WriterDojo S4 Ep16: Passive Voice

Passive Voice is the subject of the WriterDojo podcast this week. This topic was discussed by authors/hosts Steve Diamond and Larry Correia, and they were joined by Craig Nybo.

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The Futility of Trying
So the Cancerous Tumor on the Prolapsed Anus of Fandom is Upset With My Letter About George Martin's Laziness Fucking Over a Generation of New Writers. Oh Well!

16 thoughts on “WriterDojo S4 Ep16: Passive Voice”

  1. Passive voice isn’t just a problem in fiction. A lot of hack “journalists” use it too. If passive voice is communist, I guess it fits.

    My understanding is the bit on word reuse being annoying is a pretty English concept. Most languages don’t have the endless well of synonyms we do.

    Is talking about deceased characters an exception for “was”, or is there a better way for detectives and eulogy givers to talk about people?

    1. Oh gads, listening to police/sheriff/DPS. “The alleged perp was followed across three counties. The alleged individual was stopped by a log that was dropped on his car.” And so on and so on. I know it’s for legal reasons, but erk. “The gun discharged and the victim was struck by …”

      1. I don’t even have to bust my cop brother-in-law’s balls anymore for his overuse of “individual”. He does it for me when he slips up. 😉

  2. Great episode as usual.

    Jack, you deserve special kudos for that closing. I missed it for a second, then started laughing out loud. Good job.

  3. Larry, off topic but humor me, please: when is SOTFW book 4 coming out on Audible? I’m jonesing. Badly. I need to know what the hell happened to Ashok on fortress!

    1. You’ll love it.

      When I hit the epilogue, I called our host a product of unwed conception.
      It’s as painful a hook as finding out Stricken’s true identity. And then having to wait.

  4. “This topic was discussed by authors/hosts Steve Diamond and Larry Correia, and they were joined by Craig Nybo.”

    Hmm, there is something off about that sentence but I can’t quite put my finger on it…. 😉

  5. So a probably unpopular opinion and definitely don’t want to say you should use this without thought: GPT 4 is an amazing line editor. It just is. Provided you tell it 1) what style it should give feedback in and what goal it should aim toward and 2) tell it to act like the name of a famous editor or book.

    You just copy and paste your stuff in there and tell it to give you a line edit and then call out the changes below the edit.

    It saves a ton of time. Only problem is that it has a goldfish memory and can only really comprehend things that are a few thousand words long.

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