Swag Shop Opening Q2 2023

Happy to announce the Swag Shop is open for business!

Several new items this time including a PUFF Charter ID


and more! (Plus of course all the usual stickers, patches, etc)

Open Today- Memorial Day (5/29)

New (easier to remember) Name, Same Great Swag! www.WriterSwag.com

NOTE: Our hosting provider suuuuuucks so the site might load slowly. I’ll share the full story about that soon, but for now bear with us. (We’ll be moving providers soon enough)

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14 thoughts on “Swag Shop Opening Q2 2023”

  1. Crashed already. That’s okay though. I’ll spend my time greasing the axles on the tumbrel…

  2. If you ever get a t-shirt vendor again, please make some in colors other than black. Living in Alabama, it is way too hot to wear black apparel unless you are the corpse at a funeral.

    1. 10-4
      We mostly go with what people ask for the most (hence the black) but next time around we can take a poll!

  3. So I bought a patch and USB. The charge went through on my card, but I never got a confirmation email. Am I still going to get my awesome swag?

  4. Sad I missed out on this merch. Been in the process of moving and haven’t been able to check the blog in a few weeks.

    Ah well, maybe next time.

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