Approaching Peak Woke

Jack Wylder once here again, bringing gold from the cesspits to where it belongs. This morning, Larry shared some thoughts on current events:

I truly believe we are at or nearing Peak Woke.

The San Fransisco school board was just overwhelmingly voted to be recalled. Pundits are already blaming it on “secret conservatives”. In San Fransisco. The bluest big city in America.

Across the nation regular normal people are done with Woke shit. They are done with Covid control freaks. They are done with incompetent petty tyranny. They are done with self proclaimed experts being constantly wrong but still handing down arbitrary commands.

That combo is going to make the upcoming mid terms the biggest blood bath election of the last hundred years.

Purple is gonna flip red. Blue is turning purple. 30 congressional dems have retired because they see more accurate polling than we do. Seats that are normally D+13 aren’t safe.

The polls about how people identify have flipped in a manner that the establishment can’t even sorta understand yet. Some do. Those are the proverbial rats fleeing the sinking ship.

Polls always oversample democrats, but even the ones that show D+7 have them being trounced. It won’t be D+7. It’s going to be R+ however many people said enough.

The progressive left has driven off many of the people who they always assumed would make up their “permanent demographic majority”.

Democrats have infuriated independents.

Nobody expected New Jersey to be in play.

Nobody expected Virginia to flip and as the polls swung the left could do nothing but panic and do dumber and dumber stunts. I expect to see lots of tiki torches and fake hate crimes in the coming months.

Their figure head, Joe Biden, is despised by his enemies and pitied by his allies. He inspires no one. They have no wins. Nothing to run on. Nothing to point to.

If they were smart they would do an emergency course correction and abandon the control freaks, but they can’t. The liberals abdicated. The moderates fled. The woke progs are steering the ship, and they are addicted to outrage. They only have one play in their playbook, which is scream about how everyone else is some kinda hatemonger.

Regular people just want their money to be worth something and their stores to not be empty and their schools to not be indoctrination centers.

While the woke running the left can only offer them increasingly batshit insane identity politics instead.

A reckoning is coming. The left is about to reap the whirlwind of their hubris.

Of course the GOP will flop and squish and squander this, unless these same angry voters won’t allow them to.

The invertebrates like Mitt Romney will see the democrats take this generational loss and will want to “reach across the aisle” to help them back to their feet. They’ll be “bipartisan”. No. They lost because they deserved to lose because their ideas are evil and the middle has realized the left is actively destroying America. Crush them. Drive them from any position of leadership.

This loss needs to hurt. It needs to be a wake up call to the democrats who aren’t insane leftists, however many of those may remain. The Woke must be cast down. Their philosophy is a cancer in the bones of our country.

The monied “educated” elite of the left have loved the Woke because they have been a useful club to beat their ideological enemies with. But once the Woke become a liability, they will be dismissed and forgotten. Just like the hippies were a great big deal until suddenly, they weren’t. And they became a fringe joke.

That’s a big if though, because I’m not sure how much the Venn diagrams of Woke and Elite overlap. So if democrats can’t jettison Wokeness, then regular people will make sure they lose so damned bad they don’t have a choice.

That’s what’s coming.

Pundits will blame it on Covid fatigue or racism or sexism or Russians or something else. But it’s not. It’s all tied together. It’s a backlash against one giant overwhelming philosophy combining the federal leviathan, woke megacorps, and a mob of useful idiots into a bizarre pseudo religion. It is completely disconnected from reality, and rules with a very stupid fist. And regular people aren’t ever allowed to question it or stand in its way.

All the stuff that’s infuriating regular Americans is a result of that unholy abomination. Their jobs aren’t safe. Their kids aren’t safe. Nothing makes any sense anymore. They look around and discover they are living in clown world. When they express concern they are told to shut up, bigot, put your three masks back on and get back to serving me. How dare you question your moral and intellectual betters?

The political reckoning is coming soon. The cultural reckoning will take longer, but it’s already happening. The left has owned every major cultural institution for a long time, the media, Hollywood, academia, publishing, and look how great all of those are doing. It is like minded, insufferable finger shaking scolds, all the way down.

But once a preference cascade begins, it won’t stop. Voting is just the big obvious one, but as soon as enough shade holders in those various institutions decide they are tired of going broke to support a failing philosophy they’ll dump it. And if they don’t, competitors will crush them.

Because people are sick of this shit.

I’m actually really optimistic. I’ve been talking about this nefarious culture war for a long time, and I’m seeing an ever increasing number of regular folks catching on and realizing they’ve been getting scammed. I’m seeing more people who thought they were liberal realizing they got conned. I’m seeing more moderates realizing that moral equivalence is bullshit, because both sides suck, but at least one isn’t actively trying to destroy our civilization.

On that last note, if anybody can screw this opportunity up, it’s the republicans. Many of them are corrupt, lazy, cowards. But I’m even seeing a shift there, where more of them are saying enough of this fake civility, where the left can do whatever malicious thing it wants and we have to smile and take it. About damned time.

Expect the left to become increasingly desperate as their total control of every institution is threatened. Just look toward our neighbors to the north to see how petulant they can get when their power is endangered. They burn cities. Awesome. You get uppity, martial law.

Sure. They’ll lie. They’ll “fact checkers”. The media companies that carry their water are getting crushed by Indy media, even with the big tech companies actively trying to silence them. CNN is getting its ass beat by Joe Rogan. Elon Musk accomplishes more with one cryptic tweet then a thousand New York Times OpEds. The strangle hold on media is over because the left shot their wad. They lied too much and now nobody believes them. Polls show more Americans trust gas station sushi than the media.

They will lie, cheat, and steal. That’s just human nature. But don’t go all doomer black pill that the left will automatically win. They want you to think that’s inevitable. And if you are worried about cheating, Virginia showed us the way. Watchers everywhere and 500 lawyers waiting at a hotline perched like fucking falcons to swoop down the instant anything is weird. Get your shit together, GOP, and this won’t be an issue.

In the meantime just keep talking. Keep telling the truth. Keep standing for what you believe in. And if you aren’t doing that, start. You aren’t alone. There are millions who are just as annoyed by this crap as you are.

Who needs High School English when you can have Social Justice instead?
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151 thoughts on “Approaching Peak Woke”

    1. We’re so conditioned to instant gratification that it’s hard for our society to understand that a lot of things take time.
      Cultural change is one of them.
      There’s also the fact that the stupid Left won’t ever go away- but as the years go on, people will be less and less inclined to play along.

      1. No. The cultural Marxists are indoctrinating our children. While the school board set policy, the woke teachers are still teaching in the San Francisco classrooms and they’ll go on teaching unless they’re fired. Not merely told to not teach Critical Race Theory, but fired. Meanwhile colleges are still churning out woke teachers from CRT infested Departments of Education. It’s not over and it isn’t near the peak.

          1. Don’t get complacent. While I think it’s possible that we’re at or near the peak, the problem is that the Right tends to think of things as “It’ll work itself out”, which is part of the reason we’re here. The Right has done a lot or work the past few years (especially the last year), and now is the time to do more. Rooting out schoolboards and starting at the lower level elections is great, but the rot is deep and far-ranging. The teachers DO need to be rooted out. Academia needs an enema, and the sunshine on that cesspit has been a great first step.

