January 2023 Update

2022 was a weird year. My family had some health challenges (we’re doing fine now) and the world continued to get stupider. Here’s hoping that 2023 will be slightly less stupid. Fingers crossed. 🙂

On a personal and professional level, it went pretty damned good. I spent a big chunk of December off recovering from surgery (got my deviated septum fixed from all the times I broke my nose when I was younger, and it turns out being able to breathe through your nostrils is awesome. Who knew?)

I’m eager to get back to work because I’ve got a lot of stuff on my plate.

Book Stuff

The next release is later this month, with my first non-fiction book In Defense of the Second Amendment. I’ll be posting about this quite a bit over the next couple weeks, but I’d love as much help as possible in spreading the word on this one. Please tell your friends. I’m hoping it helps people out and moves the needle on the debate.

Sometime in January or February (I think? Once it goes into audio production I don’t really know the exact date until it is listed) will be another Audible Exclusive novella. Lost Planet Homicide 2: Ghosts of Zenith. I love this series. My plan is to do a few novellas and then combine them together into a full novel.

In April Tower of Silence comes out. This is the 4th of the 5 Saga of the Forgotten Warrior novels. I love this one. I love writing Ashok. He’s one of my all time favorite characters.

In October will be Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever cowritten with Jason Cordova. The memoirs are all MHI universe stories that take place in other times and places other than the main the MHI storyline cowritten with other authors. This one is going to be 1970s California. I’m working on my part for this one now.

There is another MH Memoirs in the works that I’ll be doing with Les Johnson, but that’s a bit further out so I can’t say too much about it yet.

Last year No Game For Knights came out, as the 2nd noir sci-fi and fantasy anthology that I edited with Kacey Ezell. We are currently working on editing the stories for the 3rd one Down These Mean Streets. I don’t know the date for that yet.

Servants of War came out last year by me and Steve Diamond, and we will be doing a sequel. This one is currently in the planning phases, but then Steve will be going to work on the rough draft.

In 2023 I’m also starting the process for the next Monster Hunter Files anthology of short stories. These has been on the back burner for a while just because of how many other projects I’ve had on my plate, but the last one was crazy popular. (still one of the bestselling anthologies I’ve ever heard of). There will be more details coming on that soon.

My next solo project in 2023 I’m not quite sure yet and need to talk to Toni about scheduling. It will either be the next regular MHI after Bloodlines, the 5th and final Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, or the 1st of the new Grimnoir trilogy. I’m thinking MHI though, so this will be a very MH heavy year.

On that note, we just had Royalty Check Day which is my favorite holiday of the year, and I need to do another breakdown of my various series again, because you guys seem to find that stuff educational!

Side Hustles

I’m super happy to say that the leatherbound limited edition Grimnoir books are moving along again after Covid screwed everybody, and the paper supply fell apart, and printers went out of business, that project is finally getting finished. The Spellbounds just shipped! Up next Warbound and that’ll be done.

The MHI tabletop game is still being worked on by Everything Epic, and they should be sending out KS updates to all the backers. It is looking amazing.

The Swag store was open before Christmas and Jack and Jill Wylder shipped a ton of stuff. I’ll post an update before the next time the SWAG shop opens again. (reminder, WriterDojo supporters get a one day head start on the shop for the limited number items).

WriterDojo’s listenership has been growing steadily. We started that project to help writers out and to have fun, and I’m really happy at the reception we’ve gotten. It is actually helping! 😀

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55 thoughts on “January 2023 Update”

  1. The 5th book in the forgotten warrior, oh you could push that off like Martin and Rothfuss for 10 fucking years…LOL

    1. Gotta wonder how Agents Franks would deal with a deviated septum. Probably involve a crowbar. I have one too, not bothering to fix it at this stage of life. Blessings for you and your family. For all of us. Because last year was total POS nationally, and this one is gonna be a repeat or worse. Keep cowboyed up…

      1. Agent Franks would rip that defective nose off his face and get a new one installed. Preferably not one with a tattoo.
        Major Strasser has been shot! Round up the usual suspects!

  2. Thank you Larry. May you heal quickly and with no issues. Here’s to a less interesting 2023. I think we could all use a bit of a break.

