The One Year Anniversary of Utter FAilure

Joe Biden has been president for a year, and he has sucked beyond all comprehension. He is quite possibly the worst president ever.

Is this going to be a biased, partisan post? Why yes. Because the democrats elected a corrupt dipshit, who has just gotten more pathetic with age. Biden sucks so bad that he is going to drag your entire political party down, and the mid terms are shaping up to be a bloodbath the likes of which American politics haven’t seen in any of our lifetimes. All that demographic inevitability you’ve been crowing about since Obama? Evaporated.

Democrat congressmen are retiring in droves because they see better polling data than we do, and in the polls the public can see, Biden is the kiss of death. Nobody can deny the stink of failure.

So just own it, and shut the fuck up. Spare us the inane comments about Orange Man Bad. Sure. But Bad Touch Grandpa Worse.

Way fucking worse.

Biden has accomplished exactly one thing. And that’s demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt to all reasonable, thinking Americans that democrats are total shit at governing. They talk a big game, but it’s all just platitudes, wishful thinking, and magic unicorns farting free shit. Their claimed philosophy is childlike and disintegrates when it touches reality, exposing their actual philosophy, which is draconian control freaks who are compelled to meddle in everything. And the less they understand something, the more they feel the need to fuck with it.

Even with big tech and the media doing everything in their power to cover for Biden’s multitude of failures, it’s so bad that the most technologically advanced propaganda engine in human history simply can’t keep up.

Okay, actually to be fair, Biden has accomplished two things. He’s been so shitty that he’s also forced the media to shoot their wad, and destroy the tiny bit of credibility they had left with the most gullible Americans. Everybody else wrote the media off previously, but even the low information mushy moderates know they’re getting lied to when the media says things are great, but they go to their empty stores to pay outrageous prices for basic essentials.

Remember before the election when people like me were getting “fact checked” and kicked off of social media for talking about The Big Guy’s many scandals, and his crack head son doing some mind bogglingly corrupt and evil shit? Yet now it is admitted that all that stuff did actually happen. Oh media, I sure hope covering for these shitheads was worth burning the last of your credibility, to the point that Joe Rogan is now eating your fucking lunch.

Biden was garbage from the get go. Most of us knew it, but half of America was happy to have No More Mean Tweets. Then day one Biden (or whoever it is who tells that skin sack of dementia and incontinency meds what to do) went about doing stupid shit to destroy the economy. He fucked up businesses and he fucked up on Covid. He fucked up energy and he fucked up diplomacy.

His cabinet was made up of malignant idiots, so vapid and useless that even while crisis unfolded under their direct responsibility they could take months off for maternity leave, and nobody noticed they were gone.

Since Biden didn’t actually campaign, many voters didn’t get to see just how badly Joe Biden’s brain had turned to mush. But as president he has to talk–though they try to avoid that as much as possible–and suddenly the low information types got to see that the guy they elected can’t even fucking talk in complete sentences anymore, he just rambles incoherently about random bullshit nobody understands. (and when he does put enough nouns and verbs together that you can tell what he’s going off about, usually the story turns out to be imaginary)

And the media is all “he has a stutter.” Uh huh. The fuck he does.

Then shit went really sideways with the fall of Afghanistan. They fucked up everything. If something could be done wrong, they did it. They did it ass backwards. So immediately the media and democrats with no shame tried to gas light America that this was our fault for wanting to leave… Not that they left wrong.

Hey, if we’re leaving, how about we get our civilians and friends out first, then the military, then shut down our giant secure airbase last? Nope. Let’s do that in reverse, from an unprotected airport, and give the Taliban the names of all our friends we are leaving behind so that they can murder them with all the sweet new weapons we left for them. Yep. That was clearly America’s fault.

Because Joe Biden never fails. We can only fail Joe Biden.

The White House fucks up everything it touches. They have no wins. Only losses. With one of the narrowest majorities in American history, they tried to cram through one of the biggest, stupidest, pork bills ever. This was just a big stupid Reward Our Friends pay off. Money printer goes BRRRRRR.

Don’t worry. I’m sure there are no possible downsides to this.

The year goes on. Regular people are getting pissed. The middle is realizing they got snowed. This bullshit is not what they voted for. How does the media try to placate them? I know. Let’s talk about January 6th, Every. Single. Day. Forever.

Because January 6th was worse that Pearl Harbor and the Holocaust combined times a thousand. January 6th was an attempted coup, where the most heavily armed demographic on Earth didn’t bother to bring any firearms. And the only person who got shot was an unarmed woman who got killed by the kind of super cop who leaves his Glock in the toilet. The republic was almost overthrown by a guy in a buffalo hat.

Gee whiz. I can’t imagine why this narrative didn’t stick… to a populace who watched democrats loot and burn shit for a year across most of the major cities of America. That was the Great National Democrat Temper Tantrum, where destroying the place you live is fine and good, but inconveniencing the place they work is literally the worst thing to ever happen. So we’re gonna defund your police force so that your city can descend into Mad Max Robocop, while we put 30,000 soldiers and razor wire around where congress works.

That went over super well, obviously. Because regular Americans like being constantly reminded that they are garbage and they are meaningless, but our elite liberal betters are important and better than us. By the way, plebe, wear your mask all day and get your mandatory shots or you’ll get fired, while your elite liberal betters go to dance clubs and dinner parties.

Yep. I can’t possibly fathom why this ain’t resonating with the people.

So desperate, the dems keep bringing up Trump, Trump, Trump. It worked before. Except Trump is fading into the sunset, and Americans are more worried about stuff like being broke, jobless, and potentially getting arrested by the FBI because they complained at a school board meeting, than what the other guy did last year. (and in fact, when they think about the other guy now, they think, hmmm… he wasn’t so bad after all)

And holy shit, on that note, you big dumb dummies… You couldn’t resist sending in the Feds because parents were mad that their kids were getting raped in school and it was getting covered up? Do they not teach “optics” at your Ivy League Clown College? You think they’d make time for that between struggle sessions and social justice class.

It just got worse from there, because as Biden’s popularity (and his ability to accomplish anything) plummeted, and places that were supposed to be safely blue like Virginia flipped red, and places that are super dark blue like New Jersey nearly flipped (and the republicans didn’t even spend money there, because they surely thought, why bother?) and democrats realized they were no longer safe in places that were historically D+12… Oh, THEN ELECTIONS ARE QUESTIONABLE!

Wait a second. Wasn’t people noting that our elections are questionable literally the worst thing ever, and an assault on democracy last year? Yes. But this is different. We need to make elections even MOAR questionable. Sure, something like 80% of Americans across all races and demographics like voter ID, but Democrats losing is Jim Crow 2.0, and if you don’t want the unaccountable feds to control all elections for eternity to ensure eternal democrat victories, you must be racist.

