Current Event Round Up

I think this is going to become tradition. Every time I get off a 30 day FB ban (my next one will put me at 1 year in the gulag!) I can do one big post about all the news items I would have commented on had I been around. Like this –

This one was more of a 60 day though, since I came back from that one (where I had to work to earn it!) and almost immediately got banned for an innocuous joke (Internet Idiot Arthur Chu was praising communist China, and somebody asked but could I beat him in Jeopardy? and I said no, but I’d like to beat him with a stick, and boom, ban! Honestly, if I’d known that was gonna get me tossed for “bullying” I would’ve been way meaner).

So let’s see what’s in the news, and what I would’ve said about it at the time-

A. Canadian truckers are awesome.

B. It is amazing how shamelessly disgusting the news reporting on that has been (and every step of the way the useful idiots repeat this crap). First the news lied about why they were protesting, saying they were upset about “road conditions”. Then when it grew they flipped and tried to say it was small, and the length of the convoy was exaggerated because it was just a handful of trucks real spread out. The next day, okay, there’s a lot of them, but they’re all fascists. Today they’re an invasion of violent white supremacists (lots of Sikhs in there for some reason) who are causing irreparable trauma to twitter leftists with all their honking.

C. Justin Fidelito Trudeau “got covid’ and had to isolate at a super convenient time. Oh wait, narrative update, he didn’t, he’s had to go into hiding because of the giant mob of racist white supremacist death truckers. HONK. (in ye olde times fleeing like that is how kings got overthrown)

D. The media really hates Joe Rogan, because he’s taking CNN’s lunch money. They despise the guy because he doesn’t tell people what to think, he just brings on people from all sides of the spectrum and asks them questions so they can talk in depth for hours at a time. Which is the total opposite of what media is supposed to do, where they bring on approved “experts” in 10 minute segments to provide official narrative talking points which are easily regurgitated by useful idiots, so that anyone who disagrees can get beaten into submission. That’s real news!

E. What’s stopping Saint Fauci from going on Joe Rogan? It’s not like that malignant little tyrant doesn’t love going on “proper” TV.

F. When a petition of 300 fake ass doctors didn’t work, out comes Neil Young. Neil Young is a dipshit, who thought his foot stomping tantrum demanding government censorship would work. He’s now being joined by a bunch of increasingly less famous musicians like some dumbfuck virtue signaling drum circle. It’s funny how lefties are all “Fight The Man” until they are the man, then they obediently lick the boot.

G. It turns out Neil Young’s music is actually owned by a giant mega corporation, which also owns major news corps, led by a drug company CEO who directly profits off of all this censorious bullshit. So now I’m sure the CorpoUniParty will force the independent guy to cave. Way to fight the power and rage against the machine and all that, you fucking hippies.

H. In some ironic timing, because our news totally isn’t a crafted propaganda tool used to manipulate people, while the left was demanding censorship on Spotify, a small town in Tennessee nobody has ever heard of removed a book from one grade’s required reading list, so we could have hundreds of angry articles and millions of posts about how book banning is bad, and BOTH SIDES ARE THE SAME.

I. Moral Equivalence Police aside, as a writer I am super sensitive to book banning (the left has tried with me, but thankfully they are super inept). But as soon as you look at what actually happened there you discover that pretty much everything on the news about it is hyperbolic horseshit. And I think Maus is an important work, and should be used in schools, but since I’m not a leftist I don’t claim to know what’s best for everybody else’s kids.

J. Breyer is retiring. Meh. We’ll trade a reliable leftist for another reliable leftist. The real story here is that this is confirmation the democrats know they are about to get fucking steamrolled at the midterms, because they have totally sucked and even the world’s most advanced propaganda engine can’t hide how shitty democrats are at governing.

K. In a related note, we’re now up to like 30 democrat congressmen retiring rather than running for re-election. Even the news that primarly exists to prop up democrats keeps using the words “red wave”. Reap your whirlwind.

