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Hey all- Jack Wylder here. Since he’s not currently banned, Larry is on Facebook right now. As usual, he drops some great content there that they will bury as fast as they can. There’s where I come in- my name is Jack Wylder, and I bring gold from the cesspit. As soon as Larry can tell you about this awesome Kickstarter that’s coming up, he’ll be able to say how he really feels (and get banned immediately) until then, here’s a snapshot.

This blue check (string of descriptive words redacted because I need to not get banned for a bit)…. person… provides a fine demonstration of how out of touch our elite urban betters are. They think they can just will things into existence, regardless of reality.

Which explains a whole lot about their policies if you think about it.  

The towing companies won’t help because they agree with the truckers. They are peers, and in related industries. Who do you side with? Your friends who pay your bills who you agree with? Or the sissy PM you hate, who has gone into hiding?
And guess what kind of guys own that heavy machinery he wants the government to confiscate? Probably the same exact kind of working class dude the elites sneer at.
Plus, why does he think all soldiers are trained on operating heavy equipment? There’s going to be some, but that’s a pretty specialized job.
And this (redacted) also probably doesn’t realize how hard to move a truck is, especially whenever the guy who left it there didn’t want it to be moved, nor does he realize the logistical challenges of just how many trucks are involved, especially if they leave thousands of them in a way designed to make it hard to get them out. You can’t just hook a chain to something heavy and drag it out without causing a giant mess.

And it’s not just any piece of heavy machinery that’ll do. Not that a blue check journalist would understand that there’s different tools for different jobs. But I’d love to see them give a track hoe to an average soldier who has never operated one before in downtown Ottawa because that video would be fucking hilarious.

This whole thing has been absolutely fascinating to watch. Well fucking done, Canada. Seriously, you majestic honking bad asses. Well done.

Most importantly to us Americans note the timing of this Canadian convoy protest, and a bunch of blue states and suddenly “pivoting” on Covid restrictions. (It’s fascinating how THE SCIENCE changes along with poll numbers). You can watch the narrative evolving in real time, as leftists forget everything they’ve screamed at us for the last year and NOW the science says to change direction. (and in a month they’ll pretend this was what they were in favor of all along and it was those nasty republicans who made your kids wear masks in school all day)

And it is all because they are terrified of Americans doing the same thing. Even one or two percent of America’s truckers doing this could shut down whatever city they wanted. Except our totalitarian wannabes aren’t as squishy as Justin Trudeau so it would probably turn into a massacre. The democrat run police departments which weren’t allowed to stop BLM or Antifa riots would certainly be allowed to shoot honking truckers. When they stop traffic that’s free speech, but if the deplorables do it, it’ll be insurrection.

Then stuff here would get really stupid. So I’m extra thankful for ballsy Canadians today.

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  1. It’s fascinating how there’s not even a mask in place anymore to hide things.

    Fiery but mostly peaceful.
    Honking is violence.

    Orwell was dead on, just off by 40 years.

    1. I’m not sure even Orwell imagined the State blockading itself.

      I can totally see RCMP going BATF on them and firing up the Branch Davidian barbecue *in their own house.*

      I have a horrific feeling for years after this people are going to be making comedies out of this that are so dark they make Doctor Strangelove look like light whimsy…

  2. Reminds me of the King of the Hill episode where when Hank’s boss is in the hospital and he needs someone to manage the business and, rather than pick dedicated, skilled, employee Hank who knows the business very well, the boss picks some MBA that has absolutely no idea how the propane business works. When the employees get fed up with MBA guy and strike he tries to think of how he’ll get students to drive the propane trucks for him until it’s pointed out you need a special license to drive a propane truck.

    Also looking it up, I always remembered the MBA guy as being Strickland’s nephew or such but it turns out he’s just some random dude with an MBA. Stickland was even more of an ass in that episode than I remembered.

    1. In this case, we all somehow elected the MBA guy, because the MBA guy is Trudeau. With Biden pushing him to do crazy stuff. This guy is talking nonsense, but Trudeau is committing the nonsense. So what does that make all of us?

      1. At this point, with politics as they are in the first world, there is no reason to think that Trudeau didn’t cheat his way into power, possibly with the private support of Conservative Party leadership.

      2. If you’re dumb enough to listen to Biden, YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE.

        “Buy a dubbuh barrel shotgun fire two blasts inna air.”

        President Biden, everyone!

  3. I find it absolutely fascinating how so many people who previously were all in for working class strikes are now bitching, moaning and begging for the authorities to intervene.

    I have seen the clip where an Ottawa city council member suggested using the Canadian equivalent of CPS to separate the children in the protest from their parents so the cops could crack down on the adults. I have seen other blue checks suggesting the US Marines should be deployed to clear the blockade on the Ambassador Bridge.

    I have yet to see the liberal blue checks urging Trudeau to go out and talk to the protesters, or to try and rein in the divisive name-calling.

    1. Insectress,

      “I have yet to see the liberal blue checks urging Trudeau to go out and talk to the protesters, or to try and rein in the divisive name-calling.”

