Do I unfairly Paint the left with a broad brush?

This was posted to my comments by someone I honestly believe means well –

This is a beautiful fisking of someone who *earned* that fisking. Thank you.

That having been said–and I say this with all respect intended–I note that when it comes to conservatives, you have a tendency to (rightfully!) argue in favor of individual accountability; you acknowledge that some people on the right are assholes but correctly point out that the vast majority are NOT. And you have little tolerance when it is implied that the assholes should be taken as representative of the whole.

When it comes to the left, though, it sometimes feels to me as though you paint with a remarkably broad brush. Speaking as someone who lives in a blue state and who has a fair number of Democrat/Liberal family and friends…’the left’ is not nearly so monolithic as you paint them.

It’s a mistake to imagine all Democrats to be mustache-twirling-evil monsters, IMO. Are there some assholes on the left? Absolutely! But the vast majority are people that I hope you’d get along with just fine if you were chatting across a table with a beer in hand. In my experience, most are genuinely moral people whose greatest flaw is that their idealism is not tempered by realism. And, yes, that flaw can sometimes present in ugly ways…but I like to believe that such conflicts can be better resolved with conversation rather than condemnation.

The assholes on the left might be your enemy, but I don’t think that the entirety of ‘the left’ needs to be.

This was my response, and then afterwards I’m going to expound the hell out of it.

If the majority of the left aren’t my enemy, the burden of proof is on them, because frankly I haven’t seen jack shit from most of them beyond paying lip service to principles, as the rest of their fellows go about doing whatever horrible thing they feel like, and the ones who claim to be moral sit there silently and let them.

I do paint with a broad brush about the left, because democrats who stand up against leftist insanity are a tiny minority.

Then I get to listen to people like you, who are probably honestly decent people, tell me that you’re not all insane… Great. SHOW ME.
My liberal friends (and yes, I do have a few still, though most tossed me under the bus as soon as there was any societal pressure to do so) will constantly chide me about my words, or my attitude, and go tsk tsk, how rude! But then when people on their side go bat shit fucking insane, they sit there meekly and stand for nothing, because they know the beast they fed will just as easily turn and eat them too.

Besides, as soon as a democrat stands for principle outside of the narrative, they get tossed. Pick any of them in media, punditry, or academia. Any at all. Glenn Greenwald. Tim Pool. Jordan Peterson. Those were all mushy moderates, until they say hey wait, the left is going nuts, and boom, now the left thinks they are the second coming of Satan-Hitler. The party is currently enraged at Sinema and Manchin.

And I’m not alone in this. Most politically alert non-leftists will tell you the same thing. You belong to a cult which will not abide heresy. You want to show us that you aren’t all authoritarian statist trash, DO SOMETHING.

Okay. Now for some expounding. Of course not everyone on the left is the same. It’s a big tent. There’s old fashioned liberals, who though they believe in stupid backwards policies, usually tend to have good but naïve intentions. Then there are the progressives, who are basically communist puritans who are actively trying to destroy America. Then there’s the news media, which is just pure Satanic evil. There are also useful idiot NPCs who don’t really have any belief system at all, who just repeat whatever script they are fed that day.

I can say equally insulting things about the right. We’re a big dumb tent too. It ranges from liberty minded people to authoritarians. We even let stupid Mitt Romney in it for some baffling and inexplicable reason. Many in the GOP are trash grifters or NRO cruise ship snobs. However, even though the most loathsome of republicans are corrupt, lazy, shiftless, and stupid, they usually aren’t trying to actively destroy the country.

The worst of both sides are the proverbial swamp creatures. And whether you loved Trump or hated him, there’s no denying that there’s a bloated, elitist, co-dependent bureaucrat/academic/pundit class whose primary motivation is getting and keeping more power for themselves.

So of these various competing factions, why do I typically paint the left with a broad brush?

Because you fucking deserve it.

I see the right fight with itself constantly. The right is its own worst enemy in that respect. That’s why there’s always the joke about republicans snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Too many of them are passive wusses who wish to maintain the status quo. Their ultimate achievement is to lose with dignity.

The left however gets shit done, because they always put aside their differences and work toward whatever goal their elite wants. This is effective, but also what makes them despicable.

For this next part I’m not talking about the politicians or the punditry. Those guys pick a narrative, no matter how false it may be, and they fucking PUSH. They run with that narrative until it absolutely collapses, then they make up a new narrative and run with it instead.

No. I’m talking about YOU. Regular people. Voters. The guy next door. The masses on the internet. Just average joes. Democrats. Libs. Whatever you call yourself. Anybody who identifies as being on the left.

When your leaders pick a narrative, you drink that Kool-Aid. Even if it’s shit flavored Kool-Aid, most of you smile and tell us it’s the best fucking Kool-Aid you’ve ever tasted. It’s milk from the teat of a magic cherry flavored Unicorn. Nope. It’s shit. You all know it’s shit. But you go along with the narrative anyway.

When the insane progs among you lie their asses off, I’m talking blatant, easily disproven, painfully ham-fisted, fucking LIES… Do you call them out? Do you say, “hang on guys, that’s a little nuts”. Because if you do, the rest of us sure as fuck don’t ever see it. Pick a topic, any topic. It’s always the same.

When people nominally on your side are saying crazy, vile, violent, wacky shit on the internet… do you jump in? When I go out on Twitter yesterday and I find hundreds of posts from fucking scumbags dancing in blood, how come I didn’t see comments from Caring Liberals condemning them? (hell when some prog wrote that an evil motherfucker running over 50 people was karma and that Wisconsin DESERVED it, and I condemned them for it, Facebook banned me for “bullying and hate speech”. Fucking good. That was my 9th 30 day. One more I think I get a free yogurt.)

Anytime there is a breaking news story, there will be legions of howling leftists, and blue check mark idiots, lying their asses off and saying the most horrific things imaginable. And since they literally own social media, they get an official pass while the uppity on the right get officially squashed. We’ve all seen it. From trending hash tags that mysterious vanish, shadow bans, to ultra-biased fact checkers, to Youtube demonetizing wrong thinkers or even getting rid of the thumbs down button.

Yet as your fellow travelers are saying all this horrid shit, where are you? You’re supposedly sane. You claim to have a voice of moderation, but it must be a whisper because we certainly can’t hear it.

Social media is a constant barrage of Common Internet Shit Gibbons popping in and screaming at everybody who diverges from the accepted leftist narrative. They work off a standardized playbook and repetitive talking points, sneering derision, and passive aggressive insults designed to get around algorithms, and it is all designed to shame people into silence.

Yet many people on the right are slowly waking up to this game, and they’re beginning to fight back, skipping the false civility, and getting right to the meat of things, and returning insult for insult… Oh THEN I can count on the Caring Liberals to show up! Inevitably, every fucking time. Whenever someone on the right fights back, that’s when the real-life liberals you know magically appear to cry about “civility” and “tone” and such rudeness!

Gee whiz, Aunt Margaret/coworker #7/guy from the gym. Where the fuck were you when the leftist assholes were screeching at me and wiping their diseased anus on my carpet? Nowhere. Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s because you voices of reason don’t actually care about civility, you just care about shaming your wrong thinking friends and family into compliance. You emotionally manipulative motherfuckers.

Why do I have such scorn and derision for the so-called reasonable voices on the left? A. I don’t believe most of you. B. If you do exist, you’re cowards, who do nothing, say nothing, and then maybe show up after the dust settles to chide the rest of us about our tone.

Anybody with the courage to speak up on the left is swiftly set upon by the rest and devoured. They’re the cow and social justice warriors are the piranhas.

Sad part is I know many liberals in real life who will admit that they helped create a monster, and its now gone out of control, and the beast will eat them if they draw its ire. Oh, they’ll tell me this in person, but they won’t say shit in public. Because they know they’ll get cancelled, boycotted, fired, mocked, threatened, and kicked out of the Goodthinkers Club.

Basically, when it comes to social interaction progs are the abusive trailer park husband. He sets the rules. He beats his family. He’s irrational and petty. The “rules” are arbitrary and capricious. If you know anything about abusive family relationships, you know there’s also co-dependents and enablers. That’s you fuckers. “It’s your fault he hit you.” “Maybe if you’re quiet he won’t get so mad.” “You brought this on yourself.” Note, this also describes the squish wing of the republicans. Just like the co-dependents, they get upset at any member of the family who challenges the abuser’s rules.

 So yeah, I paint with a broad brush, because you do nothing, say nothing, and are basically fucking useless. “Oh, I agree that defunding the police is crazy.” Great. Go tell them that… Fucking crickets. Because you know your trailer park husband will punch you in the face and then order you to fetch him another beer.

You so-called moderates know I’m telling the truth. Watch, you’ll get super personally butt hurt in the comments, and act all offended, like how dare Correia say such cruel and untrue things? But it’s the struck dog that yelps. How many of your friends have you tossed under the bus? How many times have you been forced to disavow someone when the mob came for them? How many times have you kept your mouth shut, head down, or eyes closed while bad awful shit was being said? How many times have you been tempted to stand for something you believe in, but didn’t? I’m betting it’s too damned many.

I bet that wears on your soul.

Authoritarians of both stripes hate the nail which sticks up. It must be hammered down. Only my side’s authoritarians are a bunch of fucking dumbasses armed with Fisher Price squeaky hammers, so my side is littered with nails. We can actually talk shit about each other and our ideas. Your side’s authoritarians are a band of statist thugs, allied with the most powerful big tech corporations, and the most lock step media conglomerate in human history. When one of you stick up, you’re going to get hit with the hammer of Thor.

Doesn’t that suck? How can you bear it?

Joe Biden is utter shit. His administration is utter shit. This is an obvious truth. I have the ability to say it. Do you? Can you go out on social media in left wing circles and admit the super obvious? Can you say that the emperor has no clothes? (or the emperor is a corrupt doddering dementia patient with a long history of groping little girls on video?)

And before you try the moral equivalence argument that both sides are the same, no, they clearly aren’t. Because I, a well-known novelist, talked mad shit about Trump in 2016, and I’ve still got a career. I thought he was conning the right and he was going to govern like a New York democrat (i.e. an authoritarian asshole). Yet the right didn’t destroy me for it. (full disclosure, I was wrong, he was way better than I expected, and I supported him in 2020).  The difference was many on the right disagreed with me, we fought, called each other names, argued, and then moved on. As long as you are honest about what you believe and why, most people on the right don’t give a fuck. The right didn’t try to cancel me or get me fired. They didn’t organize boycotts. They didn’t black ball me and kick me out of events.

The only people the right “cancels” (we are crap at it) are the ones who pretend to be something they aren’t and lie about it to sabotage (i.e. The Lincoln Project) and even then, those dishonest fucks don’t get cancelled. The right doesn’t know how to cancel for shit. They still have jobs and a platform. They just get mocked for being dishonest losers.

However, you cross the left? You’re fucking toast. They will destroy you. We’ve all seen it. Repeatedly. Over and over and over and over and over again. The left will build a narrative about how you are ultimate evil and must be shunned forever and kicked from polite society.

Look at Jordan Peterson. If you actually listen to the guy he’s a fairly innocuous little Canadian academic. His message isn’t shocking. There’s nothing lurid or sensational about the guy. The stuff he states is kind of no-brainer stuff for most people. Except then he diverged from the narrative, and holy shit, according to the left he is LITERALLY the Red Skull (and that’s two blog posts in a row I mentioned that character, which means the left will go REEEEE NAZI!!!!)

Actors, writers, musicians, athletes, business leaders… if they’re on the right they keep their heads down so they can keep their jobs. If they are on the left they can say the most inane fucking bullshit imaginable, even pretending that pedophile serial rapists are heroes with cute nicknames, and they get a pass… and you alleged moderates fucking sit there, not saying shit, like that’s perfectly okay.

Cowards, the lot of you.

I learned this personally the hard way, several years ago when I was once the nail that stuck up and annoyed the left. They came at me every which way. They got me kicked out of everything. They tried to ruin my career (and failed, because they are morons who don’t understand my audience). They said the most fake, vile, disgusting fucking lies you can imagine, and while they were making all this outlandish shit up, do you know what the vast majority of my liberal friends did?


