It’s been a crazy week, – In Defense of the 2nd Amendment update

One week ago the pre order went live for-

In Defense of the Second Amendment

There were so many pre orders in that first day that Amazon added it to their promotional emails and put a BIG discount on the hard cover. And good news, if you’ve already pre ordered they will automatically adjust it to the new lower price.

It has hit some pretty crazy numbers so far-
#123 on all of Amazon
#289 in Kindle
#13 in Non-fiction
#4 in Politics
#1 in a whole bunch of different genres like Political Freedom, Ideologies & Doctrine, Federal Government, United States Government, Political Conservatism & Liberalism, etc. And in many of those, the book was at #1 while the Kindle was at #2.

So now is a great time to order some extra on sale hard covers for your friends, relatives, and all the fence sitters in your life. 🙂 Please tell, your friends. Preorders are super helpful and ensure a successful book launch. I’m hoping this one can actual move the needle with some people.

Sadly, when a new political book blows up like this you get a bunch of rip off scam artists trying to capitalize on it. The first one is real, and rest are scumbag grifters.

That is pretty amazing that they’re already done extensive analysis and reviews of a book that only me and the editors have read so far.

I have had several gun store owners contact me about buying bulk copies to sell in their shops. If you are interested leave a comment and I will give you the information for how to order direct from the publisher. They do discounts by the case.

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Book Signing, Layton UT, Tuesday Aug 9

10 thoughts on “It’s been a crazy week, – In Defense of the 2nd Amendment update”

  1. God dammit, I told them to be careful with the time machine and not do anything that could be traced back to their time travel.

  2. Why would they need to read it? They all use the same stupid arguments over and over and over and over . . .

    There’s “it only counts if you’re in a militia!” and “the Founders didn’t foresee today’s super scary fully semi-automatic ‘assault weapons’!” and “herpa derpa government can haz nukes!” and “the ‘good guys with guns’ thing never happens!” and of course, the de rigueur demonstration of their obsession with penis size.

  3. Because I have no fear, I downloaded the previews of two of those “in depth analysis” books. And they are identical, being someone else’s boring thesis on the 2nd.

  4. While I am not a gun store owner, as a bibliophile (some might say “book hoarder”), I am curious what the case-count will be on these.

  5. Can I assume that if the pre-order opened, that the book itself is finished and currently being printed?

    Not having published anything myself, I’m not sure of the order of operations on these things.

    But I also put a link to the Amazon page for it on my Farcebook and MeWe pages.

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