      Who are you who are so wise in the ways of science?

    2. Now I’m seeing the highly educated suggesting that the Ottawa cops.and RCMP spray down everyone and everything with fire hoses.

      Their self-righteous glee at the thought of people going hypothermic and possibly dying is sickening. Meanwhile their suggestion only succeeds in freezing the big rigs in place while creating a huge public safety hazard for anyone trying to use the now icy sidewalks or the emergency routes through the semis.

      1. My favourite was the tweet from a Havad professer advocating slashing truck tires and siphoning off diesel.


      2. Good optics there, spraying protestors with fire hoses. They should get some German Shepherds to bite them while they are at it to really pay homage to earlier democrats.

          1. Well, the Ottawa PD has already stated that they’re probably going to Starr euthanized all the pets they’re confiscating from the protesters. Apparently, they’ve been cribbing notes from our ATFE.

    3. Because the working class complied sndcwas docile towards the credentialed experts. The moment, the workers defied and stood up to the elites. Well now! Can’t have that. Unleash the dogs of war!


      1. The IWW had a simple answer to government violence during strikes and other protests.

        Call a General Strike. No one in the town works, no one pays rent, no one buys anything. Volunteers bring in food from outside, and business are closed by a lack of workers and customers.

        Arrest that, Trudeau.

        1. Add in the following classic maneuvers, if government martial law happens:
          -Do nothing unless specifically ordered to. If not specifically order to refuel a vehicle, don’t.
          -Be brutally literal in following those orders. If they tell you to ‘put gas in the trucks’, put gas in the trucks, even if they’re diesels.
          -Go full rules lawyer. Insist on following all regulated breaks, holidays, working hours, and so on to the very second. Insist that they provide all the needed safety gear, that all the equipment is up to full specs, and do nothing until it is.

        2. He should arrest all of them and treat them like the neocon dunderheads they are; they’re breaking the law, and they know it. But I guess BLM (which is ‘run’ by people with real grievances, BTW) is more the enemy than these yahoos.

          1. “NeoCon”? Really.
            Wow. Now you’re just pulling scary words out of a hat.

            I seem to recall a lot more fire, violence, and car flipping from those other riots. Though “run by people with real grievances” was that grievance I only own three houses and need a fourth? Because that’s who actually “runs” it.

          2. Learn what neocon means please – it is an actual term with actual meaning, and the politics of the truckers is pretty much across the board Canadian. Given they’re Canadians, it’s likely slightly more left of center than anything right of center.

            The reason that BLM got a much worse rap than any of this is 1) BLM inflicted massive arson, violence, etc. which the media decided to call speech, while the truckers have not been causing arson, litter, etc. – when the truckers finally cleared Ambassador Bridge / had their trucks towed (a little column 1, a little column 2), there wasn’t anything the police had to clean up, and the police weren’t assaulted while they made the arrests.

            2) The people who run BLM don’t have legitimate grievances, assuming that you accept at face value the claim that it is strictly about police violence against black people. Yes, black people are killed by police at a higher rate than white people if you look at it based on population totals. If you compare based on the rate the races commit violent crime, then the percentages become essentially equal.

            3. The global organization of Black Lives Matters was one that was actually dedicated to destroying black lives if you looked at their plan – they wanted to completely destroy the nuclear family, which the dissolution of the nuclear family on the black community has already been devastating. Their plan to simply get rid of all police has been a very winning strategy in the cities that have done so, increasing violent crime massively, with the predominant victims of police reduction the black / poorer neighborhoods that the bigwigs don’t care about – see all the houses that the leaders of BLM purchased, which were well away from the community the claimed to be helping.

          3. Name one law the truckers have broken. One.

            An actual, on-the-books law that was in place before COVID started. Not the COVID mandates, not any of Truedolt’s “emergency” edicts, an actual law.

            I’ll wait.

          4. And from more than a few sources, the actual BLM organization has turned into a massive fraud, with millions of dollars missing, ‘leaders’ buying themselves lots of mansions, and very little of the Corporate Virtue Signaling money actually being used to help black people.

          5. BLM Kentucky just posted bail for the BLM activist who tried to assassinate a guy running for mayor.

        3. Shoot, all that needs to happen is for truckers to refuse to deliver in Ottawa and vicinity. Chaos in 3 days or less.

  4. The really fun one is the Havahad Blue Check Prof calling for 1) slashing the truck tyres 2) draining the tanks 3) arresting the drivers 4) moving the trucks.

    One has to be a really really smart Ivy League intellectual to come up with a plan so stupid.

  5. Not really looking forward to this happening here in the US… And one reason I moved from a blue State to a red one… Here I do suspect that the police/Feds will aggressively “intervene” and start shooting. Unlike say, Australia this will become a 2 way shooting gallery and get ugly quickly… Hope it does not come to that, but just looking back at the reactions of those in charge in certain areas seems to be the way they’d go…

    1. Or why the best protest would be — if your route goes into a Blue area, stay home. No deliveries in or out of Blue areas (given they’re what’s mandating nonsense). Serve friendlies and no one else.