And back then I was naïve and still had more liberal friends, hard not to, if you’re in the writing business. But they did fucking nothing. They kept their mouths shut. They let obvious lies pass. To be fair a couple of them stood up and said, “no, I know Larry in real life, that’s simply not true.” And they got smacked down hard. The wolf turned on them, snarled, and my liberal friends promptly pissed themselves in fear, cowered, and begged for mercy.

I’ve since learned that I simply can’t trust you, because regardless of whatever you claim your principles to be, you will promptly abandon them in the instant they are needed most. Caring Liberals who looked me in the eye before I annoyed the left told me “I support you.” “I agree with you.” “This must be said.” But then when the heat came, they wilted.

You always fucking wilt. Liberal “friends” will sell you out in a heartbeat. Your lofty claims of courage are meaningless because your courage only extends in one direction. You will stand up against your ideological opponents, but you’ll never stand up against your allies. Because your allies are far scarier.

Oh, but that’s not quite correct. There is one time that liberals will stand up against their own. Once an abuser reaches a critical mass of having been too awful, and there’s enough of you allied together, and most importantly the abuser is no longer valuable to the overall leftist narrative, then and only then, will you do something. That’s why Governor Cuomo can go from Emmy award winning, book deal having, America’s Governor, hero of the hour who can do no wrong… to utter fucking shit in the space of a few days. There’s a multitude of other examples of this as well.

That’s because your side has no principles. You have political expediency.

Except that behavior of throwing your own to the wolves isn’t a good thing. It’s actually the worst thing of all about your side. If you are an asset to the narrative, then you are protected. Should you become a liability, you will be quickly liquidated. Thus, liberals walk around on egg-shells, constantly scared they will violate some shibboleth, cross some new arbitrary line, and then get devoured in a cannibal feeding frenzy.

But my gosh, liberals… isn’t living like that exhausting?

I’ll say this behavior has been super fun to watch in the writing world, as liberal heroes of old fail to keep up with whatever the latest commandment is, and all the little jealous writers who worshipped them yesterday turn on them today. I enjoy watching people tell me there’s no such thing as cancel culture five years ago get cancelled. Schadenfreude is a hell of a drug.

I paint you with a broad brush because you deserve it. You are no longer a coherent political philosophy. You are a church. You’ve got clergy, prophecies, and you are expected to act on faith. You must make sacrifices to your idols in public, or the others will doubt your conviction. Your commandments change hourly, but no sin is tolerated. And if you fail to live up to their demands, your church sure does burn a lot of heretics!

The guy who made the comment is right about one thing. In person, in real life, you Caring Liberals are super nice. But let’s be honest, that’s because if you talked the way you talk on the internet to someone’s face, you’d probably get your ass kicked. On the flip side I’ve seen liberals say about me “Larry is much nicer in person than he is on the internet.” Indeed, because none of you assholes would ever say to my face the stuff you say to me online a few hundred times a day. (I’ve had a couple of you step up over the years, but you had to get pretty drunk first).

Even then, that mask is slipping, as the left now has violent gangs of rioting hoodlums ready to loot and burn shit on command. 2020 saw insane amounts of chaos and destruction across America’s cities. This was clearly awful and hurt most the very communities you claimed you wanted to help. And what did you reasonable sane Caring Liberals say during that? Either nothing, or some mumbly-mouthed meaningless platitudes about justice. Or you actively rooted for maniacs to tear apart society.

I can count on my fingers the liberals who had the fucking audacity to stand up and say “Whoa! This is bad! This does not help!” And in the year since you drove most of them out of your party.

Like I said, you don’t have principles, you have political expediency. I’ve watched sane and rational liberals rationalize the most asinine things imaginable, things which I know are against that person’s fundamental belief system. A really sad one is watching devoutly religious Christians cheer on abortion, because that’s required of them. How do you sleep at night? This post isn’t even about any specific political topic, but how do you profess to believe one thing religiously, but then go against your God because your idols demand it?

I’ve also watched you “sane and rational” liberals buy guns this year because you got terrified of mob violence, all while you still post about how rioters are good, guns should be banned, and let’s defund the police. Hell, I helped a few of you learn to shoot! You fucking know who you are.

Hypocrisy sucks.

All that said, I don’t hate you. I pity you. I feel bad for the mental gymnastics you have to perform. I feel bad that you can’t say what you really mean. I wish that you could get out of your abusive relationship. Quit lying. Repeating things that are clearly not true is bad for your mental health. Cognitive dissonance is bad for you. If you believe something, stand up. Say what you really mean. Mean what you say. They can’t cancel you all.

You want respect? Break the cycle.

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335 thoughts on “Do I unfairly Paint the left with a broad brush?”

  1. Even in Cuomo’s case, when the lefty mob “turned on him” it was mostly to cover up his major crimes by highlighting the only one (sexual innuendo? Come on, man!) that bothers lefties. The man still needs to go on trial for 15,000 counts of Murder One. A few at a time, so that at least some of them will stick.

    1. Also Fauxi, the one that secretly paid the communist Chinese to modify bat corona viruses in a bio-weapons lab, helped them cover up after one of their experiments escaped, denied doctors and patients alike any access to effective treatments like vitamin D, Chloroquine and Ivermectin, told the U.S. government and the American people different lies every week for two years — is now being excoriated for funding inhumane experiments on a few dozen dogs. Never mind the millions of deaths, PUPPIES!!
      A good Zombie Apocalypse novel is at least as believable as anything we’ve heard out of the ‘Publick Health Authoriteez’ over the last two years.

      1. You know, it’s funny how a lefty acquaintance of mine with a couple of biology degrees swears up and down that COVID is far worse than swine flu; and is the first communicable disease that spreads before showing symptoms. Except he was wrong. Chicken pox is infectious from two days before spots appear. Common cold is typically infectious from a few days before symptoms appear. Ditto Mumps.

      2. It’s now a full century since Lenin and his obscene creed took power in Russia. And all the left has to show for it is a trail of blood, ruined cuties and hardship around the world.

        1. And a few of them, the real power figures behind the criminal organization, get exceedingly wealthy…which is the real reason for communism anyway. Anything they say about doing good “for the people” is propaganda of which they don’t believe one word.

    2. Yes, I was going to post this. I honestly think the lefty powers that be saw that pressure was growing on Cuomo over killing granny. Since that would catch the entire COVID-Bureacratic-Industrial Complex up in the scandal, someone decided it was time to let him get taken down through a more palatable sacrifice: MeToo. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a figurative “In case Cuomo needs to Go” packet they had ready.

      1. One assumes most politicians have a similar file. That’s one reason I think that Trump is nearly squeeky clean -because if there was anything real out there (besides womanizing) we would have heard about it long ago. This also explains why the Communist-Democrats are so desirous of breaking all norms to look at his Tax Returns (they probably already have them illegally) and denial of executive privilege. But I’m probably being not paranoid enough.

        1. the word you are looking for there is “commie-crats”. I think I can take credit for it, but anyone can feel free to use it as far as I’m concerned.

          1. Given their drive for ideological purity, their utter unwillingness to tolerate anything short of mindless and slavish obedience to the current figurehead, the blatant messiah cults they build up, and the willingness to find an easily identifiable scapegoat to enact mob violence against, I do not call them commie-crats.

            They are the National Socialist Democratic American Party.

        2. It’s dumb that they want the returns anyway, there isn’t 1% of them that could make heads or tails out of them and in the meantime, DJT pays an army of highly paid accountants to make them bullet proof.

          1. They don’t want them to prove he cheated on his taxes. They want them because every single part of his life exists in those numbers. Every business deal or investment. All of it.

        3. They never wanted his tax returns. They knew that there was nothing there. If there was some liberal public sector union drone would have leaked it. They knew that he couldn’t release them because of on going legal issues, so that let them run with the idea that there was something that he was hiding.

    3. No, that crime doesn’t bother lefties, not at all.

      What was done is the power-lefties chose the most further away crime he committed so none of the other many many crimes he committed he committed will come up if a trial happens.

      They’re fine with sex crimes. JFK and Teddy Kennedy, the Clintons, Obama, and so many more. Heck, fat dead Kennedy crowed about doing waitress sandwiches in public and got away with it.

    4. I thought he got nuked because he was making noises about a presidential run in 2024, and they couldn’t have him challenging one of their “anointed” ones?

  2. Damn straight. The same gaming group I roll with, when they go on one of their rants, and I say, “really? That’s what you think of me? The guy who’s counseled with you about being a parent, and a dad, and a husband? Huh.” Things go *real* quiet after that.

    1. Years ago I had the opposite: almost all rightists, with one devout leftist. I let some go by, but I did try to enforce a “we’re here to game” atmosphere.

      That leftist is one of the few who’s still friends with me. We only talk once every few months, but it’s there. I don’t understand what it takes to think as he does, though. He didn’t want to vote for Biden because Biden was too moderate. He said he wanted Sanders because he was more radical, and the radical Democrats get more done because their agendas have more room for compromise.

      I spent a lot of that phone call in silence. Had it been in person I don’t think I’d have held back as much. These days I don’t hear politics from him at all, but I have no doubt he’s still at it. His wife wouldn’t let him stray from the path of the righteous.

      1. “the radical Democrats get more done because their agendas have more room for compromise.”

        Ssh! There’s a law against baiting Republican politicians with catnip!

  3. Spot on Larry! Regular people are starting (very slowly) to realize that the left is exactly what you are talking about. They are controlled by the worst aspects of themselves and refuse to speak out about it. Until they do, they need to sit down, shut up, and take the lumps.
    So many of the issues you talked about are not right or left, they are moral. You should decry weirdos posting JK Rowling’s address on Twitter. You should hate that people have assaulted journalists during riots. You should mourn those dead at the hands of murderous mobs.

    1. J.K. Rowlings house is a tourist destination. It’s been on *wikipedia* for years. It was world news when she bought the fucking place.

      Don’t be dumb.

  4. DAYYMN!! Went for the throat there for sure. Every syllable was right however! Gawd I ENJOY your writing. I kinda envy your friends…… I bet you are a hoot to hang with.

    1. Larry is more than a hoot. I have had the privilege of spending time over a meal or in the green room with him, and the sheer warmth and kindness he gives off fills the room like the heat from a franklin stove. He has done me many favors and shown me many kindnesses over the years, and not because of any merit on my part, but because of the abundant kindheartedness of his.

      To hear him called the International Lord of Hate and similar slanders merely because he questioned The Narrative is more odd and more assbackward (and more lunatic) than anyone who has never met him is likely to guess. Hate? The man is a Teddy Bear.

      By which I mean, he is a Grizzly Bear named Theodore, so do not trifle with him, lest he disembowel you in one swipe of his massy paw.

      He also paints a mean miniature.

      1. I for one appreciate how he took the name International Lord of Hate and Toxic War Monkey as his own and wore them as badges of honor while daring the left to say anything about it.

        1. One of my favorite things is taking the stupid things my enemies mean as insults and co-opting them. It’s really a lot of fun in that it highlights just how lame they are at insults. 😀
          Like the proverb says, the left can’t meme.

          1. The Left Can’t Meme came about when they abandoned comedy a few years ago for Two Minute Hates, where someone says something mean about non-Leftist, and the audience claps.

          2. Naw, it’s Ten Second Hates. They lack the attention span for a proper Two Minute Hate.

            “You can’t put that shit back in the horse.” Love it, gonna steal it. Except I think I’ll go with “You can’t put that shit back in the bull.”

          3. “taking the stupid things my enemies mean as insults and co-opting them”

            Historically, that’s not very far off from how the Quakers earned their name. Turning insults into new brand names (figuratively speaking) is a time-honored method for regaining control over the discussion. Toxic War Monkey? That’s a good one.

    1. Lindsey is a treasure. His latest post is how the LGBT left is sexually grooming kids in schools with the aid and assistance of the Marxists who are politically grooming them. What they are doing is Epically Evil.

