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-Jack Wylder here, once again saving one of Larry’s posts from the whims of the Xuckbots…

Then there’s reviews like this guy…

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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 6, 2023
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First off, I enjoyed the book and I like the series. The problem is that I spent most of this book thinking about how long it’s going to be until the next book and when is he actually going to finish this series or the MHI series.

I’m slightly older than the author and if he actually to finishes this series, or MHI, in my lifetime then I will CONSIDER buying the remaining books in the series but I’m not going to buy any more installments in an incomplete series. The way he’s dragging things out, there’s just too many things that can happen to where he ends up not finishing at all.

What the fuck, man?
I really enjoy it, but the author has to obey the laws of space and time, and OTHER authors are lazy fuckers who don’t finish their series so I’m gonna lower the average: TWO STARS.
Fuck you too, buddy! 😀

You’re slightly older than me, and IF I “actually” finish this series in your lifetime? Are you super fat? Do you smoke two packs a day? Do you ride a motorcycle without a helmet? Because I’m 47 and don’t. I’m planning on sticking around for a bit. I figure I’ve got a few more books in me before I kick the bucket.

And I’ve written 2-3 books a year for the last decade consistently, and plan on continuing to do so for the foreseeable future, so get off my fucking back, you entitled little shit.

Mew mew mew, he’s DRAGGING THINGS OUT. Listen here, fuckface, I’ve written this entire series and like a dozen other books since the last time Martin or Rothfuss got off their fat ass and bothered to publish.

There’s only one more book in this series, and it’ll probably be out within the same decade as the first one, which is pretty fucking good for authors who aren’t named Brandon Sanderson, you ungrateful walnut.

Considering I’m not sitting on the couch eating fucking bon bons and playing Call of Duty all day (which don’t get me wrong, sounds awesome) and instead I write 2 or 3 other books BETWEEN each book in this particular series, I’m actually rather prolific, and not planning on dying at 50 like you apparently plan to be. And if you’ve got a terminal illness, sorry, that’s not my fault.

So I’m incredibly fucking sorry that I’m not some indy guy cranking out an unedited 30,000 word “novel” once a month, and instead I actually put some effort into this particular series instead of just phoning shit in based upon your arbitrary timeline. But then again, I don’t but in and tell you how to do your job as assistant pig ejacultor down at the spooge farm. So how about you have some common fucking courtesy and don’t tell me how to do my job?

If you spend all your time worrying while reading a book that you’re gonna fucking die before the next one comes out, that sounds like a personal problem, and you should buy a fucking treadmill or join a gym or something, because that sounds like a personal problem.

There’s one more book in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, and since I actually give a shit about how good my books are, I’ll finish that when I fucking feel like it. As for how much more MHI there is, there’s as many as I say there are, as long as I keep having fun writing them, and my fans keep having fun reading them, and if you don’t like that, you can kiss my ass.

Oh, and furthermore!
tHeReS jUsT tOo mAnY tHiNgS tHaT cOuLd sToP HiM fRoM fInIsHinG tHe sEriEs!
Well pardon me for not being a fucking immortal!
I’m in fairly decent shape for my age, but there’s always the off chance I get shot by an ATF agent for something!
Oh no! I can never read an unfished series because the author might choke on a doughnut hole and there won’t be anybody there to administer the fucking Heimlich maneuver.

Do you like have PTSD because Pat Rothfuss has no work ethic? Motherfucker, I grew up milking cows. I’m too prideful to not finish my magnum opus epic fantasy series. It isn’t like I’m some 80 year old fat fuck coasting off my HBO money. I’ve got fucking bills to pay and guns to buy. And guns ain’t cheap!

What an incredibly fucking stupid point to make in an incredibly fucking stupid review. You aren’t reviewing my book. You’re reviewing your own fucking hubris and hang ups.

And fuckers like you don’t just post this bullshit to me. You post it to all fantasy authors. Only I’m fine. I make good money off my fans who aren’t entitled little shits. I’ve got shooting Flight Control money. The people who get fucked by people like you are all the up and comer and newbie authors who can’t afford to eat nothing but Ramen Noodle for the years it takes to finish an epic fantasy series before cheap fucks like you gamble on the first book.

