Larry’s Twitter posts on the Jan 6 commission

Hey all- Jack Wylder here. Once again, Larry sent out a couple of things on ‘Social Media’ (this time Twitter) that I thought should be preserved here rather than getting lost on the interwebz. (This one got picked up by Twitchy and went semi-viral) So without further ado, here’s some thoughts on the recent January 6th Hearings…

The ugly truth the beltway can’t grasp, it isn’t that regular America doesn’t care about Jan6. It’s that they hate you for making their lives miserable, so when they saw you cowering, they thought good, now they know how it feels to be afraid.

The gov fucked over regular America with Covid, then let cities burn because democrats were having a tantrum, then left half of them feeling cheated and disenfranchised… and you’re shocked none of them give a shit when pols got temporarily discomforted for one day?

The further you get from the beltway, the more Americans hate and distrust their government. Why shouldn’t they? You do nothing but fuck them over while your pet media blatantly lies to their faces.

They hated you a year and a half ago. Now you’ve fucked the economy, their money is worthless, they can’t buy gas or food, and you’re shocked that they don’t give a shit about your pathetic Soviet show trial, crying about how you felt scared for one day?

Where was the big public trial about the abysmal fuck up in Afghanistan, so many Americans wasted time, money, and lives on? 

Where was the big public trial for the hundred other Biden fuck ups? 

We all know the answer. 

Which just further illustrates why we despise you.

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42 thoughts on “Larry’s Twitter posts on the Jan 6 commission”

  1. There is two positive points to this rather depressing post:

    One: you could be living in Europe as I do where we do not even elect our overlords (namely the European Commission).

    Two: you people still have a final option.

    Hoping to export my daughter to the US since you still have a chance. Europe is doomed…

  2. “The further you get from the beltway, the more Americans hate and distrust their government.”

    For some reason I’m suddenly reminded of the awesome book, Unintended Consequences. Might just be time for a re-read one day soon. Because seeing statist thugs get what they so richly deserve, even if it’s fictional, is fun, enjoyable, and cathartic, especially if you’re into gun culture.

    Just a shame it’ll never happen in the real world.

    1. That title isn’t ringing a bell but I’ll have to check it out! Another one is Term Limits by Vince Flynn. Sounds like it’s along similar lines. If only life can imitate art…

      1. It’s HEAVY on gun esoteria, which can mostly be skipped if you’re only interested in the main story stuff, and it’s available for free as a PDF:

        Huge amount of it is based on the real world events of the last century involving statist thugs and gun control efforts, but woven around an engaging narrative and a kick ass main character (Henry Bowman). 800 pages, so it ain’t short 🙂

        1. Great story. Great book. The historical stuff – racist roots of gun control, government over reach etc. – is all true.
          The author was a historian.

          1. The book’s really great. It so happens i’ve just translated it to Czech; quite improbably anybody here might be interested, but if so — against all the probability — happens, do please check 🙂

            They say John actually wrote the sequel named “Cold Resolve” before he, triple alas, passed out. Would be great if it gets published!

  3. The next step, of course, is Red Flag Laws, where the government can punish you from crimes you haven’t committed, and require you to prove your innocence of before they let you exercise your rights again.

    This is so going to turn into the American version of the Enabling Acts, and Rhino Inc thinks it’s just business as usual, as usual…

    And the thing that gets me? A flight sim I play is going to be dropping the B-26 Marauder soon, and I’ve got most of the research material and tools set up to start churning out skins for every USAAF air service that flew it. Heck, most of the unit markings are already widely available in SVG format in the public domain, so a lot of its just going to be scale and convert operations too.

    But instead of doing that, I’m going to have to spend my free time calling politicians who I voted for, but won’t even talk to me to try and avoid this catastrophe while painting a target on my forehead for every psycho lefty who thinks they’re doing God’s Work hunting conservatives.

    Bah humbug.

    1. The good news is Red Flag laws have not been passed yet and if they do get passed our current SCOTUS will likely smack them down because we’re not quite to the “pre-crime” stage of government though the Dems keep trying.