      Its Preference Cascade or Gulags now. Either we throw the leftists out of every position from school board to President, or they will setup gulags if they have ANY power.

      And as Larry says, our leftist “friends” don’t stop them from getting us fired, there’s no way they will stand and stop us getting killed. They’re the good little Germans now….

      1. They’re already starting up the Gulags in Australia, with their concentration quarantine camps. Want to bet none of the ‘good’ Leftroids wind up in them?
        Pacifism will, at best, get you a nice peaceful trip to the slave pens. At worst — tell me, have you ever heard of the Aztecs?

        1. That is a good current example. How many of these “good and rational” liberals who constantly screech and cry about the evils of “colonialism” (usually meaning just about literally everything in western civilization) will say anything about the Australian government literally putting Aborigines into camps?
          Oh, but that’s different! That’s FOR THEIR OWN GOOD.
          Place your bets. I figure we’ll get a handful of Americans posturing about it, because Australia is far away so they are in no danger of being cancelled/eaten, and Australian leftists won’t say jack shit or will justify it ’cause Covid.

          1. “How many of these “good and rational” liberals who constantly screech and cry about the evils of ‘colonialism’…”
            After the sudden abandonment of Afghanistan, it became public that it was the Leftist pushing all sorts of Western intelligentsia culture nonsense on those people.
            But It’s Not Colonialism When They Do It!

          2. Already had “good” Australian shills, posting about how aborigines have bad hygiene and are too stupid to live, and there’s no doctors out in the wilds, and so obviously concentration camps are good.

            All these years, and I’ve never seen anyone Australian say anything prejudiced against Australians of aboriginal ancestry. Three days of Aus-witz, and I’ve learned tons of slurs from Australian (and other) lefties.

        2. New York State has those very laws on the book. Passed and signed by Cuomo. So that particular hell-hole is just around the corner from going Full Australia.

        3. Have not heard anything about quarantine camps in the U.S. Press, but I have from SkyNews Australia, and an Aboriginal group complaining the Australian military were forcibly innoclulating it’s members against their will.
          Anybody want to bet the Biden regime and Dr. Fauci wouldn’t like to do the Same?
          And about the Aztecs, got into a spat with an uneducated college moron over how a tiny ragtag group of Spaniards were able to over throw the the Aztec Empire! It seems not all their defeated subjects and neighbors liked being subject to tens of thousands of sacrifices a year.

          1. Apparently the Tlatelolcans, who were allies of Cortez, went to all kinds of exciting places as Spanish auxiliaries. Like the Philippines and Brunei.

  5. I’ve always been amazed out how conservatives are quick to condemn people in the event of an issue, but liberals will circle the wagon against any attack with the exception of lacking ideological purity.

    I will say my ONE piece of hope is seeing people get Red Pilled: Glen Greenwald is still a leftist, but is going to bat for truth and fighting woke. Tim Pool same deal. You even have some lesser known names that are starting to have an impact, such as Deborah Soh. I pray it builds momentum, but also fear that the hate mongering cancel mobs may consolidate to much power before the tide can fully change.

    1. The “red pilled” thing is a bit like Walk Away. No one really changes their political opinions, at least not many of them do. They just realize that all the “liberals” around them have turned into totalitarian sociopath pod people when they weren’t looking. Tulsi Gabbard has been saying very sane, good things lately, but she hasn’t changed her core beliefs. Tim Pool changed on guns but little else. Glen Greenwald hasn’t changed his opinions even a little bit. That other Substack big name (starts with a T, it’s early sorry) is in the same sort of boat.

      We say “red-pilled” and maybe that’s a good enough descriptor, but it really doesn’t represent a conversion. And maybe it shouldn’t. “Liberal” beliefs are reasonably easy to live with when they’re actually liberal – free speech, individualism, anti-censorship, tolerance, give love a chance…

      I do note that each of those things are presented as “racist” on the left these days.

      1. I’m a “classical” liberal. My job was physical therapist when I was working, that’s like a Platonic Ideal of “liberal”, helping people who literally, physically can’t help themselves and usually can’t pay for it either. A calling, not just a job.

        The modern Left has nothing of classical liberalism about it. They say they do, but they are lying about that. The modern left are the Nazis without the snappy Hugo Boss uniforms.

      2. Matt Taibbi I believe is the name you were looking for.

        And your point is spot on. They’re not voting their principles; they’re voting their tribe. It’s all about class markers and social status rather than policy.

        GG can run stories for 20 years on the evil in the FBI, or the insanity of the modern Left, but at the end of the day, he’s still going to vote for the Donks. Just like all the “reasonable” liberals.

      3. Greenwald’s big objections early to the anti-Trump lies was “how will we convince people of this guy’s actual faults if you keep running obvious bullshit stories”.

        But yet they keep writing stories from the left on “what happened to Glenn Greenwald” even though he hasn’t really changed positions (and indeed, I’d peg him mostly to the left of AOC, not a mushy leftist at all in most ways; he just doesn’t cheer for the laundry).

  6. I was figuring the example would be Weinstein, rather than Cuomo. But I don’t really stay current.

    People knew who he was for many years. References all over the sitcoms/movies. Then one day they decide they don’t need him anymore, and you see what happens.

    Cuomo is just someone clearing the board for 2024. I’m mildly curious which camp is behind it.

    It does sadly make me think of the utterly toxic stories every time you have someone like a NY AG beating and raping women, though. The number whose friends tell them not to come forward because it’s bad for their politics. And this sort of stuff even made it to the mainstream papers with Schneiderman.


    1. Weinstein is another perfect example. Protect, cover, cover, oh wait, he’s now a liability-out.
      If Weinstein had croaked a month before that came out, a bunch of celebrities who knew exactly what trash he was would still have made a heartfelt tribute video about what a great man he was.

      1. If you had really wanted to go old-school, you could have used Roman Polanski as an example. That POS got a standing ovation at the Oscars one year but rather than apologize for their support of a true monster, they go after Jordan Peterson and Tucker Carlson for their “problematic attitudes”.

        1. Did they ever actually disavow Polanski? Last I remember hearing about him the harpies on the left were claiming that forgiving him for sexual assault on a minor meant they were morally superior to us knuckle draggers who were condemning him for it.

          1. Notice how every few months now a college professor puts out a statement saying that pedophilia is just “minor attraction”. So far they get big push back when they do this, but they’re waiting for the day that the pushback doesn’t come. Then they will push it more, they will start teaching it in class and then push it down to lower grades.

            They want to add P to LGBT so badly. It’s one of the reasons Joe is their “Dear Leader”.

            We are fighting for everything. God bless the parents pushing back at these insane cultists that are destroying our schools.

          2. No, the power-elite and their serfs and peasants have yet to disavow Polanski.

            After all, as Whoopi said, it wasn’t ‘rape-rape.’

            And that statement, right there, tells you everything you need to know.

      2. “If Weinstein had croaked a month before that came out, a bunch of celebrities who knew exactly what trash he was would still have made a heartfelt tribute video about what a great man he was.”

        I’m certain that the tributes would have reminded me of Staff Sergeant Raymond Shaw.

      3. Kind of like the heartfelt Tearful Lifetime Achievement award for Roman Polanski, with all of the Usual #MeToo assholes going on and on about how “Unfair” it was that he couldn’t be there in person because of his “Persecution” by the US Government…

    2. Weinstein was thrown under the bus as a media deflection from the Las Vegas massacre.
      As soon as Weinstein was named, ALL stories about the Vegas shooting were memory-holed.

  7. “I see the right fight with itself constantly. The right is its own worst enemy in that respect.”

    Larry, I’d like to think that’s because most of the Right are enlightened enough to question their own positions and beliefs. I can’t recall the last time I’ve ever seen, read, or heard a lefty question their positions.

    Let me know when you get your 10th Farcebook banning so I can mail you a coupon for a free frozen yogurt.

    1. Mike, MZ Williamson has posted a couple of these on FB, as a few leftist faithful expressed astonishment that until the trial footage, they had no idea Kyle R didn’t shoot blacks. So… maybe, three?

    2. > I’d like to think that’s because most of the Right
      > are enlightened enough to question their own
      > positions and beliefs.

      Bless your heart.

        1. Welcome to the party! Beer is over here, open ammo cans are in the back. Argue all you like over “boneless vs/ bone-in” wings while trying all the different sauces.

          Remember the lessons that Kyle taught us –
          Keep your head up and pay attention.
          Roll with the punches.
          Tools only work when you use them.
          No good deed goes unpunished.

    3. The left can’t question their beliefs, because the approved beliefs change all the time. Beliefs and actions do not matter to the progressive. Intent matters, and emotion matters. If you CARE, it doesnt’ matter if what you DO doesn’t work, or even ruins people’s lives. It’s all part and parcel with postmodernism. When there are no absolutes, your brain can’t help you figure out what to do, so your emotions are your best guide to YOUR truth. The stronger they are, the more “authentic” you are. And your heart, as Disney tells children constantly, can never steer you wrong (yes that’s sarcasm, of course your heart OFTEN steers you wrong — but not according to Disney).

  8. I’m just chuckling at the notion of Larry allegedly being unwilling to criticize his own side. Larry will argue with his closest friends and tell them they’re dumb and wrong. (Which is why when *he* turns out to be wrong, you are almost obligated to rub it in.)

    There are figures on the right, the “new right”, and the “alt right” (whatever that even means this year) who are utterly loathsome. There are plenty of grifters, con-artists, and nihilistic accelerationists in this crowd, Terminally Online Personalities of Dubious Character.

    These people have neither the truck nor the influence to really do anything to you, though, even if they wanted to.

    Example: Darren J. Beattie. Former Trump speechwriter who got fired. Writes speeches for Matt Gaetz now. Runs Revolver News. Been on Tucker Carlson a bunch of times.

    The dude is a lunatic. Go read his Twitter timeline if you don’t believe me. He complained once that “sterilization is still outside of the Overton window.” He’s repeatedly simped for the ChiComs and praised how “serious” they are. He said the only demographic that matters is “young white men with IQs over 130,” later upped to 140. If your read his Revolver News article, he attacks a lot gun owners as “boomers” who “need 27 guns to feel like men.”

    But as much of a shit-poster as he is, you can publicly bash him all you want. He won’t do shit. The worst he’ll do is say mean things on Twitter and suggest that you’re only fit to wash his feet (he’s got his real weird thing with men washing feet, not to kink-shame).

    I bring him up because he’s one of the more radical right wing figures I can think of who who still has a platform. He’s not going to get you fired. He’s not going to get you uninvited from conventions. Hell, he’s even careful to tailor his message to the audience- you’ll never hear him say the shit he says on Twitter when he’s on Tucker Carlson, because he knows that that will offend the audience and end Fox’s willingness to have him on.

    He as impotent as he is obnoxious, and that’s true with pretty much everybody on the right, even Trump. Hell, look at the big split in Republican politics that Trump rode into the White House- he was STILL willing to work with the establishment lackeys, even as they publicly undermined him at every turn.

    Even if the right WERE willing to try and cancel people like the left does, they don’t have that much leverage in society. Being a pariah amongst Republicans isn’t going to cost you a book deal, get you denied tenure, or cause some company to remove you from a board. Right wing media is mostly limited to alternative media and Fox News, so even if they wanted to smear you, most people will never hear the smear, and you’ll be earnestly defended by the mainstream media. Fox could say that the sun rises in the east in the morning and Brian Stelter will do a segment criticizing that position.

    The left? It doesn’t matter what a scumbag you are, what horrible things you’ve done, if you’re a soldier for their cause they’ll almost always rally behind you. You can be a pedophile who was *convicted of anally raping boys*, who got killed trying to murder someone in a riot, and the left will lionize you. Celebrities will publicly mourn your death on Twitter.

    There is no comparison between the two in terms of societal influence and the control of political messaging.

