Current Event Catch Up Post For April 1st 2022

First off, none of these are going to be April Fools jokes, because April Fools isn’t as fun when the regular news is already this absurd and insane every day.

Okay, I am back from my most recent one month ban from social media, so it has now become tradition for me to do a catch-up post of all the daily news events I would have commented on during that time, if Mark Zuckerburg wasn’t an evil lizard person in a human skin suit, dedicated to destroying freedom.

A. Far more important than any of the other stuff that happened like WW3 or the complete disintegration of American society, I had a new book come out. So that’s pretty cool.  You guys should quit doom scrolling for a bit and read more books. SERVANTS OF WAR

B. Just like last time I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on global geo-politics, but I would like to express special thanks to Ukraine for proving what fucking dipshits democrat politicians like Eric Swalwell are for previously declaring that a bunch of hillbilly rednecks with our AR-16s could never hope to stand up to a government with tanks and attack helicopters.

C. However I will dabble as an amateurish global geo-political expert (I’ve still got a better track record of guessing than MUH EXPERTISE Tom Nichols!) long enough to pontificate that it’s probably a bad idea to farm out all your nation’s energy production to a psychopathic KGB agent with nukes, because you didn’t want to make Greta Thurnburg cry.

D. Last war comment I promise… but holy shit I want some Javelin missiles. I own enough small arms to equip a rifle platoon but I am sorely lacking in anti tank missiles. Get on that, 3D printing community!

E. The stupidest bit of news to grab headlines is The Slap Heard Around The World. My comments on that are as follows.

E2. Lots of people think that was faked for ratings. Nope. Neither of those two are a good enough actors. Also, the Academy sure as shit isn’t going to talk a guy who is up for best actor to do something that is going to make him look like an idiot on the biggest night of his life, while bringing back all the memes about how he’s a cuck and his wife is a tramp.

(also, the whole body language break down where Chris Rock smiled after ergo fake… That’s pretty normal when somebody *nice* is trying to process that their social contract just got violated, because our society teaches people to smile to show that everything is okay even when its not. Very bad people understand this and watch for that when picking victims.)

E3. All the people going off about “Honor Culture”, snort, I grew up in poor but proud dairy farmer country. That wasn’t an honorable act. That was the straw that broke the cuckhold’s back, and he lost his shit. Actual “Honor Culture” would have been taking a crow bar to the cranium of the guy who was banging his wife. (which is probably why a bunch of the guys I went to high school with are in prison!)

E4. Also, the people talking about slapping vs. punching, lol. Trust me on this one, but sometimes slapping the shit out of a dude works better than punching them. It is more insulting/degrading, so is more of a corrective insult than an actual beating. Plus, you don’t risk breaking your finger, which sucks.

F. It turns out Alan Ritchson is based because after The Slap, he called Will Smith a petulant man baby, mocked his open marriage as being a train wreck, and then quoted the New Testament. Good thing that guy already got a second season because otherwise he would be toast for talking that kind of sense! This one gets a different letter though because I watched Reacher and it was actually pretty good, being an old school throw back show where a big tough guy solves problems by beating/shooting bad people. So way to go, big guy! (who is still 3 inches shorter than me and the actual book character, but Hollywood is made of tiny people so I’ll take it)

F1. Lee Child clearly knows jack shit about guns though. The TV show was faithful to that part!

G. Oh, so NOW the proper media admits that the Hunter Biden laptop is legit! I seem to recall catching one of my many 30 day bans from Facebook for talking about that before the election. Go figure. It was almost like Big Tech and media corporations were actively colluding to swing an election in favor of their corrupt candidate or something. Naw. That’s crazy conspiracy talk. I’m sure this was an innocent mistake. I’ll eagerly await my apology from Mark Zuckerburg, censorious lizard man.

G2. This laptop is a big fucking deal. There is some shit on there that is downright nefarious. Mark my words. The fact that the mainstream news is talking about this now is indicative of much bigger things being afoot. Biden is such an incompetent piece of shit that he is threatening to destroy the DNC’s powerbase for a generation. My guess is that this is laying the groundwork to get rid of the albatross from their neck.

H. Only judging by the polling, too late, assholes! You have pushed too far. You have forgotten the lessons of your lefty forefathers. To push your insidious shit you have to boil the frog slowly. Instead you cranked the heat to 11 and broke off the knob, and now the frogs are pissed. I tortured some metaphors there, but you get the idea. The left has shot their wad, shown their true selves, and now regular sane people have woken up to their scam.

I. Earlier this year I predicted that America has hit Peak Woke. Many of you said I was crazy. Nope. I think this is it. Don’t get me wrong. They’ll still keep pushing harder and harder for crazier and fringier things. What I mean is that we hit the national carrying capacity of how much shit regular normal people are willing to put up with before pushing back. It will still take years, but I can feel the change in the air. The Woke will become increasingly irrelevant as a social movement until they’re looked upon by most people as a joke like unto the hippies of old.

J. I went on Rekeita Law. That was cool. I was on there for five hours. The highlight was my dramatic reading of Daily Unbreaded. I almost made it through a whole page without losing it.

K. Speaking of podcasts, I also did Blasters and Blades again, this time with Steve Diamond. Wow. It sure would be nice to promote these things at the actual pertinent time in the place where most of my fans congregate, Mark Zuckerburg, you forked tongued lizard creature.

L. I almost forgot! The infamous Don’t Say Gay bill that doesn’t actually have Don’t Say Gay anywhere in it! This one is extra funny, because there are two competing narratives. The conservative one, which happens to actually match the actual text of the law, where school teachers aren’t allowed to talk to your five year olds about sex stuff VS. some lefty bullshit about how this is the Handmaid’s Tale x1000. Remember what I said about the left forgetting to boil the frog slowly? This is the left taking a flame thrower to your frogs.

L2. This is creepy weirdo groomer shit. Because the most important issue in the world to the left is their right to talk to other people’s kids about sex. Keep in mind that this law is specifically about kids who haven’t lost their baby teeth yet, who often think they are dinosaurs or robots. It wasn’t enough to teach older kids that they are inherently evil for existing, and all they have to do is declare they are some alternate sexuality to get out of the oppressor class and claim some awesome victim cred.