L. Joe Biden talked for 2 hours, and did such an awful job that he made a war more likely, and tanked the stock market. Just stop. Give that creepy old man a pudding cup and stick him in a closet. If he talked for 3 hours the country would disintegrate and he talked for 4 a giant meteor would hit the earth.

M. True story, I checked my RobinHood account after Biden’s speech. And in that moment for over a hundred stocks every single one was in the red except for Lockheed Martin. Oh shit, that’s funny.

M1. Heh, a couple related things. Lots of morons were trying to say that Spotify’s stock had tanked because of them choosing Joe Rogan over Neil Young, except I own Spotify. It tanked like everything else did after Biden’s talk (down 18% for the month) and it’s up 3% this week. Holy shit the left can’t meme.

N. Unlike everybody else on the internet I’m not going to pretend to be some military/political geostrategy expert on the Ukraine. All I know is that I wouldn’t trust the Biden Administration to not fuck up opening a can of cat food, let alone running a war with another nuclear power. This is the same cadre of geniuses who screwed the pooch in leaving Afghanistan.

O. If a CDC truck full of lab monkeys crashes, DO NOT PET THE MONKEYS.

P. Even as countries all over the world finally throw in the towel on pointless, do nothing, Covid theater, my local con (LTUE) decided to double down on vax passes, tests, masks, and social distance. So I told them I was out. I’m tired of humoring hypochondriac shitlibs (Judging by K, I’m not alone).

Q. A poll came out showing that some truly alarming percentages of democrats were totally cool with concentration camps, or taking away the children of non-believers. I say alarming, but considering the democrat party’s history, not surprising. These people also act baffled at the idea of why the rest of us want to own guns to protect us from them.

R. Patton Oswalt was forced to apologize for saying he was friends with Dave Chappelle. Come on. Nobody believes Patton Oswalt has “friends”.

S. Jussie Smollet is found guilty of what is possibly the dumbest fake hate crime ever. I can now go out and edit out the multitude of “allegedly” the lawyers forced me to put into the last Tom Stranger!

T. Since the only border our administration cares about are the ones next to Russia, there is a really interesting video going around of Border Patrol agents arguing with the BP chief. I would encourage everybody to watch it. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. The cracks are showing.

U. The Olympics are here! I’m sure this will be a fine celebration of mandatory anal swabbing. I look forward to events like the concentration camp fence pole vault, the thousand meter monk toss, and the cross protestor tank slalom. If our social credit scores are high enough we might get a medal!

V. Related, I don’t know anything at all about basketball, but this Enes Kanter Freedom guy seems like a badass.

W. M&Ms are now more diverse and inclusive. FINALLY. This was keeping me up at nights.

X. The FBI wouldn’t come out and admit under oath how many agitators on January 6th actually work for them or are CIs. And how dare you insinuate that feds would ever do crime, you crazy conspiracy theorist! Seriously, I am super offended, and HOW DARE YOU ask about UCs or CIs, even though the FBI just got caught doing that a few months before in Michigan, and that’s pretty much the entire modern history of law enforcement, and they’ve even made movies about all the most interesting cases.

Meanwhile, at every single gun show in America – “Hey buddy, could you help me cut this shotgun barrel down to 17.9 inches?”

Y. Speaking of my gun store owner PTSD, I bought a Springfield Hellion/Croatian VHS-2 rifle, but that’ll get its own review post.

Z. Even though the world seems to be falling apart, I’m actually really optimistic about the future. I think we’ve hit Peak Woke. I believe we are seeing a critical mass of people finally getting fed up with the lies, bullshit and fuckery. For the longest time too many regular folks have kept quiet because of social pressure, but once the dam bursts, and a sufficient mass of people realize they’re not alone, it’s over.

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112 thoughts on “Current Event Round Up”

    1. Meanwhile in Central Montana we’re seeing all the crap going on and wonder if we’re missing out?
      Our new Governor seems to have his head out where there is sunshine and fresh air. Stores are 90% stocked and we’re seeing local beef (Angus) filling in at high, but not unreasonable prices.
      Constitutional Carry and the lawful showing of your weapon to an attacker to-improve-their-attitude-without-actually-having-to-shoot-them were just two of the things passed in his first month in office.