    If you ARE a lefty and do speak out, you will be labeled as Alt Right. Look at Shoe0nHead, a Bernie-supporting Twitter/YouTube e-girl. She’s still a big fan of Bernie and most of that doddering old communist’s policies, but she attacks the radical left. As a result, the left itself has disowned her and many, of not most, of her fans are politically to her right.

    This was long and rambling, but here’s the zinger: both sides are willing to police their own side to some extent. The left will excommunicate you for not being left enough; the right will disown you for being too far right. The right will uninvite you from CPAC or kick you out of the National Review. The left will try to make you a social pariah who can never show his face in public again.

    This isn’t a “both sides” situation.

      1. I don’t think you’ve ever actually been *wrong* as such, but there must’ve been a time or two you were mistaken.????

    1. If anyone wants to argue the point, here’s a simple test: find an example of a Democrat being canceled, kicked out of the party, removed from committees, disinvited from being cable news contributors, or gotten fired for being TOO FAR LEFT in his/her politics.

      I don’t think there *is* a such thing as “too far left” anymore. Bernie is a straight-up socialist who isn’t even technically a Democrat and he’s was nearly their presidential nominee TWICE.

      1. Whoa… Good question.
        Too left? Nowadays? Wow.
        Tulsi got excommunicated for questioning the Prophecy of St. Hillary, but her actual politics are pure democrat.
        All the other ones who got the boot were usually because of some sexual harassment scandal, and they usually cover for them as long as they can until the truth gets out beyond what the media can control. Then once they are a liability, they are gone. For example, a few hundred celebrities, pundits, and politicians. 😀
        Honestly, I can’t think of any, and there are some blue check mark pundits who say INSANE shit.
        The stupid idiot who said the Waukesha massacre was karmic payback got fired from her democrat job, but she was some low level nobody, so she crossed the liability threshold really easy.
        Beyond that I can’t think of any.

        1. And in her case, you can argue that she was only being fried because what she said was particularly inflammatory, insensitive, and bad PR- nobody is disowning her because of her core political beliefs. You CAN get in trouble for saying the quiet part out loud, though.

          Nothing like the whole Never Trump thing would happen in the modern Democrat party; even the Bernie Bros were brought back into the fold. Trump could hardly scratch his balls without Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney, and Liz Cheney saying he’s destroying the Republican Party.

          Republicans will absolutely lambast you for being too extreme, even on a Republican platform position.

          1. I get lambasted daily by spineless republicans for being rude. Sure they do nothing at all, but when I do stuff it’s wrong.
            In the article I said that I don’t hate the medium libs, I pity them. But republicans like that? I actively despise.

          2. Low level folks like that are like the Bot accounts on Twitter. They’re there to float the absurd positions in such numbers that it doesn’t matter how many get shot down, it still shifts the Overton Window on public opinion, and gets the script out for the other Kool-aid drinkers to repeat. They say something unacceptably out there, and then higher ranking pundits can proclaim a slightly milder position without getting the heat.

          3. Trump could hardly scratch his balls without [the usual RINOs] saying he’s destroying the Republican Party.

            That’s because he still HAS his, and the eunuched little yorkie-poos want to play Cujo when they smell him coming.

        2. I’m not even sure if she was Fired, or Fell on her own Sword on orders…Her ABSOLUTELY Delicious “Woe is Me, Nobody ever gave a shit about me/My Mother was Awful,/I make Music nobody cares about” Whine-fest on Twatter in response to the EPIC Pillorying she got after her Fuckery, just before her entire thing was wiped was Hilarious.

          1. Doesn’t count if she gets fired from one job but gets quietly hired back into the machine. Which happens all too often. She’ll enjoy a nice vacation with pay while transitioning to another cushy slot.

            A conservative? They’ll get him/her/it fired from current job and hound him/her/it to the end of time to make sure that he/she/it can’t even get a job scooping up roadkill.

        3. There was a Democrat Rep. from Florida a decade ago. He was AOC without the sex appeal. He was in a safe district and yet got primaried. But that’s the last one I heard about.

          1. Alcee Hastings? Who got thrashed for being a complete dirtball, yet turned around and basically got a lateral job doing the exact damn same thing, both work and pleasure related.

            Corinne Brown? Who was too stupid to not steal 99.99% of the charity money of the charity she ran? Who only got elected because the Dems made a gerrymandered district that goes from Jacksonville to almost Orlando, often being only one to two blocks wide, veering around traditional ‘white settlements’ and even dumber than Mad Maxine Waters?

        4. “The stupid idiot who said the Waukesha massacre was karmic payback got fired from her democrat job, ”

          See where she is in six months. $100 bucks says she’ll be in some other democrat position, probably with a higher salary.

          We’ve already seen it on the national level. One of Biden’s nominees got rejected because “too radical”; within the month they were appointed as a “czar” with the same portfolio as the position they didn’t get, and the POLICY will not be set by whatever figurehead “moderate” eventually gets confirmed.

    2. I do remember one guy who was trying to be a bit of a right wing social media kingmaker. I pointed out he was wrong about a history thing and suddenly he invoked Larry’s checklist (because I said I stopped due to his flawed thesis; no, that’s not Skim Until Offended, that’s recognizing that everything argued after that would be demonstrably wrong) and tried to unperson me. A lot of my current social media friends followed his lead.

      Then he tried to badmouth this new book by this guy he claimed was a leftist because reasons. The author’s name was Kupari. Maybe you know him? 😉

      This guy discovered his cult of personality only works until another personality people like better can come along to destroy it. That, and a lot of them realized just how much they’d been played. I’m very grateful for what Larry did that day. ‘Nuff said, need not be rehashed. (Sorry to anyone who doesn’t understand the reference.)

      I don’t blame anyone for following that guy or attacking me. It’s been years and everyone realized their mistakes. It’s difficult to fight the fear of losing your special access, whatever that special access might be. It could be as simple as getting shunned out of the neighborhood parties, or being told to leave the fraternity. I’ve felt it too, despite not being a joiner. Hell, I’m BUILDING a thing for authors to join, and I am very cognizant of keeping it from being something centered on me and what I want, precisely because it can’t just be Matthew Bowman’s thing.

      No one should ever compromise their core principles for the sake of a group, or even for a friend. There are things I hold even higher than my own family, and I hold them higher than my life. Sacrificing your principles for someone’s approval is no trade at all.

      Side note, that book was awesome.

  9. You hit the nail on the head when pointing out that the leftist excommunicate anybody who points out any wrong they do. Tim Pool is still a liberal. He still supports single payer healthcare. But, since he called them on the insanity, he is no longer considered one of them. And, Pool has a good point about Trump Republicans being more liberal than much of the DNC leadership.
    The DNC has gone so far too the left that they have become ultra authoritarian right on most things.

    1. Point of order. “Ultra-authoritarian” was never “right,” it was always some variation on “left.” Far right would be more hard anarchist, no government at all.

      1. The authoritarian right wants to bring back monarchy. It is a niche position in a few European countries, in the US it is effectively non-existant. You could argue that there is a theocratic authoritarian right position, but while such a position exists in pure theory, and is frequently depicted as a leftist bugaboo in movies, in the real world every devout Mormon, Pentacostal, Baptist, or Ordo Dei Catholic I have known was libertarian leaning.

        1. Pro-Monarchy.

          I have a friend that got himself and his family out of Cuba. He was talling that a Monarchy is the best system, because they will want a stable and prosperous country for their children.

          I asked him if that was what Fidel and Raoul Castro; and the Family Kim were doing with their Communist Hell-Holes? Look through history, plenty of kings, princes and petty tyrants were happy to let their own peasants starve as long as they ate well and they had all they desired.

          1. @rd

            Read, a distant mirror: the calamitous 14th century by Barbara Tuchman for an insight into how the nobility really think about us peasants.

        2. I know a few pro-Holy Roman Empire or pro-Jacobite Americans, but most of them are more fan club than serious. Or they made friends with Euro monarchists in college, and thus are helping out their buddies. Nobody wants a king here, except King Jesus… I hope….

        3. “The authoritarian right wants to bring back monarchy. It is a niche position in a few European countries, in the US it is effectively non-existant.”

          Make a list of Biden’s executed and attempted Executive Orders, then get back to us on that.

      2. Communist anarchists are the worst though. Entirely crazy pants. “Right wing” anarchists expect people to behave like people and anarchy to be contentious as people work things out between themselves. Communist anarchists expect human nature to be glorified, ending all need for government, as no one will even try to enrich themselves at the expense of others any longer. All of this occurring as a result of a catalyst provided by a moment of perfect compliance.

        I’m just realizing how much that sounds like arguments for compliance with the jab and government mandates, which if people would just obey, would reach that tipping point of transformation.


        1. Yep. The Commie utopia would be perfect if just everyone would obey. But “oh, well” say the commies “we will just have to kill everyone who doesn’t agree.”

    2. Waitaminute… claim that the DNC facsists have gone so far left that they have gone ultra authoritarian right? You must still subscribe to the disproved European model of political mapping in which there is a far left which is ultimately communist and a far right which is ultimately Nazi….and relative freedom is in the middle between the two extremes….The true map (to which I subscribe) shows a left which ends in Communism and a right which ends in complete anarchy (the rule of one) with the ends diametrically opposed to each other….There is no such thing as a “wrap around to the right” in such a political map.

      1. Historical point of order. The European model is how the analogy of left-right politics began. It’s just that the European concept of “right side of the room is traditional/monarchist, left is progressive/reformist” didn’t quite catch on in the US. Instead, thanks to the ideals of the American Revolution, the “traditionalist” side became associated with the concept of English common law and individual liberty, while the “progressive” side was associated with greater government control.

        The real argument in favor of the US model is that it’s the one that’s actually useful. In the European model, what was once progressive a generation ago is now traditional, and so it’s a constant lack of consistency throughout the years. It’s stupid, because it only works in the moment — exactly why it’s a tool of the authoritarian trying to gaslight an entire population into things like the same politician who voted against the Civil Rights Act has always been a champion of racial minorities.

    3. Your problem here? You’re equating things as left and right as the Neo-Marxists wanted you to. Hint: Hitler was as much a Socialist as Stalin. They were competing GROUPS…that’s all.

      It’s not Left and Right, but Authoritarian and Freedom. (I won’t use, “Libertarian,” there because the problem there is like with all other parties out there. They forgot themselves and have become Democrat Lite. But that’s a differing rant/screed…) All of those there are Authoritarian- they never left their Marxist notions for a SECOND. So they didn’t change, “Left,” or, “Right,” there- and saying so is the same fails Larry’s talking to there.

      1. It’s Europe, so they’re all socialists.

        Seriously, it was National Socialists versus International Socialists. Still socialists, just different socialists.

        And there’s an easy way to tell. Uniforms.

        National Socialist uniforms look sharp, from the lowest recruit to the highest general. Snappy uniforms. Franco’s Spain. Mussolini’s Italy. Hitler’s Germany. And so on and so forth. Still governmental control of everything, being that socialist thing.

        International Socialist uniforms look like they’ve been dug up from a graveyard and slept in by generations of people, whether one is an uber-general or the lowest recruit. (Except for show uniforms, and then it goes all Potemkin-ish in the absurdity, kind of like if Stalin was Oprah Winfrey – “A medal for you, a medal for you, a medal for everyone!” Still governmental control of everything, being that socialist thing.

        And what is considered ‘right wing’ in Europe is something we here in America would call, at most, moderately leftist.

  10. I posted on FB yesterday on this very topic, with a link to a particularly heinous Tweet by a Leftist. Said Tweet has since vanished.

    But you, as usual, said it much better than I could.

    And yes, it absolutely is a religion, with Government as God.

  11. Reasoning Deficit Disorder is real, and it has been with us for many years. It is just that media reinforces and supports it better these days that makes it so horrible now.
    ~30 years ago, CNN ran a bulletin board, one of the fora within labeled, “Guns Under Fire”. Lies from leftists flew thick then, but the most amazing thing to me was the presumption of evil and guilt on the part of their fellow man the average self-labeled liberal expressed. Rather than their abject ignorance, their often-expressed claim that if they had a gun they would probably shoot someone was a constant reminder that when you let children age without maturing, you get what we have now: incompetent adults, certain that their dozens of “participant” trophies mean that they are special, raging because their wishes are not instantly granted.