That’s the real legacy of Rothfuss and Martin, fucking over an entire generation of up and coming fantasy authors because entitled shit heads like this got their expectations hurt.

-Jack here again with your reminder that Tower of Silence is on sale now. Please leave an honest review to help offset these reviews by walnuts. Thanks!

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  1. I bet Forgotten Warrior 5 is out before Winds of winter or Doors of stone. I would bet some money.

    Spot on in the Legacy of Martin and Rothfuss. They have given fantasy genre a terrible reputation. Sanderson telling his fans how many words have written each week only heals some of the damage.

    Reading Tower of Silence now. Jagdish is my favorite character so far.

    1. My favorite fantasy meme is the one that shows Martin, Rothfuss, and Sanderson side by side, with the caption “legend has it that these authors have vowed to never shave unless they’ve finished a novel.”

      But yeah, the fact that “fantasy author who takes ten years to write a book” has become a meme is really bad. Isn’t Rothfuss part of the reason why Donald A. Wollheim’s daughter had to sell the company he founded, DAW books? They were expecting to have a book to publish and sell, which Rothfuss failed to deliver.

      1. If they were banking on Rothfuss to save the company that’s pretty negligent. I know book people tend to be really bad at business but I did like DAW and the picked Ruocchio. I also had some respect for Wollheim for calling Rothfuss out on making himself a victim. I know you can’t really say publishing has covered itself in glory for its service to the culture but I feel about it the way I feel when I see a relative giving in to addiction. It’s just a sad ugly thing to watch people dig their own graves.

      2. First off, I have no problem with GRM taking his time. I used to have a problem with it, then I saw this analysis of Tyrion and I realized that I underestimated this writer.

        He cant release the next book bc he isnt going to release crap and if he cant meet the expectations then so be it. I respect that.

        Rothfuss on the other hand is a miserable whiny bitch. And frankly, its a GOOD thing that the chipmunk faced woke baby isnt releasing his book. The first was great, the second was a steaming pile of lies and horseshit. NO ONE acts like that. NO ONE. There is NO SUCH THING as learning fighting moves in a class and then being able to apply them in a fight like an expert.

        Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply an idiot.

        Anyone who promotes that concept is a dangerous idiot who is going to utterly throw innocent people off their path in life.

        Fighting requires LEARNING to take a hit. And you do that BY GETTING HIT. A LOT. I dont care who you are. You can be Jones Bones Jones for all I care, but you are going to be fighting and losing before you learn winning.

        Similarly, there is NO SUCH THING as being a virgin male taken by the sexiest fairy queen who then slobbers over your genitals until she releases you. That is the kind of story that only an unwanted gamma CHILD would come up with.

        Ill tell you I have a LOT of anger at that kind of delusion bc it ends up with people getting badly hurt.

        You want to show me a first relationship? Then show me a REAL relationship. Show me the fumbling, the confusion, the laughter and the inevitable pain. The hurt that comes when both sides screw up and the frustration when you realize there is nothing more than to move on. And the guilt and pain when you realize you hurt an actual person. And seriously wishing you hadnt done it while at the same time feeling PROUD that you did.

        Show me that, Patrick you whiny fucking moron.

        Dont give me this childish woke gamma shit.

        Frankly, the world is a happier place without his self indulgent masturbation porn.

        1. I’m confused. How do you really feel?


          I enjoyed The Name of the Wind, mostly for the prose. I decided not to pick up Wise Man’s Fear since Rothfuss doesn’t seem too interested in his own – and only – series.

          Judging by your review here, it looks like he took the flaws of the first book and amped them up to eleven.

        2. I presume you dislike James Bond movies. They display a similar level of unrealistic action and meaningless sex. The chain smoking alcoholic dandy wins way too many fights against pure fighters. Fun fantasy for office workers.


          Sex fairies have been a fantasy trope for literally thousands of years. They are in Greek mythology. They are in medieval fairy tales.