  3. I’m thinking about picking up some copies of In Defense of the Second Amendment to donate to my local libraries. Want to make sure their available.

        1. What is it we’re NOT supposed to nag you about or you delay the book? *stares uncomfortably at JPEG in lap…*

          1. The Biggest No-No is nagging Larry about “You’re supposed to be writing, not painting miniatures!”

            In response to which, just to be stubborn and contrary, The Author will take a week off from writing to paint miniatures.

            Reverse psychology won’t work either, because he’s smarter than that. “Don’t write, paint miniatures!” will backfire badly.

            In short, don’t nag, and be thankful for the books he writes. In cash. 😀
            Man does not live by bread alone, but he won’t live long without it.

      1. I’m waiting for the next book in the mhi main story line after bloodlines . Done listened to all of them in a few days and waiting on the rest .

  4. Get ready for the sinus infections you never had or rarely had while the nose was broken. My dad had the same thing started getting regular sinus infections, sad reality you fix one thing and something else breaks.

    1. Huh. Must’ve missed that memo; got my deviated septum fixed over 4 years ago and the only time I’ve been sick since then was a brief bout of teh covids a couple of months ago.

      1. Ditto, that is to say my number and severity of sinus infections did not change. I have had tendencies that way but undeviating did not change the stats. It gave me more air for flute playing.

  5. I’ve gotten no notification of shipping for Spellbound. Got an email notifying me of the shipment last time and then a separate one with a tracking number for Hard Magic.

      1. I’ve just barely begun shipping Spellbound. A bunch would have gone out, but I’ve been out for the count with some wicked migraines for a couple weeks.

        Send an email to info@vaultbooks.pub with your current address. With it having been so long, I want confirmation from the people who have ordered the set.

  6. Hope you choose MHI to work on. You can’t leave us with that cliffhanger!

    Also so happy to hear that you are going back to planet homicide. Loved the mix noir, sci fi, and hints of something far darker.

    1. For real. I’m dying for more of the main timeliness for MHI. I need to see what is coming with assag! I’ve re listened to all the books about 10 times now -_- please never another book from Julie’s perspective btw. I’m a woman and I wanted pitt back haha. The voice actor for pitt is just the BEST..I would have done a whole audio book of just his voice for Julie haha. Can’t wait to continue their journey. Best series I’ve ever read or listened to.

  7. Royalty Check Day is the best day of the year! Unfortunately, it is followed by Paying Off The Government So They Don’t Toss You In Prison Day, which is not so great.

    “Hey! Leave me at least a little of that, please.”

  8. You are a busy man. I hope for the MHI book as I need to know more after the revelation of Bloodlines but you write what works for you and I will read it.

  9. I have had allergies pretty much my whole life so my nose is perpetually half clogged. I have nightmares about being taken prisoner and having them tape my mouth shut and then not being able to breathe or tell them that I can’t breathe properly through my nose.

    I was going to buy your Second Amendment book but the reviews were all bad. 🤣 (JK in case anyone doesn’t get it, read the post about reviews of a book that hasn’t been published yet)

    Looking forward to more Grimnoire. For whatever reason I haven’t been able to get into the Forgotten Warrior books so then I have to come on here and feel bad while you tell us how much you love writing them.

    1. HERESOLONG, I sadly am right in your boat regarding Forgotten Warrior. 😟
      I LOVE MHI and Grimnoir. My husband always buys whatever is newly released to give me as a highly valued gift. So I was so disappointed to not like Forgotten Warrior, to the point that I quit after getting about 1/2 way through. I figure if a book hasn’t captured me by that point that it is unlikely to do so.
      I love Larry’s writing on the other story lines so much; I just don’t know why this one did not click for me.

    2. Can’t wait for the mhi mainline to come out. you can’t drop a bomb like stricken and expect us not wonder lol. the character damn near deserves his own small story so many questions

  10. Good Lord, man.

    This year looks pretty full.

    Thank you for all your work, and may your very busy year also be a blessed one!