            The culture wars matter. As Andrew Breitbart said – politics is downstream from culture, and we have to make it culturally toxic to espouse woke leftist bilge. Republican governors and politicians have to start going after bloated school administrations and toxic curricula. Pressure campaigns have started on woke corporations and schools. They need to increase.

            Basically everything the Right has been doing for the past year needs to be turned up to eleven. The Left never stops, and neither should we.

    2. The point at which Americans had no patience for the endemic warfare practices of the Great Plains Indians and the point at which the Great Plains Indians no longer practiced war were not five minutes apart.

      The issue now is the religious communists waging what is basically war against normies. The communists have been successful because we have been very generous when it comes to ‘they mean well’, etc.

      As a nation, we have somewhat forgotten that savages can exist.

      Because of our tremendous wealth of internal peace, we assumed that no one on the inside was outright waging war on us.

      Now, we can be almost certain that war has been carried out.

      A lot of our previous wars have had a pattern of not believing that war is really happening, being slowly convinced by behavior.

    3. When was the last time? I think this is a modest beginning of a possible reversal. But no one anywhere thinks its going to be easy. the problem with “woke” is that it only pretends to be a silly blue hair crybaby army. Behind it are people ike George Soros and Klaus Schwab. Some of the most brilliant and evil people alive. I consider George Soros to be one of the smartest men alive. He understands cause and consequence on a large scale better then just about anyone alive today. He is ruthless, completely amoral, and worse yet, he thinks of himself as a benevolent deity. Worse then that; he is crazy rich. Not just in money but political capital. Beside him are people like Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Brennan, The CIA, the DOJ, the FBI….the list is endless. Who do you think hacked the funding site that gave money to the truckers? No hacker would do that. The hacker community supported them. The most likely answer; The CIA. They have the tech, they have the motive. Biden is afraid it will spread here, Trudeau works for him.
      But that doesnt mean they can actually control the outcome. That just means its going to take a very long time to get everything back to normal. Because no matter how powerful these people are, they are not immortal. Schwab and Soros are the most dangerous on that list. They bare both well over 80. The CIA is mutable. Clearance can be taken away. In the end we just have to be fearless, and VOTE.

    4. The woke is already peak enough for their electoral annihilation.

      I hope they quintuple down and go for extinction, but leftist cockroaches are survivors, if nothing else.

    5. The shock of how far things can go to reach “peak woke” numbs people and the agenda continues it’s fast societal decline. What cops possibly come next? It hasn’t reached its peak yet and will continue to flow into every crevice of society if people like you and me stand by and observe for the sake of noticing the line changes.
      It’s time to step out of the observation box and into the fight.

  1. I see it every day. My wife is a Democrat, but voted twice for Trump. She is so mad at what the Democrat party has become, she has sought out alternative media and realized how much the media and government has lied to us our whole lives. And I know she is not alone.

    1. I don’t think the party has a damn clue how many of us Democrats are downright *embarrassed* by the current party and its leadership.

      1. I know a ton of democrats who are pissed because this is not what they signed up for.
        Sadly most of those are scared to speak up because they don’t want to get killed and eaten by the mob.

        1. They see how the Democrats treated their members who left and really, truly switched over to the Republicans. Among them were Strom Thurmond, Ronald Reagan, and most recently, Donald Trump.

          There doesn’t seem to be anything worse that a Democrat can do than to escape their party. They’ll excitedly point out any sketchy thing the person did in their past, while neglecting to mention that said things were done while under the all-embracing umbrella of the Democratic Party. If they were so bad then, why weren’t they booted out of the Democratic Party?

          Just par for that course, Democrats cannot see the planks in their own eyes while looking for specks in others.

          Matthew 7:3-5
          New International Version

          3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

    1. The Left is going to “disqualify” any serious opposition. (For “insurrection” .)

      Those RINOs that will “work with them” will receive “help” at the polls. And probably, helpful dirty tricks before.

      The printing presses will run 24-7 to ensure all votes are counted.

      If you think 2020 was a one-time, or a maximal effort, you will be amazed at 22 and 24. We may see 200% turnouts! And if they can’t “win” , watch for the -epic- “No! do over!” tantrum.

      The Good Guys win, but the Left has a whole bunch more own-goals to score first. And we must ruthlessly mock them, as the laughter of the Free is like a sunlit Cross to them.

      Invest in popcorn. The next four years are going to be an entertaining multi-part-error on their part. And miss no opportunity for humorous derision.

      1. Quit doing CNN’s job for them.
        The doomer black pill shit is how they want you to feel. They want you to think the left’s victory is inevitable. Why even bother showing up? They want you demoralized. The lower the turn out the easier it is to cheat.
        The left doesn’t have magic powers. Quit acting like they do.
        Virginia showed the way forward. Watchers everywhere and an army of lawyers ready to swoop in.
        The more they lose by the harder it is to cheat or the more obvious it becomes.
        A fuckton more people are aware of this now than before, to the point where a majority of Americans think Biden cheated, including 1/3 of democrats and 3/4 of republicans.
        And most importantly of all, cheating will help you win a close race, but if you get fucking dominated, you can’t cheat your way out of that without getting caught.
        So fucking crush them.

        Which ain’t gonna happen if all the doomers keep doing their Eeyore impersonation on the internet to try and get everybody to stay home.

        1. This could be a post on it’s own.
          I too grow weary of the Leftist Defeatist Propaganda pretending to be from “Our Side”.

        2. This whole post and the short answer to the black pillary that goes on.

          This. This is why my license plate says “M. H. I”

          1. It’s kind of ironic, but during the Cold War the people who tended to believe Soviet propaganda the most were the Western Anti-Communist.

        3. CNN? Is that still on?

          Doom? Lol. the Good Guys win. And some of it will be truly funny.

          Not going to be nice or pretty. The Left’s spazz is going to do damage. This is going to be a knife fight, not boxing.

          Folks who expect a cakewalk get beat. Or quit, same diff.

        4. HEAR! HEAR!

          I don’t know whether those preaching “we’ve already lost” are Eeyores, Quislings, or Lord Haw-Haws, but I’m beyond caring.

    2. Anyone not bought in to it magically *becomes* right-wing. We can point at multiples of rather prominent liberals who are now called right-wing with no irony, merely stupidity. That list of Joe Rogan guests divided between “left” and “right” included Tulsi Gabbard as “right-wing”. That’s how crazy it is. I like some of her attitudes, but her policies aren’t right-wing. She just refused to comply and get out of the way of Hillary and magically became a Russian Asset. It’s unreal.

      The idea, I suppose, is to make liberals, regular normal people, afraid of stepping out of line because they’ll be smeared as right-wing or worse. But we all know the truth. The woke aren’t LIBERAL, they’re the most illiberal folks out there. So BE liberal and eff them.

      1. I’m positive Tulsi is running as an Independent for President in 2024.

        The left will scream “she’s going to steal votes from usssss!!!”

        And She’ll respond “yes I’m going to take them all.”

        1. Tulsi is trying to save the Democratic Party, even if it’s in pursuit of her own political goals. Because honestly, it’s about to go the way of the Whigs if the party leadership does not change.

