Coming soon – Monster Hunter International: The Miniatures Game

Monster Hunter International: the Miniatures Game 
“There are three kinds of people in the world: people who can’t believe anything, suckers who believe everything, and a few of us who can face the truth.”
― Larry Correia, Monster Hunter International

Monsters are real. Everything from myth, legend, and B-movies are out there, waiting in the shadows. Luckily for the ordinary folks out there, some people would face these creatures head-on. They are risking their lives to protect the world from the things that go bump in the night… For a paycheck, that is. They inhabit a world of werewolves, vampires, gargoyles, magic, and much much more. This is a world hidden from the untrained eye, known only to those who fight these creatures and those who have suffered at their hands.

     Monster Hunter International is a tabletop miniatures game based on the critically acclaimed novel Monster Hunter International written by Larry Correia. You play as monsters or hunters, bringing iconic characters and factions from the books to the table. Three different objective-based game modes, tactical decisions, and exciting combat offer endless replayability. Eliminating an enemy in “Blood and Puff” allows you to draw unique ability cards for your team. Control powerful artifacts in “Eldritch Power Mode” harnessing their power for dominance… without being corrupted in the process. Be the first team to capture a ghost in “Boo Who” bringing it back to base for extraction and victory.

    Collect all the highly detailed miniatures, each showcasing their unique base representing your favorite characters. Relive the pages from the books,  or write your own story when you and a friend battle one another. Secret dossiers on each team and character allow you to learn about them and get tips to use their abilities and gain the upper hand! Be the one to dominate your opponent in  Monster Hunter International.

Everything Epic Games, Founded in 2013, has launched over 22 Kickstarter Campaigns! Publisher of fan favorites such as Secrets of the Lost Tomb, Big Trouble in Little China the Game, Rambo the Board Game, The Librarians the Adventure Card Game, Upzone Pop-Up Terrain, and more! Everything Epic is excited to bring Monster Hunter International the Miniatures Game to Kickstarter this Spring 2022!

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73 thoughts on “Coming soon – Monster Hunter International: The Miniatures Game”

        1. Please!
          Is it true that Finnish werewolves have a non-aggression pact with humans while in the sauna?

  1. I don’t play miniature, table top wargames…but I’ll probably collect the miniatures or this one. maybe. need to find the space first

    1. Me either, but I believe that I will collect the miniatures in honor of my late son. We shared the MHI books, Larry’s columns & Cuthuluhu jokes.

    2. Same. There’s a spot next to my desk that would look so much better if occupied by a miniature Owen (with Abomination), or Edward (with swords).

  2. That sounds more like a skirmish sort of WarMachine thing than an army-based Warhammer to me. Either way, I’m interested, but I do think the market needs more good smaller scale skirmish games. Good luck with the campaign!

  3. I backed Everything Epic’s Librarians game and have been super impressed with them. Ready to commit extreme commerce once the Kickstarter drops.

  4. Are there modes for 3+ players (Monsters, MHI, MCB, ….)?

    Not sure if I’ll play, or finish painting, this. But it’ll likely be a question of not if, but how many extras.

  5. Finally so happy to see miniatures of these guys hopefully of of team happy face is there.

    I also hope to see other notables from the series including team hoodoo.

  6. ” Control powerful artifacts in “Eldritch Power Mode” harnessing their power for dominance… without being corrupted in the process.”
    Spoiler: You lose too many SAN points and are corrupted and enslaved by eldritch horrors.
    No, wait, that’s Call of Cthulhu.
    Carry on, Monster Hunters!

  7. What scale, Larry? Please say 20-25mm!
    Shape ways and Etsy are making great 3d printed figures now. And you can’t go wrong with Elhiem or Under Fire. And there’s Dark Alliance post apocalyptic figures too! They’d be great as MHI figures! They also do fantasy!

  8. Good deal! I’ve converted so many minis over to the MHI setting, but it will be even better to have official ones.

    Plus, I’ve really slacked off on the whole project.

    MHI and minis go together perfectly.

    Consider me sold!

  9. I will be honest with you. I am going to back this no matter what. I have backed every Larry Correia thing I can find. I am so many books behind, it isn’t funny. I bought the game when it was on Kickstarter. I bought the coins when they came out. I have bought every book in the set, even though I have not read them. I have a bunch of the patches at home that need velcro put on them. Do you want to know why I buy all this stuff? Because the books don’t suck, are something I and my kids can enjoy and aren’t full of a bunch of feel-good BS. I want to see Larry succeed. I support authors who write the stuff I like instead of all the crap that passes for science fiction these days. Because I want Larry to buy the next mountain over next year and have a Yard Moose mountain 2.0. And I am hoping that Larry will come to Las Vegas for a book signing. (Hint hint) If I spend enough money, maybe he will drop by.

    1. That’s an excellent idea. Dangerous, perhaps (there’d have to be a EULA clause and some sort of NFT’d piece in the files to deter people’s attempts to convert the mesh and bootleg it), but still not a bad idea at all.

      But it’s up to Larry, ultimately.

  10. As soon as I saw this, my credit card screamed in pain and my wife texted me with “I feel a disturbance in the Force”

    1. BLASPHEMY!!!! You Newb! I have been gaming for 50+ years….

      “If not playable on the Ps4 it is not a game”

      What Heresy is this?! Call up the Crusaders!


  11. Sounds fun. I will look forward to more news.

    Will there be mirror matchups possible or will this be locked into Monster vs Hunter?

    Is the intended number of miniatures on the board already decided?

  12. Just when I thought I could walk away from Kickstarter, Larry drags me back in kicking and screaming.
    And by “kicking and screaming” I mean for the campaign to kick off so I can throw money at it.


    Especially since Warmachine’s 3rd edition…sorry..Mk 3 made the game a lot less fun, with Privateer Press screwing fans with the Games Workshop method*. It pretty much destroyed my local Warmachine community.

    *More rulebooks! More editions! One of the original lures of Warmachine was you only needed one book to play, and you could buy an army for a lot less than a WH40K army.

  14. Is there a rough idea what a set will cost?

    And on a side note has Larry or anyone here heard of Gaslands? I’m trying to build some MHI themed cars in my spare time, currently trying to start a war schoolbus named Dorcas.

  15. Awesome. I recently introduced my Aunt to MHI when she was out of work with a busted elbow. I used the Memoirs books as Christmas gifts since she is a Ringo fan. She read them all in 3 days. Since she hosts game nights for the family this should be a good Christmas gift for this year.

  16. To paraphrase Yogurt:

    ” Merchandising. Merchandising. Where the
    real money from the books is made. Monster Hunters-the T-shirt,
    Monster Hunters-the Coloring Book, Monster Hunters-the Lunch box, Monster Hunters-
    the Breakfast Cereal, Monster Hunters-the Flame Thrower.”

    1. Put me in for one “Monster Hunters – The Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle”, please.

      With only solid projectiles, it’s just a $5 NFA tax stamp away!

  17. I’ve been wanting to get into miniatures for a while, and this is the best opportunity I’ve seen, hands down. What’s the venue that will be selling the merchandise? I need to make it a favorite in my phone.

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