October 2022 Update

Wow. There is lots of stuff going on right now.

Book Stuff!

In Defense of the Second Amendment

This will be out in January. This project is one that I’m really excited about, as it is my first work of non-fiction. If you’re not aware, I’m a bit of a gun guy. 🙂

I’m also happy to announce that there will be an audiobook version from Blackstone Audio. (which means it will be available pretty much everywhere you get your audiobooks). I’ll put up preorder information for that as soon as I have it.

Then coming out in April-

Tower of Silence

Tower of Silence is the 4th book in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior. I love this book. I’m doing the final edits on it right now. There will be 5 books in this series, and I am extremely proud of it.

Seriously, this book is bad ass. I love writing Ashok. 🙂

This next book is not by me, but I’m going to promote the hell out of it because it is from my friend, CorreiaTech Marketing Daimyo, and guy who keeps this website and the WriterDojo podcast working, Jack Wylder-

An Illustrated Guide to AI Mastery

Jack goes through the various AI art programs and demonstrates what kind of prompts generate what kind of output, which artists can then manipulate and use the bits and pieces for all sorts of creative things.

Coming soon, but I don’t know the actual release date, there is a 2nd episode of Lost Planet Homicide coming to Audible, called LPH: Ghosts of Zenith. I love this series. It is my gritty cop show in space.

After I get done with the edits on Tower of Silence I will be working on Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever with Jason Cordova. (I should have already started but I’m running late on ToS because I stopped in the middle to write a gun rights book). This one is going to be a lot of fun.

There is a bunch more MHI coming. Both main series line, more memoirs (including something really neat with Les Johnson), and another MH Files anthology.

People keep asking me about more Grimnoir. Yes. There will be. The plan is to finish the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior’s fifth and final book, then start the new trilogy. So that way I wrap up a series before starting a new one.

Other Projects

WriterDojo® has turned out to be really popular, and useful for a lot of aspiring writers. Which is awesome, so we’re going to keep making them. We’re doing some testing later this week for guests calling in to see how that works out.

The Monster Hunter International tabletop miniatures game from Everything Epic is still moving right along. They’ve been sending me more artwork and miniature renders that are super bad ass. I believe they did an update last week.

The limited edition leatherbound Grimnoir trilogy which got kicked in the head by Covid after book 1, Hard Magic, shipped, is back on track, with book 2, Spellbound now at the printers. I hope to have some more news about that soon.

Gritty Cop Show I’m going to wait until after the miniatures game is fulfilled before proceeding on that. It is a fun side project, and Jack has come up with some really cool stuff for the game book, but I don’t want more than one Kickstarter hanging out there at a time if I can help it.

WriterDojo S3 Ep16: First Person Narrative
WriterDojo S3 Ep15: Working With an Editor with Toni Weisskopf

34 thoughts on “October 2022 Update”

  1. April can’t come fast enough. Seriously, I love this series. After finishing those books, I passed them off to my dad and brothers who also loved them. Awesome news!

  2. “We’re doing some testing later this week for guests calling in to see how that works out.”

    I’d like to see Chris Avellone on “writing for video games” (or anything) if that goes well.

  3. “Monster Hunters International” — the movie. Why are they holding you back? A natural! Werewolves, heroes, guns and… stuff. They don’t seem to have a single original thing to broadcast/film. Surely, SURELY! there is a savvy producer/soon to be felon looking for a good property? I impattionately impationatelyu pmpationetly… f*ck it, I’ll wait as best I can.

    1. See, I think making MHI a movie would be a mistake, it needs to be a TV series. A show gives them space to really get into the nitty gritty of the universe, and it feels like much of it is written in an episodic manner. Plus, I think Hollywood would try to truncate it down way to much and end up bombing it.

      1. And that’s the problem- we just can’t trust Hollywood to make a good adaptation these days.
        And one must remember that the author of a work seldom has any input at all on how the Film of the Book is made. Film rights are a funny thing, with the system deliberately set up to screw the maximum amount of people of as much money and credit as they can.

        1. A lot of adaptations are given to people who openly hate the source material (for a recent example from inside the production, see claims from a former staffer on The Witcher that other writers regularly and openly mocked the source material while working on the show) or just have no understanding of it.

