Let’s Play Privilege Bingo!

This is from the Daily Wire. https://www.dailywire.com/news/fairfax-schools-tell-children-of-military-members-that-they-have-privilege It looks like another of those goofy school projects to teach impressionable children to hate themselves and others so they can grow up to be proper democrats.

This got shared to a wrongthink writer’s chat this morning and we all started playing bingo. Even though I’ve declared that I have Super Privilege and have awarded myself extra privilege points, I don’t think I could get a bingo on this one, which kinda pisses me off. I’m competitive like that.

For those of you who live in a cave in the forest without internet and have managed to avoid the plague of Social Justice, you might be unfamiliar with the concept of PRIVILEGE. I think originally it had some academic basis, but then the left dumbed it down and ran with it. I’ve talked about privilege a lot on this blog before, but basically what it means is that you’re always wrong about everything, and leftists are always right, all because of some nebulous concepts about your past. You are always bad and they are always good. Simple.

For example, I once mocked the illogical and inane writings of a left wing race hustling grifter who was baselessly accusing an entire convention of racism with zero evidence. Even though it turned out that he was literally the son of a billionaire, it was declared that I was “punching down” from my “position of privilege” and I got kicked out of stuff because of my rampant hatemongery.

The left loves this shit. Like how a newspaper (it was either the Boston Globe or New York Times, I can’t remember) wrote about a debate between me and George R.R. Martin and the newspaper described us as “bestselling novelist Larry Correia” vs “George R.R. Martin, son of a longshoreman.” Why not, Larry Correia, son of a dairy farmer and George Martin, one of the wealthiest authors in human history? Nope.

Because remember, if you’re on the right, you’ve got privilege no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you grew up in a straw hut in a jungle and you hunt wild boars with a sharpened stick to pay for your cholera medicine, if you are arguing with a suburban liberal with rich parents who paid for their gender studies degree at NYU, you’re the representative of an oppressive system and the leftist is the real victim here. So shut up, racist.

This gets more complicated when it is left vs left, because then they have to carefully compare victim points, until the loser gets killed and eaten in a cannibal feeding frenzy.

Looking at this list, even though I doubt I can get a bingo, I’ve still had an extremely successful life by any reasonable standard, and have lived the American dream, getting more opportunities than my parents, and giving my kids more opportunities than I had. It’s almost as if the very concept of Privilege, as used by the left, is defeatist horseshit designed to make some demographics feel like helpless losers and others feel like terrible monsters, all so that they can be more easily manipulated by their elite liberal betters… Naw… That would be super evil.

Anyways, let’s play bingo!

Native English Speaker –Yes. This is important. It’s also why when my grandpa came to America, he insisted on speaking English in the home. My dad was bilingual, but didn’t speak Portuguese while I was growing up at all, so I learned very little of it. The downside of this is that it kinda sucks to be the only Portuguese kid in an immigrant Portuguese town who didn’t speak the language. Oh well! Boom! PRIVILEGE! One down.

Both Parent Went To College – Nope. I’m the first person in my family to do that, and I went thanks to an academic scholarship for knowing a whole lot about dairy cows. DENIED.

Never Worried About Food – Oh hell no. We had a lot of terrible years and were incredibly broke most of the time. Farming is not for the faint of heart. Sure, we might not have been able to buy actual groceries, but we had all you can drink milk! And when we got really desperate, I got to shoot an elderly Holstein in the head so we could eat extra chewy hamburger. BOOM! SUPER PRIVILEGE! That’s two.

Drive/Get Driven To School – Ha! I was the first kid picked up by the bus route in the morning, which meant that I got to spend about two hours a day back and forth on the school bus. However, I used that time to read hundreds of library books, which educated me far more than my shit tier public education ever did. So I actually came out ahead because of this supposed hardship… but nope. Rules are rules. No privilege on this one.

Employed – This one is bizarre to me, since most of the questions seem to be aimed at your childhood… However, I went to work doing adult level, back breaking, filthy, dangerous manual labor as a child, so I am extra blessed. I had childhood employment, so PRIVILEGE! Seriously, if you didn’t grow up rural poor on a real working farm it’s hard to even sorta comprehend the dirty, scary shit you have to do, even when you’re really little. Hey, you’re ten, go move that 2000 pound bull. Make sure to not show any fear! So actually, I’m gonna grant myself DOUBLE PRIVILEGE on this one.

Comfortable Working Outside Alone – Yes. For thousands of hours, usually moving things which were heavy, rusty, sharp, about to catch on fire, or alive and actively wanting to kill me. Good times. SUPER PRIVILEGE!

White – Eh… Mostly? Sure. I’m swarthy and vaguely ethnic looking and the government declared my ancestors to be “Latino” for some baffling and inexplicable reason that probably had to do with bumping their arbitrary racist numbers, but I’m gonna forsake my dad and claim my mom today for MEGA PRIVILEGE!

Parents are Married – Yep. Got this one… Though I find it fascinating that they don’t have a thing in there for “happily”. Sure, you could live in an abusive, alcoholic nightmare, but by golly, that leftist you are arguing with had a single mom, so count your blessings, you right wing hatemonger. PRIVILEGE!

Born In Country of Residence – I love the softcore racism of the left on this one. They simply can’t help themselves. Sure, some immigrant communities are killing it in America, or some people come over so young that it really doesn’t matter, but nope. You all go in the same big dumb box labeled Piteous Immigrants. Sorry. So I get this one. Wait… Is California still considered part of America? Hmmm… Nominally. I’ll take it. PRIVILEGE!

No Speech Impediment – Damn it. Thwarted on the horizontal bingo again. I did actually have a speech impediment when I was a kid. Like most people who do I figured it out and worked through it as I got older, and now I hardly ever think about it and I’m an excellent public speaker who has been on radio and TV. But apparently this is going to hold me back forever and doom me to failure. Oh well. And I was having such a good run too.

Heterosexual – I’m boring vanilla. I’m not even vanilla bean. MEGA HETERO PRIVILEGE! But wait… isn’t this no big deal in a great many groups in the US, and being homosexual is actually considered a perk in many social/career circles now? To the point that leftist moms are getting caught on video pressuring their five year olds into declaring some manner of LGBT identity so the mom can get privilege? But that would never happen. The bingo card has spoken.

Christian – Eh… Depends on who you ask. I’d say so, only I belong to a religion most Christians think of as oddballs, and it’s totally cool for hip liberals to mock us relentlessly in media and Hollywood, and you can even have Broadway plays insulting us, and that’s totally fine. SUPER MORMON PRIVILEGE!

Free Space – I’m offended. How dare this school assume this space’s identity? What if the marginalized person didn’t get a free space? I am literally shaking. (also the school missed a real comedic opportunity when they didn’t call this one Safe Space)

Feel Safe Around Police Officers – I *almost* made bingo this line, because since I don’t routinely do stupid shit, in stupid places, around stupid people, most of my interactions with cops are relatively uneventful… But I’m fucking terrified of federal agents. You think you’ve had a bad time with law enforcement? You think regular cops are unaccountable? Get back to me after the first time you’ve had the ATF raid your business! THWARTED.

Mentally Healthy – Very much so actually. But considering that there is one demographic in America which has FAR more mental problems than all the others, they should have just made this one the free space for white liberal women. (I’m not making that up either. Their stats are bonkers.) But anyways, PRIVILEGE!

College is the Expectation – Ha! Not even close. I got called a pussy for learning to read! But this one is interesting because it once again shows the bigoted nature of our elite liberal betters, as they look with sneering disdain upon blue collar jobs. Plumbers, electricians, and truck drivers aren’t nearly as important to society as their masters degree in interpretive dance.

