An Illustrated Guide to AI Prompt Mastery

Jack Wylder wrote a book!

An Illustrated Guide to AI Prompt Mastery

Available on Amazon at:

Behind the scenes, Jack isn’t just my friend, the CorreiaTech Marketing Daimyo, and the guy who keeps this blog running, he’s also got a real job as a professional marketing dude and has been an artist for decades.

When the AI art first started taking off Jack got really into it, and also observed a lot of indy authors trying to input prompts in the hopes the computer would spit out a useable book cover. Once in a while it might, but the rest of the time it was sort of good except things like the people had weird hands and extra elbows growing out of their necks. So Jack started using prompts to build bits which he could then photoshop into cohesive covers.

So Jack started putting together a guide book of the hundreds of prompts and styles artists could farm. When Toni at Baen heard what he was doing she offered to publish it through Baen’s webscriptions, because she recognized that this new tech would be a really valuable tool for artists.

I’m really excited for Jack. Check it out, and please tell your friends!

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5 thoughts on “An Illustrated Guide to AI Prompt Mastery”

  1. I purchased the book last night, read throught it and enjoyed it. Woke up this morning and it was not in my kindle. Amazon emailed me that there was a problem with payment, using my store card. I went in, retried store card. No luck. I switched to my debit card, still no luck. Tried a credit card, would not process. I went shopping, bought vitamins with my store card. Went right through. The item has already shipped. Still can’t repurchase the book. I hope this is not a sign they are messing with the sales.

    1. Full color books get prohibitively expensive, sadly. I don’t know if it’ll ever see print because of that (trust me- I’d really like a copy for one of my bookshelves)

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