In Defense of the Second Amendment

Here is the cover and preorder link for my upcoming non-fiction gun/politics book.

In Defense of the Second Amendment

Coming January 24, 2023 from Regnery.

This is a subject I’ve been studying for about thirty years now. I’m a gun guy. My entire life I’ve been “gun culture”. I worked in the gun business, I was a firearms instructor, I was a competitor, and I’ve written some of the most viral blog posts about gun rights there are.

Things like my Opinion On Gun Control were the basis for this project. In that vein it is intended to give ammo to people who are already on my side of the debate, and also to sway the undecided. This is the book to pass on to the fence sitters, where I try to make the case that the 2nd Amendment is for all of us, and absolutely vital.

The 2nd Amendment is under assault. Congress just passed another idiotic gun ban, and now it is off to the senate. There is no topic that Americans are more passionate yet ignorant about. I’d like to help fix that.

EDIT: The preorder went live last night. Currently the hard cover is sitting at #175 on all of Amazon, and the ebook is #715 in the entire Kindle store. That is astounding for a book that doesn’t come out for 5 months.

EDIT 2: Last night the book got to some pretty amazing heights.
#123 on all of Amazon
#289 in Kindle
#13 in Non-fiction
#4 in Politics
#1 in a whole bunch of different genres like Political Freedom, Ideologies & Doctrine, Federal Government, United States Government, Political Conservatism & Liberalism, etc. And in many of those, the book was at #1 while the Kindle was at #2.

Book Signing, Layton UT, Tuesday Aug 9
WriterDojo S3 Ep4: It Just Won't Stop (Tweet bashing Round 4)

60 thoughts on “In Defense of the Second Amendment”

  1. Will it cover the NRA’s repeat treason (34, 68, 86, etc.)? Hugo Black’s role in the KKK and Korematsu?

    1. Not particularly. I don’t plug or bag on any of the gun rights orgs. I just suggest people support whichever ones they think do the best work. The only thing I say about the NRA is contrary to the media narrative, the NRA is moderate compared to most of us.

      1. *Snort* No kidding. At my Arizona legislative district meeting the raffle prizes were three semi-auto pistols.

    2. Nana are you even able to post anything that doesn’t involve screeching about how the NRA touched you in a bad place?

      1. I mean they ONLY helped a man who forced members of the military to participate in gay orgies seize undelagated powers so he could put tens of thousands of people in concentration camps, then after decades to reflect did it again for a flasher that sold the ARVN he promised support to up the river because he did not want to anger communists despite that literally being his job. Maybe I’m a little too harsh on them…

  2. I have never fired a gun in my life but believe very strongly in our Bill of Rights. Regnery is a great publisher, too. Ordered!!

    1. Almost the same here. Only fired enough to know that having a dominant left eye and a dominant right hand is really weird so it kind of made sense why I couldn’t hit anything unless I fired south paw.

      But supporter of the constitution and will definitely buy this book.

    2. Your still going on about the NFA? That was over 75 years ago. Maybe you want to complain about Tombstone, AZ having a no carry ordiance in the 1800s?

        1. Good luck overturning a tax. In any event, you missed posting the connection between the Newport Scandal and whatever exactly you were claiming about Vietnam..

  3. Are you going to have autographed copies available through Uncle Hugo’s or anywhere else? That or we could meet up for dinner again when the Mrs and I are on our way up to MT.

          1. I just caught that. (First thought when I saw that was, “RATS!”) Still going to chase you down at wherever I’m going to bump into you (LC, etc…) and get you to sign this one. I’m going out of my way there, Larry. Having you do a book in depth on the subjects of those blog posts…well…

          2. Buy a nice book plate or a blank label and ask him to sign that, then when you get your book you can just stick it in 😊

  4. Whatever my opinions about any of the amendments, Larry commenting on the reviews of his book will be fun.

    1. Opinions on the Amendments? Uhm…on this subject, it’s been made clear that there’s pretty much only ONE of those there- by the Supreme Court even.

      Anything else is…not a valid one, regardless of how you, “feel,” about that. The only way to change this is to AMEND the Constitution. Good luck on this one, you’re going to need it.