      1. Montana, you say? Might have to keep y’all in mind in case I need to become a refugee from my current state.

  1. The best thing about Neil Young is that without him we would never have “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

    1. I’ve had that song running in my head all this week, to the point I can’t even think of any Neil Young songs.

  2. Avoid the Fantasy Cons. They are sucking hard lately and most are run by a bunch of leftarded, purple hairdyed, tatooed and pierced up nutjob bronyboys. It would be awesome if you attended a local Board Game Con (like SaltCon). Play a game with Corriea! Get your books signed with Corriea! You will be swamped with fans. (including me! I don’t have enough signed Corriea books.) Come play games and chill with the gang at SaltCon.

    1. Since I read everything on Kindle I have Larry sign my Kindle when he made it to San Antonio. Alas, I lost that Kindle on a business trip and I need to get my current once signed now.

  3. “I think we’ve hit Peak Woke. I believe we are seeing a critical mass of people finally getting fed up with the lies, bullshit and fuckery.”

    Wow…you’re way more optimistic than I am.

    1. I agree with Sailorcurt; don’t say things like that, Larry!
      It’s like being the character in the movie who says “it can’t get any worse.”

    2. Tyranny work only when the tyrant looks competent. Tyrannical ideologies likewise must appear to actually work, ro make the trains run on time.
      Wokeism isn’t.

      1. There’s an interesting article – surprisingly from a Swede; that nation isn’t known for its conservatism – that goes into depth on that. Basically, the thesis is that as soon as an ideology (monarchy before Napoleon, communism before the Berlin Wall fell, etc.) demonstrates itself to be so incompetent as to fail to even maintain the facade of success, that ideology is no longer taken seriously. The author posits the Afghanistan withdrawal is that moment for American post-modern liberalism; that would support Larry’s point about peak Woke.

        Here’s the link, for anyone interested (and no, I am not in any way affiliated with the article or author)

        1. Good article. I’d argue the completely foreseeable inflationary economic policy and pro-crime effort to dismantle every aspect of law enforcement are bigger drivers than our clumsy dismount from Afghanistan for the current disillusionment with the Left. Inflation and crime are readily apparent to people from experience, while Afghanistan was a dramedy binge watched in August of 2021.

          1. Also, I’ll bet a lot of people are so happy we finally got out of Afghanistan that they won’t sweat the grisly details. I know I am.

          2. Those kind of events usually work together in synergistic fashion- pebbles in a landslide so to speak. The botched withdraw could have been survived, as Obama survived the Libya fiasco, but not with all the other problems and fiascos popping up and affecting the public before, during, and ever since.
            Think of it as the political version of a stress riser.

        2. I would love it if that saying turned out to be true; but the woketards still control most of the K-12 schools, and school teacher is the most common occupation of arrested Antifa terrorists, too.

          1. And they’re screwing themselves in that regard too.
            The Branch Covidian freak out by the Unions has actually caused them a LOT of harm, because parents were forced to actually pay attention to what the kids were being ‘taught’.
            If the Unions really understood what the results of Running Away from the Rona would be, they would have forced their members to teach in person at gunpoint.

          2. Republican governors and state lawmakers can be persuaded and pressured into passing universal school choice for K-12.

            As for higher education, when we retake Congress, pass a law removing the tax status of colleges and universities as placing of learning, and label them as political advocacy groups, to be taxed as such.

            Establish some clear and simple guidelines allowing any school able to prove itself to be not an advocacy group, and they will fall in line.

    3. I have a bad feeling we are not quite at the peak. Peak will be when we are in world War III and the media blames it on Trump, climate change, Joe Rogan, and not enough diverse bananas

      1. ‘Peak’ doesn’t mean that the Woke won’t keep up the stupid yammer, or that the Media will continue to gaslight.
        It just means that the number of people willing to buy into it is decreasing hard.- harder than CNN’s viewership numbers or Biden’s approval rating.