L3. So now that the Biden Administration is done giving out free crack pipes, they can switch to handing out puberty blockers. Because we all know nobody makes sane and rational, rest of their life altering decisions like emotional basket case teenagers. (Note: This one isn’t even satire. They’re actually pushing for that.)

M. So along comes Disney to tell parents to shut up and let crazy people indoctrinate their kids. This gets its own letter because if it wasn’t this issue, it would be something else bringing this all to a head. Because the left has been using their disproportionate ability to bring social pressure against corporations to do their bidding for a very long time. And the right is just starting to wake up to this (even though guys like me have been getting told to shush by our polite betters as we’ve been talking about this growing culture war for a decade).

M2. that leaked Disney management zoom call is kinda hilarious. Hey, corporate world, I know you thought it was cool to hire SJWs, but when you get a critical mass of them, they will inevitably fuck up your business. And whatever your core mission is will get replaced by social justice bullshit instead.

N. On the bright side, all of this culture war stuff has gotten us the best razor commercial ever.

N1. We are going to see more and more of this in the business world. The left has spent a lot of time and energy driving us wrong thinkers out of society. The problem is, those people they are pushing out are pretty fucking smart (especially since they’re usually the ones who built the industries the left is squatting in).

N2. This is turning into a post with lots of predictions, but watch. The left has gotten away with their bullshit in most industries because the masses have been under the illusion that these people must be appeased or else. As that illusion crumbles, so does the left’s power. Switches will get flipped. They only have power because they are disproportionately loud and run the institutions that people get information from. As the people lose faith in those institutions, they’ll look elsewhere.

O. In sorta related news, until then- fuck your women’s sports. That was nice while it lasted. Seriously lady athletes, that is going to continue until you take a stand and fight back.

O1. My governor Spencer Cox is an invertebrate squish. Rather than do the right thing, he does the *nice* thing. (Utah is the natural habitat of the Great White RINO) Luckily the Utah legislature overruled his veto.

P. Remember where I said I couldn’t make any April Fools jokes today? That’s because we live in a world that has gone so nuts that a SCOTUS nominee can’t come out and say what a woman is because it’ll cause the left to get the vapors and retire to their fainting couches.

P1. This same SCOTUS nominee gives such lenient sentences to pedophiles that the only guy to serve less hard time is Jussie Smollett!

Q. Oh yeah, Jussie “I am not suicidal!” Smollett went to jail for a hot minute. Then he said jail is sad and scary so they let him out. Which just goes to show that all this talk about White Privilege is total bullshit. The real privilege in America is Connected Liberal Privilege.

Q2. Don’t believe me about Connected Liberal Privilege? Imagine instead of Alec Baldwin, Adam Baldwin had shot somebody on a movie set. He’d be in jail right now. (only this wouldn’t happen, because Adam is smart, and understands how gun works). Or even better, imagine any non-leftist–regardless of skin color–had gone up on stage and bitch slapped Chris Rock. It would be the end of the fucking world.

Q3. Ironically, Connected Liberal Privilege overshadows everything else, because if you want to see some real crazy hate, follow somebody trans or gay on Twitter who says “Hey, woke mega corps and the state should stop trying to indoctrinate kindergartners, and this is making us look nuts.” The resulting REEEEEEE is off the charts!

R. I almost forgot our “booming economy”! As a former accountant… Hahahahahahahahaha. 😀 That’s so patently fucking ridiculous I don’t even know what to say about that. My stock portfolio still hasn’t recovered from the crash after Biden tried to talk for two hours, inflation has gone batshit, and gas is bonkers. But don’t worry. The government says poor people should just go buy $50,000 electric cars.

S. On that note, apparently if you say that electric tractors are a joke on Twitter, thousands of insane Watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside) will come yell at you for weeks. So that’s now something I’m an expert on!

S2. Seriously, that one was hilarious. I don’t hate EVs (I bought Tesla stock early!), but Watermelons were showing me tractors that had 3000 foot extension cords. 😀

T. Speaking of the Martian Emperor, Elon is by far my favorite billionaire, because not only does he infuriate all the right idiots, Yard Moose Mountain finally has fast internet. Thank you Star Link. My K/D ratio has shot up dramatically!

U. On that note, the free to play game Enlisted is actually pretty damn good. I’ve got a shocking amount of play out of it so far and I’m still not bored.

V. There is a rumor that Utah AG Reyes is gunning for Mitt Romney when he is up in the primary. Good. Mitt Romney is a ziplock bag of hair gel. I’ve met Reyes a couple times (once was FanX because it turns out he’s a geek), but he gets my vote just for back during the election, having Utah join the Texas lawsuit, and when our shitty governor Gary “Fuckface Tried To Murder My Wife Because He Was So Scared Of Covid He Wouldn’t Let Hospitals Treat Cancer” Herbert cried about it, Reyes basically told him the AG was elected by the people, not the governor, so he was going to do what the people wanted.

So good luck and happy RINO hunting.

W. This one is cheating, because it was the day after my ban was over, but FenCon announced that I am their writer Guest of Honor. Immediately a bunch of Caring Leftists threw a temper tantrum and demanded that I get kicked out because of my evil badthink. But FenCon issued a statement and stuck to their guns. So that was refreshing! I’ve found it’s about 50/50 when SJWs throw a tantrum if the event caves and kicks me out or not.

X. Did I mention y’all need to read more books? SERVANTS OF WAR came out! Yes. I know this is cheating, but that’s a lot of letters and I can’t remember what else happened this month.

Y. FREE SPACE. (I make the rules here!)

Z. Bridget and I celebrated our 24th anniversary. I know this might not count as news to you guys, but I think it’s pretty bad ass! 😀

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149 thoughts on “Current Event Catch Up Post For April 1st 2022”

  1. 1. Did you hear about the group of Disney world employees arrested for running a child trafficking ring?
    2. You being the guest if honor is why this is the first FenCon I will attend in years.