      You can’t shoot someone for calling in sick, after all they’ve made the whole country call in sick for two years… and staying out of the mandate gulag areas is just obeying the mandate.

  6. They’re going to have “fun” removing the trucks from the Alberta/US border. It isn’t just semis there, it’s also gigantic mining trucks, the kind with 12 foot diameter wheels, two lanes wide. No tow truck capable of hauling a semi could budge one of those mining trucks. Also, heavy-duty earth moving equipment is blocking the border too. Not moving a grader with a tow truck.

    1. Which crossing is that? Highway cam at Sunburst is presently down, tho didn’t show anything interesting a couple days back.

    2. They’re going to have “fun” removing the trucks from the Alberta/US border. It isn’t just semis there, it’s also gigantic mining trucks, the kind with 12 foot diameter wheels, two lanes wide.

      We do have an army to do this, you know.

      1. Cool story, bro.
        Considering how few tanks your entire military has, how many heavy equipment movers do you actually have, and how many troops with the MOS to operate them?
        But sure. Everybody in the army knows how to move immobilized 25,000 pound vehicles without destroying the infrastructure around them. Run with that.

        1. Oh boy. I just looked up how many heavy recovery vehicles the Canadian army has.
          GOOD LUCK! 😀

          1. Markey Mark must have a lot of impressive academic credentials to fail so hard at basic research.

      2. First off, no, we really don’t. Seriously, do you have any idea how specialized that kind of job is, both in terms of skills and equipment?

        Second, the military already told Trudeau “Not our job”

  7. “Blocking roads prevents fire […] vehicles from being able to respond.”

    That would be an issue if the thing that would be burnt down without fire response, Parliament Hill, was worth saving from fire.

    1. As I recall, the protesters have been leaving a nice, large firebreak well clear of semis around Parliament, just in case Trudeau’s (in)famous socks self-combust or the like.

    2. You think trucastro wouldn’t go Reichstag Fire 2.0 if he thought it would even have a chance of working out his way?

    1. ^This comment was directed at York, Everything is out of order now and I’m not going to bother with fixing it. Just know that Mark was responding to York, not Larry.

  8. What worries me is that the rhetoric from the media-government complex has become more militant in the last day or so “insurrection/terrorist” while the protests remain peaceful (as opposed to fiery). I guess we’ll see soon if Trudeau goes the full Tiananmen to avenge his wounded pride or not.

  9. Really don’t know what to think, when Canada acts more American than America. Reminds me of a certain Boston Tea Party

  10. York’s comments:

    Larry, I can’t support the truckers in Ottawa and on the Ambassador bridge for the same reason I can’t support BLM protesters blocking roads. Blocking roads prevents fire and emergency vehicles from being able to respond. Unlike the BLM protests, this is lasting for days to cause massive emergency response problems. Plus, the truckers are making a criminal nuisance of themselves in other ways.

    29th January, the first Saturday of the protest, at least one trucker climbed on top of the Canadian ‘Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’ carrying a protest sign, and yelled “Freedom!”. This isn’t much by USA standards, but has the Canadians hopping mad. It’s Canada, they have this thing about being polite. ( Then on 30th January, truckers from the convoy cut the line at a homeless shelter, demanding meals. They are alleged to have beaten up a homeless man who objected. The harassment at the shelter is said to have lasted for several hours. Women have been harassed on the street for wearing masks. Three women say they been threatened with rape. Firecrackers have been thrown at random mask wearers. Local shop personnel have been threatened and harassed. ( Then there’s been the constant noise from the convoy.

    Almost any video from Ottawa before the judicial order to silence the horns has very high noise levels from the convoy. This noise does not affect the legislators, who aren’t there. The din and blockade are annoying the working class residents of Ottawa. Locals are getting less and less sympathetic to the truckers, which should be the opposite of what the truckers want.

    I’d be fine with the truckers if all they did was block Parliament. I think that is a valid protest target. Blocking streets and bridges in a wide area is too much of a safety hazard, plus people can’t get to work. If this is a “working class protest”, why are they punishing other working class folks?

    (I am emailing the web links to Jack. I hope he can add them as a comment. Thanks, Jack!)

    + + + + +

    Trying to edit in your links has caused me a whole bunch of work I don’t have time for. Put the links in yourself in the future- they’ll sit in the moderation queue until Larry or myself gets to it, but it’s much less time and effort on our end. -Jack

    1. Statues were torn down all across Canada over the past two years. Most famously the one of queen Victoria, but she was far from alone. (Not to mention all the churches burnt down or vandalized over a hoax the Canadian media actively pushed.)

      No evidence except all the bloggers and vloggers documenting the protest. Not to mention Rebel News. That state-owned media is not reporting things that go against the narrative that the State is attempting to advance. What a surprise. Homeless fed? Sidewalks shoveled and salted? Public concerts? Family friendly entertainment? Canadians of all backgrounds coming together to stand on guard for thee? Somehow, the CBC hasn’t managed to see any of it. (But did try to accuse the truckers of stealing their car. And got publicly humiliated, as the truckers videotaped them not arriving in a car.)