    1. “If I had a gun I’d road rage and murder people” is a “my confession gives me moral standing to make demands of you” tactic.

      Sort of like a particular person with three initials who confessed her racism toward a pizza delivery fellow who appeared Hispanic but didn’t have an accent. If she was willing to confess to her irrelevant moment of surprise that a swarthy fellow spoke good English, it gave her moral standing to demand confessions from others.

      Or that’s how that’s supposed to go.

      The proper response is to agree with their confession (Yes, you’re racist, or yes, you clearly should never be armed.) and refuse to play their rhetorically manipulative game.

      1. But! They are ‘The Good People’ and ‘The Smart People’ therefore everybody else is even worse and stupider than they are. If they can’t be trusted with guns, nobody can be, QED.
        I could be arguing in my spare time.

      2. Cults love the group confessions. Any confession they make is minor and forgiven immediately. Any confession a lower ranking cult member makes is saved for ensuring control. It’s funny how often a “sensitivity” training session will involve this.

  12. I learned a while back (during the Bush years) that Democrats and liberals will NEVER be your friends. Scorpions are more honest. I had several turn on me, nastily, because I wouldn’t condemn Bush, who I was never a huge fan of, but I wasn’t going to by their lies.
    (It was funny how when Obama did actually worse things, suddenly all of those same people were quiet and got violently nasty if you reminded them of things that they said).
    Since then, I will NOT be friends with anyone who is a liberal or a democrat. It’s just not worth my time anymore to deal with people who secretly (and eventually not secretly at all) want me dead.

    1. What gets to me the most is how it’s possible to relate two sets of absolutely identical behavior and get accused of “false equivalency” because different people with different motivation were involved.

      “It’s wrong to try to get people fired from their jobs,” doesn’t apply equivalently, you see, because some people are *good* and those other people are *bad* and it’s *bad* to try to get *good* people fired and *good* to try to get *bad* people fired.

      Punching isn’t wrong, depending on who you punch.
      Racism isn’t wrong, depending on who you’re racist against.
      Lying isn’t wrong, depending on who you’re lying about.


      Nothing is a principle. Everything changes depending on who is involved.

      1. Oh, and a classic case:

        Using a holocaust analogy or reference is a firing offense, horrible beyond all reason or public decency…or it’s not.

        1. Oh yeah, Gina Carano said the exact same thing a Holocaust survivor said, but the news twisted that, she got fired, and the useful idiots still think she said something anti-sematic.
          Mark Ruffalo is out there talking about JoJo the heroic child rapist.

          1. Gina’s message could have been cribbed from “South Pacific” — it was once given awards by Hollywood. Apparently the people teaching hate don’t like being reminded they’re teaching hate.

          2. They don’t like us pointing out how ostracizing the right from society is similar to how in 1930s Germany it started with just ostracizing the Jews.

            They hated the Jews in Germany for their “privilege”, that’s why they first took everything from them.

            Like I said above it’s either Preference Cascade or gulags now. If we don’t throw them out of power they WILL kill us. It’s the endgame now.

      2. Like Larry said, its all dependent on orthodoxy. If the devout attack a non believer, its ok. If an apostate attacks a a devout liberal, its intolerable. There have been laws with double standards like this throughout the ages, the left just haven’t managed to get them codified…. yet.

      3. What I learned from the Left:
        The will to power is everything.
        Laws and principles are nothing.
        Morality is the enemy that must be destroyed.

        Modern Leftism can be practically defined as the absolute rejection of the existence of reality.

      1. They were both very centrist. No real way to differentiate between “W” and Gore. Not really. Similar policies and attitudes with a few differences of emphasis.

        “W” had plans for work visas or some free travel between Mexico and the US, a very very “liberal” attitude toward people wanting to come here to work. The “compassionate conservatism” he was trying to sell.

        Remember, even Romney was Hitler. McCain was Satan. Two of the most wishy-washy moderates even if McCain joked about bombing Iran.

        So, left leaning? Maybe. Centrist at least.

        People’s memories are so short and they think that a media supported “narrative” of far-right-extremism reflects reality.

        For the love of Pete himself, Trump was an Old School Democrat minus the Robert Byrd racism.

        1. The Classic GOPe position has been “The Same As The Democrats, But A Bit Slower”.
          Heck, someone once noted that the most successful Democratic president was Nixon, at least policy wise.

    2. There’s a reason I largely don’t have Progressives and their Ilk as friends. You just fingered it. Not just scorpions are more honest- so’re rattlesnakes.

    3. Interesting, John.

      I was at a Thanksgiving run by a friend who was over the moon about Obama becoming President (this is in Britain BTW where Thanksgiving is not a thing, unless you have some American connection). So quite a few years ago.

      When Trump became President the Thanksgiving party had become a bit of a tradition (8 years, and people like parties with food and drink; who knew! Huh).

      I was talking with said friend and dared to criticize Obama and not condemn Trump (or not enough to satisfy her). Our long term 40 year friendship has become pretty rocky since then.

      I’m much too nice to just unfriend her, I leave things like that to those who think that’s the right thing to do, because I believe people can change, and none of us is without fault (I’m an atheist with the emphasis on a small ‘a’ not a fan of Dawkins large ‘A’ take), but I have had friends tell me I’m a good Christian.

      Go figure. I’m just trying my best. Mostly just trying, but it is what it is.

      Obama was pretty ineffective, and didn’t deserve the Noble Peace Prize. There I said it.

        1. Oh? I thought he got it for being half-white. My bad.

          (Sarcasm. But… not. Point out to people that Barky the Lightbringer was still, technically, a white dude, and near-fatal cases of pants-shitting hysteria break out. Now, why is that? Hmmmm… Genetically, it’s true. But we can’t say it.

          OMG, just realized that Obama is the political version of ‘organic food.’ Why? Because, technically, all food is organic (using the definition of ‘organic’ from organic chemistry) but that isn’t allowed, is it?)

          1. I get ‘Gluten Free!’ potato chips all the time.

            There is no gluten in potatoes. I checked.

            So they are proudly proclaiming on the bag that their potato chips don’t contain a substance that is not present in ANY potato chips.

            I’m beginning to worry that people really are as stupid as the Leftroids think they are.
            They say I can’t be a nonconformist because I’m not like the other nonconformists.

  13. The takeaway line from this excellent piece:

    “That’s because your side has no principles. You have political expediency.”

    A thousand times yes.

    I already lost a daughter-in-law and possibly my stepson (and by extension, my 3y/o granddaughter) over this. The DiL posted some garbage on FB about some fucking slack-jawed yokels on a streetcorner in NC spouting stupid white supremacist BS as somehow indicative of all Trump supporters unless said Trump supporters publicly disavowed these randos, without realizing she impugned most of the family she married into. Being a Bernie supporter, she was incensed that I then used James Hodgkinson as a counter example.

    When I pointed out that demanding that other people play political Simon Says on social media was seriously toxic behavior and wasn’t acceptable, she lost her shit. Ended up playing the victim card, if you can believe that (stop laughing).
    The only good thing that came out of that is that she at least learned to be more discriminating with spewing toxic bullshit.

    I am long over silently tolerating insane Struggle Sessions from anyone.

    1. Don’t worry. With a mom like that there’s a really good chance your granddaughter will rebel and become conservative. 😀

        1. I feel you. One of my Joy’s is when my 10th grade son comes to visit me and excoriates his English Lit teacher’s latest in-class Leftist twattery.

  14. Well said. And you know a whole bunch of my friends who are apparently ‘far right’…? damn near to the last one they were left center in their beliefs on many things. They just wouldn’t march lockstep and stepped up to agree with points or people not on their ‘side’. They’ve been ostracised, attacked and labelled ‘far right’. And yet… actually they’re still pretty much same people and beliefs.

    1. When you’re far Left, the mushy moderates look like the far right fringe. “If you’re not with me, you’re against me.” All hail the Narrative, whatever it might be today!

      Orwell was an optimist.

  15. > Then there are the progressives, who are basically communist puritans

    Going to have to get pedantic and correct this.

    Progressives are **not** communists.

    They are from the puritan strain of Christianity, but economically (historically, and I’m talking 1800s and early 1900s here) their economics and sociology was way more in line with fascists (they were fixated far more on race than economic class, and they didn’t want the state to take ownership of land and factories, just tell the land and factory owners what to do).

    Communists generally have the abolition of the state as one of their goals. Progressives and Socialists (of which fascists are a subset) never do.

    Ok, it’s a pedantic quibble.

    1. It was amazing to me that Hillary was able to declare she was the intellectual heir of the people who pushed eugenics, and no one batted an eye.

    2. Fascists also want state ownership of industries. Albert Speer nationalized ALL major industries in Germany mid-war.

      They just prefer to slowly cook the frog, instead of throwing it into the boiling pot.

      1. “Fascists also want state ownership of industries. Albert Speer nationalized ALL major industries in Germany mid-war.”

        I believe this is incorrect.

        The Italians under Mussolini were Fascists. They practiced private ownership of industries but state control of those industries.

        Germany never had a fascist government. The Germans had national socialism; in fact, the National Socialist German Workers Party. National socialism differs from other forms, but the distinction became lost in the NAZI drive for Lebensraum for the Aryan Master Race. Socialism means one for all and . . . well, it kinda stops there. Anyway, nationalization of private industries is a short step for socialists. Witness Venezuela where the gov’t now forces farmers to produce food at a loss.

        1. Funny you mention Nationalizing Businesses…I can think of 2 or 3 Prominent Currently sitting Den politicians who have called for Various businesses to be Nationalized..”For the Good of the People” ™ of course…

          1. Historically, that has never worked well. After the Soviets seized possession of the land, Russian wheat yields never reached the volume they had been in 1911, even with farm machinery. That is why the Russians bought wheat from the US during the Cold War.

            Now that I brought it up, I will research Russian wheat production for the 21st century. Stay tuned.

          2. A lot of the Soviet problems with grain production was that Stalin and his buds decided to economize by only having one kind of wheat, all over the USSR.

            Yeah, that worked out.

            It’s in Churchill’s history of WWII, from the bit where he stays in Stalin’s dacha.

        2. Mussolini would have gone there if he could, bet on it.

          Oh, and for more cheery thoughts, FDR’s National Recovery Act was a carbon copy of the Fascist program. When the US Supreme Court saw stuff like federal commissioners directing factories, and strict wage and price controls in it, they immediately stomped the NRA to death.

        3. Professor Stanley Payne, who has written a few books on the subject of Fascism, would agree with you. In fact, he goes so far as to state that not even Mussolini managed to create a Fascist state, because in order to gain power he needed to compromise with the Royalists.

      2. Has anybody followed the history of this? Ever hear of the “45 Goals of the Communist Party” from 1963?

        It’s a damn shame that the Soviets don’t get the credit that they deserve.
        The Left whines about Jan. 6th 2021, while their leadership supported real terrorism. Do a little research. Look into the Students for a Democratic Society and their off shoot, the Weather Underground. Then there was M-19 the merger of factions from the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army. In September 1983 M-19 bombed the US Capital Building. On January 20th 2001 the sentences of two of the people responsible were commuted by Bill Clinton. One of those now works for “Thousand Currents” who handles money for BLM. Look at who SDS picked to give an address at Wellesley College in 1963. Hillary Rodham. Look at some of the members of SDS who went to the Weather Underground. Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. The same people who “mentored” Barack Obama”. It all ties together. This has been going on for a long time and the major players want to see this Country destroyed in their lifetime.

    3. Have you forgotten the autonomous zones that popped up in conjunction with some of the BLM riots? I think the one in Washington state was called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, and it was the most famous, but there were more. Trying to claim a clear distinction, especially between socialism and communism, or even trying to identify the current dogma of the progressives to distinguish to what camp they belong ignores the great reality of only having political convenience.

      1. Those “zones” had strongmen, but no economies. Hard to say how they would have been run had they been required to support themselves.