      1. It has been made clear in the first amendment that there are infinite valid opinions about the Amendments. Which is stupid in some circumstances, but the constitution is what it is until you guys manage to amend it in the right way. Or delete some of those amendments. What would be the correct word? Remend the constitution? That probably does not exist.

        I don’t need any luck. I live in a country with a better constitution (objectively of course ;-D). My forefathers did that changing stuff for me. And some of the Americans of previous generations helped as well, I guess. We have still problems with too fast cars, old nuclear power plants and radical police, but at least we have no gun problem. Which means I get to eat popcorn on this topic.

        1. Your first line is dumb.
          You can have whatever opinion you want.
          However, SCOTUS has ruled and said exactly what the 2nd means, which is what Frank is talking about.
          So you can have an opinion all you want, but it’s irrelevant as far as how it effects reality for the rest of us.

          I don’t know what country you live in. Or care really. You aren’t us.
          But I do have a chapter talking about how dishonest shit heads love to cherry pick some stats to compare countries in a futile apples to oranges sort of way.

          1. It’s true. Bullshit travels at the speed of light these days.

            Also, it is the -usual- post modernist relativistic bullshit one sees in the papers, masquerading as philosophical Deep Thinking. These people think they get points for trashing the USA and it’s constitution.

            Canadians LOVE to do this. They do it all the time. (Speaking as a Canadian here, they really do.)

            What they all forget, or never knew, is that the Constitution of the USA is OLDEST ONE in the world except for England. Older than every founding document in Continental Europe. Older than Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, you name it.

            I blame it on protective ignorance. If they had a clue, their world-view would crumble to dust and they’d realize they are on the same side with the Bad Guys who killed 6 million Jews and 20 million Ukrainians. Nobody wants to admit they are a Bad Guy.

          2. Of course there are uncountable numbers of opinions…which are moot considering what the Constitution actually states and what the Supreme court has stated what the 2nd Amendment means in reference to ownership.
            Other than maybe Switzerland, there is no other nation with more (classic) liberal gun laws (for now), so the country referred to is also moot. If the mystery country referred to is what I think it is, then yes there IS a gun problem….a distinct lack thereof.

  5. I want it but have to wait until it hits the shelves. I keep telling people who cry about mass shooters that iwould be better to not have gun free zones, and that people have stopped plenty of bad guys before they can rack up a massive number of victims. I point out to them that the media either ignores or plays down and minimizes anyone who stops a mass killer like the fellow in Indiana, who people attacked over his carrying a legally owned weapon which he used to stop a killer, because it was supposedly a gunfree zone. I also have to keep reminding people that Kyle Rittenhouse was proven to be in the right, in a court of law. Having this for extra arguments will be fantastic! Thank You.

    1. @The Phantom
      Yeah. And it’s so frustrating is both the French and English colonial history of Canada,is evey house had a rifle. They were the militias and defended theirs homes. This is why I do hate the Mexican American and Crimean wars that so scared the political elites, they started the path to gun control (centralizing militias, etc)


  6. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the useful idiots on how having fans with buying power is cheating. I mean how is crummy message fic going to compare to this many pre-orders the day after your fans have Kickstarter a large sum of money

    1. I have to admit, I laughed in agreement with this, especially looking at the current Amazon #’s given for this pre-order since it was just announced today:

      Best Sellers Rank: #175 in Books
      #1 in Political Freedom (Books)
      #2 in United States National Government
      #2 in Political Conservatism & Liberalism

      1. Best Sellers Rank: #690,003 in Kindle Store (See Top 100 in Kindle Store)
        #2,647 in Political Commentary & Opinion
        #637,590 in Kindle eBooks

        Bet me! Bet me!!

  7. Larry Correia is a thief. No, he’s worse than a thief. He’s an extortionist! He’s using guns to force me to give him money at this point.

      1. Not much room for storage of the mass of books already in my RV, but I’m still old school and order hardcover dead tree copies always. My goal is to have another house one day with one bedroom turned into a library full of fine works of the writer’s art.