Never Been Racially Profiled – Nope. I’ve had that happen a few times. Both with law enforcement, and one really nasty shakedown attempt by a business who saw my last name and thought I was one of the illegals they usually took advantage of, until I showed up at their office in a suit telling them to lawyer the fuck up because shit was about to get real. Good times. Ironically I look back on these as learning experiences and they never really held me back, but the bingo card has spoken.

A side note on the racially profiled bit, you know what’s actually worse, but never makes these stupid lists because libs can’t see past skin tone? Being big and scary looking. When I was young especially, I got shit all the time with purse clutchers, and had the cops called on me, because I looked like the kind of dude a loan shark would send to break your thumbs. Only because I’m not pathetic, I don’t dwell on these sleights, and I don’t hold it against those people for their very human nervous reactions. It’s like when Barack Obama talked about his youthful presence making white ladies lock their car doors. Bitch please. I could curl you, Barack.

Feel Represented in Media – Yes. AS THE BAD GUY! Seriously, when is the last time a right wing, gun nut, capitalist, from the military-industrial complex was the good guy in something? Adam Baldwin on Chuck? As far physical appearances, I look like the 6’5″ love child of James Gandolfini and Khalid Sheik Mohammed. The last actor I saw who looks just like me was the terrorist arms dealer/human trafficker on season 1 of Jack Ryan. So yeah, I see guys who look like me on TV all the time, usually trying to kill John Wick. HOLLYWOOD POWER PRIVILEGE!

Able-Bodied – Yep. How else do you think I did all that child labor? This is another one white liberals use to out victim you though, because I swear 90% of the ones I argue with are either land whales or noodle armed soy creatures. I’m not that physically fit, but some of these people are just sad, so NOT A TOTAL FAT BASTARD PRIVILEGE!

Military Kid – No. But hang on… How the hell is moving a dozen times during you childhood, and not seeing one of your parents for months or years at a time, all while worrying they might be horribly killed, a privilege? But the left has spoken! Enjoy your super awesome Tri Care, you privileged bastards!

Have Your Own Bedroom – I shared a tiny room with my brother growing up. That room would fit in my current bedroom closet. Ironically, my brother has also worked hard, been very successful, and has a great career making mid six figures doing one of those blue collar non-college jobs the progs sneer at. Go figure. It’s almost like this square is total nonsense which has absolutely zero bearing on life. I’m sure the mentally ill single child of two mentally ill white liberal professors (who are both having affairs with grad students) will be way better off because she didn’t have to share a room.

Involved in Extracurricular Activities – Does crime count? Because then there’s gonna be a whole lot of kids who didn’t think they were very privileged who actually are! As for me, I was allowed to do all sorts of after school stuff… as long as it involved farming in the hopes it would make me more useful on the farm. I wasn’t allowed to play sports because I might get injured and be unable to milk cows. FFA PRIVILEGE!

Cisgender – Oh good, a square so privileged that it only applied to like 99.9% of mankind until the Woke came along and decided that sexuality is now a confusing spectrum of whatever they want it to be that minute, and then impressionable kids started calling themselves a bunch of made up words on their twitter bio to get social justice validation and victim street cred… and I’m sure this one has nothing at all to do with the previous one about the epidemic of mentally ill white chicks, but regardless I’ve got NOT A PAN DEMI GNOMESEXUAL NONBINARY MERMAID TODAY PRIVILEGE.

Never Lost A Loved One – what the fuck is this one? Elf privilege? We all live in the mortal world, dipshits. The only people who can get this one are the super young, because the longer you live, the more people fucking die. Duh. But hang on… if this bingo card is aimed at the super young, why does it have multiple squares about their sexuality on it? What kind of weird groomer shit is going on at this school? Only I better not ask those kinds of questions or Joe Biden will send the FBI after me, and we’ve already established that I’m scared of federal agents!

Male – You hear that ladies? The school board says you ain’t shit. You can’t even win your own sports anymore! I’ve got WOMEN’S SWIMMING/WRESTLING/BASKETBALL/CYLING/RUGBY/JEOPARDY CHAMPIONSHIP PRIVILEGE!

Now hang on… Don’t men die earlier? Go to prison more and for longer? Have higher suicide rates? Doesn’t modern leftist society treat men with scorn, while mocking traditional male roles, and declaring that fatherhood is an archaic concept, while huge swaths of our young men grow up confused and adrift, to be preyed upon by gangs who at least offer belonging, or grifters selling some distorted version of manliness? Leftist society doesn’t even allow men to be friends anymore without trying to twist it into a gay romance. Sam and Frodo, gay. Any portrayal of any two dudes ever? Gay. Let’s shame young men into fearing basic human camaraderie.

If you talk about any of these obvious problems in society, leftists are going to come along and call you an incel, neck beard, misogynist. Schools teach boys they are disposable trash who should feel bad for existing. Men grow up not knowing how to be proper men, so they fill the gaps with the teachings of dirtbags and internet porn. The left has tried to destroy the concepts of marriage and family to the point that America has one of the highest rates of single motherhood on Earth, and yet the left won’t be happy until every “archaic” institution that got us to this point is destroyed, all in their suicidal rush to end “privilege” in order to make us all equally miserable and bitter as they are.

Through all this women are getting screwed too, because they’re the ones being abandoned or mistreated by the idiot man-children created by leftist doctrine. Men and women are both vital and necessary, and tearing down one to build up the other in a vain attempt to correct past wrongs will only result in destroying us all.

But nope. Can’t be that. Testicles are where it’s at. Social Justice has spoken. TESTICLE PRIVILIGE.

Oh my gosh, and with those testicles, I’ve got BINGO!

Diagonal Bingo. I knew it! Thank goodness for my Safe Space. I really am privileged and guaranteed success in life. For a minute there I was worried I was going to have to become a democrat and wait around for the government to come save me.

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173 thoughts on “Let’s Play Privilege Bingo!”

  1. I am 2 away from blackout bingo. I demand they replace “military kid” and “never lost a loved one” with something else.

    Perhaps “had a TV” and “had HVAC system”.

    1. HVAC system? Does an aging ancient window-unit air conditioner (to make an upstairs apartment livable… not NICE, merely livable) count? And does a TV ‘rescued’ from the trash the repair shop put out as unsalvageable and then repaired count? Why yes, I did have those experiences ‘back when’.

      1. They most assuredly do. The point is to shame you into compliance, even if you worked for six years after school to save to buy a beater to drive you still drove to school your senior year, you still have to tick that box.

      2. Oh yeah, living in a country with 99% humidity and average temp of 85degF, but I am priviledged because my parents got a window air conditioner for their bedroom so my father could sleep at night before he went to work? None of the rest of us had AC. Algae grew on our leather shoes and the hangers rusted. I would like that square to fisk.

  2. The square for military brats is the most absurd of them all.

    Being a military brat is not a privilege, it’s an 18-year sentence to be dragged around the country and the world, often to places no American kid would ever want to go.

    Ft. Leonard Wood? Ft. Knox? Ft. Drum? No sane adult wants to go to these places, much less their kids.

    Or Kuwait? Or Oman? Kids get dragged to these OCONUS posts too.

    1. I recently moved after living in a run-down mobile home I inherited for 6 years, it was the longest I had continuously occupied a single address by quite a margin in my life, I am 33 I have moved 18 times most of those were a direct result of Uncle Sam telling my father it was time to move on.
      But as a Sane adult who just move here again I disagree with you on Fort Leonard Wood, at least the surrounding area is pretty decent these days and you don’t have to deal with Urbanization.

    2. My first 3 years of school were spent in three different schools. Being a Navy Brat gave me the privilege of not being able to make friends, and instinctively packing my shit every 4 years. Yay.

      1. I’ve had to explain something similar to my parents: “I grew up losing my friends every two years and when we finally stayed in one place, I had no clue how to change.”