      Most government employees do not perform honest, productive labor. And those few that do, do not reside in Ottawa. They’re parasites with pretensions of superiority.
      Presumably, their mothers love them.

      The Mounties made sure? Bullpucky. The truckers allowed. If the Mounties had any say in the matter, the border crossings would be open, and the streets of Ottawa cleared.

    2. York, LIFESITE debunks all your lies. Search for ‘Debunking the top 10 media lies told about Canada’s Freedom Convoy’.

      And unlike the BLM riots, the trucker convoy has NOT committed arson; cf Minneapolis and Seattle. Nor have they committed homicide; cf Louisville.

          1. Wow, so your name here is based on Harrison’s character who would never have joined in with this nonsense? Your mother must be proud of you.*


          2. Oh wait. I clicked your name to see what your posting history was here. You’re that same sanctimonious bossy dumb motherfucker who got all ass mad because I called Harvey Milk a pedophile, and insisted that Harvey Milk didn’t screw any kids because it wasn’t mentioned on Wikipedia (shocker) who then vanished like a chickenshit after I provided the links documenting several of his underage boyfriends, including the account of the one who killed himself afterwards.

            Of COURSE you are on Fidelito’s side. I’d expect nothing less! 😀

    3. Ottawa police have confirmed that lanes are open for emergency vehicles, the horns have have always stopped by 9 p.m., nobody works in the core ever since the lockdowns. Come and see the real situation before you make an idiot of yourself. The depth of your (and most people’s) ignorance of the real situation is appalling. G– Damn the lying media who are bought and paid for by the government – hundreds of $millions have ensured their cooperation in the propaganda campaign. Trust me, you are ignorant of the real situation.
      – living in Ottawa

    4. The truckers have been letting emergency vehicles through.
      The truckers have been actively feeding the homeless.
      Leftists supported by the Canadian government have been actively tearing down statues.
      The largest employer in Ottawa is the Canadian government. By far.

      But do go on.

      1. Luke, I did the work to show evidence of what I was saying. I took a look to see if I could verify your claims. Can’t find anything about people tearing down statues during the convoy. Did find mention of street kitchens by the truckers, no mention of where or any photos, so no evidence so far. So what if the largest employer in Ottawa is the federal government? Are you saying that government employees are not working people? Yes, RCMP did make sure there is an open lane on most streets for emergency vehicles, one lane may not always be enough. Plus, the Ottawa 911 lines are being flooded with prank calls which is still under investigation (link on demand, but easy to find). So on balance: looks like little evidence that the truckers are helping out. If you have evidence to the contrary, please post links or directive information.

        1. York, Luke never said anything about statues being torn down during the convoy. If youre going to answer someone, you should actually read what they say. He said over the past 2 years, and even if he did not write that, aI would have known he meant that. Its a fact that the truckers have left one lane open. I heard it reported on the news myself, I watched Fox, if youre curious. They showed it too. So you should have no trouble finding it.
          As for the federal government being an employer, they may be working people, but they are not creating a product, nor are they providing a service, they are paid off of people’s taxes, and those people have no say in how the money is spent. I think it has become very obvious to everyone the government doesn’t listen to the people much at all. Trudeau has less then the 33% approval Biden can boast. So no, federal employees are not “working people” they are the government.

        2. The federal workers not only continued working from home under orders but even got raises.

          This contrasts with restuarant, retail, gym, cinema employees who not lost their jobs but faced all sorts of obstacles to get back to work.
          And still do.
          The last straw was the new restrictions just before Christmas and yet more insufferable requirements.
          Finally here’s Twitter by an ordinary Canadian on the ground reporting in Ottawa



    5. Jack, my deepest apologies. I did not know that including links had been made an option. Thank you for your efforts. I will try very hard not to annoy you again.

      1. No worries.
        Including links just sends it to the moderation queue. Larry or I check it periodically though the day and approve almost everything that isn’t blatant spam or nothing but insults and/or threats.

    6. So basically Jack did a bunch of work to help a guy who got everything wrong anyway, as everything he got from the media has since been refuted by posters who are locals.
      The lesson here is that the news is almost always full of shit and carrying water for leftists.

      As for the moral equivalence people saying that the right are hypocrites for supporting this road blocking but not the BLM roadblocking, they changed the rules. Now reap the fucking whirlwind.

  11. Facebook might honestly be too big to fail. When others social media sites had fallen out of favor with their users those sites became defunct and other sites replaced them. Being very liberal and conservative depending on what area of life we are talking about I have a lot of friends on both sides and nobody likes Facebook. And yet the site keeps on chugging along.

    1. MySpace was also too big to fail.
      Facebook currently has inertia on it’s size- that’s it. Within 10 years it will take it’s place on the junkpile of obsolete tech. (and good riddance)

      1. There’s an odd expectation in our modern culture that if something doesn’t happen instantly (or a week later at the latest) then it’s never ever ever going to happen.

        A lot of moderns, were they back in 1942, would have bewailed the Battle of Midway as being useless, because the war wasn’t instantly over right then and there.