And since the democrats have a tiny majority in congress, and a tie in the senate, obviously the solution to shove through this super unpopular idea requires destroying the basic fundamental rules our government runs on! And when the democrats who aren’t totally batshit insane go, hey, wait a second, we probably shouldn’t do something that extreme… fuck them, they are literally Hitler too!

On Tuesday the filibuster is the most racist thing to ever racist! On Wednesday however, the democrats used the filibuster to make it easier for Vladimir Putin to invade the Ukraine… Wait a second… wasn’t Trump the one who was soft on Russia, and Biden the elder statesman who… never mind.

There’s no way to hide the hypocrisy. They just do whatever they want and hope that you are stupid enough to believe whatever their pet news megacorps tell you about it.

I can’t list all the things the Biden administration has managed to fuck up in the last year. There’s just too many. And that’s with the media scrambling to protect him. Just imagine all the stuff we don’t hear about.

I don’t like to make predictions, but unless something changes dramatically in the next few months, I expect the republicans to crush it in congress in the mid terms, purely off of how much people are seeing that democrats are shit. I don’t expect them to be good either (you can never go wrong expecting republicans to choke in a cowardly fashion and let you down), however they aren’t the ones currently trying to turn America into a 3rd world country, so I’ll take it.

Happy Anniversary.

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141 thoughts on “The One Year Anniversary of Utter FAilure”

  1. I am concerned about 2024. It is coming up faster than we can even imagine. First I believe there will be four years of covid and related illnesses. School will be opened and closed on an irregular basis, enough to cause both educational deficits and emotions problems for our kids. Colleges become the new high schools, but you pay for it.

    No clear candidate from either republican or democrats and each side will yell that there is voter fraud. No clear winner. Also no faith from voters. Same party just different name.

    A media that can not entertain reality. A deep disconnect from the public.

    Maybe a couple of Russian. China, and North Korea takeovers with no help from the USA. But given our record who would want to be our allies, or even think we care about their sovereignty?

    My cohort talk about satan behind the curtain and if I accept Jesus into my heart I will be okay. They say I will enter the kingdom, but given the current situation is the kingdom going to be any better than life here?

    Am I worried about nothing? Food shortages, gas prices, realized I worked my life so that I can pay for health care? So, sincerely, does anyone have a more positive, hopeful scenario going forward?

    1. Here’s my best case positive scenario.
      The democrats are demonstrating to the masses that they absolutely suck.
      They lose huge. I’m talking biggest loss in a century. A generational loss.
      This breaks that whole absurd demographic racist box that democrats need to keep people in to win.
      Republicans, though lame, aren’t actively evil.
      Next president is republican. (the nominee will either be Trump–if he wants it is his–or Desantis)
      Democrats get their ass kicked at every level, and if they want to be competitive ever again will have to abandon wokeness.
      SJWs go the way of the hippies. A once potent social movement that is forever after a joke.
      America thrives.

      Will this happen? Eh… Fingers crossed. 🙂

          1. We got Brexit and that was all we wanted him for. I suspect he won’t be leader at the next general election; the issue now is: will his replacement be worse?

      1. Agreed, straight down the line. And either way we go it’s still going to be an extremely rough go for all of us during the next 3 years while Biden (or rather the shadow president, Obama) channels Woodrow Wilson for that time. This insanity is not just screwing the economy. It’s reaching down into the streets and killing innocents. Two nights ago, a 16 year old hispanic girl was out walking her dog and was shot TWENTY TWO TIMES in the back by her “boyfriend”…Then was let out ON BAIL so quickly he was home before her body was even cold….this is the result of allowing leftist judges such as infest the courts in Houston, TX….This is the thinking that we’ll be suffering through for the next 3 years (or until a few lamp posts are decorated).

      2. From your mouth to God’s ear. I say that even though I’m largely agnostic. At this point, I figure I’m willing to root for a divine miracle to rescue the nation and world from this immense and ever-expanding wave of awfulness.

      3. Could Mike Pence win either the nomination or the White House? And would it be a good thing if he won the White House? (Better than Biden, yes, but that’s a low bar. I’m asking if it’s a good thing overall.)

        1. The answers to your questions, in order,, are no, yes, and yes.

          Pence doesn’t tweet all over the place and is more interested in substantive policy wins than “owning the libs.” This means he is not angry enough for the median GOP primary voter.

          Pence looks and acts “presidential” and can form coherent paragraphs. Given the current state of affairs, this would be enough to turn the squishy middle towards the GOP, because the alternative is Biden/Harris.

          He also actually has executive experience, by most accounts isn’t hard to work for, and while he is an establishment Republican he’s not a full swamp creature.

          1. Pence is a fucking traitor who didn’t have the balls to call bullshit on an election fraught with obvious malfeasance. His national electability is basically null.

          2. Some might call Mike Pence a traitor. I do not. The fact that he had the courage to stick to the letter of the law while nearly the entire GOP was screaming for him to set the election aside speaks more to his character and willingness to follow the Constitution than it does of his being a RINO (Republican In Name Only), or a DIRC (Democrat In Republican Clothing.)

            Statistically there was evidence of massive fraud. Except statistics aren’t enough to file charges in court; and the state DAs, Legislatures, Governors, and Courts in those critical states were not going to let enough evidence show to file substantial charges. Look at how long it’s taken to get enough to show a legal difference in Georgia. Look at how long it’s taken any audit to dig out a sample size, much less the entire election population. Look at how long it’s taken Project Veritas to get anything?

            Now we are running into the mid-terms and has anything been done to FIX the fraudability of our various state elections? Hell no. We barely have enough to keep the federal Democrats from completely destroying our elections with their misnamed voter bill.

          3. Pence…has not a chance. He is SATAN and promotes conversion therapy. He’s a terrifying religionist and will put all the women in America in burkas and force them to have babies.

            Have. You. Not. Been. Paying. Attention?

            I mean, you thought Trump was bad? Wait until Democrats tell you about Pence! Trump was awful but not really a threat compared to someone like Pence who is pure homophobic terror and evil!

            Did you think that because he was briefly a “hero” that anything really changed?

          4. @Synova: And none of the charges will stick, because the alternative will be Biden/Harris.

          5. It won’t stick to Pence because he won’t win.

            It didn’t stick to McCain.

            It didn’t stick to Romney.

            They both lost as they were supposed to do, graciously. They played their part. Pence will too.