          1. In the (recent) James Bond movies, Bond is a healthy strong dude who worked out a lot (at least before the events of Skyfall, where Silva reveals that he failed his physical []); in the original novels, he’s an unhealthy mess, smoking and drinking a lot, until Thunderball, when M forces him to get fit by going to the Shrublands health spa where he’s placed on a great diet that he religiously follows afterward to the dismay of his housekeeper (the imitation Nick Carter:Killmasternovels features the main character having a perfect physique, working out daily, and also practicing yoga, stuff the novel Bond never seemed to do, even though the demands of his job called for it.)

          2. @Mark, I was thinking classic Bond movies.

            Also, “men’s fiction” genre in general features lots of sex without the bother of romancing. Slaying a monster is easier than coming up with romantic chit-chat or learning the latest dance moves. Many people read fiction to let the id run wild without hurting people in the real world.

            @Richard: the Greek myths included nymphs and sirens. Read the Odyssy.

          3. The entire First and Second World Wars were fought and won by chainsmoking alcoholics. In the Second, the losers were health nuts led by a vegetarian. American military rations included cigarettes until 1975, and alcohol was banned on American military ships for religious and cultural – not military- reasons.

      3. Martin has at least finished other writing projects. Rothfuss is a joke at this point.

        I saw a comment on a YT video that labeled Rothfuss a “legend among writers”, which forced me to comment that you can’t get to Legendary Writer status until you prove you can finish a story.

        1. One amazing book can make a person a legend… to some.

          I’m not bothering with Wise Man’s Fear until the last book of the series is done and released though, and I’m honestly not sure how much I actually like Kvothe/Name of the Wind.

          Honestly, Kvothe is a self destructive posterior orifice, and I want to punch that idiot in the face for being so stupid.

          For all he’s supposed to have this widely varied background, and he’s supposed to be so smart, he’s a COMPLETE FUCKING MORON half the time too.

          …That’s the non-meta reason why I haven’t bought Wise Man’s Fear.

          1. Agreed. Kvothe was kind of Mary Sue-ish for me, and his relationship with whatever-her-name was written like what I imagine bad YA to be.

        2. Legendary: something which is a legend; ie. does not exist. (Or as Larry Niven likes to say, “My patience is legendary.”) So, yes, Rothfuss is a “legendary writer”.

          Read his first book, bailed in the middle of the second and am done with him. Kvothe is not only a whiny little bitch, he’s an outright sociopath, and by then I’d realized I didn’t like any of these people, and was only reading to see how Kvothe would next get hoist by his own petard. Yes, I wanted to see bad things happen to him, but this was so predictable that I’d become bored.

          As to GRRM, in 4+5 he so completely screwed over all the characters who’d managed to redeem themselves that I’ve stopped giving a shit. Tyrion in particular has become a farce. I’ll probably read the rest, if they ever come out, but my expectations have, um, declined…

          1. Solid point on “legendary”. 😉

            I came to ASoIaF through the TV series. I’d heard the books were better, so since I started rooting for the White Walkers sometime in season 4, I figured I’d give the books a shot.

            I thought the first book was fantastic, but the sex scene (I don’t remember if it was book one or two) between Danaerys and Khal Drogo, when she was like 12 or something, was…gross. Sure, you can include that sort of stuff in fiction, if you handle it properly, which he handled extremely well…right up until he gave graphic details. Then it came across as creepy old man wish fulfillment and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Stopped the series because of it.

        3. Isn’t Rothfuss just a one-hit wonder? It’s honestly weird to me that people are even still talking about him.

          1. He was the GoH at a local-to-me con. I looked at his books, looked at my books then in print ( I write short, so five GRRM or Rothfuss-length books ), and shrugged. I didn’t go hear him talk, because I was manning a sale table, so I don’t know how he was as GoH.

        4. With regards to this guy, there’s fan fiction writers who I’ll bet write more than this guy, if what’s said here is true.

  2. Docking the story because you have issues with series release pace is bad form. I’m looking forward to cracking this installment.

    In the interest of getting authors paid [uncomfortably standing next to this poor soul] l’ll humbly offer inertia is real. I also take series pace into account when deciding to click the buy button.

    I don’t want that to be entitled or bitchy. Authors, do you! Thanks for the stories!

