Review: Capitol Punishment the Movie

I’m recommending this one to everybody.

Nick Searcy was at the capitol on January 6th, and has put together a documentary about it. Only I hesitate to say that this is just about the events of that day, because it is more about the society we live in. Where truth gets twisted into narratives, and God help you if you’re inconvenient to that narrative.

Using footage and interviews he shows the difference between what happened, and how it got portrayed afterwards. Then he gets into what happened to many of the people involved, who are getting stomped on by the government, regardless of whether they actually did anything there or not.

I’ll be honest, I put off watching this one because I’m a political sort, who keeps up on all of this kind of thing, and I thought it was going to be depressing to watch. I should have known better, because this is Nick we are talking about, and he’s too irreverent to give a damn. He mocks what deserves to get mocked and he’s a funny dude.

That said, there’s some parts that are going to make you tear up. I’ll warn you of that in advance.

If you’re not the kind of person who keeps up on the news (or worse, actually believes everything on the news!) you’re the target audience, because this situation is a travesty. If you keep up on this stuff, the evidence that has come out since they finished this documentary makes their case even stronger.

It’s for sale at the link. I’ve seen people complain that they aren’t giving it out for free, but that’s kinda stupid to expect a bunch of movie production people to work for free, in order to tell a story that the regular media isn’t going to touch with a ten foot pole. If you complain about this in the comments I’m going to make fun of you. 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Review: Capitol Punishment the Movie”

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I bought it last week to support Nick. Then got distracted. I’ll watch it this weekend.

  2. The really sad part is, I remember when one of the guys who was falsely arrested despite not even being there was telling people point blank all the ads on facebook were part of a clear federal astroturfing operation so they could stage a crime and do a bunch of mass arrests, because he’d seen the federal government do it before under the Obama administration. I really wish more people had listened.

    I also recommend people watch this documentary. Even if you think you know everything about it, you’ll learn some stuff you didn’t.

  3. “Capitol Punishment Everything They Told You Is A Lie Watch For $9.99”, I had to read that twice. The announcement lacks punctuation. I honestly thought for a moment that they were selling a watch. Then I realized there was no punctuation at all.

      1. The Biden* Regime is in need of punctuation, or perhaps replacement by punctuation. An ellipsis would be much better than anything coming out of Biden’s mouth or that of his mouthpiece Psaki. A few pieces of punctuation could form a smiley that was more convincing than the look on Kamala’s face. A colon is less crappy than Buttiegig, I could go on….

    1. Dude, that’s how WordPress embedding mangled the link. Click on it. Those are on different lines, in different colors. If somebody can’t parse that out they aren’t smart enough to operate a credit card and stream it over the internet anyway.

  4. Anyone know if / where it may be available in plastic (ie DVD/Blue Ray) rather than digital? (up-charge expected, of course)

    1. Ha! I see you’re one of those paranoid types who doesn’t trust the internet to keep things available forever! What kind of paranoid monster are you?!?

      Also: I second the motion that we need a DVD/BluRay version!

      1. There IS a DVD available. I bought it from the site. I think it was $20-something per. Worth every dime. In fact you oughtta buy two, so you have one to keep and one to give

  5. I have had a wonderful time teasing TDS patients with pictures of the so-called invaders…
    …taking selfies.
    After they were directed by Capitol police into the building.
    You know, that is SO savage!

    On another front: nobody is keeping you from saving content to your machine. Observe the copyright, please. We don’t want to identify as a special snowflake by stealing the honest work of others.

      1. Vimeo kind of prevents downloading – not going to go into it too much here because I don’t want to encourage people buying the stream and not the , but there are easy ways to get around Vimeo not offering an easy download button.

  6. Ok, Watched.
    Boy I’m glad he’s funny, cause the whole subject makes me hot under the collar.

    I think the sixth amendment, and the people are still sitting in jail for unarmed trespassing.

    As for the rest I’ve always wondered about people who care more about perfect sentence structure and punctuation than content and context. Do they read “Dick and Jane” for fun? (Not that it’s not great to have both, but I had to choose…..)

  7. Maybe I have seen the movie Spaceballs to many times cause I completely understand what Capital Punishment the Movie meant.

  8. The J6 defendents are being subject to Stalinist show trials. Forced to sign absurd confessions not supported by any evidence. America has fallen low.

  9. Wish I could watch it without leaving some sort of history that I had paid for it and watched it. If Turdoooo can get the Australian govt to publicly identify donations to the Canadian Trucker Convoy from here in Australia – so our ABC mediots can contact & interview them for comment, I’ll have to take a pass.

    I need my bank accounts to work.

    We know what they did.

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