WriterDojo S3 Ep15: Working With an Editor with Toni Weisskopf

At FenCon 2022 we had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with some amazing guests. This week, hosts/authors Steve Diamond and Larry Correia were honored to sit down with one of the most respected editors in publishing, Special Guest Toni Weisskopf, to talk about the dynamics of writers and editors and how to prosper in the writing business.

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October 2022 Update
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8 thoughts on “WriterDojo S3 Ep15: Working With an Editor with Toni Weisskopf”

  1. Sort of similar to what Larry said about writers being prideful, I once insisted that a writer had to have a certain level of arrogance. OH LORDIE, did people get mad at me!

    Granted, every other day you’ve probably got crippling self-doubt, but at basic levels, you’ve got to believe that what you’ve got to say is important enough for other people to read. You’ve got to.

    The other thing that I say that gets me in less trouble is that those of us who are introverts are “closet exhibitionists.” 😛

    1. I just recently started writing what I hope will be my first full novel and I have been riding one hell of an ego high from the positive reception I’m getting from the people I’ve got test reading it for me.

    2. I suspect that a certain degree of megalomania is an occupational hazard for writers. You can create your own worlds, and then invite people to visit.

      Tolkien created Middle-Earth. Burroughs created Barsoom. Zelazny created Amber. Straczynski created Babylon 5, Minbar and Narn. Weber created multiple interstellar civilizations, each with their own customs, history, politics and trade. Bujold created Barrayar, Beta Colony, Jackson’s Whole and Cetaganda.

      Truly amazing.
      Count Vordarian: “What? You’re a Betan! You can’t do—“

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