    1. Remember the judge who was a big LGBTBBQ+ pusher and the mastermind of the dragon queen storyhour for kids thing that turned out to dealing in CP with his literal work email? It’s not a surprise at this point the people who want to push sexuality on kids are all molesters. Only difference with the Florida law is we ALREADY know the American Federation of Teachers and its cohorts are full of “people” who really like to diddle kids.

    2. Which time? They’ve been making significant arrests like that since 2006 at Disney or at stings that included Disney employees.

      1. Which, if you think about it, isn’t surprising, and it’s not because Disney is super woke or whatever.

        It’s because predators go where they can get easy access to their prey.

        1. Bingo. Same reason there are so freaking many pedo priests and nuns, except with them you get to throw in the added layer of “authority figure”. Feet first into a woodchipper for every single one of them. There is no rehabilitation for kiddie diddlers; they will reoffend the second they are able.

    3. A buddy I used to work with goes on family vacations to Disney World on a regular basis. I told him he’s got a perfect job opportunity since he wanted to work in one of their data centers.

      “What do you bring to our company?”
      “Well for starters, I don’t rape kids.”

      1. A few years back Disney fired most of their IT staff, but made them train their replacements from India to get any settlement package when they left.

  2. Congratulations, Larry and Bridget. 24 Years is an awesome number nowadays. (Yes, I know you mentioned lots of other stuff, but that’s the one most worthy of celebrating) Long live the King of Yard Moose Mountain and his Fearsome Queen!

  3. 1 – Happy anniversary. Much love to you guys!
    2 – Servants of War is awesome (I’ve already recommended it to my daughter, who is currently busy reading and listening to LITERALLY. EVERY. BOOK. YOU. HAVE. WRITTEN. and is yelling for MOAR!
    3 – I seriously hope there’s more to this laptop story than some company hiring the crotch fruit of an active US politician for access, because that happens about every day.

    4 – We tried. We tried to get Europe to diversify its energy imports by offering to sell them more. They screamed about FRAAAAAAACKING. Now they’re paying.

  4. Congrats on the anniversary! Ours will be 32 this year and to this day I still don’t know how I got so lucky.

    Not that it matters, but I agree with you on peak wokeness. Alternative media is starting to get some real traction. The success of The Chosen is showing people great content can be made and funded without the pedophiles in hollywood.

  5. I don’t want you banned sir, but this kind of post is epic. Grats on 24 too. I’m a couple behind you. It is a big deal in this day and age. Keep at it. 1337

  6. Great rollup of current events! Happy Anniversary. Thanks for the effort. Improved my morning immensely.

  7. Welcoem back. Congratulations to both of you on your anniversary! And on a new book!

    Re: Can you believe a Vice President would be taking payoffs, using his son as his bag man? IIRC, the last time we put a Maryland politician in Number One Observatory Circle, he found it convenient to plead nolo contendre and leave office.

    Be sure to thank the Caring Leftists for their free FenCon publicity.

    And stay well and keep writing.

  8. The most important part of this post is your & Bridget’s 24th anniversary. Congratulations!

    BTW, President Clownshoes just came out against “Anti-Trans” state laws, like not letting biological males destroy women’s sports or indoctrinating Kindergartners with gay & trans propaganda.

      1. The comment section of that article is so jam-packed with Leftist narratives, my head almost spun off reading them.

  9. “S: if you say that electric tractors are a joke on Twitter, thousands of insane Watermelons will come yell at you for weeks.”

    which is sad because of how incompetent the watermelons are. All they had to do is point out that caterpillar and other mining suppliers DO in fact offer electric EXCAVATORS in truly MASSIVE sizes. For example the Komatsu 4100C BOSS electric rope shovel with a nominal shovel capacity of 100 short tons.

    of course electric shovels dont MOVE so its easy to plug them in. A mining excavator will move only infrequently but mostly stays in one place. So sure, electric TRACTORS are not likely, but there’s plenty of ‘wins’ for the watermelons to claim if they were just better informed about the things they themselves advocate for. instead of taking the win on electric mining excavators they insist on seizing defeat from the jaws of victory by focusing only on tractors where no one has made a practical electric tractor because batteries arent practical yet and plugging a tractor in doesn’t work when plowing a field thats 5 miles long. Oh, and ‘plug it in’ gains interesting levels of weird when the input power is listed as 3 phase, 60 hz and 13800 volts. criminey that komatsu is huge.

    plus electric AIRPLANES are a thing and they are actually cool. kinda still in development, but cool

      1. And that’s real, folks, not April Fool’s.

        I am the happy owner of an “electric snow thrower” (Toro, 18″) that’s great for the deck and sidewalks if it’s less than 6″ of fluff or 2″ of wet snow. 100´ of ultraflex 10 gauge from the wall to a 25′ ultraflex 14 gauge to the thrower works well. The 10 gauge stiffens up when it’s below zero, the 14 gauge allows me to manipulate the blower.

        Happy 24th!

    1. I maintain the final form of batteries will be gasoline fuel cells.

      All the torque and efficiency of electric motors with the energy density and convenience of internal combustion.

      1. So long as they also have machine guns and minedroppers, so we can get the idiots off the streets once and for all…. >:)

    2. Don’t those massive electric excavators usually have a dedicated power plant to run them? So they’re really just moving the engine to a different location.

      1. I worked at a quarry where they had two of them when I was a kid. I worked on the crew that moved the extension cord. There were four or five of us that laid out the 4″ cable twice a day, morning and afternoon. The power came from a station that wasn’t in the same pit as the shovels, they had power lines on poles like you see down the side of the road. I think it was grid power, but it might have been a generator.

        I’ve seen quite a few hybrid machines over the years, big loaders and shovels, dumptrucks etc. They use the hybrid system so they can put a -huge- engine in there and keep the packaging relatively small, put the weight where they want it, and not have driveshafts and gearboxes eating up all the power with parasitic drag.

        Eliminating weight, drag and rotating mass is the reason for using a hybrid system, not “greenness.” If it is any greener in the final analysis is is because of those efficiencies, not any magic from using electricity.

        IMHO, the idea of replacing a high-efficiency diesel engine with a battery for heavy equipment is the height of idiocracy given current battery technology. The “friction” in that system is immense compared to internal combustion engines.