  3. I’ve read some perfectly good short indy novels from authors who write really fast. Many of them, I enjoyed more than I enjoyed Game of Thrones (of which I got halfway through the first book before quitting) and the Kingkiller Chronicles (okay, Name of the Wind held me spellbound for the day it took to read it, but the second wasn’t nearly as good). The “10 years to write a book” meme sucks because of how it reflects back on the genre- good books are ten years apart, and if they’re not they’re assumed to be bad.

    1. I enjoyed Name of the Wind, but see no reason to read Wise Man’s Fear until the third book is out.

      Game of Thrones is too childishly rapey/brutal for me, like a DM who kills player characters for fun, and wonders why the group keeps changing/rotating.

      So I spend on novels from newer authors, like Jack Adkins, Steve Diamond, and a variety of other authors.

    2. Yeah, the “good writing must be slow and slow writing must be good” fallacy that’s so common, especially among the New York tradpub aspiring writers.

      1. It must have started with literary fiction, if you ignore that the “literature” writers of the late 1800s wrote to deadline and delivered on time or they went hungry.

  4. This is the kind of comment that got me banned from everything Martin. I was very thorough in making a point of insulting Martin, including Larry’s favorite original author Scalzi 🙂

  5. “I’ve got shooting Flight Control money.”

    Man, I haven’t seen FliteControl in stock in ages…

  6. Keep doing what you do. We just need to learn patience.

    I am a whole lot older than you, and I still miss the stories that were never written by John D MacDonald, Robert Heinlein, and Louis L’Amour. They left a legacy of good, enjoyable books. But we always wanted more.

    1. At the end of his career Heinlein was going off to fantasy-perv wish fulfillment land while channeling free love plots with Mary Sue characters. His early and mid career works were much better quality.

    2. Interesting thing IRT L’Amour(who really pissed me off by dying just after publishing the first of what was going to be a new series(“The Walking Drum”) anyway his heirs have published some of what they are finding as they go through his notes,etc. on story lines he was thinking of developing. One of them(cowboys and demons?, vampires?) was a treatment that sounded like something Larry could develop when he runs out of things to do, heh, heh, heh.

    3. I will always regret Mr. L’ Amour died before he could write the sequel(s) to The Walking Drum.

  7. So speaking of overly expensive guns I need to but. The Sig Rattler in 300 blackout makes me drool a little…

  8. “Finish” MHI? That’s a bit weird and suggests to me that he hasn’t actually read them.

    Googled Rothfuss cause I have no idea what he wrote and yes, it’s been 12 years, but the next installment is “confirmed” to come out in 2019, no 2021, no 2023. No really.

    I read, for a while, an author named James Maxey and he would post each day on his blog how many words he’d written, just as an exercise in accountability. He also talked about his writing style and keeping himself on track. It was pretty interesting. I enjoyed his Dragon Age trilogy but haven’t read his new stuff. I seem to be straying into promoting other authors here so I’ll stop.

    Anyway, excellent rant but yes, Martin really put a bad taste in the mouth’s of readers, especially when HBO did the series and it became clear that he probably would never finish the books. Although he seems to be now claiming that there will be another book but I don’t know how that will work. Post TV series?

  9. Once again, in the West, no matter how old someone might be, they’re probably a toddler emotionally: “You do something I like, so you must do it WHENEVER I DEMAND!”.

    Serious, 3-year-olds wherever the fuck you turn these days.

  10. Larry is right. Rothfuss and Martin are the reason I no longer read fantasy series that aren’t finished.

    But Sanderson is the reason I gave up on Fantasy as a genre. I finished the Mistborn Trilogy and decided if this was the best Fantasy had to offer it wasn’t the genre for me.

    1. There’s WAY better than Mistborn out there. Mistborn is actually pretty aggressively mediocre, at least once you get into the sequels.

      Really, I honestly HATE the original Mistborn trilogy, and will NEVER read it again, and also won’t read the sequel series either.

      Please don’t give up on the Fantasy genre for reading one of the mediocre works from a famous author.

    2. At least read Larry’s. You know he’ll finish it before we all die. 😉

      And it’s good too. Tight pacing, interesting characters, good ideas, written clearly, keeps you wanting to know what’s going to happen next.

  11. never read your book, though I have about 500 at home. stop complaining and produce and market good stuff. There are people willing to pay, its your job to let us know your worth our time.

