My LibertyCon Schedule

LibertyCon is this weekend –

The Gritty Cop Show is me running an RPG I invented for charity. There’s only 6 seats for that and you’ve got to bid for them at the auction.

DayStartLocationName of Event
Fri2:00 PMCC – Mtg Rm 5The Art and Craft of Miniature Painting
Fri3:00 PMCC – Mtg Rm 3Accommodations for the Undead in Modern Society
Fri5:00 PMCC – Ballroom EOpening Ceremonies
Fri9:00 PMCC – Ballroom ENo Game for Knights
Fri10:00 PMCC – Ballroom EGive Me LibertyCon! and Onward LibertyCon! Roundtable and Mass Autograph Session
Sat10:00 AMM – Plaza BallroomAutograph Session: Larry Correia, Craig Stanfill, Charles E. Gannon
Sat12:00 PMM – Lookout MountainReading: Larry Correia
Sat2:00 PMCC – Ballroom EBaen Travelling Road Show
Sat6:30 PMCC – Mtg Rms 9 & 10Baen Reception – Private Event
Sun10:00 AMCC – Mtg Rm 5Science Fiction, Mystery and Noir
Sun11:00 AMM – Tennessee RiverWriting and Selling Across Multiple Genres
Sun3:00 PMM – Tennessee RiverLarry Correia’s “Gritty Cop Show”
Larry's Twitter posts on the Jan 6 commission
MHI Swag Shop Now Open!

8 thoughts on “My LibertyCon Schedule”

  1. I know the upcoming Kickstarter is for the MHI skirmish game but I’m holding out hope for a GCS Kickstarter campaign, too!

  2. I will get to attend eventually. I’m going to try to get in before they sell out for next year. Now that I’m back in the U.S. it should be easier.

    1. When do you need to get tickets? I have heard this is the con to go to but it is always sold out.

      1. Keep checking the webpage. They will post when they will open up the tickets for purchase some time after the current con ends.

  3. You should video the Gritty Cop Show game and post on youtube. I’d love to watch based on your previous descriptions.

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