          And that’s before you get to the other problems with trying to get competent showrunners, good writers who are capable of writing what’s good for the show over what they want to write, appropriate acting talent, etc.

        2. Exactly. If there was a Monster Hunter movie it would be 100% woke. Things are too weird. Writers of books dont really know how to write movies, its a different skill set. And I think good writers who are not woke dont want to lift their head up.
          Give it time. Im pretty pleased at the possibility that Musk owning Twitter gives us. And Netflix is slowly starting to put their toes in the semi woke water. Action films like Gay Man, Top Gun….they are weighing their options.

        3. Joe, one can always raise the money to make a film through crowdfunding, and then arrange for distribution, if they wanted to.

  4. First off I love all you write and will read whatever you put to paper! MHI and SotFW are a couple of my favorites, but I’m wondering if you’ll ever get back to the Malcontents? I’ve read both books about 4 times each and really want to know what Lt. Cleasby and crew are up to.

    1. I hear you friend. While I enjoy all of Larry’s writing the Malcontents are something special. That said Larry made a post last year talking about this. Stuff gets buried so no worries not seeing it. I honestly only remember because its a topic close to my own heart as well. =)


      “People keep asking if there will be a 3rd Malcontents. Those are really good, and I really like them, but the problem there is that it isn’t my world. I don’t own it. At this point of my career time spent working in other people’s IPs is time that I’m not expanding my own. And the Malcontents are by far my least known/selling books (which is too bad, because they are really fun). So another of those is really unlikely.”

      Hope that helps answer your question had the same one myself

  5. You’re a gun guy? I* had no idea! Isn’t that liable to promote violence? 😉

    *a day late and a couple thousand rounds short…

  6. Looking forward to your 2nd Amendment book becoming available soon, from someplace besides Crapazon of course.

  7. Thanks Larry for all you do.

    Larry do you know what’s on the MP3 CD for Monster Hunter Bloodlines. Servants of War has been out less long and it has its MP3 CD up for sale. I’m not saying I don’t truth Amazon to unperson you but we live in interesting times.

  8. I patiently await new titles in the MHI and SotFW series, I have pre-ordered In Defense of the 2nd Amendment to share with the women’s shooting group I’m in. I recently finished Servants of War, please tell me that there will be more to that series.

  9. As an Aussie* looking forward to reading your second amendment book when it comes out and sharing thoughts with a few friends.

    *Contrary to popular belief guns are still legal and (relatively) easily accessible in Australia.

  10. Yay on new Grimnoir! Grimnoir is probably my favorite of your series (though, admittedly, I haven’t gotten into Saga of the Forgotten Warrior yet).

    I have to say that Writer Dojo is probably the best writing podcast. Glad to see its booming, and I hope Steve is getting good brisket money from supporters.

    1. I’m so excited for more grimnoir. Definitely my favorite of Larry’s stuff. Forgotten Warrior is good too but it had to grow on me because of my hatred of caste systems.

  11. Larry,

    I can’t wait for Gritty cop shoe. I love the crazy plotline and gives me idea on passing and action.

    Will you do your space merc game too. I miss Nueva Lusitana gettin’ trashed as well as the storylines. I laughed my head off at the antics of the merc company.


    1. I hope so. I feel like I have been waiting for years, and I pre ordered on Amazon, which is all the option I have.

  12. “…So that way I wrap up a series before starting a new one.”
    – John Ringo unavailable for comment
    (Lol, I know, he’s a slave to his muse, but…it made me cackle, so there! … seriously no disrespect intended whatsoever, just snickers)

    Excited about”In Defense of the Second Amendment” and SotBS Bk 5…and I’m positively giddy at the prospect of more Grimnoir!

    Keeping y’all in my prayers!

  13. Way to go Larry! Just got my January 2023 issue of GUNS MAGAZINE (FMG PUBLICATIONS), Larry Correia’s IN DEFENSE OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT (REGNERY PUBLISHING) is prominently displayed in the New Products section, PP 67.
    Rock on Larry!

  14. The audiobook for Destroyer of Worlds was delayed. Do you know at this point if the audiobook for Tower of Silence will also be delayed? Do you know who the the narrator is yet?

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