          1. She’s a card carrying member of the WEF, and is bought and paid for by Soros. Same with Dan Crenshaw. You can dress them up however you want, but they will knife you in the guts if you elect them.

          2. MynameisSlaughter is correct. Tulsi is WEF, one of Klaus Schwab’s minions.

            Right now, she is assigned the role of Good Cop, to the establishment’s Bad Cop. Dan Crenshaw is on the same team, he’s just assigned to pretend he’s GOP. Whichever ‘side’ wins, the WEF wins. The WEF openly brags about its tentacles penetrating government.

            Primary every single one of them. If they have any links to the WEF, vote them out, no matter how good they seem. Think of the ‘good’ ones as sleeper agents.

  2. Well put. Seeing it more and more. Anyone not a fully paid up member of the cult is moving away from them. Full *30* Democrats have already announced they won’t be seeking re-election in the House. They know lengthy spell in the minority is on the way.

    1. Now if only the GOP won’t squander a big majority like they did through the first six years under Clinton. SHTF when the Democrats were given the majority in both houses for Clinton’s last two years.

      I remember the shenanigans Alan Greenspan’s Federal Reserve yes-men did with interest rates. Jacked them way up for Bush Sr. so Clinton could say “It’s the economy, stupid.”. Then with Clinton getting the win, they cut interest rates. Kept them down for the next election to help Clinton. Then despite having the double Democrat majority, the Fed raised rates in case Gore lost.

      With Bush Jr. in, the Fed kept rates up until 9/11.

      I consider appointing Alan Greenspan to be the biggest mistake Ronald Reagan made in domestic policy. Greenspan was the one responsible for ‘popping the dot-com bubble’. He flat out said in a Federal Reserve Board meeting he would put the needle in the internet bubble.

      There were so many tech and software companies running on credit, just making enough to break even, just about to get to profitability. Then with the interest rates up their cash flow went from neutral to slightly positive to very negative.

      All those companies going under had a knock-on effect on computer and networking companies. Their sales plunged as a huge slug of slightly used equipment flooded the market dirt cheap. Cisco Systems was hit pretty hard. They, and others, should have bought up as much of their old gear as they possibly could, then refurbished as needed to flip it and get paid twice for it.

      Greenspan’s deliberate damaging actions should’ve had him run out, or at least never re-appointed after his last term handed to him by Reagan. Bush Sr. re-appointed Greenspan then got stabbed in the back by him. Of course Clinton re-appointed Greenspan. Then Bush Jr. re-appointed him in 2004 to serve a 5th term. If there was anyone Jr should’ve had a grudge against for doing his father dirty, it was Alan Greenspan.

    2. And I heard 19 GOPs are also retiring. I don’t think that 30 Dems figure is as significant as it’s being touted.

      1. Technically it’s only 12 GOP retirements. The rest are running for other offices.

        Three of the Rs in the House that are leaving voted for Trump’s impeachment. Four of the 14 House Rs not running for reelection are running for the Senate. Of the 5 R senators not running again, four of them are of the RINO or vote to convict Trump of bullshit charges variety. The one GOP senator retiring that isn’t a RINO shithead is in a state that went for Trump by 25 points in ’20.

        In short, the bad rubbish of the GOP is taking a major hit this cycle as the turds begin to self flush.

  3. PLEEEEAAASSSEEE let this be true. I’m an incurable optimist, but even I have been shocked at the levels of sheer stupidity and self-destruction that society has stooped to. At this point I’m mostly just laughing while the ship goes down, because I can find some funny shit in ANY situation.

  4. I do hope you’re right. I’ve lost enough hope to completely unplug from all that. I cannot live in a perpetual state of rage, so I only watch from afar with utter distaste and just a tiny bit of hope.

  5. I think, and hope, you’re right Larry. But I’m concerned about the November election. Is it so hard to imagine that with electoral doom on the horizon, the woke and Dems will resort to blatant fuckery?

    “There’s a new COVID strain and we can’t possibly know how dangerous it is until late November, so you have to mail in your ballots (while triple masked, of course

      1. Also, cheating is NOT automatic for the Dems.
        Which is why we’re not talking about incumbent President Hillary.
        They still need people ready, willing, and able to gin up the Midnight Trunk’O Ballots. If those people find a candidate distasteful, the magic ballots don’t appear.
        A lot of people who filled in Grandma’s absentee ballot to get rid of Bad Orange Man have since come to regret it.

      2. They’re likely to pull out all the stops on fraud. After all, the courts allowed it last time. Who has standing to sue over it? Not states (It Says Here) and not individuals (ditto). Virginia may well just have told them that they just need to fraud harder than they’ve ever frauded before.

        1. They who? It’s not the Democrat Nomenklatura, safely ensconced inside their privately protected neighborhoods who are the ones physically filling out ballots and dumping them in the hopper at the middle of the night. They’re the ones not feeling the pinch, so they’re all good.

          Instead, it’s the normal Democrat poll workers who thought that getting rid of Orangeman would make things better, and it didn’t. They’re the ones who’s lives are far, far worse now than they were in 2020. They are the ones facing empty shelves, expensive gas, and getting treated like serfs.

          The bosses may order it, but I don’t think the troops are going to be listening.

          1. That’s very true. A lot of them in key areas believed they were literally stopping the second coming of Hitler. Not figuratively, in honest to God fact.

            That’s harder to do in a hundred individual races.

            I’ll also point out, my understanding of part of the reason Hitler was able to take power in the first place was the establishment pulled so many stupid illegal tricks to try and take him down they completely destroyed their own credibility and any faith in the basic systems of representative government.

          2. So far as I can tell, there was no real unified German political establishment in the early 30’s, not like the UniParty we have here and now. There were many factions, and some of those were also somewhat divided. While many factions could agree the Communists should be kept out of power, they couldn’t agree on much else. Scheming among those like Franz von Papen and Kurt von Schleicher was not so much to keep Hitler out so much as to get themselves in, or keep themselves there. To some extent, their infighting did damage their credibility, but none of these leaders enjoyed truly wide bases of support. Ultimately, that led Hindenburg to very reluctantly turn to Hitler, who led the party that had a plurality in the legislature.

            The other factions had plans to keep Hitler on a short leash. To some extent it worked, but the Nazis were somewhat effective at working the system and getting off the leash. Then came the Reichstag fire. They allowed themselves to be railroaded into passing the Enabling Act, and that was more or less all she wrote. There were basically no legal checks left on Hitler’s power at that point.

  6. “Watchers everywhere and 500 lawyers waiting at a hotline perched like fucking falcons to swoop down the instant anything is weird. Get your shit together, GOP, and this won’t be an issue.”

    Exactly right.

    1. This is why I can’t summon up much optimism about the election. I am hopeful…but too much depends on Republicans not rolling over.

  7. Don’t get cocky, but don’t give the Left credit they don’t deserve.
    They’re not smart, kind, caring- keep bringing that up.
    They’re not competent or courageous- remind people about that.

