Book Giveaway Contest for In Defense of the Second Amendment

My gun rights book In Defense of the Second Amendment comes out in 3 weeks, so the publisher Regnery is giving away a hundred copies over on GoodReads. You can enter here-

While I’m flogging this on social media I’ll be using the hashtag #InDefense2A

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9 thoughts on “Book Giveaway Contest for In Defense of the Second Amendment”

  1. I preordered way back in August, but I entered anyway. Showing the publisher how badly people want the book is a good thing for Larry. Also, if I happened to win I’d find a good use for it, maybe donate it to our local library.

    1. Canadian law treats random giveaways as plain old gambling. There was a loophole that including a trivial math question made it a contest of skil instead of random chance, but knowing Castro he may have closed that (and even without it, it’s an annoyance)

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