    2. Just saw some stats that explain it: Facebook is about 75% of the social media space. Twitter and the other major brands are around 6% each, or less.

  12. There’s a TV series called “Heavy Rescue” that covers Canadian towing companies rescuing crashed semis.

    It takes a LOT of specialized equipment and more importantly, KNOWLEDGE, in the techniques of moving these diesels.

    NOT something to be undertaken by an amateur.

    1. Everything is simple to those that don’t have a clue what they’re yammering about.

      The economy is simple. Technology is simple. Climate is simple. The environment is simple.

      The solutions to all of our problems are simple, only nobody else is smart enough to see them.
      There is nothing so simple that the government can’t fuck it up.

    2. Call it Credentalism Disease- the idea that because one has an Expensive Degree from the Best Schools, they automatically know more about everything than those stupid flyover deplorable dirty working people- if they go so far as to even grant them human status.
      There is a final boss level of utter stupidity that only those with the Right Degrees from the Best Schools can achive.
      That we’ve turned the management of the world over to these fools and idiots is one of the great failings of the 20th century.

      1. I have an advanced degree. That’s why I have to work two jobs (Day Job and writing) for a living. 😛 My PhD plus $7 US will get me a large latte with cream at the really good coffee shop down here.

        1. Ah, but is that degree from the Proper Schools, and are you able to convincingly mouth the party line while sucking up to the Nomenklatura?
          Do you willingly and wholeheartedly believe that 2=2+5 when Big Brother orders it to be so?

          1. I can do the first, and have. Otherwise I wouldn’t have survived grad school and a brief stint in the Ivory Tower. But, alas, I’d spent too much time in the Real World™ to accept that 2+2=5.

    3. That show’s great! And makes me appreciate just what a tough job it is and they’re really ingenious.


    4. There’s a similar show based in Siberia. Specialty skills and equipment just barely describes it… there’s also elements of risk and luck and extreme caution lest the rescuer become Wreck #2.

  13. I’m constantly amazed at the “intellectuals” that don’t recognize what a ‘Point Failure Source’ and how it can shut down a major portion of an economy. The number of people who can drive the big rigs are small; the number that can tow or relocate them is smaller.

  14. Canadian here, couple of things that I’ve noticed locally that will not be shown on the Canadian media.

    First, commenter York above is quoting CTV News and the Windsor Star. Be it noted that the Canadian mainstream TV and print media have been desperately seeking anything at all to make the Freedom Convoy protesters look bad. To the extent that they are planting ringers and literally making stuff up which they print on Page One!!! and then come along later to retract on page 15.

    The truckers are parked on the sides of the streets, there’s an ambulance lane down every street except where the cops have installed concrete barriers. They’ve been blowing their horns in the daytime, walking around Parliament Hill with gas cans to fill up the trucks and to screw with the cops who were busy staling fuel last week. They’ve been playing street hockey in front of the Parliament buildings, holding instant concerts and generally screwing around. That’s what they’ve been doing.

    Zero statues have been pulled down, zero buildings and vehicles have been set on fire, zero cops have been punched out and sent to the hospital. Lefties will please compare and contrast with Antifa.

    Second, I live almost 2 hours from Toronto and 6 hours from Ottawa, out in the sticks down by Lake Erie. It is farm country, there’s nothing going on around here. Cows and snowbanks right now. So, the fun part is that every time I leave the house to go to the store or what have you, there are Freedom Convoy signs and Canadian flags on random pickup trucks. People have been lining up hay bales in their fields next to the road and painting them with slogans. Idle tractors sitting in driveways have a Canadian flag tied to a hockey stick flying on them. There was a big John Deere parked at the Tim Horton’s in Cayuga on Hwy 3 the other day with a Freedom Convoy sign and a flag.

    It’s not just the truckers now. The government has been pissing off the Normies for two years now, and the dam finally broke. Present situation today is that roughly everything you see on Canadian media is a lie, and the crowds of protesters are the regular Jane and Joe Canadian who are tired of lockdowns, masks and vaccine mandates. They’ve had it, and they’re starting to look at how they want to piss off the government today.

    3) The Australians have finally had it, and they’re moving the same as we did. In New Zealand, same thing. So far, everybody has been content to go have a really inconvenient party in front of national legislatures and defy the city parking regulations. So far, the government and media have been going completely insane and ordering states of emergency etc. So far, with a few really glaring exceptions helpfully recorded for posterity all over the web, the cops have declined to get rough with protesters.

    4) Results so far, the Conservative Party of Canada has deposed their leader Erin O’Toole and chosen a pro-Convoy interim leader, some lady whose name escapes me for the moment. The leaders of the Federal and Ontario NDPee (aka Pinkos) have covered themselves in shame by coming out hard-core against the Deplorable Peasant Revolt. That probably won’t end well for them, but we’ll see. The federal Liberal Party is rapidly developing cracks in their support for Prime Minister Shiny Pony. Several MPs have publicly criticized the Shiny One for incoherent policy and for RUNNING AWAY three weeks ago when this all started. My impression from looking at the strain on the Pony’s face in his most recent speeches is that he’s not going to last long. He’ll be tossed out and they’ll pick a new guy to come in with new policies. Also, Doug Ford who is Premiere of Ontario, called Canada’s Donald Trump by the Left, is starting to look like a deer caught in the headlights. I’m tempted to join the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party just so I can vote to replace that guy. He’s been worse than useless for two years.

