Utah Caucus Meetings Tonight

Hey, Utah. If you care about the state of our state, you need to attend your local caucus meetings. You can find the details for your neighborhood here.

Selecting delegates is vitally important. Don’t just pick whoever is “nice”. Pick somebody informed, principled, and who is going to learn about the candidates and pick the most effective one.

Utah is one of the reddest states in the country, but our elected republicans are riddled with “nice” squishes, who stand for nothing, and roll over to get their bellies scratched in the hopes liberals will say nice things about them.

Utah’s biggest problem is our culture of conflict avoidance. The people here want to “avoid contention”, which leftists have learned to weaponize against us. So when it comes to defending a conservative principle, the other side just cries that the republicans are being rude/mean/cruel, and then they fold like a cheap lawn chair.

This is how we end up with “nice” invertebrates like Mitt Romney or Spencer Cox. Or grifters like Evan McMuffin. There is an inverse relationship between how much they brag about their principles, versus actually holding any.

Tonight you can pick one of your neighbors (or run yourself!) to be a delegate. Make sure it is somebody who isn’t going to just vote for oatmeal. We need warriors. We need people who are going to listen to their constituents more than the literal communists at the Salt Lake Tribune.

This is the year for us to fight back.

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24 thoughts on “Utah Caucus Meetings Tonight”

  1. Glad to see so much more of this on the Right. I know I ignored local politics for a long time (mostly because I was career military). No more.

    The Left got as far as they did by doing this very thing.

    1. Don’t worry- I just had to take care of some things under the hood.
      We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.

        1. When Amazon pulled down Parler for Wrongthink, I knew we would need to pull up stakes from AWS and set up shop somewhere else at some point. Various things forced my hand recently so I went ahead and completed the migration. We are now safely on Epik servers, where they don’t appoint themselves arbiters of what you can and can’t say- they just want you to pay on time. As a devout Capitalist, I can respect that.

      1. And here I thought Larry was writing a polemic that would generate more comments than any post in history.

  2. Salt Lake City has a real problem with their mayor lying to the public while giving developers carte blanche to destroy historic landmarks.

  3. Larry, good on you for getting more politically active! I always encourage everyone to participate in local politics if they want something changed. I don’t care if I agree with their politics. It seems to me that we are not seeing a broad enough spectrum represented at the local level.

    I suggest making sure that you or your favorite candidate understand state and federal regulations around public education. Federal Title IX and Title XI are very important these days. I’ve seen a lot of new school board types get into difficulty because they didn’t bother to study the legal situation in advance of changes they proposed.

  4. “Utah’s biggest problem is our culture of conflict avoidance. ”

    That’s America’s problem, too. Check out “Confrontational Politics” by H. L. Richardson

  5. So, is there any way to know how the caucuses actually went?

    Any local bloggers you can recommend?

      1. Yeah, that’s what I figured 🙁

        I guess I was hoping there was a trustworthy grassroots “team” that was fielding worthwhile candidates in a lot of precincts, whose success or failure we could track.

        When do we get to see the delegates’ first votes?

  6. Utah caucuses are a convoluted subject – caucuses such as Iowa’s (at least for the presidential election) serve as direct votes at the caucus meeting of who it is they get. Utah caucuses send delegates up to the state convention, where they vote on candidates as a precursor to the potential primary election. If the candidate gets a high enough percentage of votes (60% I think) in the convention, they can avoid a primary election, but otherwise the top two vote getters appear in the primary election. This is how Utah got rid of the awful Bob Bennett (he came in third place in 2010 and was eliminated).
    2024 will be extremely important in Utah – Governor (hopefully one who the NEA wouldn’t be willing to donate to) + Removal of the bag of hair gel + president.

  7. “Pick somebody informed, principled, and who is going to learn about the candidates and pick the most effective one.”

    One of my uncles, who lives north of Ogden, went to precinct meetings and got selected as a delegate despite his best efforts. This is a very good thing for the area he’ll be representing.

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