        1. Agreed that they had no chance of forming a functional economy / society, but it doesn’t change the fact that the “progressives” there were deliberately trying to build their no authority / no police communo-socialist utopia without any real understanding. These are people who have been raised on the race to the bottom where math, objectivity, and correct results are “tools of white supremacy.” Do you remember the “gardens” they tried planting that had about enough dirt to ensure that nothing but weeds would grow? The fact that they’re incompetent / believe they can talk things into existence doesn’t change their goal.

    4. Truth is, once power is concentrated into a limited number of hands, and if there’s no check and balances on that power, the resulting tyranny works pretty much the same.
      The overt ideology isn’t important, whether it’s Progressive, Socialist, Fascist, Communist, Royalist, or whatever other label those in power pay lip service to .

    5. And there’s more than enough to quibble with in your oversimplification here. The short end is that Larry is close enough to the truth here and your “correction” is nothing of the sort. This is why it’s best not to get pedantic.

      We don’t all have the time or inclination for a deep dive into political theory when that’s not the freakin’ point.

    6. Communists claim to believe the State wil naturally wither away once true socialism is acheived. This lead to a whole school of dark humor in the USSR about “True Socialism” and its likelihood/proximity. This is different from actively having the abolition of the State as a goal, because the withering must occur naturally not as a result of action against the State; action against the State is action against the Party and is punished far more rapidly and harshly than the Inquisition ever punished heresy.

      1. The big lie about the state withering away is that in a system where private property doesn’t exist, you must have some sort of state to administer all of the public property and distribution of resources. Even all the way over on the anarcho-syndicalist commune level – there’s no such thing as “no state”, it’s just a bunch of repurposed homeowners associations that don’t scale economically.

        There’s always a “And then a miracle happens!” moment in the theory.

        1. Leslie Fish and I have had that debate a couple of times; I gently pointed out that there’s a reason most of her stories and songs featuring “no laws or bosses” are prefaced by a 90% plus kill off of the human race.

          Incidentally, Leslie Fish, Wobbly, is now considered a “right wing shill” because she doesn’t buy into BLM or WuFlu hysteria. Perfect illustration of Larry’s thesis.

          1. So, a resource-rich environment in which the people who made all the stuff are no longer around to need it. Sort of like ‘Under A Graveyard Sky’.

            But it can’t last. The survivors are going to claim all that stuff, and get a mite testy if other survivors try to ‘redistribute’ what they’ve gathered. There will have to be formal law, or common law, or there will be warlords imposing their own personal laws as far as they can. Communes won’t cut it, any more than they ever have.

            About those Pilgrims — would they be the first hippies? 😀
            Only idiots believe they know how other people should live their lives. The stupider they are, the more blindly they believe it.

          2. Wobblies as Right Wing? Heck, we’ve already passed the point where Stalin is considered a Rightist, and are rapidly moving to where Mao & Pol Pot are moderates.

    7. Okay, I have to correct the corrector. I’ve been reading a book about tourists to Germany between 1919 and 1945. Those who looked for differences between Communism and Fascism, such as WEB DuBois, didn’t find any. As far as they could see, and they were RIGHT THERE, there was no difference.

      That was part of the reason it was so easy to have a treaty drawn up, and why the later war between them was so harsh.

    8. Yep. People love pedantic quibbles. That long, pointless, and utterly useless (also incorrect) psedo-academic digression would’ve made great entertainment and is way better than my pithy line.
      Leave the writing to me.

      Also, you’re still wrong. There’s dumbfuck coffee shop communists who believe in the abolition of the state. Then there’s actual communists who aren’t that fucking naive, who love being the state. And a communist country requires a mega state to exist. Ergo, to get pedantic about your pedantic bullshit, you are comparing ideal representations to actual reality. And in actual reality, progs might as well be communists puritians, because they both fucking suck in a similar fashion.

    1. Rob, I see Maher as the Canary in the Democrat Coal Mine……When things get SO Shitty that Maher Says “Woah there Hoss”…that’s an indication that the Narrative gas gone so far that the Majority of the Normies are going to be Pissed…problem is, they won’t SAY anything, but sometimes they’ll do it in the Ballot booth.

      1. If he keeps it up, they are going to nuclear cancel his ass.

        The secret is that he’s really just a libertarian who sold his soul to the hard left so they would like him. He’s chafing at some of the insane shit they want him to spout to maintain his leftist credentials. He is getting to learn hardcore that the left has a lot of different flavors of shit sandwiches for him to eat.

        He won’t be able to continue his “warnings” to the left and survive.

    2. To the left, Maher is a line on a balance sheet. As long as he’s not a liability, they’ll keep him.
      What will it take to do that? It’s the left. Who knows. Their standards change daily.

      1. It will change when an SJW point and shriek mob target on Maher gains traction.

        Nothing rational here, just mob food chains competing for scalps.

        1. Yep. Its an almost certainty that as a card carrying leftist, he has some sexual scandal skeletons in his closet.

          The left will “shockingly” find them and then Maher will be CANCELLED.

          See: Cuomo (both of them now)

  16. If that’s been your exposure to liberals/democrats, then I absolutely understand your vitriol.

    Although I’m not a member of their club, I am constantly surrounded by people who are. My mom is 80 years old but she still marches when there are issues she feels passionate about. My brother and sister-in-law thought Bernie was okay but they would have preferred a candidate who put forth more extreme policies. My writing group includes a few members who are, ah, more than a little bit fervent in their hatred of the guy you call Orange Man. Etc., etc.

    But, here’s the thing: Talking to them and hearing their perspectives has shown me that they aren’t a monolithic group. As you’ve pointed out more than once: the left eats its own. The progressives eat the moderates and the moderates eat the progressives right back. Liberals snack on both or neither–and get snacked on by both or neither–depending on temporary alignments of cause. They *DON’T* come together easily to get things accomplished. Quite frankly, the main thing they complain about is the fact that the Republican party always falls in line to the powers-that-be and comes together like a single voting block, whereas the poor democrats have to negotiate amongst themselves for every word in a bill. They lament that the Right gets things done while they struggle to accomplish even a tiny fraction of their goals. That’s why there’s always the joke about Democrats snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, after all.

    Here’s the thing: They are wrong, because they only see the conflict from one side.

    Here’s my perspective: No matter what party they belong to, most people are fundementally good. There are exceptions, of course, but mostly? Just folk who want safety and security for themselves, and to build a better world for their children. And–even if I might disagree about some of the specifics of their vision–I want for each and every one of them to have safety and security, and I want for each and every one of them to leave behind a better world for their children.

    (Also, for the record, I don’t know a single Democrat who particularly likes Biden. They don’t describe him as being a good candidate, they describe him as being the lowest common denominator. His approval ratings are abysmal.)

    1. “No matter what party they belong to, most people are fundementally good.”

      Yet they refuse to stand up to the bullies in their ranks.

      1. Again, I can’t speak for all Democrats…only for the communities that I have interacted with personally. But my personal experience has been that they judge their own–harshly, I might add–based upon the information that they are exposed to.

        They stand up to the bullies that they know of. They tear down Democratic leaders (or other idealogues) who have comitted heinous acts if they know that those heinous acts occurred. They fight tooth and nail against any form of corruption inside their ranks that they find out about.

        Here’s the problem: their information is limited by their echo chamber. So is ours.

        Honestly, that’s what bothers me the most…I spend time with people on both sides, and all I see are people who would love each other if only their media feeds stopped convincing them to hate each other.

        1. I first heard of the Clinton “kill list” in 1992.

          Bitch is still in good standing with “the party”. Take that “they police their ranks” bullshit and fuck off.

          Leftist politicians LITERALLY get away with murder.

          Since ol Ted shambled his drunk ass away from that wreck, the left has gotten away with anything they want.

          The right lives under a God damn microscope.

          They thought that Trump had to have colluded with Russia because the left knows THEY sell us out to everyone!!!

          They are corrupt as hell because the media runs complete cover for them!!

        2. The echo chamber thing always makes me laugh, since I voraciously consume left wing news and read their blue check pundits daily so I always know what argument the person I’m fighting with is going to make before they make it.

          It’s nice that you personally know these democrat communities who always do the right thing. That must be idyllic in the hidden valley you live in that must not have internet yet. You should tell them about it so they can go online and show the rest of us how moral and courageous they are.

          1. I don’t think that they always do the right thing. I think they always do the right thing *AS THEY SEE IT*.

            Quite often, I believe their vision to be flawed.

            I just also (strongly) believe that this flaw is not an indication of immorality or lack of conviction. It’s a function of COMPLETELY ARTIFICIAL polarization generated by external forces that profit by fomenting hatred.

            (For the record, I also think that the conservative communities that I am a part of are made up of individuals who consistently try to do the right thing as they see it. Everywhere I look, I find wonderful people.)

            You wanna complain about the media? I’ll raise a glass right there with you. You wanna complain about immoral politicians? I’ll need a lot more than *one* glass to get through the list. There are certainly plenty out there.

            I have absolutely no objection to calling out evil Democrats…I only object to calling all Democrats evil. Because that hasn’t been my experience.

          2. Great. The media is evil. We agree. (and I’d add Big Tech)
            What side owns 90% of the media and Big Tech?
            What side believes the media and Big Tech?

            They might not be evil, but they support an evil organization. What a fine distinction.

          3. Correia45 wrote:
            >> Great. The media is evil. We agree. (and I’d
            >> add Big Tech)
            >> What side owns 90% of the media and Big
            >> Tech?

            Neither side owns 90% of the media and Big Tech; those are all massive corporations whose only interest is that of their stockholders.

            I would instead argue that 90% of the media and Big Tech try very hard to own one side.

            >> What side believes the media and Big Tech?

            The side that 90% of the media and Big Tech actively pander to/manipulate, I would imagine.

            >> They might not be evil, but they support an
            >> evil organization. What a fine distinction.

            Are they supporting evil organizations or are they being taken advantage of by evil organizations?

            I mean…do you think that the actions of Big Tech and 90% of the media *actually* benefit one side’s interests?

            When MSNBC provides a series of ridiculously biased news articles, does that coverage advance a single Democratic cause? Or does it just create an environment in which Comcast can predict the next quarter’s ad revenue?

          4. According to 87.56% of Americans use Google while only 2.38% use DuckDuckGo
            According to about 22% of all Americans use Twitter, 73% use YouTube, 69% use Facebook.
            So when every single one of these companies conspire to control the narrative, it does have an impact. Not on the stockholders- on the American people. All of these companies pulled out all the stops to suppress anything that painted Biden in a negative light and actively shut down any of Trump’s supporters. You can lie about this until you’re blue in the face, but these are the facts. So yes, you disingenuous liar we DO know that ‘the actions of Big Tech and 90% of the media *actually* benefit one side’s interests?’ We’ve witnessed it firsthand and we’re not buying the Great Gaslighting Efforts to ‘massage’ these facts.

          5. What utter bullshit.
            The left owns Big Tech absolutely.
            Do not mistake stock ownership for leadership. Unless you are being absurdly obtuse you know exactly what I mean.
            I own stock in Tesla. I’m not Elon Musk. Duh.
            If you truly believe that their politics and activism aren’t overwhelmingly left, you are incredibly naive or a liar, or you’ve paid zero attention to the actions of Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube over the last six or so years. And if you are that profoundly ignorant of their actual real life behavior, then why are you wasting my time opining so strongly about a topic you clearly know nothing about?
            Everything Big Tech does politically is designed to provide cover for the left. From who they ban to who they promote, to their bullshit fact checkers.

            As for the media, it is overwhelmingly left, and has been becoming increasingly left at a rapidly escalating pace over recent years. Then the left surveys itself and pronounces that it is moderate.

            Seriously, you can’t possibly be that stupid. GoFund me won’t let people raise defense money for Kyle Rittenhouse, Twitter bans a sitting president, YouTube demonetizes conservatives constantly, and of the last hundred fact checks you saw on Facebook what percentage of them were correcting something from the left? There’s thousands of examples of this.