  11. It’s not so much the world that’s gotten stupid, it’s the deluded creeps that believe they rule us.

    The problem is, they’ve never had to pay any kind of price for their stupidity. No matter what they do, or what they fuck up, they hang onto their positions of power. Until that changes, they’ll go right on fucking things up. Just look at Vichy Mitchy, and Mittles, and… I could go on, but what’s the point?
    The government can mandate stupidity, but they can’t make it not be stupid.

  12. Curiously wondering . . .
    Is Jack (master vampire at the end of MHM:Sinners) one of Susan’s cohorts at the end of Monster Hunter International?

    1. Please do the final Saga book. Just finished book four and it was awesome. Ashok is the greatest of all your characters. And Javed’s “Road to Damascus” experience was fantastic. Can’t wait to see how that plays out.

    2. That’s a good question my opinion for what it’s worth is that Jack and Susan fight on our side Susan for little Bubba and Jack could have killed Hand If he wanted too but he likes the earth too!

  13. Well, personally I’m hoping for a heavy MHI year. I like MHI best of your universes. And I really like seeing things from the POV of other characters than Owen – just rounds out the whole picture better.

    And for whatever reason I have a hard time getting into the Forgotten Warrior books. Read three already… Maybe I’ll start from the beginning again on audiobooks instead of print.

  14. Let me say this, I’m a huge fan of anything that Larry C. Writes. He is one of my all time favorite authors along with John Ringo & Raymond E. Feist. But, he could never be like Rothess, or G.R.R.Martin and not have something out in perfect timing for whatever occasion. He is the go to guy for something good to read. I would like to know when Larry will write something with Jim Butcher & Laurell J. Hamilton? Any chance that will happen and or bring Jim Butchers character (Harry Dresdan), or Laurell K. Hamilton character (Anita Blake)? Would really enjoy that alot!!!!! Look forward to reading anything NEW!!!

  15. Love the Forgotten Warrior series. So pleased that #4 will be available in April. Don’t wait too long on #5!

  16. I’ll chime back in to request that you do the next MHI book first. I just finished Bloodlines two nights ago and cliffhanger much? I want/need the next installment.

  17. I was about to run a Hunter the Reckoning MHU game but knowing you are working on your own system makes me excited to see. I’d love to see how the MHI crew stats out in a game.

    Thanks for an awesome series and interesting articles.

  18. I’d love to hear more about Chad “ iron hand”’s time in both NYC and in Europe. I’m on my third listen of his memoirs trilogy and it is always captivating. I love the main MHI books, but Chads character and story are second to none. Just throwing that wish out there if Larry and John Ringo are feeling froggy one day.

  19. Already got my pre order in for Fever!! So excited! Can’t wait for the next main MHI book as well. I have read every MHI story I can get my hands on. Absolutely love this series!

  20. Wooo!! More MHI (hopefully)! I’ve already re read up to bloodline many many times 😂 Thanks for all the amazing books Mr. Correia and please take care of yourself and your family.

  21. I’m really hoping you crack on with the next Grimnoir trilogy and get Bronson Pinchot to read them. I’ve probably listened to the first three novels more than I’ve watched the original Star Wars trilogy and that’s saying something. Such great stories read to perfection! I love MHI too but the thought of more Grimnoir books is very exciting. I just hope there’s more adventure with the original characters. I love them all!

  22. Thank you so much for the positive depiction of a Jewish Israeli in Fever!

    It was extremely meaningful to me to have that from my favorite author with the world and media the way it is and the hate every single person in my demographic gets online daily for existing these days.

    I am not an emotional guy but that got me.

    Loved the story too! I have never missed a Larry Correia book and I am not about to start now.

  23. We are listening to the MHI series and absolutely love it! Your accuracy with regards to tactics and weapons is spot on. My husband and I both are retired Law Enforcement /Military really identify with Owen and Julie. Thank you for such refreshing accuracy.

  24. Old thread but certainly worth chiming in:
    Firstly, credit is due, good sir. MHI is without a doubt the greatest series I have ever read.
    Secondly, I stand by my fellow Correia Stans in saying that Bloodlines’ cliffhanger was perhaps your best one yet. None of us saw that one coming… Thus, I throw my vote in the hat for MHI 9. WE NEED IT!

    Thanks for everything you do, Larry!

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