Jill, I just got my ID cards and stickers I ordered. The cards are fine as is, no worries.

    Regrettably the Texas State Police had, um, issues with them. They did think they were funny, though, and the truck should be out of impound in a couple of days when I can scrounge up a ride, so everything’s cool, no worries. Haven’t tried them on TSA yet…

    Thanks again, satisfied customer 5/5, would buy again.

  16. Have a great time at LibertyCon. We just had to roll our memberships over to next year. 🙁
    Looking forward to more books. !!!!
    John in Indy

  17. Just a heads up – your website is showing a security unless I access it without security. (http without the s)


    1. Yeah, but the system shows the SSL doesn’t expire for a couple of months yet so I can’t do anything until I hear back from our hosting company. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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