    1. Well no shit, Sherlock. Producing and marketing good stuff is what I’ve been doing for the last 15 years. It ain’t my fault you personally don’t know about every writer on Earth.
      And I’ll complain whenever I want to, about whatever I want to. Now fuck off with your unsolicited advice.

    2. *Insert Zoidberg “Your Hottake is bad and you should feel bad” meme here*

      Seriously, man, this take it so outside of who and what Larry has done that it’s hilarious. Pointing out that a comment is stupid isn’t whining, it’s his pointing out that it is stupid and toxic fandom to make demands, as well as identifying some reasons fro them.

      I’d recommend Larry’s post on what authors and fans own each other.

  12. I have the opposite problem – keeping up with all the new books I want to read by authors whose work I already know I like. I think I’m following something like 35 authors on Amazon now, and at least trying most anything they offer via Kindle Unlimited. One unwanted side effect is that I’m way behind on finishing Kindle books I’ve already purchased. In my case the big loser is not authors but bookstores. Fifty years ago I visited one every weekend. Now I no longer know where one is. One more thing: I go out of my way to buy any Ebook Amazon tries to bury, so long as there is anywhere to do so. Seems to me someone could do well as an Ebook publisher of well-written books that somehow offend would-be gatekeepers.

  13. Reading an incredibly arrogant and tone deaf review of Larry, I’m tempted to do the same. The TL;DR is Thanks Jack, and everything Larry writes is a gift, in all senses.

    FWIW [not much] my professional writing puts me in G to F-list in Larry’s great list, and that’s only because of some pretty domain-specific knowledge. I’m not a novelist and never will be. No doubt ChatGPTX will eviscerate at least half of my writing income. I’ll live.

    A long time ago [we used to be friends, wait, wrong thing] I was a top 500 Amazon reviewer. I probably should have reviewed some of Larry’s stuff back then but I still wasn’t sold on him.

    My arrogant (perhaps correct, but perhaps in the genre ‘opinions are like fundaments, everyone has one’) on reading “Welcome back, Mr. Nightcrawler” was ‘OK, but not for me and I could definitely do better’.

    [Insert Larry voice here saying, well do so, StupidFace. I’ll use StupidFace, but you’re welcome to insert a more probable term. ]

    MHI? ‘This is good, very enjoyable, but I could maybe do better with practice. He’s written himself into some corners and his character is a bit of a Gary Stu. He also needs to read some Vox Day.’

    As he progressed? ‘Darn, this is impressive. I couldn’t do this even after a million words of practice. This guy is pretty amazing at writing out of seeming corners. MHI is still flawed but incredibly enjoyable… whoa what’s this?

    Grimnoir? This is great stuff. It’s not legendary, but it’s some of the best SF being written today. This is definitely something I could never do.

    Blog? Wow, this guy explained concisely why Jack Ryan and Tom Clancy started to really suck. He also does really neat analyses of why he made certain choices about a character’s abilities, very smart. And D-list authors? Awesome!

    Sad Puppies? Oh yeah, I’m down. I get stats, I understand what good auditors do, this sounds like fun.

    SotBS/Forgotten Warrior? Wow. This isn’t Lady Murasaki or Tolkien, but this is fantastic. Amazing and beautiful. It deserves a Hugo and to be the #1 SF bestseller.

    Larry Correia has progressed… strike that, disgusting political philosophy, … rapidly improved more than any author I’ve regularly read in my lifetime. That could be damning with faint praise but he is perhaps the one remaining author [Michael Crichton is dead] I want to buy in hardcover on day one. (Used to be pretty poor, so this is still a big deal for me).

    Thank you Jack, I don’t read Facebook so would never have seen this.

    Thank you Larry for writing. Everything you write is a gift.

    God Bless you all, and the Lord is Risen. [Comment written on Easter Sunday in the Middle East, and minutes before midnight in the West]


  14. Holmwood larry is one of the best at this point .I have read scifi for over 30 years very few have come close to anything larry has done…. Also you point at his political veiws as trash basically ..Lets think about this. Both sides to a degree are on the same team.However your side or lets say the globalist faction is busy showing kids to hate there skin color and grooming them for sex .If the side you respect views civil right as not guaranteed and are trying to cull the masses to protect a dying planet your no better than a nazi now why dont u be a good house boy and scurry off..