        Although, given how Greenies think, that might be the whole point. Screwing over Western civilization and letting humans starve to death seems to be their thing.

        1. Actually, the thermodynamic efficiency of internal combustion piston engines is horrible. Gasoline engines at best convert 15% of the fuel’s chemical energy into motive power. Diesel engines can manage about 18%.

          Well-designed electric motors can be more than 90% efficient, and modern batteries approach 90% charge/discharge efficiency. The problem lies in getting electricity to charge the batteries, and how long that takes.

          Power plants can achieve 35% – 40% electrical generating efficiency. They don’t have to be portable, or to cope with wildly varying loads and speeds. Converting all transportation to fixed electrical generation and battery-electric cars could cut overall fuel consumption about in half.

          Greenies see that, and clamor for the government to require complete electric conversion of All! Cars! Right! NOW! To Save The Planet! Kalifornia’s ass-clown governor issued a decree last year banning infernal combustion engines by 2035. Whether the technology and infrastructure to support electric cars exists or not.

          Really, the Greenies and big-government totalitarians don’t want us to have cars at all. We might drive our cars where they don’t want us to go. Banning all cars would be a step too far, so they settle for mandating cars that are impractical and inconvenient, not to mention unaffordable for the proles.
          The one thing we need more of from the government is LESS!!

          1. The combined full system efficiency of a gas and Diesel engine may be close to the numbers you gave. However, they are not in the ballpark when used in a true hybrid system. Using an Atkinson cycle a gas engine can achieve a brake efficiency of close to 35%. With the generator loses you end up in the 28-32% range for the system. Drop another 3-6% for an ac/ac converter, the batteries, and finally the electric motors and you are around 25% for the system. With appropriate downsizing of components you can get a midsize care down to 3000lbs and a 50mpg for a $1,000 premium over a standard car. Much better use of resources than an electronic car that adds $30k (less the $7500rebate) and weighs 5500-6000lbs.

          2. I think that in figuring fuel efficiency you aren’t factoring in transmission loss, and the inefficient transfer of current to battery.

            Then there’s the cold fact that the stuff that goes into the batteries is hellishly toxic to mine (MUCH worse for the environment than oil drilling) even more toxic to process, and then a toxic nightmare to dispose of when the battery goes dead, which it will.

            Battery power is a mugs game. And the kicker is, it’s getting hard to find tools that are basic electric corded. Everything is ‘rechargeable’.

  10. On point “I” you’re spot on. I’m a quiet wood worker guy the same way you’re a gun guy (I’ve got about everything I can in my garage without my wife having to park outside and without getting my own shop. Which is next after a promotion I’m up for next month. Lathe and milling machine, here I come!) and basically just walk the other way from drama unless I morally can’t.

    I’ve gotten to the point where I want to explain to these zealots, “I’m not sexist, racist, or homophobic, and it’s very important to me that you believe that, because I want it to hurt your feelings more when I tell you how much you suck as a person.”

      1. A table saw is much louder than a metal lathe or milling machine, IME. About the only time my metal lathe makes any noise is during parting-off, sometimes it’ll squeal if I don’t get the cutting oil on there quick enough. No hearing protection required if it’s cutting right. I don’t have a mill (yet) but if Youtube is any indication, they’re similar.

        Pretty much any woodworking machine, hearing protection or you go deaf.

        And I love my lathe. I can cut T-nuts that -fit-. In these days of Chinesium components, when was the last time you saw a machine part that actually fit right?

    1. If the budget supports, recommend you go for the 12″ gearhead lathe. The smaller ones seem frustrating. I got a 12×36, I’m pretty damn satisfied.

      My first proper project is a larger steady-rest for the lathe. The cast ones that come with them are too small for the type of thing I want to cut, so I’m welding one up out of 4″ pipe, two rings cut from 1/4″ plate and some hefty channel.

      When you have a lathe you can flame-cut plate and then clean it up to FIT the pipe. Can’t tell you how nice it was to cut the plates to size and they slid right on there. Sweet!

      1. Same experience but only metal work I’ve done was at a summer job after high school as a millwright’s assistant. Now I just try to do home repair and other stuff to try to take my mind off the collapse of civilization.

        1. Yes, me too. You can do some amazing things with a lathe and a Bridgeport mill.

          Ferinstance, I’m refurbing the mower decks on my big Ransomes lawnmower. This involves installing bearings in 3″ diameter solid steel rollers, and making new axles for said rollers. The cost of this one job just about pays for the lathe, so I’m pretty happy.

          If civilization does collapse, at least I’ll have a nice lawn. ~:D

  11. In response to N1 and the following the fix is already in ESG scores are just social credit for businesses dont toe the lefty globalist line get worse loans.

  12. [i]U. On that note, the free to play game Enlisted is actually pretty damn good. I’ve got a shocking amount of play out of it so far and I’m still not bored.[i]

    Larry, you need to pick up Hell Let Loose. Far superior to Enlisted, which I also have and played a few games and went back to HLL. Enlisted has horrible bot squads and my k/d was also through the roof, but shooting bots can do that. Cause their bots. HLL on the other hand is up to 100 players in 50 v 50 teams. Team work is actually pretty important if you want to win. It also has an amazing communication system. Officers, Squad and proximity chat that you can switch the fly. If you haven’t checked it out, i would highly recommend doing so. Not gonna lie, it can be pretty unforgiving, but hot damn is it a good time.

    And when is the new Forgotten Warrior coming out? I’m figuratively dying for the new addition.

    1. I’m with you until the words “team work”. 🙂
      I find playing with people online and needing to communicate with them to be the opposite of relaxing. It’s the same reason I got so good at World of Tanks, but only as a scout who muted the rest of his team. And then I’d quit again once I got tired of carrying morons. Same reason in CoD, I just mute everybody and go kill people. 9 times out of 10 I end up as MVP and I never have to listen to morons yell at me. The words teamwork and videogame when put together fill me with fear and revulsion. 😀

      1. lol…i can understand that. It can be frustrating playing with random idiots and sadly, the video game world is full of them. However, you get two or three friends on and it goes from being an exercise in frustration to pure digital war bliss.