      Unfortunately, if history is anything to go by, a bunch of pro-active petty tyrants and Karens will use Red Flags laws, if they get passed, to take guns away from people they don’t like and by the time SCOTUS overturns it those people will have their lives ruined or some other excuse will be used to jail them so don’t underestimate the damage that can be done between a law being passed and when the law is tossed out for being unconstitutional.

      1. And that also assumes the court tosses them. The leftists are apparently quite open to the idea of creating “openings” in the court if they don’t get their way.

        I would not be surprised to see the court rule in a way to keep the mobs at bay, rather than based on the law as written.

        Honestly hope we do not get the chance to test that hypothesis, either.

      2. Unfortunately, if history is anything to go by, petty tyrants and Karens will use Red Flags laws, if they get passed, to take guns away from people they don’t like and by the time SCOTUS overturns it those people will have their lives ruined

        Of course! It’s doubtful (to my suspicious and freedom-loving mind, at least) whether such laws have any other function past the block-check of “Doing Something” about “Gun Violence” in another election year.

        In the meantime, while the sheep praise Napoleon for keeping them safe from (his) dogs, there are more than enough wanna-be puppies glad to try ridding the Farm of anybeast not likely to thank the more-equal swine for their own disarmament (see: every conveniently-timed Mass Shooting in the last decades, and the inconvenient political alignment of nearly every one of the shooters).

  4. Normal Americans watched cities burn and the Media call it “mostly peaceful protests”

    The Jan 6th Insurrection was so damaging and harmful that I have yet to see the pictures of the devastation or a list of names the insurrectionists killed.

    Oh, they only did a few thousand dollars worth of damage and only protestors were killed? Sounds like a weak ass insurrection unless you’re a Leftie Hysterical Ninny.

  5. Nancy Pelosi, who can only utter bilabial fricatives because her 204th facelift unfortunately brought some parts up too far, is still frantically trying to get people to understand her utter and complete failure to secure the Capitol, which was one of her main obligations as a PUBLIC SERVANT was in no way, not even a teeny-tiny bit her fault.


    Not yet, Nancy. Wait until you’re in the super-minority after the next election. Then we’ll see.

  6. If you want to see how bad the media bias is, consider that in May 2020, protesters stormed barricades around the White House, burned down a church across the street and threatened to lynch the sitting president . . . and you never hear about it.

      1. From knowing Secret Service agents from both of those details, you’ve got no fucking clue. 😀

      2. The “So?” says a whole lot. Fact is that you heard more about supposed clearing of protestors with tear gas so Trump could take a picture in front of that church than about the rest of it, and despite the fact that the tear gas for a photo thing was a lie, that’s the part you care about. Deeply.

    1. I think that was July, maybe June. But yep.

      THAT was the real Capital Riot, and the actual insurrection was the election fraud and the militarization of its enforcement against the slightest whiff of dissent.

  7. Democrats constantly whining about it don’t seem to realize most Americans would have PREFERRED the capitol building burning down with all 536 members of the legislative branch and Frank Luntz inside.

    1. Most? Not really. A few, probably. Most of us hope that just maybe we can turn things around. We’re just not in the burn it all down frame of mind.

      If the big breakup happens, I suspect it will be led by the blues, who think everything will be unicorns and Euromedicine just as soon as us deplorables are confined to our MAGA world.

    2. Correction; you and other neocons want the White House to burn down with Dems in it, the rest of the nation (and the planet) wants Trump and company to be the ones burning up in said White House conflagration (when was the last time you ever heard a POTUS called a cockwomble when he visited the United Kingdom?)

      1. June 2021 when Joe Biden visited England and my friends there called him shit way worse than cockwomble.
        Oh I’m sorry. Did you expect us to engage in your mastabatory fantasy about how all the wise and civilized Europeans are in lock step agreement with whatever the current lefty narrative of the day is?
        My bad. Carry on.

