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    1. When is the audiobook coming out?! I have the hard copy but Reynolds’s reading of it is really the definitive edition. Can anyone tell me when it’ll will be out or why it isn’t?

          1. It’s all in the hands of Audible at this point. When its available we WILL let everyone know! Promise!

        1. Thanks. I know you cant do anything about it. I can not wait to have my drive to work made easier by listening to this book. Thanks again.

          1. Same soooo excited we’ve been waiting like children at Christmas 🤣 please let us know! Probably I and my husbands favorite series since Lord of the Rings. We enjoyed some of the GOT books too but hard to tell if or when that might be finished

        2. Two things:
          1. Do you know why it is being delayed?
          2. Is there someone we can vent our frustration to at Audible?

          And Larry, we should go shooting sometime.

      1. IIRC, narrator is in demand enough he’s got scheduling issues. It’s either wait for him to finish everything ahead of ToS, or change ships midstream.

      2. Delayed. Somebody screwed up. I’m not tossing anyone under the bus so that’s all I’m saying. As soon as I know the date I’ll spam the entire internet.

  1. Thanks for the release date reminder. Purchased. Looking forward to it.

    Also disappointed in Audible, as my wife and I were both hoping to listen to it.

  2. Oooo, and here I was just needing a new book to read. Guess the next book in Brave New Disorder will have to wait a bit.

    Audible delay is fine by me, like to read them first then listen again later (often more than once)

  3. Love the series but a little disappointed you stretched it even longer. Maybe I’m misremembering but I could have sworn the series started as a 3 parter and you apologized that you’d need to make it a 4 parter, and now it’s a 5 parter.

    Great story, but please don’t pull a Robert Jordan and keep stretching the series out. Every good thing must end.

    Now I’m going to go back to finding a smith to thread this new (to me) Nagant M1895 so I can horribly maim it by putting a suppressor on it. 😉

    1. Why on Earth would you want a super series to end sooner? I would love it if this stretched out forever. Dont get me wrong, Id like to know what happened next, but then I have nothing to read. There are so few entertaining series out these days. or maybe Im just picky. In fact, I was really hoping Larry would restart the Grimnoir series.

      1. Mr. Correia’s books are usually my favorites but there are plenty of good series out there. Definitely go check out Brandon Sanderson’s stuff if you somehow haven’t yet.

        1. Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll certainly look at them. I don’t often read fiction really, but I love Correia books. I feel like a little kid rooting for his characters, its so fun. If I can find another series that even comes close, Id be thrilled. I have heard that name Sanderson. Something about types of magic or something. Im sure ill find him on Amazon.

    2. My understanding is that Larry thought he could write it as a trilogy and Toni Weisskopf laughed at him and told him it would need to be five books to actually get through everything that he had plotted out.

      1. I’ve heard this several times, mostly from Larry, once from Toni (or possibly it was Larry again, but she was there and agreeing – too much blood in my caffeine stream at the moment, so the memory is a bit fuzzy).

        The technical term is “Baen Trilogy” – it’s like a “baker’s dozen”, but for books. 🙂

  4. I cant wait I somehow ended up with the hardcover, and Its going to be here tomorrow.
    So, then one more book after this! Personally, I love it when there is more to read. Good books are pretty rare these days. I dont really have any big list. I used to, a long time ago, but recently it seems like we dont have that many writers I look forward to. Dresdent Files and This is about it for fantasy for me. So if Larry wanted to make this 500 books, I would be fine with it.

  5. Re-reading the other books while waiting on payday. I can’t wait to see how you expand the story and the world, this series is awesome!

  6. What a coincidence, I love this series too 😀 Stayed up ’til 1 reading it, haven’t done that in a long while. Great to have another epic fantasy that’s not just excuses to write (or read) debauchery. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  7. My second favorite series behind Grimnoir.

    I’m not a big fan of epic fantasy, but this series is so different and the characters so good that I got hooked. Now I’m anticipating the big finale!