            Just this morning I saw where a friend of mine was repeating the narrative that the Waukesha massacre was caused by “the guy was fleeing from the police”… Only that’s not true, and CNN created that narrative for the blue check marks to twist and spread. (CNN was also referring to the driver as “he or she” with no info about him at all, even though independent media already had his name, photo, rap sheet, and got copies of all his racist tweets 24 hours earlier). When I went to send my friend a link to the actual press conference by the Waukesha PD which confirmed that THERE WAS NO POLICE PURSUIT AT THE TIME, Google hid the results. All Google showed was the CNN narrative. When I plugged the same search terms into DDG the first link had the press conference. (and it has been confirmed by Google leakers and in front of Congress that Google does manipulate the search results so don’t try to fucking lie to me about algorithms)

            Big Tech and the vast majority of media are in bed with the DNC. You can’t put that shit back in the horse. Quit trying. It’s embarrassing.

            “Are they supporting evil organizations or are they being taken advantage of by evil organizations?”
            That depends. How stupid are all these friends of yours?

          6. Oh, and we forgot Hollywood and Academia in there, which are both also overwhelmingly and blatantly in lockstep with the left.
            Publishing too (oh, and I can’t wait for you to libsplain to me that I don’t know anything about my own industry! That’ll be fun)
            So even though the left has overwhelming control over all the sources of information and culture in the country, and they enforce rigid group think bOtH sIdEs R tEh sAmE!!!

          7. “I mean…do you think that the actions of Big Tech and 90% of the media *actually* benefit one side’s interests?

            When MSNBC provides a series of ridiculously biased news articles, does that coverage advance a single Democratic cause? “

            Dude, you can’t possibly be serious.

            If it were even possible to assess the in-kind campaign contributions to Democrats by Big-Tech, you could zero out the federal debt.

          8. correia45 wrote:
            >> That depends. How stupid are all these
            >> friends of yours?

            I don’t think that they are stupid. I think that they are human, with all the strengths and weaknesses that implies.

            I’ve spent decades bouncing around the country and I’ve found wonderful people everywhere I’ve lived. Red states, blue states, urban or rural…I’ve never found a location where simple human kindness was absent. I’ve never walked into a town without knowing that there were people there I could eventually call friend.

            I have a difficult time accepting that people I’ve watched run towards flaming buildings are more cowardly just because they live in a blue state. I have a difficult time believing that people who opened their houses to the hungry, who have literally given the shirts off their backs to help people in need, are evil because of how they chose to vote.

            Everywhere I go, it’s all just people. So, when I see people I *know* to be moral and kind developing very different understandings of the world around them, I look for causes.

            (Also…you are absolutely right that the media and big tech bend over backwards to cater to the left, I only question if that is due to political affiliation or financial motivation. To me, at least, it seems that this pandering doesn’t actually benefit any leftist causes; instead, it feels as though the primary effect is to stoke outrage and promote division. I mean, really…is there any political agenda that is *easier* for Democrats to push forward with an out-of-touch doddering old man who farts on princesses in the oval office? Who the hell benefitted from *that* decision?)

          9. There’s different flavors of courage. Not letting people die in a firey crash is different than getting caught donating money to the wrong cause, upsetting a woke mob, and getting fired from their police department.
            You’ve got a long string of platitudes about “everybody is nice”, except we’ve got legions of examples of them not being nice. So we can either believe you, or our own eyes.
            Also, it doesn’t matter how nice or courageous they are if they live in a cave and avoid politics.

      2. No. No they are not. People are people, varying shades of grey.

        Most people, who shop, and then go home and find out they’ve not paid for an item or two, won’t go back and pay for the item if it’s not too expensive.

        And tacit acceptance of the current evil is not a good sign of ‘goodness.’

    2. Note, the Democrat party line today is that it is REQUIRED to teach racism to our kids, oh and as a bonus, it’s required to teach them sexual deviance as well.

      Don’t tell me Democrats have a different “perspective” while they are going to the MAT to defend teaching this communist bullshit in the schools everywhere.

      If you are defending CRT and gender education you are on the side of EVIL, there’s no way I can see defending THAT SHIT as just a “different opinion.”

      1. It’s not only the Democrat Party. I had to sit through an online meeting this morning called “The Eyes on Justice Media Club” I work for a company that is Global and International is pushing the same things that the Democrats are.

        Why did Zuckerberg spend $419 million to influence the 2020 election? I guarantee you that he wasn’t helping Republicans. I’m not even going to mention Soros.

    3. That is the exposure that a gigantic (and rapidly increasing) swath of the country has of the left.

      Your whole next bit about how they are wrong about everything and don’t know it. Yep. It’s also demonstrably false if they had any knowledge of politics at all. The dems have TWO people standing in the way of passing one of the biggest, stupidest, most awful bills in human history on behalf of the shittiest, most unpopular president ever who constantly says stupid shit while getting a pass… and republicans spent four years stepping on their dicks because their last president made mean tweets. And all your little buddies with their disagreements? Great. Except those aren’t public, and they certainly don’t even register to Big Tech and the media, which marches in absolute perfect lockstep with whatever the elite of the party desires.

      Most people are fundamentally good? Yes. But they are also COWARDS.
      They want safety and security for themselves, which is exactly why they keep their mouths shut, so that the standard of their party becomes insane gibberish. Because these “good” people don’t want to get skinned and eaten.
      Which is exactly what I wrote about.

      And they don’t like Biden? Oh… yet they still provide cover for him, and make excuses for his dumb shit, and never ever go against his (handlers) agenda no matter how destructive, false, or insane it is. Oh yeah. They are super good people.

  17. I used to be polite when I would enter into arguments online with lefties, in particular about gun control. That day is over….and just yesterday, one of the idiots pointed out I called the anti-gun extremists names, so how could I consider myself better than them……I replied….yes, I am better than them, and I will happily engage in civilized conversation as soon as they do…..because they set these rules up…..they will destroy anyone in their way, and as Kurt Schlichter points out in his columns……they are not going to change until they experience pain…..we are more than willing to be polite and civil…..that is what we want….but the left doesn’t want that, and so those are the rules now……we fight them until they break…….then we can have civility…..Here……….the very post….2aguy said:
    we are simply playing by their rules…if they want to act like civilized human beings, we are more than happy to do the same….but any shooting and they drag the bodies in front of the democrat party press, and smear the blood all over themselves….

    The leftist:
    And now you do the same thing yet somehow think you are better than them.

    My Response…I am better than them…….for years I would wait to discuss gun control for a respectable time after a mass public shooting…only to watch the anti-gun extremists like you march out, slipping on the blood of the dead… demand gun control in front of the democrat party press… they blamed normal gun owners…

    You guys set the ground rules……we aren’t going to sit back and let you lie about guns while standing on the bodies of the dead…

    You want to end this, then you fuckers need to end it…….and we will be more than happy to go back to respectful discourse…

    You started it, you need to end it…..we didn’t want this, you forced us into it…

    1. If they get the Civil War they seem so desperately to want, they will be screaming for us to stop and we’ll say “No we asked you politely to stop years ago, get fucked.”

      The regular people of America are enraged at these leftists fucks, and they have no idea because they cancel us if we tell them.

      1. The interesting thing about echo chambers is that they are self-reinforcing. If a person deliberately gets rid of everyone in their “friends” list who engages in wrongthink, then they feel they are justified in saying that only rightthink exists because they have cancelled the wrongthinkers.

        That’s the way they think. The only things that exist are what they and their friends talk about and think. Everything else is meaningless drivel and easily dismissed.

      2. I honestly believe that a Civil War is the goal of the extreme Left. I see them getting one started and then Biden or whoever is in the Oval Office requests UN Peacekeepers. Chinese UN Peacekeepers.

        1. Those blue helmets would make dandy targets. 😛

          In the fever dreams of Leftroids, the great masses of the ‘Oppressed’ are on their side, just waiting for a chance to rise up and be their cannon fodder. Even the harshest collision with reality won’t be enough to dispel their delusions.
          Oriskaya Khabayeva: “Don’t shoot! Russian lesson. Shovel is quieter.”

    2. Havinga civil argument about policy differences is possible. having a civil argument with someone whose policy proposal is to take away my right to self defense, or my right to free speach, or my right to the fruits of my labor is not possible, because those are fundamental rights I am not willing to compromise, and anyone asking me to compromise them is asking me to slip on manacles. When the slaver offers me chains I do not bargain for the lighter set; I resist.

    3. @2AGuy – “… standing on the bodies of the dead…”

      Dancing in the blood of innocents, that’s what ghouls like Sen Chris Murphy from my state of CT, just love to do.

      The JG

  18. “I paint you with a broad brush because you deserve it. You are no longer a coherent political philosophy. You are a church. …” Amen. I’ve been saying this for ages.

    But there are 2 perfect examples of this going on right now. The Rittenhouse trial, where a 18 year old kid was crucified by the media for defending his life from a child molester, a guy that hit his grandmother in the face, and another criminal. So the lefties took up the cause of people who molest children and hit their grandmother. Charming.

    The second is the terrorist attack that happened as a result of the trial, where a black male drove through a Xmas parade, killing 6 and injuring 40. The media’s immediate, and only, action was to excuse it, saying “he was trying to escape a different crime”, none have made mention of, or investigated, his anti-white screeds, his calling himself a “terrorist” in his songs, or any of the other similar statements he’s made. In other words, they’ll grovel for premeditated mass murder if it suits them and their agenda. Very Charming. And its worked, the people I’ve talked to about it mostly have no idea of any of that.

  19. Yup. I live in a blue state, and was part of a community that was almost all Progressive. I’ve been basically alone for years because it’s just too dangerous to be a Trump supporter around them. “Oh, come on! We would never do that!” Yeah, you, personally, wouldn’t. But you think Antifa and the rioting BLMers are heroes, and you wouldn’t do anything if one of them “mistook” me for “one of the bad ones,” so where does that leave me? Going about in a makerspace, chock-a-block with blades? Yeah, thanks, no.

    1. Part of the problem is that we can no longer be even vaguely certain that our words will stop with the people we said them to.

      If I were to say some of what I believe on Spacebook, my niece and nephew would see it, comment on it, and it would automatically be spread to their contact list–many of whom WOULD cancel me for telling the truth.

    2. Sorry, yes they would, do that, that is, if given half a chance and with little chance of repercussions. Mob violence is a thing. And ‘othering’ is just a version of mob violence.

    3. 2019 near where I work an elderly man was knocked down so that a punk from a local college could grab his red baseball cap. The punk (I’m being polite) thought it was a MAGA hat. It wasn’t it was a Marine Corps. Association hat. The local DA (a Democrat) refused to press charges and was even heard to remark that the man should have known better than to wear a red hat. The man had several bones broken in his leg and had to move in with his Grandson. If you look where all of this shit took place last year there’s a pattern. Every area was controlled by Democrats. In every area the Police were ordered either to stand down or to protect the protesters. So basically in every area the agitators had the support of the local government. That’s the problem that needs to be solved. I haven’t seen too many Democrats stand against this, so maybe Larry’s brush isn’t that wide.

  20. “Reasonable” people keeping their mouths shut is a big part of what brought us to this precipice. And I’ve probably been guilty of this myself a few times. The Cult thrives when it’s not challenged. If they had been told to go to hell when they first started they would still fringe idiots instead of powerful fringe idiots dominating the culture.

    1. Where are America’s “moderate Muslims?” All we see are the fundamentalists on the news, while the moderates bite their tongues.

      1. I wonder how much of that is the news choosing who’s voice to amplify. They *could* interview moderates but you don’t get virtue points for being tolerant of perfectly tolerable people. You can only be truly virtuous by showing that you accept the crazy-pants fundamentalists.

        Recall a few years ago a couple of Muslim women activists in the US working against mandatory head coverings objected to wokie white Liberal women planning a “wear a hijab in solidarity” day, and the Muslim women were forced to back track their own advocacy in favor of virtue signaling non-Muslim women.