  8. This year’s elections will be hard to lose. But some ingenious idiots will find ways. Some suggested advice:

    1. The desperate Dems will continue doing what they’ve been successful at doing. In particular, whenever the Right gathers or tries to demonstrate (for instance at the upcoming US truck convoys), the left, including all our three letter agencies, will send in agents provocateurs and commit false-flag violence to blame us for. And the media will help them cover it up and sell it. Don’t be tempted to join in any fights, or the media will make you look like Nazis, both singly and as a group. The *best* you can hope for is to sit in jail for a year like Kyle did.

    2. Research candidates, especially in local races. Soros has a huge array of front organizations to funnel money to candidates for city council, mayor, DA, and police chief who will refuse to prosecute real crime but persecute anyone who tries to defend himself against Antifa/BLM terrorists. In some states these are designated “non-partisan” so the ballot won’t even tell you they are Democrats; but some of them will switch parties to fool you, too. Find out their names and tell us. If your existing officials fit this description, tell us theirs, too.

    3. Do not give to Trump or his Save America PAC. He has lost any talent he ever had for picking trustworthy people. He is still backing known RINOs like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham.

    And 4. If you’re around to watch vote counting, stay all night. Don’t let them move you outside. If you can’t prevent them from bringing in huge shipments of fake votes at 4 am, at least make them remove you by force to get them in, and have someone taking pictures when it happens.

    1. Trump has been saying Mitch McConnell needs to go for MONTHS. You’re not paying attention if you think they’re friends.

  9. Good advice.
    Egads. This must be the only place on the net where one’s comments can be rejected for being too short.

  10. The Pendulum swings rightward, but the Pivot Point drifts ever Leftward.

    We will need to use the upcoming breather to make some foundational reforms: new history requirements for public schools, break up the big cities, retake some institutions, change the way universities are funded…

    Much to do.

  11. Consider the general hate the Woke reboot of Sex and the City is getting… so much so that failed candidate Cynthia Nixon is trying to Wokeshame her fans with how stunning and brave she was to turn her character into her IRL self.
    I don’t watch it, but I am seeing articles in MSM sources showing this disdain.
    And it’s not just that show- every single announcement of a reboot, adaptation, or remake of any beloved property bring not a general excitement among the public, but a loudly spoken dread that it’s going to be a cringy wokefest.
    Outside of the MSM shills, nobody is celebrating the Stunning and Brave Woke Representation and Willingness to Tackle the Issues when those properties are released. Instead, they just go on to flop.

          1. Check out The Critical Drinker on said Toob. He has a review. Spoiler alert: A muchness of “Arrrgh, did you even read the books?”

          2. It’s bad. They are taking everything LOTR, keeping the names and trashing the rest. It’s going to be Wheel of Time except worse.

          3. I’m hearing rumors that Amazon managed to only buy the rights to use the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit, but did not get rights to use any of the extended source material.

            So to answer the Critical Drinker’s question, they weren’t legally allowed to…

          4. Voyager, what I heard was that the only material they have permission to use is from the appendices to LoTR, about the Second Age, because WB still had time left on their agreement to LoTR and Hobbit. As a result, the only characters from LoTR they have rights. Alas, WB agreement is expiring, and the Tolkien rights are now up for sale with an asking price of $2B.

          5. Who gets the $2 billion? J.R.R. Tolkien died almost 50 years ago, so it’s not going to do him any good. Why should anybody else get $2 billion for his work?

          6. I think that ultimately Tolkien’s grandkids get the cash after the firm managing the rights sale gets their cut. You’d have to ask Congress and Mickey Mouse about the why. I’m not a lawyer, but my understanding is that because LoTR was copyright 1954, it had an initial 28 year copyright period, and that when it was renewed the second period was for an additional 67 years, which would extend to 2049, rather than 2043 like it would under the current author’s life plus 70 years law.

        1. Has Whedon been made a pariah yet for abusing his ex and some black actors, or is he still in because double standards are the only standards they have in Hollywood? Stuff Whedon was on sans Whedon are the only reboot I could ever REMOTELY see being good, though I’m sure they’d never let the non-murderous Baldwin return and that will make it suck.

          1. Wrong Baldwin. Adam Baldwin starred in Firefly. Alec Baldwin (pretty good in The Shadow) made 3 stupid mistakes in a row and shot an associate producer on a movie set.

            If you don’t know how to handle guns safely, DON’T HANDLE GUNS!!

          2. The rule about Leftist and scandals is this:
            -if the scandal is confined to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, then it doesn’t count.
            -if it makes the mainstream media, then it counts.
            It’s more about who’s in and who’s out with the Central Committee over what someone actually did.
            Since the media has published about Whedon, he’s on the outs and is basically finished.

        2. Don’t worry about itcif you don’t care
          I’ve adopted the policy of utter apathy and refuse to fall into the skinsuits’ rage traps.
          That way the shows die on the vine. And suits panic.


          1. Don’t tell me, let me guess.
            Inara will be a trans “woman” battling bigots who refuse to engage “her” services.
            Zoe, River, and Kaylee will be having a 3-way girl on girl on girl affair (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
            The only straight white male character will be Jayne, who will be played as a bitter character that must continually be restrained from doing evil deeds by the rest of the crew.

          2. Rather than a reboot I’d love to see a continuation. Years have passed. Mal and Inara got married, had three kids. Washington, Darriel, and their daughter Kaylee Junior. (She goes by Kayjay because Junior is really her middle name.)
            They bought the junkyard where Mal bought “Serenity” and he set her down precisely where she was when he bought her. For a while the ship was a tourist attraction, one guy even wanted to buy it as the centerpiece for a core world theme park.

            Zoe met a guy and they’ve settled down on a farming moon. She’s expecting a child but hasn’t married the father because nobody can replace Wash as her husband. Farming is as far away as possible from spaceships and war and the the fighting that took her husband.

            Simon is the top guy at a hospital on Ariel, as high as he can go and still practice medicine rather than administration.

            River is hunting the remnants of the Blue Hands and the other corrupt people behind the BLUE SUN corporation.

            Jayne has a wife who has slightly tamed him, he got his own ship and runs cargo, with the occasional bit of smuggling.

            Kaylee had to get an official engineer license, griping all the while that she already knew more than what’s in all the books.

            Into this setting comes a young woman to Mal’s junkyard. She’s determined to by “Serenity” and make her fly again. She’d already bought another old ship, fixed it up, flew it to where Mal’s yard is, and sold it to get the money to buy “Serenity”.

            Why? To prove to her dying father that learning about spacecraft, engineering, piloting etc is NOT a waste of her time. Being a core worlder, her family expected her to be like the other girls, marry the right guy, have children, all the high society stuff. She wants to take the most famous ship in the ‘verse and take her father on a grand tour of the system. Despite the best Dr (Simon Tam) looking after him, there’s nothing left to do.

            She impresses Mal to the point he agrees to sell “Serenity”, on the condition she can get the ship in condition to launch, do a couple of orbits then land right back where it is. Oh, and she has to hire her own crew, and any parts needed that Mal doesn’t already have (for when he was going to fix up the ship, someday), she has to pay for them too.