    5) I don’t know what’s going to happen. The public is fed the f- up with masks, vaccines and lock-downs. We’re all tired of going to the grocery store and the place is empty because the supply chain is f-ed by Covid-19 regulations and lock-downs. We’re sick to death of the way our kids are being treated in schools. It’s ugly, and one way or another it is going to stop.

    The government is clearly A) surprised B) shocked to their marrow and C) terrified. Their actions to date have been Soviet in nature and 100% ineffective. MORE protesters are joining in now that the state of emergency has been declared, and they simply don’t know what to do. How do you fight an enemy who fights with bouncy castles and road hockey?

    6) The meltdown from the International Left over this Trucker Convoy has been a beautiful thing. What’s even better, is that this thing doesn’t have a middle. There’s no leadership, no figurehead. There’s nothing to seize and nobody they can put in jail. It is a true, grassroots movement of Canadians against the Establishment Left, and they can’t stand it.

    Honk honk!

    1. No, no, no, it’s the evil conspiracy of international Trumpism that’s flooding Canada with Russian and American provocateurs. It must be true. Not only is the Canadian PM saying so, but lefties on social media too, and since the Big Tech Overlords have banned conspiracy theories from their platforms, they have to be telling the truth.

    2. I’m getting serious 1989 vibes from this, but instead of the Soviets and satellites, it’s the Internationalist Technocratic Fascist on the receiving end of the People’s ire.

    3. Yup. Pretty much the same situation. Sure in Montreal and Quebec, the cops were all huffing .bubyt that’s because they have lift their doungut guts when talking.

      But people are fed up too. The last straw was cancelling Christmas and reimposing curfews


      1. @Reziac

        “Alberta, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan have announced plans to reduce or remove all COVID-19-related measures.”

        The reduction varies from province to province. The source was dated 10 Feb 2022.

        Surprised that BC and Manitoba are not on the list.

  15. A Canadian judge’s order making the Ambassador Bridge Blockade illegal took effect at 7PM Friday. By 8PM all the torqued off Blue Check Canadians were wondering why the bridge was not open, and cursing the useless police.

    The Canadian Police moved in Saturday (yesterday ) Morning. The police made progress by asking the Canadian Protesters nicely to move, or be arrested. The protesters moved PEACEFULLY. Slowly, but peacefully. The clearing of the bridge and approaches stalled out when more protesters arrived at the bridge approaches. Last I saw, the toll plazas in both directions were still empty. The protesters bent, but did not break.

    The protesters will be polite AND Non-Violent, as long as the police are and even past that. They know they will lose the moral high ground if they become violent. The battle isn’t for the streets of Ottawa, or the Ambassador Bridge. It is for the hearts and minds of ordinary Canadians. The first side to commit Violence will lose that battle. The protesters are peaceful, polite, and cheerful because they want to win. They are showing they are reasonable people, not the out of touch elitist Laurentian politicians.

    1. The express purpose of non-violent resistance is to lift both parties by saying “we both know that the rule is ridiculous and wrong. You are better than this- let’s dump this useless regulation and get back to life.”
      There’s also the unspoken thought of “we’re asking politely & peacefully FOR NOW. This is the easy way, and you won’t like the alternative.”

  16. The truckers in Ottawa are having lots of fun. While the blue check Karens of Ottawa are screaming at the Mayor and the Police Chief, the truckers are setting up meal kitchens, bouncy houses, and even a stage with a sound system and video screens. Those rubes, those blue collar hick protesters are laughing and smiling while the Wokescolds are losing their ever-loving minds.

    It has been two weeks, and the press cannot continue the “Racist, Sexist, Homphobic, Neo Nazi White Supremacist” lies forever. People are seeing the actual truth in pictures. Best thing everyone like us can do is post, text, and show everyone the truth. Show the bouncy houses, the “nightclubs,” food kitchens, the diversity of the protesters and their families.

    Where, how? I start by going to – – and follow the links. Also Rebel News, Viva Frey (on youtube), and dozens of people on (ugh) Twitter.

    1. Calling peaceful protestors something vile is nothing new. I wonder how many of the Blue Check Karens decried the labeling of the Civil Rights protestors as Communist?


    Regarding Mr. York above, here’s an example of what the mainstream Canadian media are saying, vs. what the Freedom Convoy protesters are in fact doing.

    This example happened yesterday, Saturday. News coverage claims the protesters “desecrated” the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier AGAIN. Plus pearl-clutching and name calling.

    What the protesters really did was move a temporary fence, have a photo-shoot in front of the Tomb, stand guard over it and also shovel the snow. Because nobody had bothered to clean up the snow around it, due to the “protective” fence. Oh, and the “protesters” in question were Canadian Forces vets.

    Okay? So that’s what is really going on this weekend.