      2. Your notion of “you and other neocons” is kinda weird, especially since “the rest of the nation” comprises perhaps 35% of the populous at most, even accounting for the inclusion of 98% of the press and Hollywood in that number.

        In the meanwhile, your man Biden and his cronies and policies are directly and demonstrably responsible for the fuel-price crisis, current inflation, and the most despicable defeat handed to any major military power since the USSR cratered out (I’m talking about our rout from Afghanistan with our pants around our ankles and the Charmin hanging out of our arse).

        Yeah, you keep entertaining yourself with your Burning-Man Cheeto fantasies. We “neocons” here to the right of Stalin have the real world to deal with. And no thanks to Hunter’s Old Man.

  8. “you’re shocked none of them give a shit when pols got temporarily discomforted for one day?”
    If I may, the actual discomfort was more temporary than that: two hours or three, as I recall. Then the Congress was back in business, the idea of delaying certification until after an investigation of election fraud allegations was then tabled, and not brought up again, false flag mission successful.

  9. See, I don’t think of John Wright as a conspiracy guy. But the net result of this J6 bullshit is that a whole lot of people think McKinley’s assassination was just another brick in the wall. And what do folks like me, who think most of the conspiracy stuff is nonsense, say? What can we say? The frigging CIA, FBI and New York Times conspired to destroy a president.

    There’s nothing we can say.

  10. So Larry – I don’t have a Twitter account, and thought that this might be a good place to respond to a tweet that was on your Twitter feed regarding the recent graphic about those “innocuous” Red Flag laws. I think both you and Mike Kupari commented…

    OK, so if you want to impose one of those laws, there should be some consequence to those who executed it if the gun owner is found to not be a threat (standard of proof shall be “Strict Scrutiny” as the Supreme Court would put it): The person who ratted out the gun owner should be required to pay 4% of their GROSS ANNUAL EARNINGS to the gunowner PER WEAPON confiscated. Also, the government that did the confiscating should be required to pay the gunowner $100K, PER WEAPON CONFISCATED, PER DAY of confiscation (plus any Court costs of course). Any and all government record whatsoever of the confiscation shall be completely expunged – so there’s no Government records whatsoever of the incident, and the jurisdiction that did the confiscation shall issue a public press release stating that they illegally confiscated legally held weapons held by based on false or misleading information provided by

    “Skin in the game” is my message here! If you’re a Karen and try to take my guns away, and if you’re wrong under a Strict Scrutiny standard, then you’re going to pay painfully for taking away MY constitutional right.

  11. Where was the big public trial about the abysmal fuck up in Afghanistan, so many Americans wasted time, money, and lives on?

    That was a war started by Republicans, many of whom should be in the dock.

    1. Started by republicans. Yep. Many of them should be in trouble.
      Yet ended in the most fucking idiotic dumbfuck bullshit asinine dipshit clusterfuck manner of any modern military operation in the history of the western world.
      I bet if they could pin it all on republicans there would have been trials. Gee whiz. What a shocker they didn’t.
      Thanks for playing, day late and a dollar short, as usual.

      1. I mean, they did try and pin the blame for withdrawing as the Taliban was taking over the country on Trump and his negotiations, while pretending that they hadn’t changed the timeframe and that the US withdrawal Trump had negotiated depended on the Taliban not invading, but /shrug.

      1. I’m betting a little from Column A, a little from Column B.
        In fact, the ONLY two who didn’t vote yea were two republicans (who abstained from voting)
        You’ve provided indubitable facts from a legitimately impartial source- I think you and I both know Mark here will now run away and go back to his space safe to complain about how mean we are…
        “but but muh narrative….”


        House vote of the Senate bill was almost equally bipartisan

        Party Yea Nay Not Voting

        Repubs 215 0 5

        Dems 210 1 5

        Interesting highlights there – Pelosi voted Yea,
        Sanders (didn’t realize he was in the House then) voted Yea – a few other Dems are still in congress, and they all voted Yea as well.
        only Nay vote was Rep Lee (D) from CA

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