        2. Governor Pence would be an enormous improvement over the current idiotic, anti-American junta members, But, why not go for the real deal? DeSantis knows how to govern PLUS he pisses off all the proper scumbags. In short, he fights! The USA needs a fighter right now! Trump is a fighter so is DeSantis. My heart shouts “Trump!” But my mind says “gettin a bit long in the tooth…”. Let the old warhorse play kingmaker behind the scenes and take flak from the media. Bring in the extremely successful governor of Florida to be our next President

          1. My biggest problem with Trump 2.0 is that he has already demonstrated that he is lazy and has no interest in governing. He made no effort to get the R controlled House and Senate to pass his agenda, but instead sat around tweeting about how horrible they were. We don’t have a God King and so it takes work and he wasn’t willing to do it. Also pretty sure that the voters that left R because “mean tweets” might just stay home, no matter how bad the left is.

          2. I think Heresolong is right. Trump’s biggest failure was to get any of his executive order reforms into legislation. That’s why they were so easily tossed aside so quickly after Biden took office.

          3. Your comments about Trump echo my thoughts. I think he can do a yuge amount of good working as kingmaker. Despite the fact that he did a great job overall in the White House, he’s got so much baggage now (plenty of it not of his making, but that doesn’t matter) that it would hinder him even more than it did when he was #45.

            DeSantis is an absolute unit, and our Youngkin here in Virginia is already shaping up to be a real tiger. Of course, we need him, too, and I have no idea if he has aspirations. I really feel like a candidate for the White House needs to show significant executive experience, and the best bet is almost always a state governor, one who has at least a whole term under his belt, with a good record. (Although a super-successful business man with a bad haircut turned out surprisingly well).

            Also, this piece was an excellent criticism of our Pants-Pooper-In-Chief. Keep up the good work, Mr. Correia.

          4. I’d like to see a ticket of Trump and DeSantis (so we’ve got a really good one in the unlikely case of Trump failing to finish out his term), followed by a ticket of DeSantis (now primed at the national level by the Presidential coattail effect) and… Jim Jordan, or someone of similarly blazing balls who absolutely won’t bow to a 50-50 Senate, come to that again.

            That way we’d have 12 years to recover from this mess, and we already know from prior experience that Trump can turn things around faster than anyone else.

      4. I think the Dems share your outlook on how things will play out. That explains why they’re so desperate to pass their Make Voting Irrelevant Act.

        1. I think that it is starting to click that the Inevitable Forever Demographic Democratic Majority isn’t going to happen.
          The 2020 Fraudfest was an all-in, last second, Hail Mary attempt to grab what power they could before things went against them.
          And they blew it, because they aren’t All-Knowing, Machiavellian Plotting Chessmaster following their foolproof Evil Plan.
          They’re just puny humans, and not very bright for the most part.

          1. I suspect they’re going to lose the vote big-time — but win the count in a landslide.

          2. I have very strong doubts that they’ll get away with the Massive Fraud a second time.
            First, because a lot of Red State types are looking for it, expecting it, and have even passed reforms- see Virginia for an example.
            Second, it’s not the Privileged Woke Nomenklatura, in the gated & patrolled communities and the special Inner Party Stocked stores, who will be the ones actually printing and counting the ballots. There’s a lot of Dem rank and file who thought getting rid of Orangemanbad would make life better, and it absolutely has not. Their kids aren’t in the Exclusive Schools. They’re seeing empty shelves, increased crime on their streets, less money in their pockets, less gas in their cars, and a hella lot of trouble around the world.
            A lot of them aren’t going to be in a big hurry to gin up a Midnight Trunk’O Ballots, and will probably smack anyone who tries it.

          3. Virginia has shown the way forward.
            My understanding is that they had every possible thing that could be watched, being watched. Then they had teams of lawyers ready to go and a hotline for those watchers to call the lawyers the second they saw anything weird.

    2. Yes.

      The key issue here is that the opposition decision making is morons who have utter faith in very simple reduced order models, and are completely certain that they can game complex situations, and not have unexpected results show up. They were unwise to get themselves into the current position, and their history shows behavioral tendencies to escalating fuck ups.

      The more that you believe in the same simplicity that they do, the more that they will be effective in manipulating you with mind games. Additionally, making you depressed, apathetic, or despairing is a path to victory for them. There is a very good chance that a lack of optimism on your part results from a deliberate mind game on their part. They have their fingers on a /lot/ of information.

      Among the many things that they are breaking are the various things they gamed to get into power in the first place.

      They need people to believe certain things for them to have any power, they don’t have the force structure for ruling by pure intimidation.

      What ever results may not be wonderful, but they will be out of power.

  2. I see that the Puppet Administration is making the one-year anniversary with a video narrated by Tom Hanks. I mean, they can’t very well let President Brandon speak for himself. When that happens, he does things like give permission to the Russians to invade their neighbors.

    1. “Hello! I’m Tom Hanks. The US Government lost its credibility, so its borrowing some of mine.”
      “Tousle my hair, Mr. Hanks.”
      “Sure thing, kid.”

    1. It’s going to be harder to do that with Congressional elections. Maybe in the Senate, but not the House.

      Besides, everyone should volunteer to poll watch. You generally don’t have to be a member of a political party and it ensures that the elections are about as fair as you can make them.

      1. Oh really? You do realize that for openers you will have no Republicans in Congress from CA, because they actually implemented there what they couldn’t nationally.

        And as for poll watchers? We saw what happened with those in 2020: Kicked out, made to stand across the room, etc. Sure, it was against the law, but our gutless courts, all the way to SCOTUS, refused to touch it. And unless your “poll watchers” are backed with a QRF, they will do the same again.

        See, Democrats have a secret weapon: They don’t obey the law, and then dare us to do something outside it.

        “The arbitrary new rules did not go through the correct process and enabled all sorts of irregularities, but they produced a few hundred votes more than the margin by which Biden was declared the winner in that state. The judge’s ruling that these votes had been cast illegally is a nice vindication, but it comes too late to undo the damage. The Democrats got what they wanted because they went ahead and did it anyway.

        1. That’s why the next time they ask the poll watchers to leave the poll watchers have to draw on then and shoot the treasonous fuckers….

          1. Not quite. Wait for them to try to enforce their eviction. THEN you can draw. And have 911 on speed dial to get the complaint to the cops before they can. And be able to specifically cite the law the election clerks and Supervisors of the Checklist are breaking.

      2. It happened with the Senate in Montana, when Jon Tester was re-elected. Somehow the two most techie counties in the state had zero votes reported until the whole rest of the state was counted, then magically coughed up a net 14,000 votes for Tester (the number needed for an uncontestable win, due to some confusion with a withdrawn candidate). Watched that happen in realtime, right around midnight. Poll watching clearly made no difference.