      2. As I recall, Midway was the farthest the IJ got, but most of the actual dying came after.

        So Peak Woke doesn’t mean the end of wokist damage, just that they’ve got their high water mark.

  4. On F: I may be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure I remember that threatening to withhold your product if a retailer doesn’t drop a competitor’s was a violation of anti-trust laws. I haven’t heard anyone mention it in relation to this though.

    1. I don’t know if it is or not, but in this case, it’s like a local bakery giving Kroger an ultimatum: “it’s me or Nabisco, you can’t have both!”

    2. Don’t you need to have a dominant market position (in relation to the relevant competitor) for anti-trust to come into play?

      It’s hard to argue Young is in a stronger market position than Rogan ????

    3. It is doubtful that this is an anti-trust issue since Neil and Joe are selling different products. However, the CNN idiots that keep trying to get advertisers and cable operators to drop their direct news competitors is a clear anti-trust violation with a rational Justice Department.

  5. gotta love the takes. i have to physically restrain myself from stealing whole chunks to … send to… friends. thanks……and welcome back!.

  6. Wow– what a perfectly succinct summary of the past few months. Accurate and funny at the same time.

    I hope we’ve finally achieved “Peak Woke”. I don’t see how this can go on much longer w/o imploding the entire society we live in.

    1. I hope we’ve finally achieved “Peak Woke”. I don’t see how this can go on much longer w/o imploding the entire society we live in.

      Somehow, I doubt it.

    2. Jordon Peterson said a few weeks ago to Canada’s idiot elites, “stop, before you break something you can’t fix.”

      And now they’re calling the truckers terrorists.

      Fucking idiot bitch Trudeau.

    1. Hello fellow citizen! Want to plot some crimes against the government!
      Hold on… let me get the recorder working… there!

  7. If printed newspapers were not afraid that somebody with blue hair would have a heart attack and gas out because of your words, they would be able to do business.
    This certainly beats reporting what other people have “researched”…

  8. Apparently, Justin Trudeau is hiding out in the US. So, he traveled *to another country* while in quarantine.
    “Rules for thee, but not for me.”

  9. Regarding point Q, if the election fraud narrative is true, and I believe it is, then the split between Democrats and Republicans is not 50-50, but closer to 70-30.

    So even if a majority of Democrats want us all in concentration camps, it’s probably less than 20 percent of the population and they don’t have the guns.

    1. I would say the concentration camp chatter out there is fake, but I’ve been the fly on the wall when progressives discussed such things amongst themselves. At least once I caught them publicly fantasizing about rounding up “NRA members” and forcing them to either live in brutal gulags or die on the front lines as soldier-slaves. They were serious about it too. To their credit, one progressive who’s an actual friend of mine realized the horror of what they were saying and called the others on it. But will there always be a decent person who’s privy to the conversation and brave enough to tell the truth? 20th century history says probably not.

      1. The dems did it at least once before, and covered up a lot of exonerating evidence to push it through the courts. Even wrote nationally published essays saying how much they hated their victims decades prior.

      1. Considering that this obscene practice is already occurring in Australia and the people have not taken up torches and pitchforks yet, it is assumed that someone will eventually going to try it here in the coming year….In that light, I shall be putting together jail break kits for anyone who wishes to be a free American and/or wishing to free their own family/friends.

      2. Scott Atlas’s new book makes the case that Birx was the real power. Pence with his consummate gentleman complex just wanted smoothness and let Birx run all over teaching the governors how to test for Covid but no treatment. Fauci was just the media hack. Both of those fools stopped being doctors many years ago. All of their viral experience was with Aids leaving them with no clue how to deal with Covid. There’s a passage in Atlas’ book where he contradicted her with Trump and she had a screaming temper tantrum after they left the Oval Office. Just more proof that power must be protected at all costs. Healing the nation is a very distant 3rd.

