WriterDojo S1 EP17: Grand Theft Story

This week, Larry and Steve discuss the difference between an homage and plagiarism- (PLUS Larry Reads a Dumb Tweet voice is back!)

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10 thoughts on “WriterDojo S1 EP17: Grand Theft Story”

  1. Listening to it now. To bring up another, hopefully slightly more coherent example than mhi=Harry Potter, you could easily make parallels between the Grimnoir Chronicles and Brandon Sanderson’s era 1 Mistborn trilogy.

    *Spoilers for both series*

    Both have a preternaturally gifted teenage girl for a protagonist, (Faye and Vin,) going against a seemingly immortal god emperor, (the Lord ruler, Chairman Tokugawa,) only to discover that the seeming villain was actually protecting the world from a cataclysmic entity. This all works out however, because the protagonist is gifted in no small part because she’s been chosen to be the avatar of a benevolent force, and manages to save the world and life to go on to other trilogies in the world where presumably space travel is involved.

    If you wanted to break the stories down to their bare elements, you could certainly do that, but in doing so, you’re also missing the nuance and unique worldbuilding that both authors are bringing to the table.

  2. Great, as always. Two things though-

    1) What are the other two books in the same universe as Gun Runner? I’m guessing one is Lost Planet Homicide based upon Larry’s description, but what’s the other?

    2) Can someone explain to me why Larry is a GI Joe named Spreadsheet, I feel like I missed something.

    Also, Jack, on Google Podcasts the audio was excellent. I know you’d been working at trying to balance things out, and wanted to let you know it seems to have worked well and kudos to you.

      1. In Lois Bujold’s Miles Vorkosigan stories the woman who is the mercenary accountant appears occasionally. Miles is afraid of her, I think. And when he manages to get paid twice for the same job he seems most pleased that she’ll be happy with him about it.

        Bujold is particularly good with noticing the parts that the rest can’t function without and that the point of mercenaries is to get paid. 😉

    1. The other story Larry was talking in the Gun Runner Universe is “A Tank Named Bob” From the “World Breakers” anthology.

  3. Not to keep bringing up the Harry Potter comparison, but I have used just the phrase, “It’s kind of like Harry Potter for gun people.” to convince people who were on the fence to read the MHI books. Is it an extremely shallow comparison? Sure.

    But it usually works, and they become fans.

  4. Just started listening to the podcast. Very very cool stuff. (And yes the 3y old *is* listening along…) Only up to the Plotting vs Discovery point myself.

    I’m still in the short fanfic stage, but I’ve actually run into a bit that makes me wonder if the basis of horror writers towards discovery is because of author bleedthrough? If the author knows what comes next, maybe it’s harder to be in the headspace of a character who doesn’t?

    I’m trying to write a sequence involving a pretty significant misunderstanding, and I’m having a lot of difficulty being in the right headspace for the character. I’m almost wondering if I need to go write a scene where what the viewpoint character thinks is happening is what’s actually going on, then go back and rewrite it with what is really going on?

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