            The kids have been bugging Mal to sell the junkyard (it’s a cash cow, they have tons of money) and move farther inward. Washington wants to become a spaceship pilot, Darriel wants to go to medical school, Kayjay wants to become and engineer, or maybe a pilot, perhaps she could be interested in medical school – but *anything* other than one more year in a junkyard, despite her love of tinkering and fixing up parts for sale. All their dreams will be far easier living closer to the action. Then there’s Inrara, Mal knows she’s lived out there because she loves him and the kids, and the old gang drops once in a while, but he knows Inara wants to be closer to some of her old life, and Sihon is a very nice planet to visit, even if they won’t live there.

            And if this young lady fails the 30 day challenge, he could contact that theme park guy to see if he’s still interested.

          3. If the reboot people could just shut the hell up once and look around, they could find all the damn drama they can use in CJ Cherryh’s “Merchanter” series – future history all mapped out, huge social issues to discuss, ships with real limitations/features and tec diversity, actual languages for several species, some of which are non-bipedal and one an apparent siphonophore… yeah, I admire the mekt-hakkikt.

          4. OK, Gregg, where do I send the money so you can buy the rights and then start filming. Because I really, really like your version!

      1. I just don’t know why JMS is re-approaching the original show. Do something in the B5 world that’s new and you can 1) not piss existing fans off and 2) new fans have an easy entry point and won’t have to deal with old fans hating on a reboot. Plus, the casting that cane together for B5 was lightning in a bottle! Boxleitner is Sheridan, Mira was Delenn, Peter is Londo, and Andreas was absolutely G’Kar.

        1. To answer the question, why a reboot, not a sequel:

          Richard Biggs (Franklin), died 2004
          Tim Choate (Zathras), died 2004
          Andreas Katsulas (G’Kar), died 2006
          Jeff Conaway (Zach), died 2011
          Michael O’Hare (Sinclair), died 2012
          Jerry Doyle (Garibaldi), died 2016
          Stephen Furst (Vir), died 2017
          Mira Furlan (Delenn), died 2021

          Makes it hard to do more B5 with the original cast when you have basically Sheridan, Ivanova, Lochley, Londo, and Lennier to work with.

          I really really really hope that the B5 reboot will be good, but I’m not holding my breath. Although with JMS at the helm, it’s got a better chance than most reboots.

          1. Nobody wants the same story again. We want more stuff in the same world, with a complex story.

          2. Yes, the only sequel you can do is rewriting Crusade, which didn’t get a fair shot the first time because of network meddling.

            But a sequel wouldn’t work for new people to become fans. There’s too much to learn from B5.

            But the B5 universe is SO rich , you could do a show on the War with the Shadows 1000 years ago. Michael O’Hare can’t be Valen again, but fandom has always been split on his acting, so recasting wouldn’t ruffle too many feathers. New fans would never know the difference.

            Currently, JMS is rewriting B5 with John Sheridan starting the show. I have a feeling he’s going back to his original outline for the show. Which honestly is….not good. You can find it online.

      2. Tracy Torme said the “Sliders” reboot is NOT going to be woke, it won’t ever be woke. He knows people want their SciFi to be entertainment, not political indoctrination.

        Now if they can just get writers who’ll maintain continuity or at least not do plots so dumb (like Exodus) that the cast up and quits. Props to Cleavant Derricks for sticking it out to the bitter end.

  12. I do not always agree with you sir. This has never given me the slightest qualms about buying and enjoying your work, or work you’ve recommended. It’s never disturbed the respect I have for you personally. While we’ve never met, I’ve seen enough to know that this respect is well placed.

    Today’s blog entry makes me respect you rather more.

  13. I am once again reminded that the majority of the casualties took place after Gettysburg, and after Midway.

    Peak doesn’t mean the end of the fight, or even the halfway point, just peak, and there’s a lot of fight on the other side.

  14. First, never underestimate Republican talent for snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. I’m seeing the wind-up for the snatch in the over-done objections to Biden’s promise to replace Brayer with a black woman (totally an unforced error in my opinion. Biden isn’t going to pick someone we like no matter what. Objecting to a black woman sounds racist, even to me, and I understand what those objections are really about. Just understand that it’s a hard argument to make without sounding like an ass.)

    Second. Make no mistake, the Republicans are where they are because of Democrat over-reach. IF Republicans win, even a red wave, it won’t be because everyone suddenly started loving them some Republican ideals. It’ll be because independents are getting sick and tired of Democrat over-reach. They have been trying to govern like they have a strong mandate, when they barely have a majority. The Democrats wouldn’t be in such a pickle (and the US wouldn’t be in its current state) if Democrats had reached across the aisle and found ways to work with the Republicans rather than Screeching hate for the last 5+ years. If Republicans do the same thing is just going to push independents back the other direction.

    Americans are tired of the political strife. Don’t try to shove things through just because you have the votes. Find solutions to America’s problems that people will agree with. Explain what you want to do and why. Make the case to the American people. That way, when Biden vetoes because it’s a Republican bill (which he will), he’s vetoing something people want, not something people hate because they feel you’re trying to shove it down the Democrat’s – and the American people’s – throats.

    1. Just remember, just because the media calls something a “right-wing” cannard doesn’t mean it is.

      Voter ID, and school choice both have something like 70%+ approval ratings in the public at large. Same with immigration enforcement.

      The problem is, that 30% supporting it is heavily concentrated in DC, and would likely be absolutely gutted by accountable elections or fiscal policy that didn’t involve hosing money at the power brokers or Unions.

    2. The trick for Republicans to let Defeat stay in the jaws of Victory is mainly to promise to roll back the obvious stupid that the Democrats are mandating- and then to actually do it.
      Basically what Ron DeSantis and other Republican Governors are currently doing.
      Not squishing out during the media attacks likewise.

    1. Gas station sushi vs media:

      Gas stations have sushi?? I’ve never seen that before! Cool! Can’t be much worse than the so-called “sushi” found at a Chinese buffet. Standard quality assurance questions: who made that particular roll, and how long ago?

      Mainstream mass media: they don’t always tell shameless whoppers, but it’s safer to just assume they’re lying until independently proved otherwise. If CNN says the sun will set in the west today, I want to watch it happen with a compass in my hand.

  15. I agree with jdgalt1. Watch who you vote for.
    Soros minions are snakes in the grass. Also, pay attention to anyone with World Economic Forum affiliations. WEF is outright
    Big Brother. They are out to destroy national and individual sovereignty. They have people in all sorts of positions. When I found out Buttigieg is WEF, I understood why he took a two month “maternity leave” in the middle of the supply chain crisis. WEF wants crises and collapse. That makes the Great Reset easier. I hope Larry is right and there is an avalanche of righteous pushback coming, but these evil people will still keep trying to enslave us.

  16. It’s been often said that Biden is basically Jimmah Carter redux. But there’s a fair amount of late Brezhnev era dreary weariness in there as well. A sort of conforming to the ritualistic demands of the Woke Religion, but done more out of habit and obligation than any real faith on their part.
    Wokeness isn’t exciting. It’s not hip or vital or fun or joyful.

      1. Which is one of the stupid failings of the Dem Nomenklatura. Eventually the people will catch on that their leaders are trying to destroy them- and they don’t like it.