        And I guess I’ll just have to wait for the blog post for a Forgotten Warrior update! Which I’m fine with as long as you finish it unlike another certain author with an unfinished series. And in this posters opinion, FW is a far superior story.

      2. “The words teamwork and videogame when put together fill me with fear and revulsion.”

        Considering you know people who can blitz a whole city block without saying one word, I get it.

  13. Congrats on the anniversary! My wife and I celebrated 31 years in February.

    I also enjoyed Reacher; thought it was a good story with well written, believable characters. I haven’t read the books myself; I actually thought the Tom Cruise movies were good stories as well even if they didn’t really reflect the character of Reacher as envisioned by Childs.

  14. Congratulations to you and Mrs. Correia.

    Purchased “Servants of War” but haven’t listened to it yet.

  15. G. As someone else pointed out, it’s interesting that the media decided that the Hunter Biden laptop story couldn’t possibly be true and not only sat on it, but prevented anyone else from talking about it. However, the Donald Trump missing phone logs story, which actually wasn’t true, was so important that it had to be blasted from the rooftops for a week before we sheepishly admit that, no, this didn’t happen.

    (And before anyone says, “Well, Trump was president while Hunter was a private citizen,” the story of the laptop wasn’t that Hunter is a wastrel (we knew that) but that he was (a) selling access to the VP, and (b) giving the aforementioned VP a cut.)

    G2. The problem with getting rid of Albatross Biden is that the one currently in line to replace him is Millstone Harris. I don’t think she represents an improvement, and getting rid of HER presents its own set of problems.

    L3. Oh, but Larry, puberty blockers are totally reversible! After all HHS says so, and who are you going to believe, our benevolent government or all of the scientific studies coming out of the UK and Sweden that say that there are serious negative side effects?

    O. It used to be that my husband and I joked about how we were going to use Title IX to pay for our kids’ college: any daughters we had would be taught to play golf, while any sons we had would be taught to play golf while wearing a dress. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A JOKE!

    Z. Felicitations, and many happy returns of the day!

    1. In Ref to G2: That’s why they have to do it before November. Speaker’s third in line and try getting a replacement confirmed when you don’t control the senate.

      1. Nancy’s got the exact same set of problems as Sundown Joe- she’s old, unappealing, senile, and while good at the backroom backstabbing game, isn’t a leader.

        The Democratic Party is basically the Soviet Politburo in the early 80’s. Mostly a bunch of semi-senile octogenarian non-entities with no leadership skills. And the younger branch isn’t exactly shining with charisma and competence either.

        1. The Progressive establishment strongly resembles the old European Aristocracy circa the outbreak of WWI; a bunch of morally repulsive, ostentatiously incompetent, chinless wonders.

      2. Confirming a replacement isn’t the biggest problem. The biggest issue is that her race and gender make her invulnerable in the eyes of Leftwing Twitter, and the Dems are terrified of the Twitterati. Which guy with a D after his name do you think is willing to be connected with impeaching the first “woman of color” to become Vice President.

      3. The “speaker is third” only comes into play if the POTUS and VPOTUS both die or are impeached. If Biden is removed/Raptured/eaten by the Blob, the President Harris can appoint anyone to be VP. Yes, the Senate does have to approve the nomination. So, in theory, Pres. Harris could nominate Hillary Clinton as VP, or Mitt Romney, or anyone who meets the qualifications to serve as president (age, citizenship, residency).

        {NOTE: I’m not a ConLaw expert. I teach civics class. YMMV, and it is a topic that can be debated}

    2. ” The problem with getting rid of Albatross Biden is that the one currently in line to replace him is Millstone Harris. ”
      I would like the Time Traveler (there is only one: all the others are versions of himself born of himself by his female version) to arrange the following time line:
      1. after a midterm blow-out, Trump is elected Speaker of the House by the majority party.
      2. The first order of business, day one, is impeachment hearings to examine the allegations of organized voter fraud during the 2020 elections. A finding that the President and Vice President were not properly elected is sufficient legal grounds for impeachment and removal.
      3. Biden and Harris are both impeached by the House and removed by the Senate, leaving the Speaker of the House as President.

      1. Step 4) The Progressive establishment collectively has a cow, breach presentation. AOC throws a tantrum so epic the blood vessel in her eyeballs burst on national television. Her Shrillness, Granny Boxwine Maojackets Von Pantsuit Clinton is asked to make a speech on MSNBC and has an aneurysm on camera.

        Hell, we can dream can’t we?

  16. O1 – Back when the Republican primaries stared for Governor in Utah, I began referring to Spencer Cox as “Caspar Milquetoast”. I caught a lot of crap for that, but I am being proven correct.

    1. Could we float a few Florida politicians? Cuz I think this one is trying to float a real estate deal…

  17. S. On Electric Tractors. FWIW, my father was one of the engineers who designed and built the General Electric Elec-Trak lawn tractors in the 1970s. Pretty damn good lawn and garden tractor for the technology then. The biggest model took like 6 car batteries to power it, but that was enough to plow or snow blow several hundred feet of driveway, or mow several acres of land on a single charge.

  18. Re: Disney and their opposition to the Parental Rights in Education bill. I did not know that back in 1967 a bill called the Reedy Creek Improvement Act allowed Disneyworld to be their own governmental body. Now DeSantis and Republicans in the Legislature there are considering repealing that act as a matter of “first principles”, insofar as special privileges in law shouldn’t be granted to companies just because they are powerful. In other wards, equal treatment under the law should apply to all entities, even powerful ones. Opting out of county or city jurisdiction shouldn’t happen just because you have a lot of bucks.

    I have such admiration for Ron DeSantis.

    1. Me too! Wasn’t too impressed with him when he was my congressman (played things way too safe), but as governor he’s perfect.

    2. Oh, hell, let’s admit that repealing that act wouldn’t be a matter of principle. It’s saying “You wanna play politics? This is how that goes; it’s called Hardball”

  19. So . . .when does Bridget, Our Lady of Hate, get time off for good behavior ??? (grinning, diving for cover)

    Seriously, congrats.!!

