Lost Planet Homicide 2: Ghosts of Zenith, out now

Ghosts of Zenith is available on Audible today, and best of all, it is FREE to all Audible Plus members. AND episode 1, Lost Planet Homicide is also free, so if you don’t have either you can grab them both.

I love this series. It is my Gritty Cop Show in space. It is about one of the only honest cops on a lost colony, cut off from the rest of humanity, on a super deadly planet, where not everything is what it seems.


Check it out, I hope you like it.


People keep asking me when this will be in print. It is an Audible exclusive for now. My current plan with the LPH series is to do a few of these novella sized stories, and then combine them into a cohesive novel that would be in print.

For some reason people get worried that I’m not getting paid because Audible is giving it away for free. Thank you for the concern, but I’m fine. I get paid for these rather well and it is part of my contract that it would be given away to you guys for free.

Is LPH in the same universe as Gun Runner? Yes. But they take place at different times and a different part of the galaxy. In GR they talk about the dangers of gate travel and how some ships get launched off course somewhere into space to never be seen again. This story is about the descendants of one of those groups.

And since I’m talking about free books, you can still enter to win the giveaway on GoodReads where Regnery is giving away 100 copies of In Defense of the Second Amendment (which comes out in less than 2 weeks).


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9 thoughts on “Lost Planet Homicide 2: Ghosts of Zenith, out now”

  1. This is such a great series. If done right, always a big if these days, it would make a great show as well. For now, I have to say I really enjoy Oliver Wyman’s performance of the audio book.

  2. Lost Planet Homicide was outstanding. Conveniently I have a road trip for work next week, which is where I do my audiobook listening. I’ll listen to the first one again to get ready for the new one.

  3. Hi Larry,

    Really looking forward to this new book. Just wanted to tell you that your writing is great, love the books, and really respect you and your positions on pretty much everything. Keep being awesome!


    1. No kidding. Larry has lots of great audiobooks but this one is my favorite. I like the young SGT and the way they interact. So good. When will a third one come out?

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