  8. I love the audio books but couldn’t wait and bought a hard copy and burned through it. This book is as awesome as the rest but felt a bit more like a roller coaster of emotions than the others. Highs and lows and tons of moving pieces that are wildly entertaining leading to the finale of book 5.. Larry is a machine with pumping out one excellent series of books after another. Super excited for Larry’s next book.

  9. The publisher missed a great gag when they didn’t release a ‘Tower Of Silence’ audiobook on April 1, consisting of two and a half hours of…silence. 😀

  10. Finally got around to buying and reading this on Friday. Had a blast, and got me in the feelz a couple of times, damnit. Can’t wait to see how this wraps up.

  11. Mr. Correia,
    I have to take a moment to express my enjoyment in your chosen medium. Not only do I appreciate the quality of the content but I appreciate your amazing release schedule. Sir, you are writing machine, a well oiled, stacked, racked and safety off machine. Reliably sending awesome, “weighted” content downrange and on target. Thanks Man

  12. Thought for sure by the time I went back and re-listened to the first three books the forth audio version would be out. Here it is a month later, and not only is not out, Larry hasn’t even be able to give a date yet. Such is life, first world problems.

  13. Hi Larry, I assume that the audiobook version when available will also be available as companion audiobook as have been all of your other books/series? I particularly love that format as I can listen while walking/exercising or driving, then seamlessly sync to kindle to read in the evenings. All of my range and speed shooting friends are now big fans of your books! Best, Brad

  14. Just finished listening to Destroyer of Worlds. Can’t wait for Tower of Silence to be on Audible, I have credits waiting.
    Great series.

      1. How ’bout now?

        How ’bout now?

        How ’bout now?

        In all seriousness, I love your books, and especially the great audiobook adaptations! I would read them in print, but given that I’m usually driving when I consume them, I think it might wind up being a terrifying experience!

  15. I don’t know how many times I have listened to the first 3 books more than 3 each for sure I can probably quote some of all the series Larry you are a very good writer, a question though. Where do you think up names for the caricters? Amazing!!

  16. Larry should get together with Jeremy Boering The Daily Wire guy and make a Monster Hunter movie. I bet Larry could write a script if he put his mind to it.

  17. They have to have given some kind of date on when it will be released now. Is there someone with Audible that we can barrage with questions so that they have more motivation?

    1. Here’s the thing- we could:
      A. have it out right away but with a different narrator or
      B. get in line and wait our turn.(Tim Gerard Reynolds is a popular guy and he’s booked up pretty consistently)
      We (at Baen) have chosen to wait for Tim Gerard Reynolds- switching actors mid series is never a popular choice (and he did such an amazing job with it.)
      Believe me, no one is more eager for it to come out than Larry is.
      (If for no other reason than so he won’t be asked the same question every single time he connects to the internet.)
      No amount of barraging anyone with questions is going to help.

      1. Why do some publishers have this booked out in advance, like TOR, but this is a recurring issue for many other publishers? Is it just about who brings in the most money?

      2. Jack thanks so much for the update. I know Larry hates us asking for the update but at the same time he has to appreciate that we like his books so much that the wait is killing us. That being said knowing now that yall are waiting for the narrator is cool by me and I am sure most of Larrys fans as well I am sure. I am a terrible reader but love listening to the books and can not wait for this to come out. Thanks again for the update.

  18. Slightly belated congrats to Kurt Miller for the Dragon Award for Best Illustrative Cover for Tower of Silence 🙂

    Also, you were definitely missed at DCon this year, Larry. I had at least three authors ask me if you were there this year and I overheard at least one person telling someone else that you were – so if you were there via stealth, good job!

  19. Will Tower of Silence be released as an Audiobook? I have the rest of Larry Correia’s books on Audible and I love listening to them on my long commute to and from work. I check Audible every month and it’s still not there. I have have done several Google and youtube searches and can’t find any reason it’s not. Does anyone know anything?

    1. Yes it will- I believe March next year is the current projection.
      Baen had to decide between changing narrators or waiting a bit longer, so we decided to stick with Tim Gerard Reynolds. Dude’s awesome!

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