    3. Hmmm. Being out in the boonies on a military base isn’t that much different than being out in the boonies in farming country. Doesn’t matter if it’s farming cotton, rice, wheat, corn, pigs, cattle, snow or other non-productive stuff in the northern plains.

      1. Besides lots of snow, sub-freezing temperatures, sub-zero wind chills, and more snow?

        (Not me! I did my two years in sunny Alabama at a place that now belongs to the Alabama National Guard, I think. But I know Drum is where the Army tests extreme cold weather gear.)

        1. Actually, extreme cold weather gear is tested at CRTC at Bolio Lake near Fort Greely.

          Drum is where you leave your family and household goods to get deployed everywhere for extended lengths of time.

    4. Definitely a load of crap. I’m actually confused how that even became a square. I’ve never heard any of the SJWs trying to claim that being a military brat was a privilege before.

      Not only am I a military brat, but I work with them all the time. Things have NOT gotten any easier for them.

    5. Dependents in Oman? Since when? I was “deployed” to Oman in 12-13 and the base there was an extremely minimalist base within a base. I’ve heard they’ve expanded since then, but that’s like Qatar levels.

    6. Not to mention having no understanding of how long term friendships work, because the longest you ever knew anyone before graduation was about 18 months, 2 years if you got lucky and made a friend right after moving in and your parents decided to be nice and send Dad ahead to start the PCS, so the kids could finish the school year. Yeah, that’s a huge privilege over folks who got to live on the same street for 18 years.
      And don’t even get me started on TriCare. That horrific medical abomination is the single largest proof that our government cannot be trusted with health care.
      And that ridiculously tiny weight allowance? There’s a reason my sister and I shared a dresser until she hit puberty; we only had as many clothes as we could stuff into our suitcases and bring in the car on our next move. Because our portion of the weight allowance had to cover literally everything we owned, including toys, instruments, furniture, books… Mom alloted us each one half-size Rubbermaid to hold anything sentimental, and the rest got chucked.
      Oh wow! Much privilege. Very checked.

  3. I can get 6 bingos out of this, does that mean I should just die already (according to the lefties?)

    The only squares I missed out on as a kid were the “Drive / driven to school” (I walked all the way through HS), “Speech impediment” (according to my parents, I had Ankyloglossia (tongue “tied” to floor of mouth, got through it with speech therapy and you’d never know it), and “Military kid” (Dad was a banker, Mom was a stay-at-home occasional substitute teacher who was going to be a COP before she got married.)

    Side note on these sort of things the lefties love pushing, it drives them BONKERS (more bonkers?) when sane people start using them and bragging about their scores like this…

      1. Technically I’m not really white, I’m part AmInd. But I look white, so maybe I qualify for the diagonal starting on the upper left side?
        (Or course a hundred years ago my Irish heritage would disqualify me from being ‘white’ – or less years than that if you live in Boston!)
        Wow, this privilege thing is hard! I still remember, as a child, when I found out I was part AmInd and thought it was cool, my mom taking me aside and telling me that I could never tell anyone about it, because NY Libs really had a Hate on for AmInds and the consequences for the family would be severe.
        Now I get hated for pretending to be White? That’s funny!!

        1. Re: Irish heritage.
          In 1960s Eastern Iowa, I frequently saw signs that read “NO DOGS OR IRISH ALLOWED” on storefronts. These were usually on stores owned by the descendants of the original German and Danish settlers. Had to get the Nielsen kid to go in and buy the almond Kringle slices at the bakery after school.


        Or in your case Mr Correia, I can send you the address of my favorite local FFL and you can send me a random firearm from your collection… 😀

  4. Well, I managed to squeak four bingos out of it! I’m assuming it’s aimed at high-school stoodenz, so I used that age for a couple of them.

    One minor comment is that the middle square in the left column does say “feel safe *walking* outside alone”, not “feel safe *working* outside alone”. That was a tough one for me, because moose are scary, but no worries about two-legged predators, which was their intent, so I’ll claim privilege there!

      1. This is because you’re so privileged that you wouldn’t even think of walking outside alone being a privilege. Between this and your Elf Privilege, it’s no wonder you get banned weekly on social media….

        Honestly, my son caught the never lost a love one thing and has been walking around going WTF is that about for 8 hours like Bugs Bunny being confused about the name Hansel. This whole thing should be used as an exercise to identify lib losers that believe more in victimhood than motherhood (next they’re going want to ban anything with the suffix of hood…)

    1. That one is so stupid because when and where? There are times and places that I wouldn’t walk alone. There were times and places where I knew I wasn’t safe even with my friends (who proceeded to talk to strangers who tried to invite them to *go* somewhere). My kids were told not to walk alone and given talks about the definition of “predator” and how predators choose prey.

      But these days any parent who lets their kids walk anywhere very far, even in perfectly safe affluent neighborhoods, would be accused of child neglect or have CPS called on them.

      1. We let our son wander as he pleased once he was 13. (He was restricted to the neighborhood before then.) Of course, he carried an 18″ machete with him. That came in handy when he surprised the mountain lion that the government says doesn’t live in the Appalachians.


    I’m suddenly picturing two smiling young men wearing ties and white short-sleeved shirts and name-tags, and big red capes.

    “Being big and scary looking.”

    Oh yeah. As a big guy with a beard I have stories about all the times I was “randomly selected” for next-level security screening at the airport.

        1. Once I saw a slender young woman coming out of security in her bra and yoga pants. She took her sweater jacket out of the bin, so I guess security decided it was her coat. She certainly rocked the look, so I’m thinking the security’s adjudication wasn’t random.

          1. Yeah. Seeing the security screener pondering patting down the 15-16 year old girl in a crop top and yoga pants … he decided “no”.

            They’re not *all* perverts. Possibly that was the exception that proves the rule though.

        2. Request a female agent do the wanding. I uses to get “randomly selected” every single time, until a friend who’s a flight attendant told me to try that. Legally, they must accommodate the request.

      1. I’m a 6’6″, 260lb white guy with a full Japanese sleeve and a beard. I’ve never gotten extra screening at an airport, but that’s probably because I always use my retired military ID when I’m going through security. My carry-on bags, on the other hand. Literally EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. They sit there and run the little bomb sniffing paper thing all over my bag. Probably has to do with the fact it’s an assault pack, and I used to use it when I would go shooting. But then again, I got a new backpack recently that is my dedicated carry-on, and I’ve still had it looked over every time since purchasing it.

        Also, the only boxes I couldn’t check were military brat (My dad just missed out on being drafted for Vietnam, but every other male in my family for the last 5 generations has served, as has my sister), expectations of college, and driving to school. I took the bus until I got pulled out of public school to be homeschooled at my dad’s church, and graduated before I could even get a learner’s permit. Technically, I could avoid the work box, as I am medically retired and have been since I was 27, but I have worked at a few jobs in the almost 12 years since.

    1. Super Guys!

      You know, you have your two protagonists right there for a great series. Although there may already be an anime or two with that theme.

    2. Dude, Travelling on military orders, with military ID on military tickets and in my USMC Service Alphas. The TSA flippin had me taken all apart for being SUPER suspicious.

  6. I look about as white as white can be (that’s my Irish roots peeking through) and I’VE been racially profiled.
    More than Once!
    Dozen’s of times actually. By the police, the TSA, etc.

    I almost made it across the second line down from the top, but after the death threats and other stuff from my copyright lawsuit I now carry when I’m outside. So I guess that means I’m not comfortable outside walking alone. Because screaming lefties threatened to kill me and my family. Damn, if only they knew they were keeping me from my white privilege!!

