WriterDojo S3 Ep20: Supporter Spectacular (Round VII)

Albert Einstein said ‘The important thing is to not stop questioning’ Judging by the ones sent in by our beloved supporters, they know this well. Once again, our Hosts/Authors Steve Diamond and Larry Correia return to answer still more questions submitted by our lovely supporters.

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2 thoughts on “WriterDojo S3 Ep20: Supporter Spectacular (Round VII)”

  1. On the note of dictating and Kevin J Anderson- he actually co-wrote an e-book with Martin L Shoemaker, another author who writes by dictation, called “How to be a Dictator”. It’s very good, and one point they mention is how they did take a while to get good at it, but how it allows a lot more productive use of time (Anderson in exercising, Shoemaker during his commute). They also go into their equipment, services/software, etc.

    One added detail, I think it was Shoemaker who said he records then runs the recording through Dragon. To train it, he brought a laptop in his car and had someone drive him around while he dictated and corrected it to train Dragon on what he actually said.

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