WriterDojo S2 Ep0: the State of the Dojo Address 2022

This week we catch up with hosts/Authors Steve Diamond and Larry Correia and follow up on the New Year’s Eve Resolutions episode. What they are working on now, what’s coming up, and where they’ll be for the rest of the year. As a bonus, Larry reveals secrets about producer Jack Wylder that he wasn’t supposed to tell but no really, it’s fine- it’s FINE Larry….

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This week’s episode is sponsored by Stephanie Osborn’s *Burnout*
Burnout is a science fiction mystery about a Space Shuttle disaster that turns out to be no accident. As the true scope of the disaster is gradually uncovered by the principal investigators, “Crash” Murphy and Dr. Mike Anders, they find themselves running for their lives, as lovers, friends and coworkers involved in the investigation perish around them. What happened to the Shuttle? Who is responsible and why? Why is the government calling it an accident? Why is someone willing to kill to keep it a secret? And how big is the conspiracy?

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7 thoughts on “WriterDojo S2 Ep0: the State of the Dojo Address 2022”

  1. My low key favorite part of this podcast is that you’re both productive people who have held regular productive people jobs where people actually needed you there to get work done. I just torched a vacation to meet a target. Not to throw any shade but a lot of writer podcasts I’ve listened to the people will be like “well, I couldn’t work a regular job” and “I don’t do deadlines.” And I’m just like “you piece of shit, you just wormed your way into this world so you wouldn’t have to be accountable to anyone.”

    1. I’d like that too, frankly. It’s human nature. And it’s probably why some people are successful writers and most of everyone else are not.

      I’ve been interested in the actual writing habits of Very Successful Authors for a long time. Not super intensely, understand, just paying attention when the subject comes up. I haven’t run into one yet who doesn’t work at it. Some have odd hours or habits, but the ones who wait around for the spirit to hit them aren’t writing.

    2. I always wonder how those people actually eat. I mean, “I don’t do 8 to 5” I can get. I’d do much better 7 to 3 personally. My wife would do better 10 to 7. But I don’t do deadlines tells me you don’t actually produce any true written materials for market.

      What’s funny is you have on the other hand people like Michael Anderle or L Ron Hubbard who are literal manuscript machines. Heck, Hubbard even wrote an essay called “The Manuscript Factory”. More I learn about Hubbard as a writer, the more I’m in awe. Dude wrote between 70,000 and 100,000 a month, on a frigging typewriter no less. You can hold negative opinions about his creation of [redacted due to legal advice] but it’s hard not to be awed by a man with that level of professional work ethic.

      1. Lol on Hubbard. I’ve read his wiki page a few times and the edit history is one of the best novels I’ve ever read. If I was in a jury for someone murdering that guy, I’d pretty much have to acquit them just based on all the crazy stuff he was doing in his life but you have to credit a guy with a wiki section called “Sex Magic in Pasadena” for living life to the fullest.

  2. So, I don’t think I’m seeing the supporter stuff. Is there an email I need to white-list to make sure it shows up?

    It’s also possible my email address could be getting flagged. It is a 20+ year old Yahoo account.

    Is there a way to check what’s up? I’m intrigued by the books.

      1. Ok, thank you email sent. Harry Voyager is just my online handle, but the donation should be under my real name.

        It is also possible I mingled the original email address. We shall see.

        Thank you!

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