  7. Notably missing in any discussion of privilege are the privileges enjoyed by those talking about privilege. Attractiveness, height, wealth, connections, personality. It takes a privileged person to be able to go to corporations or organizations, sell them a program about privilege, and earn a living doing so.

    And if society were to reject this privilege discussion? They have the connections to slide into the next grift and earn six figures while accomplishing nothing of value.

  8. 2 bingos. Missed food security, driven to school, parents married, Christian (But I guess I could, sorta, claim that depending when you asked. I identify as agnostic.), Military kid (But I did go to 3 High Schools in 3 different states.), Extra-curricular activities, and Never lost a loved one (How can ANYONE get this?).

    1. Beats me. I had enough tragedies in my family to make the Kennedy’s look like pikers. Privilege my backside.

    2. For “never lost a loved one” age really does play a major role. Had such nonsense as this bingo card been presented to me in high school or during my college years I *would* have been able to check that box. I was 24 before anyone close to me died.

      1. I had a close family friend lose his brother when I was 9, but I had only met him once. It took until I was 12 for the floodgates to open. By the time I enlisted at 21, I had lost both my grandpas, great-grandmas, best friend killed by a drunk driver, first girlfriend got killed falling off a patio at a house party, one of my other friends was murdered a hundred feet down the street by his estranged supermarket donor of a dad, along with his mom, and a few others. As of now, I’ve been to so many funerals and memorial services that it doesn’t even do anything anymore, like I’m just dead inside when it comes to death. Only one in the last decade that broke through that was my 11 y/o niece that had bone cancer and dropped dead in front of my brother and her mom as they were walking to the front door to go to school. On a side note, is it still privilege to be driven to school if you’ve had half your leg amputated from being riddled with cancer? This bullshit is almost enough to make me wish I could do serious violence on the gender studies major that most likely created it.

    3. I got that one. I’m in my mid 30s and I’ve only lost 1 grandparent (1 was already dead, 2 normal and 2 step grandparents remaining). 2 uncles died few years back. However, grandma was a thieving piece of shit and I saw my uncles maybe 3-4 times my whole life. I’ve lost family members, but no love ones. Honestly the prospect is scary as crap now because I have no idea how to handle it.

  9. I AM THE I AM THE ÜBERMENSCH. At least according to the bingo card, I hit so many of those privilege points. Why am I not a billionaire living in some mansion on the most expensive land it’s possible to have in the US? Where do I have to go to spend these points to get the great life everyone says I inherently have for being so privileged?

    It seems the the school systems are accidentally telling the rest of the world straight white Christian men are the absolute peak of humanity, and that being one of them is the ultimate in human privilege.

    I don’t think that’s their intent though.

  10. Can I use “it depends” for feel safe around cops? Most normal cops don’t bother me a bit, but our small town (in town population 400) police chief won’t go any where without his tactical vest filled with 3 AR mags, a combat folder and a tacticool Bowie. I’ve met NYPD with less shit on their person.

    1. Hey, everyone likes to cosplay but so few do because of the hard work and dedication it takes. To think he gets to cosplay everyday as Sheriff Post (Apocalypse).

  11. I got 4 or 5. I grew up in a Portuguese immigrant community in Massachusetts, my neighbors tried to teach me Portuguese, lol.
    And not racially profiled, but profiled. I’m part of a Christian Motorcycle Club and I’ve been pulled over and profiled. My national leadership has been stopped by government agencies in Sturgis to be photographed. And the ATF has a map of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs with pins highlighting hot spots. Our name is on the pin for Las Vegas, lol

    1. Framingham, MA, or the surrounding area, by chance? When I worked at the US Embassy in Brasília, if we saw someone going to Framingham, auto-denial, since something like 50% of the state of Minas Gerais illegally immigrated there.

      1. Lol, no. Taunton, MA. Most of them were from the Azores or Portugal proper, but there was a growing Brazilian population because Taunton, Fall River, and New Bedford all offered services in Portuguese. Framingham was about a half hour to forty five minutes away. It wasn’t bad growing up, but half the kids spoke Portuguese and I got bullied in both languages. But hey, I checked off so many privilege boxes…

    1. Wellll, I could have checked the mentally ill box; because I know I’m nuts. But I know too many people who are so far around the bend they make me look normal: Hillary, Joe, Nancy, Chuck….

  12. Checked every square but six. Why, I must be so privileged that I can take a dump and sell it for six figures even before polishing it.

    Of course I did sabotage myself. Knowing enough about survival to be able to be plunked down just about anywhere in the U.S. and find enough to eat screws up the food security problem.

    Funny how being employed also takes care of that food problem.

  13. I got racially profiled for being white in the Middle East, but I don’t think that’s what they mean.

    Also, I had the ultimate privilege of being driven to boarding school. Where I was bullied, harassed, and generally miserable for 8 long years.

    But the ultimate privilege of all is to be so privileged that you don’t buy into the crazy leftist narrative in the first place.

  14. Let’s see, looking back at my Senior in high school self, I get a YES on everything except:
    Both parents went to college. (Stepdad didn’t attend high school, but most people didn’t way back when.)
    Never worried about food. (I didn’t hit 100 pounds until my Senior year. We were hungry poor for years.)
    Drive/get driven to school. (It was only a mile away. Why would anybody drive? Gas costs money!)
    Never lost a loved one. (Dad at age 4, then lots of other relatives.)
    Employed. (Does self employed doing odd jobs and selling vegetables from the garden count?)
    Military kid. (Stepdad and every grandfather and uncle had served, though. I vaguely remember some of the stories told about fighting in The Great War.)

    So that gives me 4 Bingos. I’m so privileged to have been an only child.

  15. “one really nasty shakedown attempt by a business who saw my last name and thought I was one of the illegals they usually took advantage of, until I showed up at their office in a suit telling them to lawyer the fuck up because shit was about to get real.”

    I’d love to hear more of this story of you being mistaken for one of the DNC’s slave laborers if you’re up to it.

    1. Dishonest apartment complex shakedown scam.
      They preyed on Mexicans because those were the people who were afraid of fighting back because they didn’t want to get snarled up in court.
      Cheap apartments, huge complex, lots of illegals.
      Whenever people moved you have to do paperwork saying you’re ending the lease. (most people don’t keep copies of this)
      The complex would then go through and pick out everybody they thought would be afraid to talk to the cops or go to court, wait a couple years, and then serve papers on them saying that they had never ended their lease, and you owed them like two years of back rent.
      People scared of the system (those who didn’t want to bail out of the state at least) would cut a deal and pay off some percent to the complex to drop it. It’s just a fishing expedition.
      They saw my last name, didn’t realize Correia is Portuguese (Correa is Spanish, well, usually but they do flip back and forth sometimes) assumed I was one of the Mexicans and tried the shakedown thing.
      Served me papers while I was on an audit, in front of clients. I was fucking livid.
      It did not go down the way they hoped.

      Side note, this is yet another reason I despise democrats about illegal immigration. They always paint this nice fluffy picture, but in reality it often creates a near slave class of people who have no rights, who are easily victimized by the unscrupulous, because they are too scared to get involved with the law out of fear of getting some of their family deported. Work agriculture, construction, or in a factory you get to see this shitty behavior all the time. But oh no, ask a democrat and it’s all fluffy unicorns to make them feel better about themselves for not being racist.

      1. And illegal immigrants *still* manage to live here more comfortably than they could in their native country, all while sending thousand a year back to their family that stayed.

        Kinda puts a dent in those “living wage” arguments. But the left loves being arbitrary about stuff so they can get people emotionally invested in their cause du jour, which makes them easy to manipulate.

        1. What they are doing is living off of state benefits, and then working for pay under the table.

          It’s a three way deal with the devil. The landholders loot the public purse to pay for their cut rate labor, use the fact that their laborers are black market as a club to control them, and then play a game of ‘lets you and him fight’ to keep both the illegals and the regular citizens to realize who is really making out like bandits in all this.