    1. Some people just can’t bring themselves to believe that the mainstream media, especially a state run media apparatus- would lie, even deliberately.

      1. Also worth noting is that most of the main media outlets in canada get direct funding from the Feds, not just the CBC.

        And that they’re also given other indirect funding (for example, the CRTC (government regulator) can mandate that certain channels must be carried on basic cable, which generates money for our small number of big media companies).

  18. If they had a trucker’s protest in the U.S., you just know Joe and the Juggalos would be threatening air strikes. It’s always interesting to see our peace-loving leftists getting primed to shoot citizens of their own countries.

    1. Murdering your own citizens is not war, don’t you see? It’s just ‘maintaining public order’. Forced medical experiments, Gulags and contrived famines are not ‘crimes against humanity’ if they’re done with Good Intentions.

      What we really need is for the government to solve all of our problems with a pork barrel bill the size of the Hindenburg.
      The Capitol is OUR house. Congresscritters are just the help.

  19. Police in France are reportedly using violence to break up their peaceful protests. Is it time for Macron à la lanterne and a Sixth Republic?

    1. True. There’s video of it. Lot of tear gas tossed into people who were just standing there in a huge clump, doing nothing more strenuous than being cheerful.

  20. The left, the lockdowners, and the Biden regime has been trying to make our lives hell for a while.

    Same with the Canadians and Trudeau.

    Trudeau regime finally cut off the ‘path of retreat’ the truckers had, and can’t cope with the truckers coming for them once the truckers had no where else to go.

    Regime in Canada dearly wants to shoot their way out of the situation, but all of the actual shooters know that the regime is temporary, and cannot protect them very long.

    This may also hold with Americans and American shooters. Biden formally holds the office for a few more years, and after that can’t make any promises about protection and prosecutoral discretion.

  21. Also, I apparently remembered correctly, Josh Barro was an example of a fake conservative, who has taken the mask off recently and showed that he had always wanted the Democrats to win.

  22. My big question is: So you showed the world (that will bother to get their news from something other than the default TV station) that you’re protesting for your rights and freedoms and have the moral high ground. What does that get you? It’s hard to believe that anyone at this point is going to be convinced of anything – they’ve all long since chosen the sides they are going to take.

    What is your plan B when peacefully asking these tyrants for your rights back doesn’t work? They can just keep turning the screws – what are you going to do? When Canadians start starving and everything has fallen apart because the economy is in flaming wreckage, who are the leftists going to blame? When the police keep disappearing honorable and useful men into gulags and prisons, how long will you let them keep getting arrested? Suppose the next election comes and they make up whatever result they want to make up with their thoroughly corrupt voting infrastructure? How much longer is peaceful going to work?

    Who is the audience here? Conservatives are always playing as if there is some sympathetic audience watching events whose opinion matters. What if no one is watching events but your implacable enemies who want to see you ruined and enslaved? The victors write the history books, and we really desperately need some actual victory here, not “moral victory”.

    1. Disregard this. I’m just furious at seeing the decent people who make the world work getting kicked around by utter scum.

      Keeping things peaceful at this point is definitely the right move, and very important. But many good men are going to have their lives and livelihoods taken from them by these thugs, and it had better be leading somewhere.

    2. I can’t tell if you are one of those annoying Black Pill types where everything is doomed no matter what, so you can sit back, do nothing, and proclaim your moral superiority while condemning people who are doing stuff for doing stuff “wrong”, or if you are a federal agent hoping for me to go off on the internet about all the various felonies I plan on committing should the country fall apart. 🙂

  23. Well, let’s give peaceful a chance, I suppose. It seems like it might be able to bring some sort of pressure to bear, and a lot of people are rallying to this protest around the world. Any movement at all at this point seems positive.

    1. As Sun Tzu noted, if you can win without fighting, this is best of all. The temptation to do something right now is a classic way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

      The Technocratic Left is making oodles and oodles of mistakes- and what’s the classic bit of advice when enemies are making mistakes? Don’t interrupt. The Left is making our case for us, and better than we could ever do it.

  24. Yes dumb people saying dumb things…. But what about this Kickstarter project that was mentioned? That’s what I want to hear about.

  25. As of 4:30pm today, St. Valentine’s Day, the government of Canada has invoked the Emergency Act. Formerly known as the War Measures Act, it is roughly what Americans understand as martial law. As of 4:30pm the police can do pretty much anything.

    Because SJWs always double down.

  26. Another Facebook quote from Larry that they don’t deserve-

    “Moral Equivalence people are the the worst.

    When you’ve got a situation where one side is clearly the bad guys, rather than actually fucking standing for something, these people can always always always be counted on to chime in and go “BUT BOTH SIDES ARE TO BLAME–” no shut the fuck up. You make me want to vomit.

    Sure. Depending on the issue both sides often suck, but when you are talking about ONE FUCKING TOPIC where one side is clearly the villain in that story try to focus the little hamster wheel in your head long enough to have the decency to lay the blame where it actually belongs, rather than letting us all know how fucking virtuous and above the fray you are.

