Plushy Wendell Update

Freed at last!

Hi all- Jack Wylder here with an important announcement: Plushy Wendells have finally arrived at Outpost Hippo River!

(Please please don’t bug us about when they’re going to ship- we’re still recovering from getting all the coins and swag out in time for Christmas and we’re now going to have an actual Holiday. We will ship these out in the near future, but until they arrive please give us space. You’ve already been SO patient, please bear with us just a bit longer. Hoon!)

Also- if your address has changed since ordering, please please drop Jill an email at NOW (don’t wait until you hear we’re in shipping mode)

No prison can hold them! Free at last!
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WriterDojo S1 EP17: Grand Theft Story

11 thoughts on “Plushy Wendell Update”

  1. That sounds like a lot of work. Seems to me that there will be many happy owners of Xmas stockings. I hope you have a great holiday season. Thanks for all you do, Jack!

  2. We’re having a bit of a cold snap here, so if my plushy Wendell wants to hang out at Hippo River until January, he can do so (as long as he promises not to eat all of your lettuce).

  3. Thanks for getting the challenge coins out. I just got my Team Hoodoo and Puff Exemption coins. They are beautiful.
    Thanks. John

  4. Yea! Plushie Wendells for Chri… uhhh… indeterminate winter holiday/festival that occurs sometime in the first three-ish months of the year.

    Enjoy your Holiday, Jack.

  5. In the unlikely event of a water landing and/or pandemic there may be an unclaimed Wendell.

    It is with great humility, and confidence in my humility being recognized, that I present the open arms of a would be Wendell adopter.

  6. The Shop app showed my plushy being shipped and what arrived was another of the wooden key chain fobs. I’m a bit confused. Did my Wendall pull a fast one and disappear into the night?

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