3 thoughts on “6 days until the MHI tabletop miniatures game kickstarter!”

    1. There’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email- I just tried it. Worked great.
      I can’t find you listed in the Users by either name or email so if you DID try it, it worked.

  1. Everything Epic did a great job with “The Librarians” card game, and I love their “Big Trouble in Little China” board game, and this is based on my favorite book series, so I am so in. If there’s an all-in option, I’m doing that. I do also hope there can be a MHI card game, too. I love card games like Marvel Champions, Arkham Horror, and Lord of the Rings. I bet MHI done up somewhat like the AH LCG would be amazing.

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