Dead Acre Review (Free Novella on Audible)

I recently listened to a free novella on Audible called Dead Acre and it was really good.

Dead Acre is a bad ass supernatural western. It’s like the Witcher goes to Tombstone. When an outlaw gunslinger gets murdered because he tried to do something honorable, God gives him a second chance. Only this second chance involves killing monsters and hell spawn across the wild west. Bruno and Castle nailed the tough guy western vibe with a protagonist who would have fit in a Louis L’amour novel, except for the part where he’s dead and still killing werewolves.

Even better it’s narrated by the actor who played Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption. He kills it with that familiar voice that’s perfect for an undying gunslinger.

I met one of the authors at 20Books in Vegas, and he wanted to hear what I thought about this because I had written MHI and the Bubba Shackleford old west monster hunting stories. I liked Dead Acre enough that since the first full length novel in this same series is coming out in May, called Cold As Hell, I’m going to go ahead and plug it with a preorder link.

Cold As Hell (Black Badge Series Book 1)

Out now, Ice and Monsters by Peter Nealen
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  1. I listened to this when they plugged it after they interviewed you. Can confirm it is entertaining and well-written.

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