        The fact is ballots need to be counted in the precinct where they were cast, never moved before being tallied (every transport is opportunity to swap or delete or inject), and yes, under the suspicious eye of hostile poll watchers, and that tally needs to be kept secret (with severe penalties for leaks, that come down on the entire committee) until after all stations are counted and buttoned up, so there is no “We need this many votes to turn the election” after the fact.

        But more important, we need to verify one warm body, one vote, which means cheat-by-mail needs to die in a fire.

    2. Worse, they’ll use the Super-Omega Variant as an excuse to postpone the elections until the country is 100% COVID free . . .

    3. Think of 2020 as someone bribing the stage manager to get a shot to perform in front of Simone Cowell & other judges.
      But, like this admin, it turns into an unfunny version of the Aristocrats joke, full of cringe and awkward, and ends with a senile old creep having an attack of explosive diarrhea while berating the judges and the audience.
      Do you think that stage manager is going to accept a second bribe?

  3. Now there’s a new title for the FICUS — Touchy Sniffy Grandpa.

    I think the Democrats will ramp up election fraud to levels even more insane than 2020 and claim they won. In the ‘chess game with a pigeon’ sense of ‘won’. ’Spontaneous grass-roots protests’ with the usual looting and arson break out in dozens of cities. Election officials threatened if they try to expose the fraud (“Your children go to Chavez Elementary School, don’t they?”)

    If they get desperate enough, another attempt at an ‘insurrection’ Reichstag Fire. Martial law? Who knows how crazy they’ll get at seeing their Absolute Power slip away?
    My grandpa voted Republican until the day he died — but he’s been voting Democrat ever since.

    1. There’s another tactic the fascist left might take for 2024. Run the same fraud campaign they did this last time and then try to claim the winner (either Trump or DeSantis) cheated and defrauded the process, then keep the election in the courts for months…preventing the votes from being accepted by Congress. And even if the Supreme court has to decide the validity of the count, the leftists will begin a campaign of rioting and destruction that spring and summer that will make Portland look like a happy summer camp.
      After all, the Supreme court is now controlled by EVIL EXTREMIST NAZI CONSERVATIVES!

    2. Rule One of Tyrants is that they have to be perceived as tough, competent, and effective to remain as tyrants. Incompetent tyrants get run out of town or worse.
      Bad Touch Grandpa and his Whiny Band of Incompetents aren’t being perceived as any of those.

  4. I’m skeptical of voting our way out of this.

    When it comes to any proposal of ‘this is the policy that will surely work’, I am skeptical. Obvious question from that: Am I a black pill, who believes that all strategies are doomed to failure and loss?

    No. That requires certainty in the future. Once the forecasting got so weird and unreliable, I got to wrestle a lot with my habit of trying to do everything according to theoretical model.

    We have a lot of possibility for winning this, perhaps even pleasantly, but most of the good options involve people figuring out stuff that a single person can’t foresee.

    1. As someone once pointed it, it’s disingenuous to think you can vote yourself out of what you voted yourself into.

      We almost managed it with Trump 2016, but not enough all at once. We need clear majority wins across the board, followed by purging of election rolls and a complete start-over with one-verified-citizen, one-verified-vote. We also need to stop importing every lowlife the Dems can find, and giving them the power to vote, because…

      “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
      — John Adams

  5. The best thing that Biden did which nobody called him on? He raised the price of EpiPens first day in office then had the balls to say that Sen. Manchin was keeping those prices high by blocking his Infrastructure bill.

    You really have to admire how incredibly arrogant these morons are.

  6. A-frikkin-men.

    Holy crap. “Amen” was too short. Then “A-frikkin-men” was too short. Hopefully this edit meets the minimum character requirements?

  7. FTA: “It just got worse from there, because as Biden’s popularity (and his ability to accomplish anything) plummeted, and places that were supposed to be safely blue like Virginia flipped red, and places that are super dark blue like New Jersey nearly flipped (and the republicans didn’t even spend money there, because they surely thought, why bother?) and democrats realized they were no longer safe in places that were historically D+12… Oh, THEN ELECTIONS ARE QUESTIONABLE! ”

    And the beat goes on…

    (TL;DR version: “If dems don’t win in 2022 it’s a sign of an illegitimate election.”)

    1. Yeah, all the hyperventilating by the superannuated children LARPing the real civil rights movement is just prepping the media and mental battlespace for November. When, the minute things look like the Republican hopes of retaking the House and Senate may be realized, massive shrieks of “election fraud” will echo through the web, the airwaves and the very air itself.

      1. And regular people won’t really care, because those same people have been shrieking at the same level and intensity about gun violence, racism, the environment, and a billion other causes.

      2. No, they’re going to get a jump on things.

        This summer they will march through the suburbs burning houses down “for justice” and as the voters get really posed they’lol start arresting them for being “white supremicists”.

        This of course will make them lose worse. But their strategy this summer will be “directly threaten the voters lives.”

        1. Love to see anyone try to burn my house down. Nice, 30 yard sightlines on all sides. And enough ammo to take out half the town. (Assuming I don’t miss too much.)

          1. Pretty much the same here. Coupled with enough guns and hands to pass them to me that I don’t even have to worry about reloading for at least the first 5-10 minutes, depending on how fast I’m having to shoot! And then enough mags to not have to break out the bullets for possibly the entire engagement… Shop Smart, Shop S Mart

        2. Threatening judges and juries works, why wouldn’t threatening voters also work?? after all, it worked for the 2020 election!

          Yeah, that IS about how they think.

          Trouble is, the places that would work outnumber the rest of us.

  8. I know you don’t get paid for these, Larry, but I would just like to say how much I enjoy your commentary and miss the regularity of it. Thank you for taking the time to post it.

  9. When does everyone think Willie Brown’s toy is going to have Didius Julianus whacked? Most popular bets seem to be exactly one year from now for 25th Amendment purposes, but at this point I’d be very surprised if he lasts that long.

      1. That speaks more to her competence, or lack thereof, than to his survival skills.

        They were definitely prepping to have her slide in and take over, but the minute she got anywhere near power, she bleeped the bed so hard it broke the frame.

        As far as I can tell, her only vaguely competent political maneuver was to dump the border issue so hard it bounced when they tried to stick her with that dumpster fire, and even there, I suspect that was by accident, rather than intent.

        I suspect the Democrats only likely win condition here is for her to be forced out, replaced by a somewhat competent middle of the road ‘compromise’ Democrat who then replaces Biden. At least then they wouldn’t have the raging foxtrot storm as their flag bearer and could get some use out of their total media top-cover.