  20. On C, I have been hearing rumors that Russia spent a *lot* of money of greenie propaganda to make sure that became a thing.

    I’ve also got it on good authority that a big reason UA is so import to Putin is it’s sitting on the 2nd largest known natural gas deposit in Europe, and the fields would be right next to existing pipe lines.

    If Donbas and Crimea ever came on line, there would go nearly all of Russia’s non-nuclear power.

    That also means, Donbas in ruins still serves Putin’s goals.

    I still suspect the whole Ukraine attack only happened because he figured it did not risk his core objectives and this was the best opportunity he was going to see in a lifetime to do it.

    Europe and the US may be acting like irrational regimes, but Russia’s gamble does make strategic sense. It’s even looking like it may still manage to break mostly even for them, despite the apparently poor performance of their armed forces.

  21. G2: Interestingly, Jen Psaki is jumping to MSNBC in a few weeks. Leaving aside how obviously corrupt it is to have administration officials employed by the news media, the timing, when coupled with the sudden acknowledgement of the Laptop From Hell is . . . fascinating.

  22. “Lee Child clearly knows jack shit about guns though.”

    Got that right. In one of the Reacher books he was shooting with hyper accuracy at over 800 yards without even attempting to calibrate the scope first.

    BTY, loved SOW. Sequel?

    1. My mom is a fan of Lee Child, so I’ve picked up (and enjoyed) some of the books as well.

      Not too long ago, I read a book (“Reacher Said Nothing” ) that followed Child through the writing process for one of his novels, and gave a lot of personal background on Child.

      Not only does he know nothing about guns, he’s actually proud of that fact, and feels no need to learn.

  23. Congratulations Larry and Bridget on 24 yrs!
    May you have many more.
    I have all your books and can’t wait for the next one.

  24. re: the slap

    it’s worth noting that Will Smith was filmed laughing at the joke, seconds before storming the stage (but his ‘wife’ looked furious at it)

    re: laptop, it’s occurred to me that they may be laying the groundwork to try and change P/VP while they still have a majority in congress to approve replacements. How they get rid of Harris is not clear, but I’m sure they have leverage (compromising pictures of her, tapes of her accepting bribes, or giving them, something along those lines)

    1. Pelosi will find a way to get rid of the Big Guy, Willie Brown’s girl and the incontinent. Most likely right after election results or right before the new congress rolls in.

    2. The Smith thing smells of “staged entertainment” to me.

      In principle, punching out some jerk who just insulted your wife on national TV is admirable. But way too many little pieces don’t quite fit the puzzle.

      1. Eh, he’s issued a public apology, resigned from the academy over it, and admitted wrongdoing.

        Personally, I’m just rooting for injuries all the way around.

    3. Was he laughing at that joke? Or was he laughing at the one just before it, and it took him a couple seconds to register what Rock had just said?

  25. On B, Bill Maher use to say the same crap about the people vs the military. And you don’t always have to win outright. All sorts of conflicts from the American Revolution to Vietnam to Afganhistan show you just have
    to make it too expensive for them to go on.

  26. The computer repair shop guy that received Hunter’s laptops in the first place was on Hannity tonight.

    The special privileges Disney has in FL are insane! Didn’t know 1967 pretty much let them be their own country until today.

    I feel a bit sad for Will Smith just because he wasn’t the same guy before many years with Jada. And the possible Scientology. He used to be a fairly good example to young blacks and now he’s just messed up in the head.

    Also Disney – at least as of March, Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim mandates “fully vaccinated” and masked for all attendees over 5. This isn’t the rule of the state of CA or Orange County or the city of Anaheim or its Convention Center. Not only must you vax, there’s no refund! The only recourse is to get permission to sell your tickets you bought in 2019 for the con originally happening in 2020.

  27. Larry, congratulations to you and to Bridget for your 24 years of marriage! That many years says you have both put serious work into understanding each other and staying together. I admire you both for maintaining companionship despite all that life can throw at you.

  28. Larry, it’s my opinion that your guesses comparing the Ukraine conflict to possible US civilian resistance to the US military involve looking at the wrong factors. A civil war is very different from resisting an invasion. Conflicts between US citizens, and between US citizens vs US military, would likely be much bloodier than in Ukraine.

    Comparing the Russia vs. Ukraine conflict to potential internal strife in the USA has too many differences. Terrain knowledge, logistics, and dissemination of military training for all sides have very different values in the USA than in Ukraine. The only way to get an idea about the outcome a future US civil war is to see who is involved when it starts.

    Right now, there are just too many variables for an honest analyst to do more than prepare contingency papers. I have a vague clue about this, as I keep after military and think tank policy papers on the subject. I don’t believe any sane person wants another US civil war.

    Our last civil war had more total casualties than any war we’ve had before or since (approx. 655,000). Right now, modern weapons would make a new US internal conflict much worse than the last. I don’t like to think about the huge loss of life and property that would occur in another full scale war between citizens of the USA. I ask you, please look at the likely outcomes. It’s not pretty.

    1. Larry hasn’t been advocating rebellion. He’s been warning of the devastating costs if people pushing for Civil War don’t stop. The results of Ukraine show that even if the US military all got their jackboots on to oppress the gun owners, their victory is far from assured. Saying that the second amendment still protects against the threat of tyranny and Swallwells claims that the people couldn’t resist against the military in mo way suggests he thinks that it would be easy.

    2. Thing is, center of gravity on starting civil war scale violence has little to do with anyone holding a conservative ideological position.

      Flip side of war is peace, so why the USA’s unusual level of peace? Has to do with levels of internal grudges, and levels of willingness to go along with means of resolving disputes.

      In addition to ordinary criminal element (who have a grudge over being stopped), the opposition has a number of academically trained theory oriented types, who have a grudge as a result of studying a combination of lies and unrepresentative samples of past cohorts. If a past cohort has .5% viciously racist violent criminals, and you only read about that .5%, it is going to give a weird idea about history, and make you vicious. Both of these numbers of opposition extremists are small.

      Courts are one means of dispute resolution, and it is now clear in hindsight that by way of the ABA, etc., the opposition has been screwing with the fundamental fairness of the courts, possibly for decades, and hence screwing with court effectiveness in resolving disputes.