  10. Ah, Neil Young…

    He’s basically that one emo libprog douche you run into at college who is literally always angry at something. Could be ocean acidification. Could be the lack of free trade coffee in the campus cafeteria. Either way, he’s pissed AF about it — and he’s even more pissed because nobody cares about it as much as he does. His only two facial expressions are scowl or sneer, and woe unto you if you make the mistake of trying to be social and ask him “how’s it going?” You will never get those 45 minutes back.

    Now imagine that guy half a century down the road, and he still hasn’t outgrown that shit. And then imagine what an insufferable dickbag he’d be at that point.

    THAT is Neil Young.

    1. Next, take his female equivalent, the white gal who is Oh So Woke and Caring, and angrily shoves it into your face.
      That’s Joni Mitchell.

      1. The sad thing is that they used to be talented and now they’re just butt hurt because Gordon Lightfoot is still alive, still touring, and still the greatest Canadian singer songwriter.

  11. What’s even worse than the media-government complex lying is that the lies are so blatant. It’s like asking for a drink at a restaurant and the waiter coming to your table, dropping his pants, urinating in your glass and then telling you to enjoy your champagne.

  12. My concern about the next election is the level of cheating that’s bound to happen. I imagine it’ll be more difficult at lot of places, because there’ll be a lot more “I’m watching you” people out, but they’ll still try in some places

  13. Regarding Z: the Pendulum is swinging rightward, as the Left has overreached.

    But the pivot point of the Pendulum is still moving leftward.

    The political Right has relied too much on professionals, and professionals focus on fundraising and winning the next election. The Left is winning the Long Game by default.

    Look at all the neener dancing about people fleeing California. There is a word for this: retreat. I don’t consider California turning into a gigantic Detroit to be a good thing.

    1. ” I don’t consider California turning into a gigantic Detroit to be a good thing.”

      I’m now imagining Robocop having to deal with California’s revolving door “justice” system.

  14. Was listening to WTOP on the way into work and almost ran my car off the road from laughing so hard when it called Neil Young a “prominent musician.”

    And I do wish that when the media yapped about conspiracy theories that Joe Rogan espouses, they might actually give a solid example instead of demanding that we take them at their word.

  15. Larry,
    GenCon has shoved all its chips into the middle of the table similar to LTUE on Covid attendance rules including, on top of maintaining the mask mandate, the chain-dogs at the entrance will inspect your papers for proof of vaccination to get in the con; FWIW, neither the state nor Indianpolis require masking.
    I used to enjoy GenCon, ahh well! I can find other places to take my business.
    Thanks for a great update!

  16. I said no, but I’d like to beat him with a stick

    Depending on the stick…

    Where’s that picture of you with the Tetsubo? 😀

    I’d like to see somebody whack Fauxi with a tetsubo every time he lies. We’d probably need a few backups, though, for when the first one’s arms get tired.
    A good Zombie Apocalypse novel is more believable than most of what we’ve heard from the ‘Publick Health Authoriteez’ over the last two years.

    1. I unironicly consider Fauci to be the 21st centuries highest scoring mass murderer. He funded the creation and deliberately impeded containment efforts to cover his ass. As a result many, many hundreds of thousands of people died.

      1. Eventually this Covid mess is going to end with a new set of Nuremberg (code) Trials. And I’m going to demand that Fauci be charged with using a Weapon of Mass Destruction on civilian populations.

    2. Ringo’s Black Tide Rising series, for example, is fairly decent on the science, from what I understand.

      Fun reading, anyway. I’d love to see Larry’s take on a story in that world.

  17. I have a friend that was denied a medical exemption because the reviewer didn’t believe that aborted embryonic cells were used in the development, whether they are t he final product or not, even though the Phizer website states they used them.

    This reviewer has bought the normative to the point that a stated fact from the manufacturer cannot be true!

    What is funny is some of the additional comments the reviewer made will screw their employer hard for a bunch of violations of various employment laws outside the coooof crap!