    1. @Cuckkilla: Holmwood didn’t call Larry’s political views trash. He refused to use the word “progressed” — changed it to “rapidly improved” — as a description of Larry’s writing because “Progressivism” is trash.

      It would be clearer with strikeout tags (strike out “progressed“), but most casual forum commenters don’t know how to use them.

  15. Saw this on Vox’s blog. Could not help my self but comment about ungrateful 2 star review. I have not had the chance to read LC yet however he is on my list of series to start. I am an avid fan of B. J. Larson. And he probably writes at the same place as LC and has series that run 19 books long. I am on the edge of my seat while reading every single time. Not once did I stop and think like this 2 star. What a miserable way to think. You enjoy the product and your only complaint that the author is making it longer? Are you kidding me, that is the whole point. Once a year you get to visit your favorite characters and escape in a familiar world. I am glad there are high quality authors out there keeping these universes alive over decades.

  16. Not gonna lie… this is truth, especially that last dig at Rothfuss and GRRM.

    While I don’t read A Song of Ice and Fire, I’ve read “Name of the Wind”, and I don’t see any reason to buy “Wise Man’s Fear” while there’s no third book in the trilogy.

    I’ll spend my money on other authors who are upcoming authors and newer books, even if their series is not complete. Servants of War (Steve and Larry, of course), Blood of a Dragon (Jack Adkins), and more get my money instead.

    1. I have a Terry Pratchett book on my bedside table. “Father Christmas’s Fake beard”. The dust cover has one leaf inserted about half-way into the book as a bookmark. The book has dust on it.

      Why? Because I don’t want to finish the book. When I finish the book, that means there’s no more Pratchett for me to read.

      When he passed, as per his instructions, his family took the hard drives with the partially completed novels on them and had them crushed. No posthumous, other-author-completed novels for him. His daughter is the manager of the properties and copyrights, etc, etc, but he made sure of one thing: his worlds finished when he did.

      I have every one of his books, in my personal library, mostly in hardback, preferably in the England-published Paul Kidby art dust covers. Two are signed, a relic of a rough time in college when Sir Pterry happened to be coming through town on a book tour. I also have Larry’s books in hardback in a different section of my library. Since the advent of ebooks, I don’t buy a lot of physical copies of books except from my favorite artists. The last several years of Larry’s books are on my shelf, unopened, because I read them in ebook format or listened in the car in Audible format.

      I get that Grimnoir had to end, and there will be a new series, which will also have to someday end. I get that Saga of the Forgotten Warrior has to end. It’s an unsolicited opinion, but I don’t think Monster Hunters ever has to truly end. There can be the end of story arcs, but the world still has monsters, and someone has to hunt them. A hundred years from now, there will be monsters on the Moon. How exactly is a werewolf living on the far side of the Moon going to work? It is the alignment of the Moon on the far side of the Earth from the Sun that sets them off, not the ‘phase’ per se? How does it work for a werewolf on Mars with its two tiny moons? And who smuggled a troll onto the space station at the L-5? See, the stories keep going.

      I think I’ll read that last Pratchett book when I know I’m going to die. If I get a terminal cancer diagnosis, or something like that. If I’m in the hospital on a life support, I’ll have my daughter bring the book to my bedside and read it to me before they turn off the machines. Until then, I think it’s place is on my bedside table, getting dusty, half-way read. I have things to do in life, and I can’t just give up, because there’s a half-read Pratchett book at home waiting for me.

  17. As a healthy 70 year old enthusiastic USPSA competitor I’m looking forward to a couple more decades of Larry’s fascinating novels for relaxation after a day on the range.
    I grew up on hardcore science fiction and disdained fantasy as effete. I ignored MHI until I heard about “guns, guns and more guns” then gave it a try and have now read everything Larry has written and enjoyed them all. I’m happy he’s producing as much as he can with his high standards.

    Now whatever happened to John Ringo?

  18. Wow, another anonymous reviewer who doesn’t like Larry … because reasons.

    He’s not a walnut. Walnuts grow on trees, in the sunlight, and have flavor and texture.