        As it stands, Biden’s heading towards disapproval ratings where impeachment is actually conceivable, and she’s all they’ve got waiting in the wings.

        Of course, this all supposes the peaceful transfer of power thing is maintained. All bets are off if that goes out the window.

        1. Plus I don’t think Jill Biden wants to be forced out of the White House. She might be tempted to have him stuffed and wheeled around to avoid that!

          1. Rumor is, it was Jill’s idea to stick the VP with the border crisis…

            The fascinating thing is, this time, they really can both lose.

          2. Jill has been signing his EOs for a while now. There are some good signature comparisons out there, and from that, zero question in my mind.

    1. Personally, I think they may be scrambling for a Harris replacement before they lose Joe (as if he’s not lost enough already these days). KH has turned out to be a disaster internally, maybe worse than they figured they could control. So now the plan to retire Joe has been delayed until they have conversations to figure out what to do in the back rooms. I don’t see how they can be comfortable at all with the notion that she — or Nancy Lugosi — have a shot at running the country. Could panic be setting in as the rats jump ship and retire in job lots?

      1. Remember that whoever replaces Kneepads will have to be approved by both the House and Senate, which could be interesting next year.

        1. This is where we see the Nemesis that the Democrats set in motion back in 2008.
          The deal was that in exchange for Hillary not running in 2012, they would ensure that she’d get 2016 unopposed. Which meant that any potential young upstarts like Obama wouldn’t be allowed to spring up.
          2016 came, and even the machine couldn’t put her over. So, when 2020 rolled around, they had pretty much a bunch of nothing on the bench. You had Screechy Fake Indian, older Meghan Markle, unfunny Mr. Bean, Brezhnev, Obnoxious Rich Guy, and some wannabe Sk8ter Boi. None of whom were plausible enough for even fraud to work, so they had to dust off Creepy Uncle Badtouch, with older Meghan Markle for a bit of variety.
          And it’s not working. At this point, there’s two problems:
          -they don’t have anyone capable of taking over this train wreck
          -they don’t have anyone who wants to take over this train wreck

          1. Hillary seems to still be crazy enough to want in.

            Pelosi seems to have pulled off a lot of nonsense, and may possibly think there is a still a path to greater power for herself.

            And Herr Doctor Edith has had enough infighting to screw over Harris, and prevent a Harris takeover.

            Okay, none of these are necessarily effective enough to pull the rest off.

          2. Hillary’s just an older, uglier, less pleasant version of Kamela, without the Veep’s Slick Willie skills.

            Nancy’s just female Biden with bad plastic surgery. She’s capable of some pretty epic meaningless rambles herself.
            So, neither are really a solution to the problem.

          3. They HAD one…Tulsi Gabbard…aside from her 2A stance, and her Somewhat socialist leaning Fiscal sense, She could have saved them a LOT of Grief, but she wouldn’t play their game, so she was Shunned, She’s a PERFECT textbook example of them eating their Own, She Ticks off EVERY box in Diversity Bingo other than Lesbians/Trans, and Black.

        2. I’ve yet to see a plausible way of getting Harris out of the VP office. She’s one heartbeat from being the “first female” POTUS.
          Anyone really think she’ll give that up to be on the VP list with an asterisk next to her name?

          1. Luckily she can’t accurately claim to be the first woman to exercise presidential power in the US since Edith Wilson existed. Too bad accuracy never stopped the Dems.

          2. Pantex has manufactured the solution to that problem. Somebody just has to deliver it.

      2. I was told, (Anecdotal only, no independent confirmation), that at Least once when the Shit was hitting the fan, god only knows WHICH particular Instance, Harris was heard Screaming “Fuck You, You assholes aren’t pinning THIS on me too!!!” I think we’ll see her eased out, she appears to be even less controllable than President Mumbles.

    2. I don’t think she’ll be around that long either. I’ve noticed that pretty much everyone who has spent any time around her comes to utterly despise her. Which is why her staff appears to take joy in letting her humiliate herself during public appearances.

    3. I’m gonna go contrarian on this and say joe biden finishes his term. I know it sounds like a long shot but hear me out.

      Joe biden is a puppet. Who pulls his strings? Lots of opinions on that but top contenders are Obama, Pelosi, and Clinton.

      So WHY would they replace their docile and obedient sock puppet with KAMALA HARRIS the total F#$@Up?

      None of the people who are likely running biden like a ventriloquist dummy LIKE kamala harris. They all hate her guts so why put her in charge which takes away YOUR power to run the president like a puppet?

      I think the ORIGINAL plan was to 25th amendment biden and put harris in his place, but my opinion is that this plan got scrapped when everyone realized how much they hate harris and how much they LIKE having an obedient puppet in the white house.

      So I’m calling it now. Unless he actually dies, biden will stay in office till the next election.

      1. Obama didn’t pull his own strings (we’ve already had President Hillary), which is why I don’t believe he pulls any strings now. Talks a good line, but no real power.

  10. The thing that concerns me is the system collapse we are seeing as a result of their ineptocracy… And this is only going to get worse with the latest trucker’s mandates at the border. Food, spare parts, and ??? will exacerbate the existing shortages.

  11. The Biden Admin is like the act from the old Aristocrats joke, but with more cringe because you are actually having to watch it unfold in real time… and it is actually making your life worse every day.

    It’s awful enough that I don’t think the various minions who cheated them into office are going to be too quick to cheat again. After all, fake ballots don’t just suddenly appear at midnight in the trunks of cars- actual people have to spend time and effort to make them, usually hoping they’ll have a real, physical, and immediate benefit, not just ideology.

    1. I was about to say, “someone should tell them that’s not what aristocrats do,” but then I realized, no, wait, that is exactly what they do…

      1. The people filling out the fake ballots have to shop too. They have to live in the crime plagued neighborhoods, send their kids to the increasingly failing schools, and so on.
        Remember that it’s not the Dem Nomenklatura who does the actual dirty work of ballot fraud, but the lower levels- people who are getting hit hard by the Dem incompetence. They are more than capable of willingly not going through with fraud. The recent elections in Virginia for instance- or the lack of fraud in 2016.
        The Dem fraud machine is nothing new- it’s been there since the days of Boss Tweed. But they sometimes decide not to go into action. When it was time to put Hillary into office for instance, a lot of states decided they didn’t like how they were being treated, and just never got around to it. Now, some have said it’s because they got poll overconfident- but as you said, they’re more than capable of churning out the Midnight Trunk’O Ballots in a short amount of time.