        We should not fall into the trap of thinking that the Left is made up of Master Machiavellian Manipulators with some kind of Infallible Evil Plan. They’re not that smart.

      2. Wish I could remember when/where Carter admitted he wasn’t a very good President.

        Next time any lefty whines about oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, remind them is was Jimmy Carter who officially opened part of it for oil drilling. What part? Part of it that is an arctic desert. There’s nothing out there but rocks, lichen, and some insects. Caribou and other animals stay away because there’s nothing there for them to eat and no water to drink. It’s land that should never have been included in ANWR because there’s no wildlife in it.

      3. Didn’t he? One blunder is an accident. Four years of blunders and humiliation on the world stage establish a pattern of intent.

    1. Carter is actually a really intelligent, ethical guy, but despite this, he was an abysmal failure as President. Like Donald Trump, Carter was an outsider to Washington politics. Also like Trump, Carter had plenty of people in his own party working at cross-purposes from him. While the Beltway establishment didn’t try to directly undermine him the way the RINOs and Never-Trumpers treated Trump, they tried to take advantage of Carter’s unfamiliarity with areas outside his own experience. These were the people who argued that the Ayatollah Khomeni was “an ascetic religious reformer like Ghandi”. They urged Federal spending, taxation, and anti-corporate regulatory measures that drove inflation through the roof.

      Carter’s milquetoast approach to international conflict was primarily his own fault, as far as I know. His decision to ignore advice from some of the veteran diplomatic personnel available to him was understandable: he felt that these people involved the US in dubious international adventurism. Unfortunately, the folks advising him in their place were naïve fools.

        1. No, there were a few other deregulatory actions he took that were also good, but those had generally been in progress for years, usually back to the Nixon or even LBJ administrations. These had typically been worked out between the agencies and members of Congress from both parties, back when even some of the Big Government types realized the economy was suffering from overregulation. Most of the stuff Carter and his administration dreamed up sucked, though.

          1. The Staggers Act was an improvement, though I think somebody in the decades since should have been paying a bit more attention to anti-trust than they did.

        2. Best thing Carter did was be a President who was also a nuclear engineer when Three Mile Island melted down. Anyone else in the presidency would have panicked and it would have been disastrous.

  17. Just an update from Canada where the future of America is being given a test-run:

    Three weeks ago a bunch of truckers showed up in Ottawa to protest the mandatory Covid-19 vaccine. They had a problem with the whole “no jab, no job” thing. They blew their horns on Capitol Hill and set up bouncy castles for their kids while the dads played road hockey.

    The Prime Minister of Canada ran away and hid.

    Fast forward past the most obvious campaign of media gaslighting in history, on Monday martial law was declared. The bouncy castles were a threat to the nation, you see. Donating to the truckers was a crime, they said they’d take your bank account. And your crypto. And your truck. Maybe your house. Possibly your kids. (Oh yeah, they really went there.)

    Tuesday, yesterday, it began to sink in that these assholes were actually serious, and they really were freezing people’s bank accounts.

    Today, Wednesday, starting at about 3pm, ALL the big banks banks in Canada suddenly had “technical issues” at the same time. Doubters and Mr. York are invited to go check for current conditions, it was looking pretty grim around 7pm tonight.

    Can you say “bank run?” Sure you can. Say it with me now; Bank. Run. By the way, did y’all know that the Canadian banks have a deposit margin of zero? Yep. Used to be something like 5%, now it is zero. Special COVID deal, apparently.

    So, just to recap, the SJW libtards that run Canada went from zero to “seize your bank account” in three weeks, and it was truckers with bouncy castles that finally broke them.

    The parallels with the SJW libtard scooter-riders of WorldCon is not lost on anyone here, I hope. What finally broke them was the deliberately goofy campaign to prevent puppy-related sadness. They couldn’t believe we would actually challenge their bullshit right in their own house.

    DemocRats are watching Canada right now and making their own plans for martial law. They tried to do it on January 6th but they didn’t have enough Antifa plants in the crowd. Next time they’ll go harder. That’s what you’re looking at.

    Advise y’all keep some gold and a bunch of cash in a sock. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but that’s what’s going on in front of my face right now.

    1. Lil’ Castro has pushed the cause from “get rid of mandates” into “get rid of Trudeau”. If they push it too far, bad things will happen.

      One must remember that while the 1905 Russian Revolution didn’t overthrow the Tsar, it did firmly plant the idea that the Tsar wasn’t the beneficial figure portrayed in folklore in the heads of a lot of Russians.
      We don’t know when the idea planted today will come to fruition- the idea that the internationalist technocratic elite should not be running things because they’re super incompetent. But it’s an idea that is spreading far and fast.

      1. You know what? I’ve been saying they’re going to do this since 1992. Ever since they went hard on gun control, I’ve been saying “It’s coming. They’re going to take all your stuff and kick you in the face.” The reason I’ve said that is simple: even a half-educated liberal can’t be that wrong by accident. It is deliberate.

        So here they are. Thirty years later. No jab, no job. Taking people’s stuff and kicking them in the face. You complain, they kick you more.

        Thing is, the feds are standing alone now. All the provinces have abandoned their vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. The only mandate left is the federal one. The Liberal Party of Canada is going to wear this whole thing.

        I think they have a fantasy that they can cow all the people into bowing down and behaving, the way we bowed down to all the public health crap in 2020. This to me indicates a fundamental vacancy in their mental equipment. Cooperating with everybody to get something done is different from cooperating because the government said so.

        I’ll wear a mask if I have to, because I’ve been told it’ll keep Grandma safe in the nursing home and we don’t have any medicine. But after I’ve found out that they lied about the masks, and the medicine, and the disease itself? Am I still going to go along? Or am I going to start looking for opportunities to jam a stick in their spokes?

        1. Rome didn’t fall in a day, and a rotten structure can stand apparently strong for years before a simple wind knocks it over.
          I well remember 1989-91, when the Evil Empire so many conservative pundits told me was so strong and powerful seemingly just collapsed almost overnight. But looking back, one can see the problems under the glossy paint. Hemingway’s quote about bankruptcy being something that happens slowly, then suddenly applies to political change too.
          You say it’s been decades, and in truth, it has. But it has only been in the last two years that the incompetence has really begun to shine through, and the general faith of the vast majority of people in the competence of the Credentialed Class destroyed by the clueless workings of the Credentialed Class.
          At this point, they are doing a lot of our work for us, by making plenty of mistakes. Don’t interrupt.

  18. I have been watching the Canadian Trucker Protests since they started forming in Alberta and Sasketchewan in January. Truthfully I never thought they would be successful. I was sure there would be violence and arrests, and it would all fall apart. It did not. Why? It was Non-Violent.

    Not one murder,
    Not one Policeman injured,
    Not one Policeman killed,
    Not one building burnt down,
    Not one store looted,
    Not one window broken,
    Not one statue toppled.
    Not one cop struck, spit at, or hit by a rock, bottle or urine.

    What have been the symbols? Happy, smiling cheerful protesters. Kids and Bouncy Castles, Hot Tubs, Food Kitchens, Two Dance Nightclubs all built on the flat, frozen, empty ground of Parliament Hill. It is a happy community surrounded by dour wokescold Government Bureaucrats whining about an imaginary insurrection and occupation.