    1. I expect “in-depth” reviews by the end of the weekend now that telepathy and precognition are considered “evidence”

  8. Larry,

    Does your book cover a little bit of the history and origins of the 2nd Amendment? Does it originate in common law or from Magna carta?


    1. Only briefly. It isn’t a history book. There’s already entire books quibbling over what the founders actually meant, even though that’s a stupid argument and nobody is actually dumb enough to believe the narratives about how the 2nd is for deer hunting or creating a national guard, and magna carta vs common law is pretty much irrelevant to the actual debate today (especially considering 99% of the people don’t know or care about the relevance of either)

  9. I pre-ordered both the hardcover (to lend out) and the Kindle version (to read). Looking forward to this.

    1. Col. Kratman? Which would really make the VileProgs cry in their single-source, organic, fair-trade, soy lattes.

  10. I just pre-ordered it. I’m so disappointed — there’s not a single negative review yet! I was looking forward to reading lots of clueless flamage about how the announcement of the book is already endangering us all because… (I can’t finish that with a straight face.)

  11. I wasn’t aware this was coming. Prepare to have your Amazon numbers boosted. I’m buying 5 copies, for a start. One for my bookcase, and the rest to send to various family and friends.

  12. Okay, I lied. Going to buy one or two a month until it releases. Just pre-ordered my first two.

  13. Not all heroes wear capes (though maybe this one did, I wasn’t there): “One man showed up to the buyback with dozens of 3D-printed firearms, and Houston authorities had no choice but to accept them and hand over gift cards in return. The real kicker: it only cost the man $3 to print each firearm, of which he made 62, and received $50 per 3D-printed gun for a total of nearly $3,000 in gift cards.”

    1. You couldn’t fork over for the e-book? Dude. Times are really tough, huh?

      Go beg on a street corner for half an hour, you’ll cover it. If you put up a sign saying what you want the money for, you’ll probably get $100 bucks an hour. “Need Money For Larry Correia Books!” I’d toss you a twoney.

  14. Is there going to be an audiobook, and if so, are you going to narrate it? I’d love to hear this read by you. Professional narrators can do a great job, but when it comes to certain types of nonfiction, I think there’s nothing quite like the author vocalizing their own thoughts.

  15. Looking forward to your arguments, Larry. I started reading all the “scientific” studies in the criminology and medical literature back in the 1990s, and I produced a monograph on the subject in the early 2000’s. Not a widely distributed one, but it was on the web for years.

    My findings at the time were that maybe six (6) studies out of the hundred plus that I reviewed met the minimum requirements for a scientific paper. Want to emphasize the -minimum- here, it becomes important in a moment. All the others were bullshit, essentially. Some were spectacularly bad, those were the “Gun in the home is 40,000 times more likely to kill you…” type efforts paid for by the CDC. (That’s your money, Americans.)

    Not to put too fine a point on it, those six minimum-competency papers did not find that gun control worked. Four of them showed it didn’t work, the other two showed no statistically significant effect.

    The literature is -so- bad that the National Institute of Health (NIH) did a meta-analysis and found no evidence that gun control worked. Despite the review board being packed with anti-gun authors, they had to admit it was all bullshit. The NIH mind you, not some cow college in East Nowhere.

    Beyond the issue of gun control, which is deadly serious on its own, there is the other issue of corruption in the science community. The Journal of the American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine have consistently published papers that are so bad that you laugh when you read the abstract. They’ve been doing it since the 1970s.

    Guess what else they’ve been lying about lately: the Covid shot. It is not a vaccine, it does not prevent Covid, and it does appear to have some serious side effects. What do we hear from the literature? Crickets, that’s what.

    On the criminology side they’ve been lying too. California took up the banner of Woke criminal law, and the results have been spectacularly bad.

    We let them lie about guns, high wide and handsome, for about 50 years. The rot deepened, and now they lie about stuff that can kill your grandmother.

    I can’t stand liars. It’s going to be fun beating them with the clue-bat. Going to knock -all- the candy out of this pinata.

  16. You probably answered this somewhere already so I apologize if this is a repeat. Will there be an audiobook? Most of my family only listens to books these days?

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