          I first clued onto it when CA had a series of major fires about ten years back, and there were reports that the illegals were being forced,under threat of being reported to border patrol, to go pull the harvests in mandatory evacuation zones to minimize what got destroyed if the fires went through.

          I already knew the illegals were typically gaming the benefits system. That’s also how you get thousands of tax returns going to a single address, but that was when I realized that the land holders were the ones actually driving the bus, and just how absolutely evil they were about it.

      2. Pelosi is one of those landholders. This isn’t some side effect of bleeding-heartism. They know what they are doing.

      3. Perhaps the usual snark about the Democrats being pissed at losing their slaves in the Civil War has some truth and they’re seeking a new source of people to control?

        1. Absolutely. Granted, they want to enslave us all, but they’ve already created a new slave class. Not that they’ll admit it.

        2. The Democrats never forgave us for winning the Civil War and setting their slaves free. They’ve been trying to re-enslave them ever since, but they’ve been pushing back so now the Democrats are importing a new underclass to take their place.

          They don’t care how little they have, so long as they can lord it over somebody with even less.

      4. ” … in reality it often creates a near slave class of people who have no rights, who are easily victimized by the unscrupulous, because they are too scared to get involved with the law out of fear of getting some of their family deported.”

        But the Dems are SO Righteous. Just ask them …

      5. Spent the bulk of my childhood in a very, very immigrant-heavy part of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. So heavy that during the 2004 immigrant rallies at the State Capitol, when migrant parents pulled their kids out of school to attend the rallies, they shut down several local schools because there weren’t enough students left to teach. If that helps paint the picture.

        I went to high school with this kid named Hugo. Son of immigrant parents, entered school via an ESL program not knowing a lick of English, and had just gotten fluent enough by the time he reached freshman year to be able to hold a comfortable conversation without difficulty. By the time he graduated (he was a year behind me), he was an honors student and president of the school Future Business Owners of America chapter.

        Went to college while working part-time, ended up graduating with a bachelor’s degree, got a job starting as a teller at Wells Fargo and now has a management position at a Key Bank branch in Tacoma.

        That’s the kind of shit that gives my inner patriot a stiffy. Hugo went from growing up on food stamps to living in a house three times as big as the one I own right now. Where else in the world are you going to achieve that sort of thing in a single generation? Where else do you hear of this sort of thing happening on a consistent basis?

        So when I see this “privilege” bullshit, designed to encourage minorities and immigrants to view themselves as permanently oppressed and support the scummy politicians and race grifters who pass policies and legislation that prevents immigrants from rising out of poverty….it annoys me.

        You are only a victim of oppression if you allow yourself to be.

        1. It’s meant to make one half of the population feel like victims, and make the other half look like they deserve to be beat down and robbed.

      6. Lived in those type of apartments as a student, putting myself through school. Another scam was the security deposit. They would claim you trashed the place. I would have photos and the signed copy of the inspection because I would insist on a copy. They would then try to deny, not figuring I would save paperwork. I called on the university ombudsman’s office which would sue them. Check always arrived in a few days, in full. I would actually clean up other student’s apartments with the deal of me getting half of the deposit which worked out well for both me and friends.

  16. Also, when reading ” I could curl you, Barack.” I can only imagine you throwing Obama down some ice while two people rush to sweep in front of him. No idea if that was the intended meaning.

    1. LOL!!!
      I’m pretty sure he was talking about curling like dumbbell or barbell curls. Either works, though …

  17. When I was younger, this was called “counting your blessings,” but what do I know.

    And don’t get me started on “College is the expectation.” This whole country needs to learn the phrase “reversion to the mean.” It means if your parents are smart, you’re probably dumber than them. A LOT of people are going to college who shouldn’t around here.

  18. I could have the leftmost column or the second row depending on whether “it depends” counts as privilege for walking outside alone. Here in my neighborhood, sure. In the Fifth Ward? No.

    I could also have the diagonal that ends on the top right, because being profiled for being an attractive woman isn’t technically racial. Kind of funny how having child seats in my car reduced the number of traffic stops for trivial shit right down to zero. (speaking of not trusting law enforcement…)

    1. “It depends” is usually the answer to most questions around privilege because it’s purposefully arbitrary. I guess if you’re comfortable walking alone anywhere it counts. But any time you inject a little reality into leftist arguments they fall apart. Because the entire leftist ideology is incompatible with reality.

  19. Yes. I’m a straight white male. I’m so privileged. You know, aside from spending the first 6 years of my life being thoroughly abused by a sibling with brain damage and having a chronic pain disorder that you can only get if you have white ancestors. But I guess that puts me in the extra special disabled spot of victimhood.

    Yes, my family were among the group that colonized the US. But my ancestors also colonized the British isles, so there’s that. Extra bonus privilege points! FINISH HIM! Privilege-ality!

  20. I get at least the same Bingo, though I have to wonder do I count as driven to school?

    So, in K to 2nd I rode bus to school, picked up by mom at the end of the day (1/2 credit?)
    Then from 3rd through graduation I was homeschooled I had to walk all the way to school (approximately 10 feet if I went straight from bed to school). So, I guess I wasn’t driven to school then?

    I will say, as a civilian employee of the military, the military child thing is bullshit, other than meaning “your parents are employed and you (likely) get housing and 3 square meals a day”.

  21. The concept of being white equating to social privilege is interesting in the context of being a white kid in a school where that’s a significant minority. In my high school, I got harassed and called “dumb white girl” by a kid who was Chinese-Canadian. When I talked to the school counselor about it, he took me seriously and passed it along to admin, who in turn decided that the right response was to have a school assembly and say, in effect, “Racism Is Bad, Mm’kay?” All I wanted was someone with authority to plainly state to these idiot kids that saying “dumb white kid” was no different from saying “dumb Mexican” or “dumb Korean” or any other ethnic group we happened to have at our school.

    Absolutely useless.

    And then, because I was also one of the few Americans (which made me even more of a minority than being white did) I got told that I “had no culture” and that dressing in cowboy clothes on cultural heritage spirit days (when my family actually comes from cowboy culture) “didn’t count” because “everyone wears blue jeans. Which was still not as bad as all the times I was told that I was stupid, my country was stupid, I’m not allowed to be patriotic, I support warmongerers, I was a bad person because I thought Obama wasn’t a good president (even though all the enlightened Euro and Canadian kids who had never set foot in America knew he was the best ever, and obviously they have a better perspective on that than someone who is actually a citizen of the country he governed).


    So yeah, even being able to check off all the boxes about demography other than “male”, I’ve still been harassed and belittled for my “identity”. But of course, that doesn’t count, because there’s no such thing as context.

  22. I got two vertical bingos and a diagonal one.

    Does this mean I can get a coupon for an extra meat ration at the supermarket?

  23. ” .. alive and actively trying to kill me.” Damn, son, you get ALL the good conventions … Now I know where you got the inspiration for that anthology cover…

  24. I’m able to check off all but seven, but those are distributed in such a way that no bingoes (bingos? bingoi?) are possible.

    Technically, I’m not a native speaker of English, even though it’s the language I’m most comfortable with. My “native” language is Brazilian Portuguese, but I’m super rusty, and I never received any formal education in it, since I was six when we moved here.

    I’m half Asian. The other half would be white in Brazil, so there’s that.

    Not a Christian. Nor any religion. My grandfather on my mother’s side fell out with the church and therefore didn’t raise the family as religious. Consequently, my mother wasn’t religious. My father wasn’t Christian either, and wasn’t practicing Buddhist or Shinto either, so no religion for us.

