We Dare 4: Wanted Dead or Alive – my daughter has a story in this anthology

This is the 4th volume in an anthology series from CKP, and this one is about bounty hunters. That’s cool and all, but the most important thing to me is that my daughter Hinkley is on Team And More! Check it out.

We Dare 4: Wanted Dead or Alive

This is Hinkley’s 3rd pro short sale. Unfortunately she’s also going to school to be a programmer, so her writing often has to take a back seat to that. I love whenever she sells a story though. She’s got skills.

I also know a bunch of the other authors listed there and they’re good. However I am biased. 🙂

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  1. Not certain why it is unfortunate she is going to school to be a programmer. Programming requires a particular mindset and flow, but everyone should have multiple options on how they choose to spend their time and life. One of my lab minions mothers was a mathematician, and decided motherhood was far more valuable. Minion’s father still works for the givernment at a fairly high level position, so I suspect she is at least active in a sidereal fashion. 4am point is, she was raised well, and will likely use everything she has experienced and trained to her benefit.

    1. He literally says the reason it’s unfortunate is “so her writing often has to take a backseat to that.” In other words, her acquisition of a day-job that can support her while she gets a backlog going is interfering with the time to build her backlog.

      1. No, that is the positive, it was expressed as a negative.

        Pedantry: what is stated is that her writing will have to take a back seat to programming, while what you have stated may be also the case, it is not necessarily the case.

        It is like saying the elder Correia unfortunately has a background in accounting and so his writing will have to take a back seat to that. Such is not the case. Accounting provided a mindset and an income for a time.

        1. If you’re going to be a pedant you should probably invest in basic reading comprehension – it is school for programming pushing back her time to write, not being an actual programmer. Yes, there is some programming in school, but there’s a lot more busy work (gen eds), and even in programming classes, lower levels is a lot more theory, definition, and other foundational memorization than actual programming.

          Our host didn’t say that it’s unfortunate that Hinkley is in school to be a programmer in a vacuum. This post is a proud papa saying a) my daughter has a story that’s out in this anthology and b) she’s an awesome writer. He said school for programming is unfortunate in the context of school reducing her amount of time to write. When I told my softball buddies I couldn’t participate in the tournament they wanted to do because I was unfortunately out of country on vacation, I wasn’t saying that the out of country vacation was bad, it was that although I would have liked to go to the tournament with them, I had a different commitment for my time.

          As far as your other claims, you are twisting both the original text and mine to create a tortured comparison. Claiming that his accounting background means current writing must take a backseat to accounting is an argument that does not proceed from any claims in the post.

          From a strict writing career perspective, Larry’s time as an accountant did in fact reduce his time available for writing. Obviously, there is some element of sharpening his saw / mental breaks so Larry wouldn’t have been writing an additional 8 hours a day during the time between starting to try and get published and when he went full time author, but Larry has also expressed in some of his Writer’s Dojo podcasts that the when he was an accountant, he had weeks that he was too exhausted from his real job to write.

          1. Perhaps you can teach me by example? Try reading what as written, not what you want to have been written.

  2. “I also know a bunch of the other authors listed there and they’re good. However I am biased. ”

    As it should be.

  3. Congrats to Hinkley. I’m a little surprised she’s on team And More though. Yes, I realize she’s a very new author, but if I was marketing this book I’d love to have the name “Correia” on the cover. Just sayin’.

  4. Congratulations to Hinkley! I’ve enjoyed her other short stories, so I’m sure this will be great. 🙂

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