  18. I’m going to skip the VHS-2, I’ll get it on BluRay. ????(No, I didn’t check previous replies to see how many cracked that joke.)
    But seriously, Jamey mentioned to Larry Hoy that he wants you back to guest at Tupelo Con. You’re appearance in 2020 was the last con for a bunch of people. Tupelo Con 2021 had about 4000 attendees last July. We weren’t requiring masks, but “suggested” wearing them. We were going to do 2022 in March, but moved it to July 16 and ,17 because a bunch of people are getting Omicron and making robot noises.
    Btw, I still have the gifts I meant to mail you in 2020. I can’t trust any of the shippers right now. 🙁

  19. The commies are Wile E. Coyote, pumping their legs in midair, arms outstretched towards the Road Runner.

    They’re going to look down pretty soon. The expressions on their faces are going to be hilarious.

  20. As to paragraph Q, the reason the libs are ok with detention is that that they are sure to be “mostly peaceful” deathcamps.

  21. Funny thing about that mention of opening cat food – the Bidens just got a cat for the White House! Cute gray tabby named Willow. Hope Secret Service has an easier time with her than the Clinton’s cat, who needed a leash to keep in the building and was nearly strangled by that repeatedly.

  22. Y. Speaking of my gun store owner PTSD, I bought a Springfield Hellion/Croatian VHS-2 rifle, but that’ll get its own review post.

    DAMMIT, you are not helping my “neat gun” vs “don’t buy Springfield” debate!

    1. I looked up the hellion and almost gagged at the price. Same for several other brands. Surely there’s a decent bullpup 5.56 out there somewhere for less than $1000… Right? I mean, seriously, ordinary ARs cost a heck of a lot less even at today’s ridiculous prices. Recently I saw a nifty 12 gauge bullpup under $500 locally that turned out to be a cleverly disguised AK. $1500-$2000 is off the charts insane for any mass produced firearm. (I reserve the right to adjust my opinion when inflation inevitably spirals out of control though.)

      1. Nope. All of them are expensive.
        Of course they aren’t going to cost the same as ARs. Everybody and their dog makes an AR, they’re modular, and parts are common. That drives the cost down. Bullpups are mostly imports, and they’re a niche product.
        And I’ve got some bad news for you on that 12 gauge. It is cheap because it is made in Turkey, and Turkish shotguns are notoriously cheap for very good reasons.

        1. “Turkish shotguns are notoriously cheap for very good reasons.”

          Which is a shame because their CZ clones (as far as I can tell) aren’t bad for their price range. Only shotgun made in Asia minor I’m interested in is the Taiga Wolverine (modern pump action that folds like a Burgress. They even plan to make holsters for it) since it looks nifty on the novelty value alone, but I’m smart enough to wait for a gen 2 of anything that’s not directly saving/making me money. Also I’m too far south to wear coats that would let me concealed carry a shotgun.

          1. Someone got a Turk clone of a 1301, and the mag tube snapped right off at the threads.
            Big nope on buying their stuff from me.

  23. I happen to agree that we’re reaching the apogee of peak woke. What I want to caution is as nasty as they are when they’re sure they’ve won – you ain’t seen NOTHING to how vile they’re going to be as they see it starting to slip away.

  24. Regarding Point L, I’m given to understand that Dorcas at MHI has some excellent chocolate pudding cups. I’m sure that she would be most pleased if Sleepy, Creepy Joe helped himself to them.

  25. Just went to Rogan’s page and dropped your idea about booking Fauci as a guest. We’ll see what happens.

  26. Looking forward to the Hellion review – the rifle looked interesting especially since I shoot rifles left handed.

    1. That’s my main problem with bullpups: I’m left eye dominant and most models seem adamantly right handed. As in ejection ports up against a lefty’s cheek. Or they charge a fortune for left eye friendly/convertible models. “Just learn to shoot right handed!” (or so I’ve been told many times.) Sure… I’ll shoot it right handed and miss a lot. Ambidexterity should be a standard feature. Nice to see that someone in the industry has been paying attention.