    I can’t think of any representations of mixed Hispanic/Asian immigrants in media, so this is a permanent no for me. I also have never cared, except that it annoys me that somehow I’m supposed to care. I’ve always identified with or admired characters for their qualities. For example, I have almost nothing in common superficially with Faye Vierra. But she’s my favorite Grimnoir character because she’s so fiercely loyal, so stupendously lethal when the people she loves are threatened, and so incredibly brilliant in her own sideways way.

    Anyway, this is getting long, so I won’t get into the rest of them. If the misses had been clustered differently, I would have probably gotten at least one bingo, if not two or three.

  25. Wow, only got four bingos. I didn’t realize I had any Intersectionality points at all. I hereby declare myself oppressed.

    BTW, when quizzing your local school board/administrators, don’t just ask about Critical Race Theory. Ask about Intersectionality as well. In the minds of the modern Internazis, these two concepts are distinguishable.

  26. Meh. 18/25. Does that get me into the ‘shitlord’ zone, or am I just a ‘wetfartlord’ ??? ????????????????????

  27. Damn, I must be really special.

    The only ones I couldn’t check were driven to school (Does a bus ride count?), never lost a loved one and both parents went to college.

    On the other hand, I dropped out of HS and 23 and Me says I’m 0.2 % Sudanese and 5% Portuguese. Do those take away any privilege points?

    But then I have two masters degrees in STEM so I guess that adds to my privilege points.

    I’m so confused.

  28. I’ll also note that a significant majority of people with speech impediments are male. (Source: my training and experience as a speech-language pathology assistant.)

    So, uh, male privilege?

  29. Notice how most of these are things that no individual has any power over, like the circumstances of their birth. This certainly fits with the Left’s idea that people’s virtue and value is based solely on inherited traits rather than their individual choices.

    1. Yup. This is intentional. They want you to think of yourself the way they think of themselves: As an embodiment of a set of group identities over which you have no real control.

  30. I don’t get it – where is the square on the bingo card that just says “Parents are rich”? That’s the only thing that really pops into my mind if you’re trying to claim someone is “privileged”. And even then, are we talking a little rich or super-rich? And is it blue-collar rich (dad owns a couple of stores that he spent his whole life busting his ass to build from scratch) or old-money blue-blood rich (your last name is Rockefeller or Getty)? The devil is in the details, seems to me.

    But hey, I grew up in Appalachia, in a town with 330 people, so what do I know….

    1. I’m fairly certain the whole privilege thing started as Ivy League teachers having to convince their Ivy League twerp students that not everyone has a butler or chauffeur. Then the gender studies teachers absorbed it.

      1. As I recall, the original woman who started this nonsense really WAS privileged: lots of money, top schools, friends in high places willing to pull a few strings, etc. And somehow she got it into her head that life was so easy for her not because she was rich and connected but because she was white.

        1. Luxury Beliefs. It’s a sort of conspicuous consumption by the powerful and connected, pretending that it’s a Bad Thing, and Oh How Terrible It Is that they are Soooo much more wealthy and privileged than the stupid, brutish poors.

          They talk about how bad privilege is, but I don’t see none of them taking away their kid’s trust funds and sending them off to make their own way.

  31. Since this is aimed at high school kids, I can’t see how being employed is privilege. I worked during my last two years of high schools and missed out on a number of fun activities that I would have been able to do if I hadn’t been working at the time. Employers aren’t very accommodating when the flaky high school student needs a day off because they forgot about a school event, again.

  32. Honestly, these sorts of things are toxic, and before someone (no one here, but even so) points out that the whole purpose is to help kids understand that there are all sorts of things they can’t SEE and thus should be more forgiving to peers with situations they might not know about, the people presenting these exercises to kids are school teachers and no matter the reasonable excuses made from the Motte, the denigration of the “white Christian male” is baked into that cake and they’re having food fights in the Bailey.

  33. Oh, and Dairy Farm privilege here too. *waves at Larry*

    Dressed from the Salvation Army and ate steak for dinner and drank all the milk I wanted.

  34. Wonder if my kids should get double privilege… Military – and- missionary kids, so dragged to various places with the USAF, then to the third world as missionaries…

    The whole card made me want to laugh (the other option isn’t printable), and Larry’s responses got several real giggles.

  35. Do I count as a military kid if I was born on post but Dad ETS’d about 2 years later? I was still dumb enough to join myself so maybe it counts. LOL.

    Damn, 12 with only one bingo.

    Employed? Now or ever? In-between jobs but got a few offers coming in from the looks of it today. That would make 13.

    Now if I were only mentally healthy. Fourteen and 2 bingos. But I do not know what mentally healthy even looks like.

    Many of the others I fall into the same categories as Larry described. Extremely poor, juvenile delinquent with an attitude. But busted butt to make a life and give something better to the kids. My son is now my retirement plan as he has all the privilege and checks all the boxes other than his Grandpa died when he was young. I’m set!!

  36. So, one of the bonuses of being a 6’4″, 290 lb, 56 tall jacket, bald with big beard certified scary dude is, when stuck somewhere that demands masks, that winning smile that has convinced many ladies that “I’m really not here to rape you and steal your children”? That smile is just gives you crazy axe-murderer eyes.

  37. I almost had a black out! Dang lack of male genitalia, parents who weren’t military and dead grandparents. Dang you all to heck!!

    I’m with you on the federal law enforcement, though, except one of my cousins is a feebie and he’s a nice guy so…

  38. “Privilege Theory” originated in an essay a filthy rich, spoiled, silly person wrote back in the 1980s.

    It had never been tested or proven I any way, thus is not a theory.

    The Left treats it as an ironclad law of nature and worships it.

    1. There’s a section on von Mises’ book Liberalism about the inherent disadvantage of people who don’t speak the dominant language. It’s von Mises, so I’m pretty sure his point wasn’t that the government has to make up for life not being fair, but it’s not a completely ridiculous idea.

  39. You’d think I was feminist because I’ve been a truck driver for, lo, these many decades. I even got a 1 page write-up in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 1993 for being a “lady trucker.” Yeah, nah. I do a dirty, labor-intensive job at all hours of the day and night, missing weekends, holidays, and time with family and friends. And I GET PAID THE SAME AS THE MEN. -Gasp!-
    With that money I have bought 4 houses in the last 20 years with my income and my credit alone.
    I have amassed over $100k in my 401k, a few thousand in the stock market, my car is paid for, and I can send my Marine son $100 “just because” I remember what it was like being a lower enlisted member and running short of money towards payday.
    I never graduated from college. I didn’t inherit much of anything. I started with nothing but grit, work ethic, and the good manners my parents taught me. I even paid $600/mo in child support for 4 years because I was not home every night and lost custody of my only child. I was never late and never went to jail for non-payment.
    I have zero sympathy for whiners.
    “Let’s go, Brandon!”

  40. Driven to school? Hell, yes, I was driven to school. I grew up on a ranch. If my mom had not driven me to school, what the hell was I going to do?

    Employed? Yeah, whether I wanted to be or not. Started when I was 6. At age 12, I was running 2 ranches. I find it a special kind of stupid that anyone would consider employment a privilege.

    White? Yeah. My blood runs back to Germany. Blond, blue-eyed, and sunburned.

    Lot of the people on this thread speak Portuguese or come from Brazil. Bom dia. Tudo bem? ‘Tive duas enamoradas brasileiras e por isso falo fluentemente. Elas eram paulistas e eu falo com o sotaque paulista.

    What the hell is cisgender?

    Parents married a privilege? Are you fucking kidding me?

    1. What the hell is cisgender?

      It’s a word the Leftroids made up that means ‘not deluded about whether you’re a boy or a girl’.

      They use it as an insult.