    BUT WHATABOUT– no. Shut the fuck up. Usually when you assholes chime in the problem is something like 90% one side’s fault and the other 10% is the other side not reacting to their bullshit correctly. That’s not equivalent. Grow a fucking spine and be honest for once.

    Because most of the time when these assholes chime in they are actually on the same side as the assholes who caused the problem, and this way they can just obfuscate the issue, and they are counting on regular people to be too fucking nice to call them on their bullshit.

    Sometimes the topic is complicated, and multiple sides are at fault, and they did equally cause the issue. Usually not though. But even when that does happen the chickenshit Moral Equivalence Police will snidely try to provide cover for their team.

    And note, nowhere in here have I named the teams or the topic, because I’ve seen this at least a dozen times today across the internet. It’s fucking insidious.”

    1. When I shoot a criminal in my house, there is no ‘moral equivalency’. I did not break into the criminal’s house.
      When police arrest violent criminals to protect innocent people, they are Jackbooted Fascist Stormtroopers.

      When police arrest innocent people at the behest of corrupt politicians, they are National Heroes.

  27. For the benefit of anyone reading this thread months or years later, here’s where things stand in Ottawa as of Sunday afternoon, February 20:

    The clearance of the occupied areas began on Friday February 18. A total of 191 people have been arrested with 389 charges laid. One ringleader (Christopher Barber) has been released on bail, while decisions on two others (Tamara Lich and Pat King) are expected Tuesday (Monday is a national holiday).

    There have been no fatalities. On Saturday, some media outlets reported a death but later retracted. There is one unconfirmed report of a serious injury to an occupier.

    More than 70 vehicles have been seized and towed from the formerly-occupied area, including 36 passenger vehicles, 12 from Ontario and 24 from out of province. This is in addition to many vehicles that left the area after the clearance began.

    The Minister of Transport has taken action against 36 commercial motor vehicles, 13 from Ontario and 23 from out of province.

    There have been 206 bank accounts and corporate accounts frozen, 253 bitcoin addresses shared with virtual currency exchangers, and the proactive freezing of a payment processing account worth $3.8 million by a financial institution.

    The main protester encampment at Coventry Road is being dismantled and the inhabitants are leaving following the service of a notice of trespass.

    1. Update as of February 24:

      Here is a link to an article that provides a timeline of the events of last weekend that put an end to the occupation. There are two timelapse videos embedded in the story. The second one, showing the police clearing out the supply camp on Coventry Road, is particularly interesting to watch.

      Tamara Lich was denied bail. That decision will be appealed next week. The bail hearing for Pat King was held on Tuesday and the decision will be announced tomorrow, Friday February 24.

      1. A further update: Ringleaders Tamara Lich and Chris Barber have been charged with further offences: mischief, counselling mischief, intimidation, counselling intimidation, counselling obstruction of police, and obstructing police. These are more serious than the previously charged offences. Don’t be fooled by the fact that “mischief” sounds trivial: it’s an offence that can carry a life sentence (Criminal Code of Canada, s. 430 (2).

        Also, Justin Trudeau has made a deal with the New Democratic Party that will effectively give his Liberal Party a majority government and keep it in power until 2025.

      2. Another update: Ringleaders Patrick King and Tyson George Billings are also facing a new set of charges: two counts each of intimidation and obstructing police as well as one count each of mischief, counselling to commit mischief, counselling to obstruct police, counselling to intimidation, disobeying a court order and counselling to disobey a court order.

  28. re: The Twitter author – reading through his wall, he doesn’t seem like a terrible person. In fact, a lot of his stuff is definitely satirical towards, or blatantly critical of, the ‘Left’.
    I didn’t dive deep enough to see what his thoughts on the BLM road-blockages were; one hopes he’s at least intellectually consistent.*

    So I’m not sure if Mr. Wylder’s invective toward him, personally, is fully merited. While he raises many valid and reasonable points, I’m not sure he’s aiming at entirely the correct person.

    Correct me if I’m wrong…

    *Because if one objected to the BLM-protest road-blocks, one would have, to be intellectually consistent, object to the trucker road-blocks… for exactly the same reasons of public safety, convenience, etc. Even if you agree with the goals of the latter.

    Edit – I haven’t read all the comments in this post yet, so if this was already covered, please let me know.

    1. And in reading comments, ‘Josh’ partially addressed this. I’ll disagree with him on his point #2, that BLM didn’t have legitimate grievances. They did have some… but to their detriment, that’s NOT what they pinned their program on. Had they done so, they might have been far better off, even with grifters leading the ‘movement’.

  29. Convoy leader Patrick King, who’s been in an Ottawa jail since late February 18 and been denied bail once, has seen his bail review hearing adjourned once again, this time to Tuesday April 19. The latest delay is due to the fact that the prosecution has just added new charges, perjury and obstruction of justice, to those he was already facing (mischief, counselling to commit mischief, counselling to commit the offence of disobeying a court order, and counselling to obstruct police).

    1. Sounds to me like they’re worried about backlash from denying bail, so they’re trying to stack the deck to show what a bad mean awful person he is.

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