  27. I’ll pretend to be an MSM “journalist” for a second and “fact-check” Larry’s post.

    Larry Correia said “… I own Spotify.” Our independent* fact-checkers** have rated this claim as FALSE. Spotify is a publicly-traded company, and no single individual owns it.

    * And you can’t prove otherwise.

    ** Specifically, Karen from HR, who’s 27 and graduated five years ago from Insert Ivy League School Here with a degree in Ethnic Grievance Studies.

  28. >Y. Speaking of my gun store owner PTSD, I bought a Springfield Hellion/Croatian VHS-2 rifle, but that’ll get its own review post.

    First bullpup I’ve been interested in (because I’m a lefty and don’t like brass flying at my face). Curious to get your take.

  29. A-C: And Nova Scotia just went all Coward Fascist and is imposing $10k fines (per diem?) on all tractors and trailers “shutting down” their capital city.

    H: Last I heard, Maus isn’t being banned. The school decided that the graphic-novel depiction of nude female mice in the gas chamber was inappropriate for an 8th-grade audience, and is: 1. moving Maus up a grade level or two, and 2. actively seeking an 8th-grade-appropriate replacement. #2 is especially important, since the Left tends to try to ban ideas it doesn’t like (i.e. no replacement); the school wants to keep the history lesson, but with better source material.

    P: Nope, you’re not alone (you even get a mention in the comments 🙂 ). I wouldn’t attend under those idiotic conditions, either.

  30. “I think we’ve hit Peak Woke. I believe we are seeing a critical mass of people finally getting fed up with the lies, bullshit and fuckery.”

    Hope not, the streets haven’t anywhere near bad enough for any lasting change. Right now, the left will just back up and pretend they don’t know what we’re talking about. Sort of like what’s happening with CRT in the schools of Virginia

  31. Re. point W. I saw a great cartoon pointing out that some of the M&Ms are “transcandy” and identify as Twix™

    Which explains some of the really . . . less than great flavors they’ve been trying out recently

    1. Very often, Going Woke is a way to cover over a shortcoming in quality.
      A lot like how the regular lack of functionality in the products from the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation hide their utter uselessness.

  32. Meanwhile, at every single gun show in America – “Hey buddy, could you help me cut this shotgun barrel down to 17.9 inches?”

    “Why would you want to do that to a perfectly good shotgun?”

  33. Anyone think Whoopi is winning friends with her “it’s not genocide-genocide” comments about the Holocaust?

    1. “It jest white folks killin’ white folks. Who gives a monkey’s butt?”

      Yeah, when everything is racist, you kind of lose focus. You get all preoccupied with how oppressed you are when you’ve only got 60 million dollars and your own TV show. Waaaah!

  34. The trucker protests have given us all another chance to watch the three steps of the standard wokist reaction to bad news in action.

    1.) Deny. “Convoy? What convoy?”

    2.) Downplay. “Okay, but they’re just a few people with no support among the public.”

    3.) Demonize. “NAZIS! RUSSIANS! TRUMP!”

  35. Wild monkeys, in Danville, PA. LOL

    The press won’t tell you how many were bagged by a local. I bet most.

    That region housed a lot of the states rehab facilities. The reason being it is far from the sources of such nonsense and trouble makers are likely to dissappear.

  36. Ahh, youz guyz bitching about Neil Young are missing something while disregarding that fact that performers are often squirrelly.
    While his songwriting has been very good (Cinnamon Girl, Old Man, Heart of Gold), Spotify doesn’t work out well at all for ANY musician; it takes over 10,000 plays to bring them the profit they would get selling ONE CD.
    Notice? Neil and Joe are still on YouTube, not a shot fired there, and they’re both getting more plays Internet-wide as a result of the brouhaha. Neil didn’t commit Dixie Chick Suicide entirely.
    So. Look for leaving Spotify as Neil’s motive. Hate him? OK. That has nothing to do with his songs. I bet there are a zillion out there whose music is lovely but their brains are scrambled.

    I *could* be happy, the rest of my life, with a Cinnamon Girl!

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