    I’d call him a potato — featureless and pretty bland on its own — but my Irish wife would take offense (and you don’t want her to take offense!).

    He’s a mushroom. Grown in the dark on a diet of s#!t.

    I suppose he’s a (small) step better than other negative reviewers on Amazon, given that he (claims to have) actually read the book he’s reviewing.

  19. Once upon a time, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and TV was in black and white, I read “Sandkings” by some new guy named George RR Martin. It got a Hugo nom, right? Worth checking out? Well… no. Really, no.

    I’ve never read a single thing by him since. My largish (but not massive) collection contains zero Martin.

    Reason being, I like a story with a hero in it. Some guy who’s maybe not perfect, but at least he’s trying to get it right. Mr. Martin writes characters who wouldn’t know Right from a ham sandwich. There are other objections like rape, torture, murder, mutilation blahblahblah, but that’s the main one. They’re slimy.

    Which is why I buy Larry’s books and not the greatly celebrated Mr. Martin’s. My largish (but not massive) collection contains all the Correia.

    Not to mention, Larry actually -writes the books- and doesn’t just yammer about writing them to a bunch of blue-haired scooter pilots at WorldCon. That GRRM move was irritating. I’d boycott him, but I can’t do it any harder than I am now.

  20. Torn on this one.
    Last year, finally got a sequel to a series I love after 8 years of waiting. It ended with a cliffhanger! I’m old enough that there’s a chance I won’t live long enough to see the next (or the author won’t live long enough to write it).
    Thought about doing a review pointing this out but ended up not doing so. I don’t think I would ding the book itself though, that was rude. Enjoyed it up to the point where it became clear that the main plot line was not going to be resolved. Spent the remainder of the book thinking “will I see the next one”.

  21. First of all, I have not read Tower of Silence. I wish I had the time to read all of the books I want, but life keeps getting in the way.
    I have, however, read many of the MHI books. Larry could stop writing them tomorrow and I would still read the remaining books until I run out of books. A series does not NEED to be finished. Each of Larry’s books are complete stories. As long as the book doesn’t end with a big fat “To be continued” I’m good. Heck, even MHI Siege was a complete story. It set up Guardian but it finished its own story.
    Keep writing, Larry. I’ll keep reading.

    1. I dunno, Bloodlines sure feels like half a story…

      It’s a good read. It just ends too soon. I will be waiting impatiently for the story to continue.

      But I won’t nag the author, or post shitty reviews. As Owen told the exorcist, that’s a dick move.

      As far as GRR Martin is concerned, I don’t care if he never finishes another book. I lost interest in Game Of Thrones early in the second season and never read the books. The show was dreary and depressing enough. I don’t need fiction for that; the government abuses I see every day are sufficient.

      1. Bloodlines is a full size book with a story that ends with setting up the beginning of another full size book.
        So the people who are all like, why didn’t Larry tell us what happens next?! don’t seem to realize that next bit is gonna take about 120,000-140,000 words to tell, so your feelings are noted, but I ain’t sticking another 300 pages onto the end of this complete one. That’s not how books work. Sorry. 😀

  22. Damm, Nobody fisk like Larry does…For a “not a Real Writer(TM)” he does good with the written word, LOL. Seriously though…Knowing as squared away and organized Larry is, if something happened and Larry assumed room temperature, I’m sure he has notes and rough drafts and books 3 and 4 novels ahead and Jesse or somebody else would finish what Larry started. in my mind, that is how Larry is, a sloth he ain’t.

  23. 🤩. Butthurt much, Mr. C? Why do you care?
    Personally, I have the same attitude in general on fantasy. WoT did it for me.
    I love MHI, gave up on Grimoire after the first book, and have no interest in Son.
    By why make the reply so insulting?

    1. Because I’m honest and have no patience for entitled shitheads, and the fans find my responses to people like that entertaining and share them, which means I end up selling a lot more books.
      So you can take your “mew mew mew butthurt sooooo insulting” and fuck right off back to dipshit town. 😀

    2. The fact that you gave up on Grimnoir after finishing the first book dissuades me from listening to anything else you have to say. Seriously. You have no taste. Go back to rereading WoT.