          1. I base my statement on the fact that Hillary did not become President in 2016.
            In fact, she lost a lot of ‘safe’ blue states like Michigan and Minnesota.
            Now, vote fraud is nothing new in a lot of those states- it was the Midnight Trunk’O Ballots that put the world’s least funny man into the Senate a few years back.
            So why not Hillary? I’ve heard that it was overconfidence in the polls, but really don’t believe that. As a previous poster noted, they can gin up a trunk full of ballots in a few short hours, and throw a district toot sweet. And please don’t try to say that Hillary’s people were too honest to give the order.
            My theory is that there are candidates that are too repulsive even for the party machines, and the machine won’t work for them. Hillary was one, and I suspect that the eventual 2024 Dem nom will be as well.

          2. I wouldn’t call ‘failure to crank it up to 11’ the same as ‘lack of fraud’. The fraud was there, it just wasn’t enough. In 2020 they DID crank it up to 11, blatantly.
            Elections are far too important to be left up to a bunch of uncontrolled voters. The Party MUST exercise oversight and management to prevent mere voters from electing the wrong candidates!

  12. As I see it there are two main power cabals in Western society screwing up things now. The
    new world order elites and the Marxists.
    They are different but there is some overlap in goals,they both want total unquestioned power,and tactics; divide, mislead, distort and
    isolate. Our problem is we are stuck reacting
    to their power plays. Their problem is that they are all ratfinks and will stab each other in
    the back when it’s advantageous. Look at Boris in England ending the Covid charades.
    Biden is a pawn, a dirt bag, but still a pawn.
    Since “we the people” cannot seem to get organized effectively, our best hope is that they fall out and eat each other.
    And to the degree that people can stand their
    ground for their rights, no jabs, no CRT, no woke bs, it does slow the elites down so that
    they squabble and backstab each other.
    They work in the shadows and it’s hard for us
    to accurately predict their future moves.
    Keep the faith, hold to the truth, and when you can, enlighten others.

  13. The “Recent Comments” tab in the sidebar calls this post ” The One Year Anniversary of Utter FAilure”, with the second letter of “Failure” capitalized. Don’t know if this is important or not (maybe it’s on a par with Ikea being “Sweadish”).

  14. “Joe Biden has been president for a year, and he has sucked beyond all comprehension. He is quite possibly the worst president ever.”

    Not yet. James Buchanan was the worst. Six weeks after he left office, the Civil War started. His Secretary of War, John Floyd, transferred over 100,000 rifle-muskets from northern to southern arsenals and tried to move heavy artillery to Texas and Mississippi but failed when he was forced from office by a series of financial scandals. With war looming, he ordered Union Army forces deployed in small detachments so they could be easily defeated. When Virginia seceded, Floyd took a commission as a brigadier general in the Confederate Army. Thankfully, he was as incompetent in that capacity as he had been as Secretary of the Army.

        1. Jimmuh’s problem was learning his Management and leadership skills from Arguably the most Narcissistic, Arrogant Micromanaging ASSHOLE that has ever worn the Uniform of any US military service. Rickover made Curtis LeMay Look laid back. I mean you had the POTUS worrying about the Schedule for the fucking Tennis Courts..personally. EVERY Major Fuckup under his watch was because he REFUSED to allow the Actual Experts to do their Jobs…..Eagle Claw being a glaring example.

          1. In fairness to Rickover, he was working with nuclear reactors on submarines, an environment where a zero-mistakes mentality needs to be encouraged and procedure needs to be followed.

            Unfortunately, that style really doesn’t work elsewhere.

    1. By 1856 I don’t think any president could have prevented the Civil War. If a Democrat had been elected in 1860, war might have been postponed a few years, but when Lincoln won, the fuse was lit.

      By the 1850’s the South’s slave economy was facing its doom from industrialization, demographics and apportionment. Not only did slave states tend to have lower populations (and a portion of those populations did not contribute to the state’s representation in Congress) but cotton farming with slave labor did not support large economies. The North was richer, more productive and with faster-growing population. The South was getting left behind.

      Then Abraham Lincoln won the election. The Southern Democrats saw the end coming sooner rather than later if they remained part of the United States, so they seceded. All else followed.
      Today, every child in America is born $89,000 in debt.

      1. Buchanan couldn’t have stopped the divide which ended in civil war, but he could have managed the inevitable split better. Today, every child in the US is born with an assett value of over a $million

        1. Ah, but Buchanan was a Democrat. He tried to manage the inevitable split better for the South.

          Actually, he was the first Democrat president. The pro-slavery Democrat party formed after the 1852 election, as a reaction to the abolitionists splitting off and forming the Republican party.

      2. Minor nitpick: slaves did contribute to the southern states’ representation in Congress; that’s what the 3/5 compromise was about. The southern states wanted their slaves counted as people for the purposes of apportioning representatives (while not letting them vote, of course), and the northern states thought that this was bonkers. The resultant wrangling spawned this gloriously euphemistic line: “Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons”–i.e. slaves.

        IOTW, the part of the Constitution that wokies go on about being evidence that it’s a white supremacist document because it “counts black people as only 3/5 of a person” actually had the effect of penalizing states that had large numbers of slaves and actually engaged in white supremacist practices.

        They should know this, but then again I’ve never met a wokie who remembered history class.

        1. That’s why I said ‘a portion’ instead of getting into the 3/5 issue. Or the ‘one slave state for every free state’ deal. Which wasn’t saving the South because the North gained more from each free state than the South did from a slave state.

          Nor do the wokies understand that it was the anti-slavery North that was the historical anomaly. The notion that there might be something wrong about slavery had only started to take hold in the world about a hundred years earlier. Up until then, slavery had been universal and unquestioned for about 300,000 years, since before we were even human.

      3. Imaginos1892
        “By 1856 I don’t think any president could have prevented the Civil War.”

        I think your argument is valid, but Buchanan did nothing to slow the slide to war. His SecWar did a lot to prolong the inevitable conflict. Sumter was the precipitating act, but there were other incidents before Sumter — seizures of Union arsenals and a revenue cutter and secession of the Confederate states — that occurred during the last days of Buchanan’s administration. Buchanan did nothing about them.

        “[C]otton farming with slave labor did not support large economies.”

        This is the heart of the problem with slavery. Slavery hinders progress. Instead of looking for innovative solutions to cotton farming, the plantation owners solution was more slaves. Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin, was a Yankee. He invented the cotton gin while on a visit to a southern plantation.
        Harvesting cotton by hand continued in the US well into the 20th century.
        Slavery and the outbreak of the Civil War are both larger topics than can be argued in Larry’s comments section. I see and respect your argument, but I stand by my opinion: James Buchanan was the worst president in American history.

        1. I used to agree, but I’ve had second thoughts recently. Enslaving the current Administrative State and their supporters in academia and industry and forcing them to pick crops might get the economy moving and the education system fixed.