      In theory, elections are also a means of resolving disputes. As long as it is believed that they are fair. The courts have made it clear that Democrat proxies are allowed to litigate over elections, and that Republican proxies are not. Furthermore, there is the plain and obvious fact of electronic voting machine, and the lack of the effort necessary to persuade that they are truly secure after the politicians raised the possibility of manipulation by hostile state level actors. This failure of elections to resolve disputes is solely an own goal by the opposition.

      These failures of dispute resolution alone would not be enough to cause war.

      The additional factor is the opposition leadership. EV push? Yeah, that is transparently hostile to the population, though a detailed proof involves looking at numbers for electrical generation. The goals of opposition leadership, the consequences of their policy, is misery and death for the American people. And, they are a thin skinned bunch who are wildly overconfident in dictating to others, and unable to back down on trying to make folks do stuff that will not get done. They do not value anything but the coercive force of their formal positions, and wildly overestimate the coercive force that their formal positions hold. Their estimate would fit a case where they had been murdering for years /everyone/ who contradicted them, and they have very much not been successful in so murdering everyone who contradicts them.

      This mess can be resolved with a relatively small, sub civil war, level of violence. In killing the politicians, the criminals, and the subset of academics who are nuts. However, it can also be resolved with even less violence than that, because the danger posed by much of these idiots is the formal positions that they hold, and there is still possibility of removing some of them without violence.

    3. tl;dr It is the Democrats who have been trying to start a civil war, for at least the last fifteen years, and Americans have been refusing. Obama is a race war nutter, has been trying to foment race war, and is pissed off that most American blacks and whites have been quietly saying “No.”

  29. How long will you stay out of Farcebook jail this time? That is, how long will it take some wanker to dig up another post from 10 years ago to REEEEEE! about?

    B. Wasn’t that AR-14’s? Or was that gaffe from the FICUS?

    E. Nothing new here. The Left has long believed that violence is the appropriate response to words they don’t like. To include arson, assault and murder.

    L. DeSantis is playing this one really smart by limiting it to 3rd grade and below. His enemies have to reveal their degeneracy in full, and can’t cover it up by pretending they mean 12-year-olds. (Which is still degenerate, but they can try harder to pretend it’s not)

    P. Senator Blackburn missed a golden opportunity there:

    “Then you do stipulate that the word ‘Woman’ is defined by biology.”

    That would have made some SJW heads explode!

    Hammer that point home: “The distinction between ‘Man’ and ‘Woman’ is determined by the presence of certain biological and anatomical characteristics, and the absence of others.”

    R. Well, implosions do make a loud BOOM

    S. April 1 is the only day on which electric farm tractors make any sense.

    V. Jellyfish mock Mitt Romney for being spineless.

    Z. I think that’s outstanding news! Long may the King and Queen of Yard Moose Mountain reign! (Kinda stole that one but it was too awesome to not steal)

  30. Congrats to y’all! FYI, the Fencon thread is now up to 400 comments, probably 98% support and plans to attend or buy a membership in support!!! We’ll be hanging out in the bar as usual!

  31. Congratulations to you and your lady! And many happy returns of the day!

    Nick Rekieta got swatted this week. Apparently his police department was pretty cool about it, even though you of course don’t answer your phone when you’re streaming.

    They called his mother-in-law and got her to call him, because he’d recognize her number. Which is both scary in a way, and indicative of the power of a smallish town to know people.

    Of course it’s even less classy than usual, to swat a man who has a wife and lots of young kids. But that’s the world we live in. Either the nasty people want everyone dead, or they don’t really see other people as alive.

    1. They probably have a contract with a credit reporting agency. It’s a lot faster for bailiffs, process servers, and investigators to click through a few pages of known contacts than it is to send people out to ask questions.

  32. Congrats on the anniversary. May you have many more.

    Read Servants Of War. Can’t wait for the sequel. Hope it comes soon.

  33. Man, I wish I’d know you were going on Rekieta’s channel. Will def go back and watch it…even if his smugness does mildly annoy me. (Meh, whatever. We’re all entitled to our personality.)

    As for Jeremys razors…when are you going to collab with Daily Wire? You seem like a perfect fit for their expanding media empire.

    1. Daily Wire just committed 100 million to producing anti-woke kids entertainment in response to Disney.

      Thank goodness we finally have people willing to not cede everything to Hollywood.

  34. Holy crap, I get to disagree with Larry for once!!

    B. If Afghanistan and Iraq didn’t convince them after 20 years, Ukraine certainly won’t. It would require a level of knowledge and intellectual consistency that the Left simply does not possess.

    Y. Trump’s missing-not-missing Jan 6th phone calls about the fake insurrection would have fit nicely here.

  35. Congrats, Larry!

    If you keep getting banned on FB why not switch over to your MeWe group. I know we’d appreciate your prescience more! That, and you wouldn’t be getting banned as much. Plus, you could not start encouraging your FB fans to start migrating over there if you fear losing them.

    1. MeWe just isn’t getting the traction FB has. I try to encourage my friends and family to switch; but they refuse to change. /sigh

  36. Larry, 24 years is quite an accomplishment for each of you, and a greater victory for the two of you as a married couple!
    My deepest, heartfelt congratulations. Now keep doing the same thing.

  37. Comment on K. Curious if there has been any research done on lost income due to bans, and if a ban is proven to be unwarranted (i.e. the Hunter Laptop), if there is any legal recourse? Even the possibility of that recourse could improve freedom of speech.

    And more importantly, congrats on the anniversary!

  38. Congrats on your growing K/D ratio, historically one of the most important things in life when you really think about it.

  39. First, congratulations on your anniversary, Larry!

    Second, having tried mowing a backyard (just a suburban backyard!) a few years ago with an extension-corded lawnmower (weird story), all I can say about the tractors you mention is Ha ha ha bwahahaha ha hee hee hee haa! Just run over your extension cord once, and tell me how efficient your Electric Tractor is now!

    Third, because it can’t be said enough, happy anniversary and congratulations!