        1. Sam, I have listened to it so many times on Audible, that I told myself I need to wait until the next trilogy comes out to listen to it again. Such a great story and world. Including the follow-up novellas.

          1. 1) Agreed. I just finished Warbound and really think the series is just awesome.

            2) Wait, follow up Novellas? ! What follow up novellas?

          2. alvanther, “Murder on the Orient Elite” and “Tokyo Raider”. Not sure if they are only available on Audible, but they are both worth your time. First is a Jake Sullivan mission, the second is his son.

          3. ‘Detroit Christmas’ and ‘Murder On The Orient Elite’ can be found in the collection ‘Target Rich Environment 1’. ‘Tokyo Raider’ is in ‘Target Rich Environment 2’.

    3. Because toxic fans are toxic.

      Because, if you pay attention to some of his other posts, a lot of authors are hyper sensitive to this stuff but toxic fans don’t actually get told they are toxic, and instead the fans toxicity end up inhibiting other authors who ends up choking on stupid reviews like this, and it stunts their careers.

      Because it annoyed him, and his rants recharge his super powers while also being entertaining to read.

    4. Interesting. I just finished Book 1 of Grimnoire and really enjoyed it. I’ll be starting book 2 as soon as I catch up on all the stuff I should have been reading while enjoying Book 1.
      Different strokes.

  24. I think your last sentence really hits the nail on the head. It’s part of why I’ll probably wait on my own series and release them close together (at least for SF/F books).

    Although I too like to wait and binge read a series. Though what I often end up doing is read the first book, like it, then decide to wait until it’s finished. And then–crucially–I’ll keep buying the rest of the series as it comes out, saving them on my bookshelf (or digital bookshelf) to read when it’s complete.

    (Which reminds me that I haven’t gotten the audiobook for this one yet, but it looks like it’s not on Audible yet, so I guess I’ll have to check back later.)

  25. My main takeaways:

    * “As for how much more MHI there is, there’s as many as I say there are, as long as I keep having fun writing them, and my fans keep having fun reading them”


    * “I’m in fairly decent shape for my age, but there’s always the off chance I get shot by an ATF agent for something!”

    If you don’t routinely cosplay as a dog your chances of getting shit by the ATF lower considerably.

    1. Considering he isn’t some Pentagon gilt collar type, the odds of Larry cosplaying as a dog are rather decreased.

  26. Larry, you rock!
    Reading this was great entertainment, not just for me but also for my brother (who is rarely entertained, so thanks for that in triplicate).

    And sure we all have our preferences (I love MHI, Grimnoire and Dead6, couldn’t connect to Forgotten or GunRunner), but you are one of the best, and your characters are _Real Men_ and _Real Women_, not entitles shits of new gens.

    Keep at it, Sir!


  27. Enh, I told GRRM much the same thing, to his face, about (wow I feel old now) 15… 20 years ago at Bubonicon. Well, that the Game of Thrones books sounded cool, but I wasn’t going to take a chance on getting Dark Towered on a series, so I’d *buy* his books, and do my part, but I wasn’t going to *read* them until the story was finished.

    He looked grumpy, but then realized that as long as I was still paying his bills he didn’t have much room to complain.

    And, well, I still haven’t even cracked the cover of the first one. Because he’s still not fucking done yet.

    1. Also, I love preordering books on Amazon. Every once in a while, I get an email telling me something has shown up! It’s buying myself presents and actually being surprised by them, which is a neat trick.

      Glad for the 4th Son of the Black Sword Saga novel, the backstory is getting super interesting… er. Because it was already cool and is just even cooler now. Mua ha ha. Anyway, I know Larry delivers so I can just read the books and enjoy them as they come out. And they’re good enough to enjoy reading the whole series through again when a new one comes out anyway.

  28. The general consensus is that authors shouldn’t engage with reviewers. This is why. You cone across completely and utterly butthurt.

    1. I’ve built my career by ignoring the general consensus, because generally lots of people are stupid. Like you for example. 😀

      1. Well, and for the record, I don’t respond to normal reviews. I respond to bullshit social commentary masquerading as reviews. And those are fun!

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