        2. “I stand by my opinion: James Buchanan was the worst president in American history.”

          no way. LBJ forced artillery crews in vietnam to wait as much as 2 weeks for authorization from the white house or sec defense before providing artillery support leading to countless deaths. He also forced pilots to fly the same route to the same target day after day till the enemy could predict them ahead of time and line the whole route with anti aircraft launchers. MANY of our casualties in veitnam were cased by LBJ either being so imcompetent he cant tie his own shoes or so deliberately evil that he was TRYING to maximise us casualties. They would spend lives like water taking a strategic hill only to ORDER THEM TO ABANDON IT so the enemy would retake it, all so they could DO IT AGAIN next week, under the theory that maximizing casualties by just fighting randomly was somehow winning. there is a reason for the phrase “welcome to the suck” and lbj and his sec defense the IDIOT robert mcnemara are that reason.

          woodrow willson literally KNEW the germans were planning to sink the lusitania BECAUSE THEY TOLD HIM! and he hid that information because deliberately getting 150 americans killed would give him the excuse he wanted to enter ww1 (and kill MILLIONS MORE americans). Plus he supported the kkk and re introduced segregation.

          willson is the worst, followed by LBJ. Buchanon cant make it past 3rd place.

          1. Nope. Even with all that, turning a blind eye to your Secretary of War sending arms and ammunition to inadequately protected facilities in states whose inhabitants are openly stating that they plan to secede if the election doesn’t go their way, then refusing to actually try and do anything about secession, makes Buchanan the worst. He didn’t even try to fulfill his most basic duty as POTUS, which was to preserve the Union.

            (To say nothing of the fact that he probably leaned on at least one of the SCOTUS judges who voted with the majority in the Dred Scott decision, which is in the top 10 worst SCOTUS decisions of all time. Maybe the top 5.)

          2. Oh, don’t even get me started on LBJ and McNamara. Vietnam could have been over with by the end of 1967 if not for LBJ, McNamara and his “Whiz Kids” and the frankly Treasonous ROE (Nevermind telling the North the Next Day’s target lists every day through the Swiss. Knock out every Bridge and rail line coming in from China, Interdict Haiphong, Crater Every Airfield, and destroy every Power plant and manufacturing facility. Nixon had them at the table BEGGING for relief in TWO WEEKS of Linebacker II. the ARVN could have handled the Viet Cong once they stopped getting the rivers of Supplies supplied from the North. and YEES I’m aware I’m over-simplifying, but I dont want to derail this anymore than I already have.

  15. For those of you talking about election fraud: ask anyone around you if and how they can get a copy of the record of how they voted last time.
    Most people handed a ballot to somebody and thought it was all good.

    1. Small-time election fraud by munging individual votes is not efficient. Far more effective to inject bogus ballots in job lots, from the ever-popular graveyard constituency to dozens of ‘virtual voters’ living at a non-existent address between two adjacent buildings. Or counting 2.4 million mail-in ballots when only 1.6 million were ever sent out.

      Somehow, to Democrats ‘voting rights’ means nationalizing election fraud on similarly massive scales.
      Elections are far too important to be left up to a bunch of uncontrolled voters. The Party MUST exercise oversight and management to prevent mere voters from electing the wrong candidates!

  16. Can anyone say “repeat of the 1970’s” with me?
    Truckers on strike.
    Having our enemies run our government would be an IMPROVEMENT. The Communists trying to hide how much WORSE they are doing by making us look like idiots-and succeeding.
    Ugly women. Worse drugs. Terrible fashions.
    Movies and TV shows that are awful.
    New York and the big cities being terrible urban jungles.
    I didn’t like the ’70s and I was mostly a small hunk of meat for half of them. I don’t want a repeat.

    1. It’s the 70’s all over again, but the soundtrack isn’t as good this time around. We don’t have the release of a new Animals, Aja, Night at the Opera, Heroes, Fear of Music, Takin’ It To the Streets, or Toto to look forward to.

  17. Can someone give me a link about the part with the feds and college students? I want to educate myself but Google not helping.

    1. Are you talking about this? “sending in the Feds because parents were mad that their kids were getting raped in school and it was getting covered up?”

      so The National School Boards Association sent a letter to the biden admin asking the fbi to investigate parents for ‘possible terrorism’ because parents were showing up at meetings and asking mean questions like “why did you cover up this rape that happened in your school?”

      Obviously those parents are terrorists and need to be arrested by the fbi.

      the original rape story was from Loudoun county where a boy dressed as a girl (possibly trans, its not clear) went into the girls bathroom and raped a girl. the school refused to call the police, and only told the girls father there was an ‘altercation’ when the father found out his girl had been raped and the school was NOT going to call the police, he went ballistic. the school then called the police ON HIM but still not on the rapist. the father is the one that reported the rape to the police. In meetings specifically to discuss their new policy of allowing anyone who identifies as female use the womens restroom the school board explicitly denied any rapes had occurred DESPITE STATE LAW requiring that they disclose those crimes. The father of the victim was at the meeting and tried to bring up his daughters rape and was ARRESTED AGAIN in order to prevent him from speaking.

      I’m not sure this site allows links, so I’ll do it like this. I’ll give you the title of the article and the site its on and author. You should be able to find it with that.

      Title: National School Board Association ‘At Risk Of Total Collapse’ Following Letter Comparing Parents To ‘Domestic Terrorists’
      By Ashe Schow Jan 15, 2022 on the DailyWire

      Title: Loudoun County Update: Family Of Alleged Rape Victim To Sue School District
      By Charlotte Pence Bond Oct 14, 2021 on the DailyWire

      1. Don’t forget, they quietly transferred the rapist to another school where that precious little snowflake raped another 14 year old girl.

        The whole school board should be prosecuted for conspiracy.

        1. Ohhh it gets even BETTER my Friend (BTW, Google “Loudoun County School Board” for the stories) Some utter fucking Waste of good plasma in a Judicial Robe just ruled that the Precious little Snowflake WILL NOT Have to Register as a Sex Offender…DESPITE 2 Forcible Fucking Sexual Assaults. Oh…and he’s being housed in a JUVENILE offender’s facility even though he is a legal adult now…with the GIRLS.

  18. To be fair, I don’t think there is, or ever was, a “right answer” on how to deal with COVID. Of course I might be biased, but I think DeSantis down here in Florida got it about the rightest. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but a perfect answer to Covid doesn’t exist. Every possible response has downsides that someone is going to think are the worst. (Except for those a-holes who forced retirement homes to accept Covid patients. In my opinion, those a-holes are freakin murderers!)