    It took two weks, but even the government subsidized media are finally admitting there is no violence by the Canadan Truckers and protesters.

    The Non-Violent Protesters hold the moral advantage, Prime Minister Trudeau fled Ottawa the first week before sheepishly returning. PM Justin continues to name call and denigrate the protesters and their supporters.

    He fled Parliament Question Time for the Fifth (5th!) time this last two weeks. Repeat: He Fled Parliament five times in two weeks. Awfully Fowl. Yesterday during Question Time he slandered the Conservative Caucus as “Standing with Swastikas.” A Jewish MP who lost family members called him on his lie, and demanded an apology to herself and her caucus. Brave Sir Justin Bravely Ran out of Parliament instead (for the 5th time).

    He and his Government has not met even met once with the protesters. Three Weeks, not one meeting with the Mighty Justin Trudeau, kneeler for Black Lives Matter, Kow tow-er to China, or even one of his Ministers.

    Who holds the Moral High Ground? The Cheerful Non Violent Protesters, or the Angry Bullying Government demanding Dictatorial Emergency Powers, while led by a cowardly jackass?

    The Non-Violent Protesters exude Confidence and Strength. What is PM Justin Trudeau exuding?

    1. You are factually correct. This does not keep the CBC from screaming day and night about “mobs of neo-nazi truck drivers attacking and beating police officers.” That it never happened except in their imaginations, that the only injuries have been the ones inflicted on uppity taxpayer proles by the Badge & Gun Gang, does not stop them or even slow them down. Left-wing Twitter and Facebook have taken up the cry.

  19. To paraphrase my grandfather, “Complaining about a problem, without offering a solution, is just whining.”

    So, what does it take for the sane and honest to start running for office?

    I’m not talking about trying for President or Senator, right off the bat. However, Congressman, member of the state legislature, school board and city council should be in reach for most of the Sane.

    1. Unfortunately in the real world it takes time, trial, and error to figure out solutions.

      Refusing to talk about it until you have a solution just means you never get to have a solution.

  20. “On that last note, if anybody can screw this opportunity up, it’s the republicans. Many of them are corrupt, lazy, cowards. But I’m even seeing a shift there, where more of them are saying enough of this fake civility, where the left can do whatever malicious thing it wants and we have to smile and take it. About damned time.”

    Yeah, well, that’s partly because most of the GOP are leftists that outwardly like military interventionism and corporate welfare, while quietly support liberal social policies. As opposed to most of the Democratic leadership that outwardly support liberal social polices and quietly support military interventionism and corporate welfare.

    All that to say, the GOP will likely squander the opportunity because they don’t actually want to change things. They like the reins of power, and the perks that come with it, but most of them are basically controlled opposition, so will talk big games but continue their failure theater from the Obama years. It’s why they hated Trump, he removed the mask and made them out to be the feckless leftists they actually are.

    1. “All that to say, the GOP will likely squander the opportunity because they don’t actually want to change things. They like the reins of power, and the perks that come with it…”

      Because politics is generally about power. Nothing else. And when the people get fed up with these power mongers’ unslaking thirst for that power, their media stenographers start trotting out the epithets like “populism” and “reactionary” to describe the people getting uppity toward their betters.

      The American system of government was designed to mitigate the tendency of all governments towards ever increasing centralization, so hopefully we’re at the beginning of a correction – a return to the system as designed.

  21. Sorry, Larry. You’re half right on this one. I can’t b believe that Mitt Romney or Mitch McConnell are soft. What they are is Democrats. Sure they say the right things. But they don’t mean them. They 100% support the same things as Hilary Clinton or Barak Obama. Or George Soros. They aren’t doing it for unity. They are doing it for the fact that they want to push left. NOTHING else makes sense. They need to be voted out quicker then the Democrats do. McConell is doing his best to block every decent Republican candidate. I hate that turkey necked freaks just as much as I hate Biden, and I hope McConell ends up sharing the fate of other turkey next thanksgiving.

    1. @Martine,

      I disagree with you about Mitch McConnell. From what I have seen, MM is not for the DemocRats. Neither is he for the Republicans.
      Mitch McConnell is for Mitch McConnell and nothing else. He can be bought with votes or money.
      Mitt Romney is the one I cannot figure out. What drives this guy?

      1. In my observations of Mitt “Mittens” Romney over the past decade or so, I have been modeling his behavior based on an assumption that he’s actually a wild-eyed SJW loon just like Valerie Jarrett or AOC, but is too cowardly to speak the truth in public about what he actually believes.

        Instead he pretends to be “conservative” in public while behind closed doors doing all he can to assist the craziest elements of the Left and use every means at his disposal to sabotage and hamstring those who are less enthusiastic about the Sex Change Operations for Six Year Olds Party and its ideology. This has always predicted his behavior very accurately.

  22. I have no idea if I managed to post. If Ididnt I just said that Republicans like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell need to be voted out.

    1. Erin O’Toole is no longer head of the Conservative Party of Canada. He was the first domino to fall.

      Just lean on them, and they collapse. No need to be nasty, just set up a bouncy castle in front of their office and mock them mercilessly.

  23. “The San Fransisco school board was just overwhelmingly voted to be recalled. Pundits are already blaming it on “secret conservatives”. In San Fransisco. The bluest big city in America.”

    The Left loves to decry conspiracy theories, unless they come up with them.

    1. Racists and white supremacists are what the Dems always blame when people disagree with them, and “Republican” is their shorthand for that. That’s why people like “Gaybraham Lincoln” made appearences in very… flamboyant outfits as they issued statements about why they were supporting the recall.

      It’s also worth noting that the mayor -who is in no way shape or form a Republican – came out in favor of the recall, and had previously clashed with the school board over the exact issues that led to the recall.

  24. Man, I hope you’re right. I just had a kid and all of this stuff seems so much more real.

    I think we have to spank big tech hard. They shouldn’t have the combined powers of just platforming anything without consequences because they’re not publishers but also being able to remove anything they want as an editor. If we give them the first power then we should be able to vote and moderate ourselves.

    I’ve been commenting here for a few years so hopefully this doesn’t seem spammy but I’ve put a lot of thought into what a republic looks like on the internet for the interested. Only permanent solution I can think of. Basically we should have the right to vote and appeal transparently.

  25. This shit isn’t going to end until a lot of people get a last cigarette and a blindfold. The events in Canada should be enough to highlight that.

    They don’t just get to walk away from the hell they created. There’s going to be retribution.

    That’s as much as I’m willing to fedpoast.

  26. In a very perverse way, I want to thank our enemies.


    In the last two years, they stopped engaging in the “slow turning up of the heat” that they’ve been doing for years, instead putting the pot over a rocket motor and cracking open all the valves to full.

    And, a lot of people that wouldn’t have noticed, or wouldn’t have cared, or would have just went along because they have family, they have jobs, they have friends…are seeing the monster well and truly without the mask on.

    People won’t be forgetting any time soon. We just need to keep reminding them, over and over again.