    1. I have an extension corded lawn mower and used to use it to mow about 600 sf of lawn (now it is just dirt and I like that just fine). The trick was in planning the cord management (had to keep flipping it back and forth). Before that I had battery powered mowers which worked well if you mowed 2-3 times a week. If you let the grass get too long it was a nightmare (get 1/3 mowed then have to charge overnight, then another 1/3 and another night, meanwhile the first 1/3 mowed is growing again).
      Before that I had an old gas mower that basically came with the house. It died after a few years and we got the first battery mower.

  40. Congrats on all the wonderful things that are continuing to happen in your career and personal life! I’ve seen 99% good things about you in Fencon’s FB page. Are they deleting the pearl-clutching “how dare you” comments? I was hoping for some entertainment.

  41. D. While Javelins are probably beyond the 3d communities’ capabilities (just the solid rocket), building a knockoff of the Switchblade loitering munition is very possible. You probably couldn’t do the folding wings and compact launcher, but similar performance should be attainable.

  42. In regards to V – we now see Romney is even more useless than previously identified. He voted against Ketanji Brown Jackson for circuit court, but now supports her for SCOTUS. She is one who wants SCOTUS to be a superlegislator dictatorship to pass all the insane woke crap via judicial edict that is almost impossible to reverse.

    What’s remarkable about this is that between the two nominations, we have learned a ton of negatives about her. She supports weak sentences for child porn users (including people who claimed to have committed sexual assault against minors). Somehow she decided that an 18 year old having nudies of 11 year olds doesn’t matter because they’re close enough to the same age. Unsurprisingly, these criminals she gave sentences as light as possible did not reform, and one committed sexual assault after being released. She can’t articulate her own judicial philosophy, and although she can explain what the concept of natural rights are, she refuses to say whether or not she believes they actually exist, never mind that the underpinnings of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution depend on the existence of natural rights, with the DOI specifically enumerating some of them. I can understand not taking as much of a look at district court and voting against because the Republican block did, but any one of these actions should be disqualifying. I think your ziploc bag of hair gel comparison is unfair to the hair gel – at least hair gel has uses. I hope that he used the “will this make the cocktail party circuit call me racist or sexist” decision tree. Otherwise, we need to get a Utah law passed to be able to recall senators.

    I’m not particularly familiar with Reyes, but I’d take pretty much anyone over Romney.

  43. Disney execs don’t seem to realize they’re not just going to destroy the company’s marketability and valuation, they’re going to create a huge wealthmaking opportunity for someone sane to ride in like Elon at Twitter and make billions of dollars saving the nation’s childhood classics with a flamethrower

    but the woke aren’t going anywhere, they still control virtually every major institution that isn’t explicitly anti-woke

    which is fine if we can devolve more and more authority to the county level

    let blues be blue and reds be red

    1. Personally, I’m happy to see Elon Musk trying to save Twitter. Too often conservatives complain bitterly that the Left is seizing control of everything . . . and then let them have everything.

  44. The very telling thing about the first month of the Ukraine Police action is that Pentagon cut the budget for Javelins severely, I remember seeing doubt about the Javelin’s performance in Syria(From independent observers) as well so that may signal that they´ve underperformed.

  45. Biden is not incompetent.
    He’s irrelevant. He is simply a placeholder, a false front, a crash dummy…a puppet.
    The cabinet is getting its marching orders from Elsewhere. My guess is they’re taking orders from a Davos subgroup headed by George Soros.
    I. Am. Not. A. Tinfoil. Hat. Wearing. Conspiracy. Loon.

    Been sayin’ it for months – I prophesy (yeah, I used THAT word) that Ice Cream Joey will be 25th during the summer. But they’re going to dump Kamala as well – don’t know how, but I’m guessing a sudden health crisis or some contrived scandal (for which she will be compensated generally.) Whoever replaces Kamala is destined for the Big Seat. The question is – who?
    Hillary? She must be maneuvering for it.
    Romney? Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s positioning himself as someone who could appeal to both sides but will serve the Power Brokers faithfully. He’s basically a male (slightly) version of Hillary.
    THey’re going to be looking for someone who looks like they could hypothetically appeal to both Left and Right moderates to establish ‘order.’
    Wonder if the midterms will be cancelled because of rising national instability….

    1. If one considers that selecting Biden and Harris was a desperation move to both stave off Bernie and have a candidate plausible enough to make the vote fraud work, then it makes a lot of sense.
      They just had to get Trump out of office in 2020, and expected events would Just Happen as they did under Former President Obama- where they could downplay any potential bad stuff in the media, and make it look like things were fine, just fine.
      But, it didn’t. The competent people in the Dem party are long gone, and the current collection of fools seems to be selected more to avoid upstaging the Big Guy. With the results one would expect.
      Now they’ve painted themselves in a corner, with events spiraling well out of control of the Multinational Technocratic Elite (who blew it big time going all in on Covid Panic).
      They’re basically stuck at this point, looking at a lot of bad to worse options.

    2. “Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.”

      They have to replace her before noon on January 3rd, and have to get someone both houses can push through. It would easier for them to just to remove both and have Pelosi take direct control.

      1. Pelosi has the same problems as Biden and Harris combined- she’s an unlikeable shrew prone to word salad, and an octogenarian who’s borderline senile.

          1. While the option to pick some course of action that is the epitome of stupid isn’t off the table, I suspect the people who run the party are looking to salvage the future of the party.
            Throwing more ancient dingbats like Hillary, Pelosi, et al isn’t going to fix the problems their party has, and there’s a number of people who know it.
            A lot of speculation about what the Dems will do is just Republican fear poRn.

    3. “I. Am. Not. A. Tinfoil. Hat. Wearing. Conspiracy. Loon.”
      That’s exactly the sort of thing a tinfoil-hat-wearing-conspiracy-loon would say and believe about himself/herself. As well as someone who isn’t.
      And saying a sentence in several sentences broken up into single words doesn’t make it more plausible or true.

  46. I liked Servants of War, but I really hope the Next MHI book comes out soon.
    Hey Larry you should try Arma 3 KOTH out some time. It’s a little less run and gun than most of the FPS games out there.

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