    We as a nation need to start facing facts re Covid. The Pandemic is OVER. Covid is now Endemic. Much like the Flu, it isn’t going away, and pretty much everyone is going to get it sooner or later. It’s time to put on our big girl panties as a nation and figure out how to LIVE with this. Not now to shut down everything and DIE with it.

    As far as the Democrats go, I’m starting to think they have a Koolaid problem. They do dumb shiff, and the leftist media covers for them. Then they read the news, and they start to think that’s the truth. Has to be… it’s in the freakin newspaper, right? So, they move on to do some more dumb shiff. I’ve been reading the Leftist news lately. Holy cow they can spin stuff. Guess what, the Right leaning news does too. Personally, I don’t think they spin as hard, but how would I know? Yes, I’m an Independent, but I have to be honest with myself, I lean Right (really, more libertarian) on more things than I lean Left on.

    1. COVID19 will continue to be what it always was — a variant of the common cold that was made in a lab. A primitive and largely ineffective biological weapon. They made it contagious, but they didn’t make it particularly deadly.

      If they had made it effective, there would be at least 4 billion dead by now. Maybe 6 billion.

      Still, Fauxi and the others responsible should be tried for crimes against humanity and strung up right next to the shades of Eichmann and Mengele.

      1. The virus is not the big problem, it’s the damn vaxx that is the actual weapon.

        It damages the circulatory system, so people die much younger. Athletes and airline pilots, for instance. I’m wondering how soon we see both pilots collapse on the same flight.
        Life insurance companies are in a panic over the new death rate for working age people, 40% higher than normal, so far.

        Car crash fatalities are up. People crashing and dying, except now they are thinking they have it reversed. Might actually be dying and then crashing.

        Birth rates look very bad. Miscarriages for those getting vaxxed are way high, and then there is a higher death rate for their infants that make it to birth.
        Conception for couples that have either partner vaxxed looks to be near total failure. Time will tell as to how bad this problem actually gets.

        1. The vaccine has been out a year; how could anybody have meaningful statistics about long term mortality, miscarriages, or anything you cite. So, yeah, references please.

          1. The life ins report was on numerous websites. Not sure of the original posting location.

            “The head of Indianapolis-based insurance company OneAmerica said the death rate is up a stunning 40% from pre-pandemic levels among working-age people.”

            ” “We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica,” the company’s CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference this week. “The data is consistent across every player in that business.” ”
            The other comments were on websites from people working in that area of healthcare. That is why no numbers were cited. Too soon to generate actual numbers.
            When a nurse in maternity care is freaked out by a huge percentage of pregnancies failing after being vaxxed, I’d call that noteworthy.
            When people in the IVF arena are stating that they see a 100% failure rate if either is vaxxed, that should be noteworthy.
            Granted, these snapshots of problems are a limited view at this time (except the insurance data), but they are quite concerning.

        2. HEre is a source for the quote about death rates:

          He is talking death from COVID, not the vaccine. He even goes onto say his vaccinated employees don’t want to work with the unvaccinated and when the surge is over, his company will require all employees to be vaccinated.

          Here is a news article on an NIH study that says the vax does not affect conception.

          Here is a small study which reported no difference in various reproductive factors during IVF including fertility rate when both persons were vaccinated.

  19. Stuart the Viking
    I agree that we will have to live with the corona virus. We live with the bubonic plague but the government does not shut down business because of the plague.

    My question is what are we going to do to China for unleashing this disaster on the world? Forgive and forget? Oh, hell, no. Nuke ’em till they glow? That’s a possibility but unlikely. Sanction China and deny Chinese citizens travel visas? Hmmm. there’s a thought.

    1. Don’t make stuff there would be best.
      But, I do suspect that Winnie the Xi is about to unleash the Second Cultural Revolution soon, so he’ll do more to hurt China than anything anyone else could do.

  20. I do not understand why anyone, anywhere, thought he would make a half-decent president, much less a good one. An inveterate liar and incredibly corrupt? WHO COULD HAVE PREDICTED THIS!?!?!?
    That old saw about never going broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people is true, I guess.

  21. I have only one thought to add: never under estimate the Republican Party’s ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  22. Would you mind if I copy and paste this to my facebook feed? I’ve never been suspended before and this epic rant will surely do it.
    I’ll give you full credit

  23. Worst president ever, huh? Biden just managed the highest GDP growth in 40 years, during a pandemic, and while managing the greatest vaccination effort this country has ever achieved. You REALLY have nothing to offer but crappy hyperbole. Stick to pulp fiction, fool.

    1. Highest GDP growth, just like his jobs growth, is artificial due to the constraints of the plandemic lockdown. We are still nowhere near the levels reached under Trump. Touting numbers without context is moronic.

      And besides that those vaccination numbers are as puffed up as Bidet’s depends, more and more people are waking up to the fact that the vaccine doesn’t do what they claimed it would and more and more evidence is mounting that it actually harms those who receive the injection.

      Care to spew anymore bullshit?

      1. I sure hope he does spew more bullshit, because I love watching these dummies try to lie.
        Ironically I live in one of the only 4 states (all red) which have recovered their jobs to pre-Covid levels, and we did that by ignoring pretty much everything Joe Biden told us to do. 🙂

    2. Your argument is, actually, hilariously bad. Highest GDP growth? What about highest inflation growth? ANYONE I personally know is worse off this year in real terms. I can’t give two shakes about about GDP growth if food, transportation, and housing costs are through the roof. Funny enough it doesn’t hurt the elite much, because those costs are a smaller fraction of their disposal income. It hurts the target demographic of the Dems way worse. And don’t even start me on vaccination efforts. These levels were achieved DESPITE the government efforts. In my area people ran an online group to find vaccination sites with vaccines available and contact the seniors in the area. My county and state web-sites were updated because I, a virtual nobody in the grand scheme of things, complained enough both directly to our state representative and to the county commissioner. Why the fuck is it my responsibility when every government talking head was patting himself on the back for vaccination efforts?

  24. You all are deluded lunatics. We just had the “worst president ever,” and he tried to break the entire system of peaceful transition of government.

    1. You mean calling bullshit on clear electoral shenanigans is trying to break the “system of peaceful transition of government”? Seriously? They must have forgotten to slip the cyanide in your gallons of kool aid.

    2. Right. By having Capitol police GUIDE people into the Capitol building, where they… gasp! Took selfies!
      The horror!
      Have you ever actually thought about what you’re being told? No.

  25. The insurance guy is talking death all over, not attributed to covid alone. The 800k mortality attributed to the chinese flu is the usual number that does not separate death with covid from death from covid.

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