WriterDojo S3 Ep6: Networking

With  Steve fresh back from his role as ambassador at GenCon, this week our  hosts/authors Steve Diamond and Larry Correia share stories that  highlight the various aspects of networking- the good, the bad, and the  ambivalent.

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This week’s episode is sponsored by Stephanie Osborn’s Empire: Imperial Police

Dominick Ashton is a rookie cop in the headquarters of Her Majesty’s Imperial Police. Unfortunately, in an Empire full of corruption, treason, and upheaval, that’s one of the most corrupt organizations of them all. But Ashton is a straight shooter. Can he do the job he’s trained to do without perverting his honor, or will crooked cops take him out instead?

And what will happen when he’s called upon to solve a case for the Empress herself?

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WriterDojo S3 Ep7: Supporter Spectacular (Round V)
Correia's Law of Internet Arguing

13 thoughts on “WriterDojo S3 Ep6: Networking”

  1. While I had been thinking for awhile that a Writer Dojo anthology to both get new authors paid and help Jack & Steve quit their day jobs would be awesome, the start of this episode now has me leaning towards also hoping for a Writer Dojo cookbook…
    … and happy burrito anniversary!

  2. I’ll have to listen to the rest of this (5:13 onward) later. So far it sounds like an episode about food, and I haven’t made dinner yet.

  3. Contention: all of the various ‘ism’ (marxism, comunism, social justice, CRT, etc) trace from the idea that the pie is fixed. And if the pie is of a fixed and finite size, the only question is how you determine who gets how much.

    Marxism, socialism, CRT, and the victim Olympics are all various answers to that and probably stem from fairly independent sources, but because they are all starting for the false assumption that, if one person eats, another goes hungry, they all end up operating in fundamentally similar ways, even though their definitions of worthy vs unworthy may be radically different.

    I’d speculate this is also why they always devour each other: their only real compatibility is a burning hatred for anyone who argues the pie grows. After that, they are all bitter competitors for the shrinking pie.

    I’m also wondering if targeting the ‘fixed pie’ mindset may actually be the most effective way to deal with them? Because if the pie is infinite, what does class, race, etc even matter? Half of infinity is still infinity after all.

    Perhaps the underlying problem is the concept of unbounded prosperity is simply anti-intuitive to the hunter-gatherer lizard brain we’ve all got riding us?

    And I wonder if part of our role as writers is to show that?

    1. They are doing everything they can to shrink the pie, and hog it all. They punish work and reward indolence, cause inflation and recession, close schools and confine people at home, while telling us “The chocolate ration is being increased from four grams to three grams.”
      The government can mandate stupidity, but they can’t make it not be stupid.

      1. Well, yes, but if they are starting from the assumption that the pie is fixed, there is nothing they could do that would actually shrink it either.

        Or as I’m told LBJ said: First, assume prosperity.

      1. What you need to do is guilt trip Steven into bringing you his new chorizo breakfast burger once he has perfected it as consolation for being left out of the one year anniversary gifting.

  4. Finally found a link to the Writer Dojo Facebook page. I had to go inside Facebook. Google absolutely refused to help, even when I forced it to look for Correia. (by searching Facebook WriterDojo “Correia”).

    Dam, I try not to wear the tinfoil hat, but they keep shoving it on my head.

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