    1. Not only are they evil, but they’re incompetent losers as well.
      If there’s any idea on ‘our side’ I would like to see eradicated, it’s the Black Pill idea that they’re somehow winners. They they have a Plan, and are capable of making it work. That they’re Machiavellian Chessmaster Manipulators. That they have somehow glommed onto the Secret of Ruling the World!!! Mwaaaaaa haaaaa haaaa haa!

      They’re not that smart. Stop trying to make them look like they know what they are doing, because they don’t. They’re over credentialed privileged idiots, getting high on their own position and following the religious tenants of a failed 19th Century Pseudoscientific Economic Cargo Cult. A modern version of the out of touch autocrats of various ancien regime nations.

      Dangerous? Sure. But don’t give them more credit than they deserve. The Black Pill rubbish is just their propaganda, a way to puff up their stats and look more tough than they actually are.

    2. It’s because they are running out of time. You need a bit of history to see how all of this relates. Remember when someone mentioned “hippies”? Well they didn’t go away they just used camouflage. Google “45 Goals of the Communist Party”. Read it. Forget the stuff directly tied to the Soviet Union. It’s the current Democratic Party playbook. Seize one or both political parties. Get control of schools and teacher’s associations. Promote homosexuality and promiscuity as normal and healthy. I can go on and on. Look into the Students for a Democratic Society? Look at the faction who split off and became the Weather Underground. Look at a faction of the Weather Underground that bombed the US Senate Building in 1983. It all ties together. It ties the Clinton’s to the Obama’s and others. That’s what we are up against. After 9-11 the Democratic Party almost became irrelevant. That’s what scared them and shifted them into overdrive. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research.

  27. Mr. Correia:

    The Rep-wing of the UniParty is ALREADY in the process of throwing away the 2022 mid-terms with both hands. As you noted, VA showed a way forward past the massive vote fraud of the 2020 elections by having lawyers on stand-by throughout the state, ready and waiting to go save the integrity of the election.

    So far I have seen exactly zero activity from the Rep-wing or the RNC to either:
    A). Line up a conservative law firm with hundreds of representatives, and associates from the bar of each and every state in which election fraud was suspected, or
    B). Create such a law firm with some of the millions of dollars that the Rep-wing garners from the suckers who keep throwing money at them under the illusion that these swamp-dwellers are actually conservatives.

    Given this abject failure to do this RIGHT NOW, in anticipation, they will do the same limp-wrested, half-assed response that they did in the last election. They will clutch their pearls, and fall upon their fainting couches while feigning total surprise that there was fraud on the part of the left wing. They’ll be shocked, SHOCKED, to find allegations of such fraud. And then they’ll roll over on their backs and piss on themselves to avoid being labeled “conspiracy theorists” by the lame-stream.

    Much like the Generals always lost to the Globetrotters, it is the role of the GOPers to lose to the left wing. This is how the Rep-wing stays on the gravy train in the swamp that is Washington, DC.

    1. You’re looking in the wrong place and to the wrong people.

      People who were in Trump’s admin or major supporters already have those groups. America First Policy Institute, America First Legal, etc are fighting to preserve our basic Rights. Pam Bondi is the Chair of AFPI’s Constitutional Litigation Partnership and Co-Chair of AFPI’s Center for Law and Justice.

      But look at the election integrity efforts in Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, etc since 2020. has covered all of it.

  28. “Because people are sick of this shit.”

    One really great example is the reaction to the new Amazon…abomination….of a Tolkien’s Silmarillion.

    They’ve just released a teaser and a trailer, but….

    You have a black elf, a black, FEMALE dwarf (sans beard), a pansy looking Elrond, and a, wait for it, WARRRIOR GALADRIEL!!!!

    Yes, it looks like woke B.S. to the Nth power.

    The Youtube fan response is hilarious: the same quote repeated HUNDREDS of times:

    “Evil is not capable of creating anything new, it can only distort and destroy what has been invented or made by the forces of good.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

    1. Given that it’s not an adaptation of the Silmarillion, but of the Second Age appendices, and the interviews with the showrunners aren’t throwing up nearly as many red flags as the WoT ones did, I’m currently at “skeptical, but wait and see.”

      As a friend of mine put it, “Don’t bring this into the woke war until you know it wants to join.”

    2. I’m not surprised.

      The people who own our news and entertainment media didn’t do it to make money. They got money to take over the news and entertainment media, and use them to spit in our faces. These people have more wealth than some sovereign nations. This is what they do with it.

  29. “The invertebrates like Mitt Romney will …”

    They’re all invertebrates, bought and paid for, even the “good” ones. Take a look at the website unusualwhales to get a look at how Senators and Representatives use insider information that would land us in prison to make bank.

    Also, remember that the ratchet of government power turns in one direction only. While the non-Woke may think “we’ve won, we’re good, time to get back to our lives”, the Woke think “well that tactic is spent, time to find a new one”, all the while knowing that they’re closer to they have secured more power for themselves today than they had yesterday.

    1. “Also, remember that the ratchet of government power turns in one direction only.”

      That’s why we still have Prohibition, rationing, and the Fugitive Slave Act…

  30. “So if democrats can’t jettison Wokeness, then regular people will make sure they lose so damned bad they don’t have a choice.”

    They do have a choice, namely they can choose to end up like the Democrats from 1865 to 1964, confined at the Presidential level to a modest patch of the country, in that case the Solid South.

  31. Peak woke? I was hoping for the woke singularity. The wokeness becomes self-aware and spreads exponentially until everyone is woke.

  32. }}} They will lie, cheat, and steal. That’s just human nature. But don’t go all doomer black pill that the left will automatically win. They want you to think that’s inevitable.

    As was the winning of the USSR.

    Until someone said, “Fuck that shit” and raised the Soviets on their busted flush — the one liberals kept telling us was the winning hand.

    This isn’t just “Woke” — it’s about PostModern Liberalism (as opposed to Classical Liberalism).

    PostModernism is anathema to everything Western Civ is about. It attacks all the underpinnings of our Civilization, by far the most successful one in human history.

    It is nothing short of a social cancer — literal, not figurative.

    We must recognize it — publicly and adamantly — including all its pernicious ideas — for the evil, society-destroying vileness that they are.

    Gay rights are not the problem. The idea that gays need to be feted and partied is the problem. Gays should — by true liberty and freedom — be mostly let alone when it comes to basic private behaviors (note this does not include pedophilia or “man-boy” anything by ANY MEANS). It’s when we must kowtow to them that there is a problem. It’s when we have to not just accept them, but celebrate them, that there is a problem. It’s when anything LESS than total celebration becomes “homophobia”, that there is a problem.

    But make no mistake — PostModernism — structuralism, deconstruction, moral relativism, blah blah blah — is the true enemy.

    Woke is a symptom. PostModernism is the true disease.

  33. I’ve been a network engineer for nearly 25 years, and have implemented/supported just about every type and brand of network/security gear throughout my career. I’ve noticed active participation in “social justice” initiatives from manufacturers that, absolutely, do not resonate with me and the majority of engineers I know. The phrase “full blown woke” is how I would describe their positions.

    The only way I know to combat this position is to no longer support this market.

    Truck driving sure seems like the best alternative at this point.. Not kidding.

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