      1. Imaginos1892
        So you’re telling me that Lefties are so simple that they cannot tell whether or not they have testicles?

        1. They seem to believe that they should be allowed to ‘identify as’ whatever, because that’s how they ‘feel’ and basic biological facts are irrelevant.

          This leads to incidents like the one in L.A. where a ‘trans woman’ was walking around nekkid in a women’s spa waving a boner around and the ‘cis women’ were Eeevul Haters for being upset about it.

          Also the ‘trans child’ in Virginia that went into the girls bathroom wearing a skirt and raped a 14 year old girl. The school board had her father arrested when he demanded an accounting. The ‘trans’ rapist was quietly transferred to a different school and raped another girl.

          If all of that seems insane to you, it just means you’re not Enlightened enough.

          1. Don’t forget the folks with testicles who join women’s sports teams and tell the girls that they “need to train harder” when the penis-bearers beat them by several lengths.

    2. To elaborate on whole rigamarole: the transgender activist types needed a word to be the opposite of “transgender”. Whatever term you have in your head right now, “normal”, “regular”, whatever was deemed unacceptable because it implied that transgender was “abnormal”, “irregular”, or whatever. So they reached back to Latin and grabbed “cis”, which is the opposite preposition to “trans”. So there was the province of Transalpine Gaul, Gaul past the Alps; and also the province of Cisalpine Gaul, Gaul on this side of Alps.

      Thus was born “cisgender”. Every time I hear it, I think “Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres…”

    1. Why do you think “gentrification” and “white flight” are spit out as insults? In the eyes of the leftists, it’s Not Fair that safe neighborhoods exists and we should all bask in the glory of urban decay.

      1. Actually, the thinking is that it’s Not Fair that safe neighborhoods exist for you and me.
        Special, safe, well patrolled neighborhoods for the Inner Party with working utilities and nice houses are fine for the special elect like themselves. Because Comrade Napoleon and the other pigs work so hard!
        Baaaaaaa!!! (Yah! Bah!)

  41. Larry:

    I fill up soooo many squares:
    Comfortable working outside: Well gee yeah, the grass won’t cut itself, nor the snow shovel itself.

    Had my own bedroom: Yeah but only when I became a teen

    Driven to school: Yeah because I went to a private high school and there was no bus service unlike my privileged siblings who went to the public high school by school bus.

    Participated in extracurricular activities: compulsory at my high school. So not really my choice but still had fun.

    Parents happily married: Yup till mom died

    So never lost anyone: nope lost mom and a sibiling

    Not quite a native speaker but good enough to I dunno teach English in French language schools and international schools as well as speaking 3 others at near native fluency and read another 3 with some facility

    White: guess so but who cares
    Employed: Well gee never learnt how to game welfare. So yeah

    Ablebodied: yeah and so?

    Mentally healthly: check
    Feet represented in the media: ??????? Do these wokesters have a foot fetish or something?
    and so on.

    Too many of the bingo spaces of privilege are ludicrous or just plain asinine. Really uncanny valley weirdoes listing what’s privileged. They forgot stuffing insufferable neurodiverse into lockers is a VERY important privilege


  42. I missed 2 of the squares.
    I did have to feed & water the chickens also gather the eggs at age 5. I eventually got to wear gloves, because dad got tired of being yelled at about my bloody hands. Not a dairy farmer, but I did have to milk the cow. As in 1.
    Butchering at least 100 chickens, putting them in the bread bags dad saved all year for the freezer.
    Hunting because I like the flavor of venison, wild pig, ducks, geese, pheasant, etc. Still had to take care of the livestock at 5am and after school.
    Man am I privileged. I check all boxes but 2.

  43. It’s interesting to me that they admit having a two parent home generally gives children an advantage (hence identifying it as a privilege), but they would never advocate any kind of policy that encourages that dynamic and, in fact, actively work to prevent it.

  44. But in many respects privilege is the handmaiden of accomplishments. If you or your ancestors had the drive and brains to go out and build something real that gives an advantage in the world, that’s an accomplishment! Ya, we need to push back against the lefties trying to conflate honest accomplishment with unearned privilege.
    Because then the ignorant, unambitious, and unlucky that buy into this, use as an excuse to not better their lot in life. And half a century after the Civil Rights Act was passed, very very few people qualify as needing more than a basic education to get started in life. And I say this as a white male, high school dropout, 9 siblings, very poor parents, got a GED, no college, make a comfortable living in a warehouse for the last 20 years. If I can do it, pretty much anyone can.

    1. You have Work Privilege!

      Your punishment is to be heavily taxed in order to support a bunch of useless idlers the Poor Oppressed Minorities lacking in Work Privilege.

  45. But in many respects privilege is the handmaiden of accomplishments. If you or your ancestors had the drive and brains to go out and build something real that gives an advantage in the world, that’s an accomplishment! Ya, we need to push back against the lefties trying to conflate honest accomplishment with unearned privilege.
    Because then the ignorant, unambitious, and unlucky that buy into this, use as an excuse to not better their lot in life. And half a century after the Civil Rights Act was passed, very very few people qualify as needing more than a basic education to get started in life. And I say this as a white male, high school dropout, 9 siblings, very poor parents, got a GED, no college, make a comfortable living in a warehouse for the last 20 years. If I can make a reasonably decent life, then anyone can.

  46. Interesting high school level compilation of ‘privilege’. The military OR military kid is definitely NOT a privilege. I’m kinda surprised they didn’t say anything about being on time, or able to do math… sigh

  47. The more I think about it, the more “never lost a loved one” enrages me.

    I’ve lost dear friends, beloved family members, cherished teachers, etc. at the rate of roughly one or two per year for a couple of decades now.

    Do they really buy into the “b-but white people don’t ACTUALLY suffer” crap?!?

  48. I only missed three boxes. Ref “comfortable walking outside alone”, well, hell, as heavily armed as I always am (“It I’m wearing pants, I’m wearing a gun”), just like the Texas grandmother in the story about the traffic stop, what am I afraid of” Not a G-D thing!

    I guess that I have super-de-dooper privilege!

  49. If you’re white, you _have_ been profiled – by the vicious leftist racist idiots that created this bingo card, and many others.

  50. So, did your family have any non-Holsteins when you were on the farm? We kept some Brown Swiss and Guernseys, too, to keep the gene pool healthy. And added Shorthorns a few years before dad died. Just curious.

    1. Belay my last.

      “Able Bodied” Not sure I qualify for that one. I’m rated 40% disabled from the VA, primarily due to reduced range of motion in my shoulders and hips.

      I don’t let my discomfort prevent me from doing anything I really want to do so I consider myself “able bodied” but technically I suppose that’s not completely true…so no bingo for me this time.

  51. “Never Been Racially Profiled”

    I’m “white” and applied to college. Since the college admissions experience is all abotu racial profiling, no Privilege point for me, or any Asian

  52. 21/25 and 6 out of 12 possible bingos. I don’t count “feel represented in media” because I don’t notice one way or the other lol.

  53. I’m just wishing someone would explain to the liberal idiots that life is screwed up and we all have our own El Guapo’s (and for some it is the actual El Guapo). Everyone has bad shit happen. That’s the nature of this existence. Guess what, having bad stuff happen doesn’t make you special, it makes you normal.

  54. What can I get for sharing a room with both my brothers?
    Probably won’t matter anyway because three of my four grandparents attended college a hundred or more years ago.
    Wait! Wait! My dad picked cotton. Then again, he got paid the princely sum of 50 cents per hundredweight. This is so confusing.

  55. Got 4 bingos, two of them in a big X. Does that make it better or worse?

    19/25 good I guess. is 76% a passing grade on this test or do we just get a participation trophy for taking the test? Crap did I make it better or worse for taking the test?

    The sarcasm bleeds on this. It’s like the only way to win is not to play the game.

  56. There’s an odd, doublethink dynamic when it comes to the woke and privilege.
    The main driver of what the Woke do is status- the bad kind that demands they be seen and acknowledged as Better Than Others.
    So, all the weepy and like tragic misery stories shared on social media; all the breast beating over Historical Oppression; all the reading of the books- is all about increasing one’s status in order to be Better Than Others.
    When a Wokington yammers on about privilege, the real message is that They Are Better Than You- they’re more aware/ caring/ enlightened/ whatever than you are, and are more able to acknowledge faults… with the unspoken idea that they themselves don’t REALLY have them.
    There’s also an aspect of a sort of passive-agressive White Supremacist humble bragging, a “Look what we did to your helpless people! And you’re still helpless unless we save you!”
    We need to start calling them out on this.

    1. Joe in PNG

      Never fight with idiots. They will wrestle you down to their level and beat you with experience.

      Much safer and more effective to stand 500 meters off and shoot ’em in the head.

  57. Does it count for racially profiled that people assume I’m Asian when my boyfriend describes me? He says petite, wears glasses, and black hair and they assume.

    No Asian blood here. Just a small woman that’s a Western European mutt. Until my generation, all the women on both sides of my family never passed 5’2”. I was “tall person” for my mom and gram from 14 onward. My uncle and dad had to marry 5’9” giant women to get my cousin and half-sister to 5’4”.

    My parents divorcing when I was 5 made me an oddball. No one else had divorced parents until I was a 5th grader. I never wanted to talk to friends or classmates about my family because no one could relate. Even once I did have a child of divorce friend, she didn’t have a father that frightened her, so I still couldn’t share.

    But yeah, on the whole, I grew up privileged and I don’t regret a second. I thank God 80s gas was cheap so I got road trip vacations every summer that took me to 47/50 states and showed me American history in person.

  58. “Military Kid” is likely an artifact of where the bingo card comes from. Fairfax County, in Northern Virginia, is both affluent and has a heavy DoD presence. It’s important inflict guilt on the kids of Pentagon staff and neutralize any sense that those kids’ parents are sacrificing anything.

  59. Grew up in a mill town. Most of the adult men I knew were missing at least one finger. Every time I see one of these things I think about a guy who was literally eaten alive by an auger. He went out to stand on the chip pile because he was a new and he thought it would be cool. Barge came in for a load of chip. Augers turned on. Chip pile became a mountain of quick sand. My uncle Bruce won’t talk about what he found when he had to clean it out but my Dad said it was pretty much a pinky finger and bunch of red pulp. I think he was in his early twenties. But he was white, I guess.

  60. (Sorry if this is a bad time to ask)Dear, Mr. Correia. Im sorry you have to deal with these idiots threatening you and playing victim. But I want to ask some writer advice. I want to write comics as a career, a world similar to yours but people are aware of the paranormal kinda like Hellboy. I was wondering how could I make a Techno-oriental aesthetic like Firefly or Blade Runner. Without idiotic SJW’s doing that weird screeching noise they make.

    1. Not Correia, but the answer to your question is that you can’t, so don’t bother trying to do things in order to appease the boys and girls over at Kotaku and IO9.

      By the same token, however, you also want to tell a good story. So don’t be lazy, don’t populate your story with one-dimensional stereotypes, and actually put some thought into what such a fusion would look like in terms of cultural attitudes, etc.

    2. The ILOH is probably swamped. 🙂 My comics experience is highly limited, but you’d probably be well served sniffing around Ya Boi Zack on YouToob or Declan Finn on Twitter/Amazon/wherever. Finn’s a novelist but seems to have a good line on indie/non-SJW comics.

    3. They are going to screech no matter what.
      So just go and make the best quality product that you can, in a way that you enjoy. Write interesting, fleshed out characters in a world that feels believable and real to the readers.
      There is no satisfying or appeasing SJWs. They exist in a perpetual state of misery and want everybody else to be as miserable as they are.

      1. “…feels believable and real…”
        It is savage fun, like watching a linebacker’s hit, that you go *way* beyond this – that I want some of the things in your work to BE real. Queen of the Elves in a trailer? Nothing is better than a new idea explained gleefully!
        My ILOH is GOLDEN. /fanboy

  61. Congratulations on getting a bingo even with your extensive Woke (TM) qualifications, Larry.

    Me, wretched WASP that I am, I can get a bingo in almost any direction. Still looking for the White Male Privilege check in the mail though, those Privilege accountants are really slow.

  62. The funny thing is that the same Feminazi´s that fought for this now is getting pushed out more and more by… wait for it… wait for it.. MEN in dresses!

    I´ll just state that the SDL(Vox) hasbeen shockingly right about stuff he said in 2012 and I feel very dumb in doubting him.

  63. “Racially profiled.”

    Put face down on a squad car with four guns drawn on me because I “matched a description.” Funny how wypipo get that treatment too.

    1. You know, that happened to me too. Now that you remind me, I was pulled over and run through the database all the time as a young man, due to riding a motorcycle. Not “racial” profiling per-se, but profiling all the same.

      Besides, who can tell what race the rider is under a set of leathers and a full-face helmet?

  64. Agree with the many other military brats commenting here on th e square. 8 grade schools and 4 high schools. 3 countries. Ist language not English because we were stationed in Germany while the Berlin Wall went up and still have my death dog tag to show for it (yes even babies were issued dog tags then, so the corpses could be marked by ramming it between your teeth). Watching my baby brother have night terrors and bite his nails until they bled until Mom realized he was still up while she was watching the news on Vietnam where my Dad was.
    On the other hand you learn to adapt and make the best of everything. I found fellow military brats learned to make friends fast, finding out about others and never judging by skin color or ethnicity. Learning to find the best of things wherever you were rather than wallowing in woe is me. Hey, the school’s entire supply for art is one stack of manila paper and one box of charcoal, but they have a genius minister teaching 9th graders English Literature better than my college prof did (Ft. Rucker, school in Enterprise Alabama).

  65. No bingo for me either.

    The part that cracks me up most is ‘never been racially profiled.’

    I have, a whole bunch of times.

    Where/When you might ask? Oh, about once a week… when I was living in Mexico.

    Not stuff I actually care about now, or even at the time. Some were even funny, like the times when I actually got profiled as being the Mexican of the pair (missionaries, and it was generally either two Mexican dudes or one Mexican and one American) because I was darker skinned than my companion.

    And keep in mind, I’m Irish/Dutch.

    Though the one time some guy tried to kidnap us because he assumed Gringo = money (HA! I never had more than 200 pesos (20 bucks) on me) was a bit less fun.

  66. A person know believe in white privilege. She said that no one has come up with a good argument that white privilege doesn’t exist.

    In a way I would say everyone is privilege one way or another. Now the liberals have taken this word and twisted it to be dehumanizing.

    Unrelated to this post can you write a post on finding and joining writing groups. I been thinking about leaving the current writing group I’m in. The leader of the group is the person I just mention that made the comment about white privilege. Most of the time we get along just fine. She has help with my blog and my own writing.

    Recently she has been saying a lot of absurd woke stuff. I want to leave and find another writer’s group. To part ways peacefully before things get too heated.

  67. Only failed two so no blackout (is that racist?) bingo here. And remember Elon Musk can’t even claim free space … yet!

  68. I know I’m late to the party, but I have an oddball comment. Occasionally, I am amused by a sentence that I read or hear because it’s so unusual that I find myself thinking: “I’ll bet that no one has ever uttered that exact sentence before in the entire history of the English language.” And that was my immediate reaction when I read this:

    “Oh my gosh, and with those testicles, I’ve got BINGO!”

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