      2. Thing is, everything we see in the news or other media appears to be a calculated lie.

        A lot of the media lies are fractally wrong. They don’t take the truth, and flip it around in a simple way. They tell /complicated/ lies, designed so that if you flip them around in one of the simple ways, the result is still wrong, and sometimes it is still wrong in a way that acting on it would serve a left objective.

        There is no reason why Muslims in media would not be as carefully curated as everyone else.

        Note: despite what the rest of this comment suggests, the left are not perfect, they are not invincible, and where their abilities are effective, those abilities come with some significant weaknesses. They are often unwise. The balance of the odds is against them, because they are led by some insane morons who are driven to double down on terrible bets.

  21. Well said, as always. And the few folks I know in Hollyweird that are conservatives NEVER let people know. If they did, poof, job gone! Sigh…

    However, things are getting so bad that even the ‘moderate’ left is starting to have to say something (Sinema and Machin for example).

  22. It is impossible to communicate with people who consistently and deliberately refuse to face reality. I got into it with a person I respect greatly under normal circumstances. This person is an accomplished professional, funny, smart, and can be very rational and insightful but was raised by knee-jerk Democrats in a massively Democrat area. Thus they said things like they trust the government with guns but not their own friends and neighbors. When challenged as to who “the government” is and how faceless bureaucrats of unknown credentials could possibly be more trustworthy than their friends and neighbors they deflected and refused to engage in further debate. When asked how they could have such an opinion when they, themselves, owned a gun they responded that they did not actually trust themself with a gun, which raised the question of why they even had one in the first place. They said it was their right but they didn’t feel anyone else should. This led to a complete collapse of the conversation.

    The real crisis came when, in a casual conversation, I mentioned the rioting during the summer of 2020 leading up to the election. They dismissed the entire subject as “right-wing propaganda.” I couldn’t let that one pass and confronted it. When they persisted in denial, I put together a massive set of documentary reports, photos and damage estimates literally with footnotes and links to sources which cannot be denied by leftists like NPR and CNN. I was denied even the courtesy of a response. It appears there are simply things which Democrats simply cannot and will not accept. Ever.

    How do you talk to otherwise sane and rational people who will not admit facts or that their positions are grossly irrational and unsupported by evidence?

    1. It’s. A. Cult. They better watch out or eventually their “Dear Leaders” will give them the extra special Kool-aid.

      1. Their “Dear Leaders” extra special kool-aid is the jab, given, consumed, and now demanded of everyone to drink.

    2. “This person is an accomplished professional, funny, smart, and can be very rational and insightful but was raised by knee-jerk Democrats in a massively Democrat area.”

      Not an excuse. I was raised by knee-jerk Democrats (except when they voted Socialist) in Massachusetts. I’m an old-school libertarian, which today’s leftists would call far right.

      Also, my parents were anti-religious atheists, and my youngest brother is a conservative Christian.

  23. Also: why does anyone still listen to Hollywood actors and actresses? These are the modern court jesters, funny, entertaining, pretty and amusing. They are tale-tellers, singers, dancers and raconteurs, rightly valued for their contribution to the entertainment industry.

    However… many dropped out of school early, never attended any college, never engaged in any kind of training for logic, scientific process, sociology, history, economics, etc. etc.

    Why would anyone let the court jester direct public policy or listen to them if they tried? It is absurd – and not in an amusing way.

    Sure they can have an “opinion” like anyone else. It’s just usually ill-informed and no basis for government of a functioning society.

    1. And athletes.

      “Why should I listen to what athletes say about politics, or economics? If I wanted advice from somebody that chases a ball around, I’d ask my dog.”

      1. It’s not that we shouldn’t listen to someone because he’s an actor or athlete. That’s immaterial to the substance of his argument. His positions stand or fall on their own merit. Or, at least, that’s how it *should* work.

        Unfortunately, too many place stock in what is said by a celeb simply because the celeb said it. It started with advertising products, and now the rich-and-famous are considered experts on any topic simply because they are rich-and-famous.

        I don’t expect actors, athletes, and singers to shut up and perform. If they want to speak out on an issue, good for them. But their advocacy needs to be based on fact and not star-power.

    2. Heinlein called this decades ago: “But there seems to have been an actual decline in rational thinking. The United States had become a place where entertainers and professional athletes were mistaken for people of importance. They were idolized and treated as leaders; their opinions were sought on everything and they took themselves just as seriously — after all, if an athlete is paid a million or more a year, he knows he is important … so his opinions of foreign affairs and domestic policies must be important, too, even though he proves himself to be both ignorant and subliterate every time he opens his mouth. (Most of his fans were just as ignorant and unlettered; the disease was spreading.)”
      ― Robert A. Heinlein, To Sail Beyond the Sunset

      1. It used to be that learned discourse and debate was THE national pastime of these United States. Foreigners would be agog watching and listening to Americans debate everything and bring up the weirdest obscure historical and literary example and point to pepper their arguments.

        Now, well, try to have a reasonable debate with anyone left of center. Hint: it ain’t happening.

        Like, well, discussing socialism/communism. And pointing out that it never worked, from the original Puritan pilgrims (who almost died completely from their brief spat of communism) to all the hippy communes of the 60’s and 70’s (who almost died from lack of food and resources until they all quit) to all the various countries and groups that have tried socialism/communism. The only things that socialism/communism seems to make are some very rich people (the leaders) and lots and lots and lots and lots of dead people. Try to bring up any truth about socialism/communism and it’s effect on world populations and the leftists will start throwing poop (sometimes literally throwing poop) and screaming like the monkeys at the zoo.

    3. I disagree – the court jester used to at least serve the purpose of mocking the king and the powerful, possibly a continuation of the Roman slave reminding generals and emperors they were only mortal. Yes, they were there for entertainment, but they were the ones who helped to remind the king they weren’t perfect. While I don’t remember how they treated Clinton in office (although the fact #meToo loved Bill Clinton probably says everything), I recall clearly how much they loved and worshipped at the alter of Obamma, and until recently Cuomo.

    4. Point of Order:

      There is a certain amount of trust for people with specific college degrees.

      Some of that trust is unwarranted.

      ‘Staying in school’ is partly a measure of willingness to put up with tyranny from the administrators of the school.

      At best, tertiary schools are only testing for whether they are effectively teaching a certain specific type of mental skill, and much of what is easily tested for is rote use of it.

      The absence of a degree is not the problem with actors. Nobody without a degree should feel obligated to tug their forelock and submit to the demands of someone with a degree.

      The problem with actors is rather similar to the problem with academics. THey are in a fairly unified industry, and are at risk of being blacklisted if they appear like they are not toeing the line. Even if you are determined never to give in on the inside, it wears on you. And it can warp your thinking in all sorts of ways.

  24. }}} And I’m not alone in this. Most politically alert non-leftists will tell you the same thing. You belong to a cult which will not abide heresy. You want to show us that you aren’t all authoritarian statist trash, DO SOMETHING.

    I have been using the same claim against Moderate Muslims for well over a decade. Yes, they do exist, but the’re too chickenshit to stand against the fanatics, which is why the fanatics now number at least 20%, and debatably 50%.

    Simple fact: If you won’t police your own, you have limited right to complain about how others police you when forced to do so.

    This is true of ANY group centered on an ideology or quality.

    A Christian blows up an abortion clinic, or kills employees? Almost unheard of, even though it’s clearly ISSUE #1 with the Right.

    Why? Because anyone who did that would be hunted down and stopped and arrested and convicted by other CHRISTIANS.

    When was the last time a race-baiting hoaxer got seriously into trouble for trying to incite a riot?

    Right. ‘Nuff said.

    1. The hypocrisy of Al Sharpton complaining about someone killing another person in self-defense is nearly infinite. He flat out gets people murdered for sport.

    2. My issue about “moderate Muslims” is that our media decides who’s voices get to be heard. A few years ago, as an example, a couple of Muslim women in America were advocating against wearing scarves over their heads but some Americans wanted to show their solidarity with Muslims by having a “wear a hijab” day or some thing and the Muslim women, the *moderate reformers* were forced to back off their advocacy against head scarves. And the media is the same. Muslim reformers don’t get voices. Or they don’t get their message repeated by our media. Or they get put on SPLC hate lists for daring to suggest that radical Islam exists or that they should change.

  25. This. All of this. I spent almost my entire adult life being the lone conservative-ish person surrounded by milquetoast liberals. The crazy just kept escalating, and the inaction and wimpy behavior of my liberal ‘friends’ got more and more concerning–because they did NOTHING. NOTHING to refute, reign in, or even question the horrific behaviors. And when I would point out what was happening, they told ME I was overreacting. After this last year in Oregon, I came to the conclusion that I had to leave. It’s getting worse, and I learned that not a one of my supposed ‘friends’ would defend or protect me, as I would have done for them. Now I’m in Texas, with rational people.

    1. They say we can’t have a Civil War because the sides are not geographically separated. Well, people are currently furiously sorting that out right now.

      1. Clearly “They” have no idea about how British rule ended in India. It was a bit bloody as the people of the sub-continent sorted themselves out.

      2. The sides were not geographically separated in the English Civil War. Not at the beginning. Same for the Spanish Civil War. Most civil war start with sides mixed together. They get sorted out quickly.

      3. Except they ARE geographically-separated: rural vs. urban.

        That makes things easier in some regards and far more difficult in others.

        1. Issue is, Democrat fraud. Cities are not anywhere near as monolithically opposition supporters as they would have us think.

          Of course, geographic separation is not necessary for civil wars. Folks have been warring against neighboring villages forever.

          You have some sorts of civil war with geographic separation, and other sorts of civil war without. There are many kinds of civil war, and all of the ones we have ever seen are horrible.

          But the Democrats are playing silly games with trying to commit mass murder, and eliminating the conditions for the internal peace that we had, that pushed out almost every form of civil war.

  26. The moderate is almost the most evil.

    “I have political opponents. Some among them have a vision of the good. They are wrong about what that is, but they are pursuing their broken notion of the good. I’m pursuing the good as well. My political opponent and I at least believe in the good and as such are good to the extent that we pursue what we believe is good.

    The moderate has no notion of an ultimate good. The moderate seeks to walk a tightrope between those who are attempting to find the good.”

  27. Larry you are the most articulate writers of our day! You cut through the muck and mire to get to the heart of the matter. You expose the underbelly of the beast.

    They can’t handle it when you do that. It’s like Dorian Grey looking at his picture. They crumble and decay when confronted with facts and logic.

    They are saddled with an inept administration that has single handily ruined our country in less than a year!!!!! Creepy Joe was his handle long before now and it is clear he hasn’t changed. Did you catch him at Fort Bragg with his hand running up and down on the blonde in the Alabama mask????

    Vice President Giggles is no where to be seen. She’s No better. She messed up a softball with George S. How bad to you have to be to screw that up!!!

    This is all in less THAN A YEAR!!!!!!! This has to be a record! Everyone you might not have liked Trump personally and that’s fine. You might not like his tweets. Cool that’s your right. But we had energy independence for the first time in 75 years!

    For Fucks sake, stop blaming all our problems on Freaking January 6th!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not the end all be all!! Trump has nothing to do with what this administration HAS DONE!!!!!!!! HE IS NO LONGER IN OFFICE YOU IDIOTS, YOU ARE!!!!!!! You made these choices. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!! OWN IT AND GROW A PAIR!!!!!!!!

    But you won’t. That would require you own up to making a MISTAKE and heaven forbid you do that!

    PARENTS ARE NOT DOMESTIC TERRORISTS AND BLM/ANTIFA ARE NOT PEACEFUL PROTESTORS!!!!!!!!!!! You never point a gun at a jury dickweed!!!!!!!! Self defense is valid, stalking a jogger is not!!!!!!

    If you want to say don’t paint you all with a broad brush, then get off your ass and show up at a school board meeting and defend a parents right to speak!!!!

    Let’s see who has the guts!!!!!! Or will it be crickets????????

  28. “In person, in real life, you Caring Liberals are super nice.”

    Yeah, I’ve noticed that. Super, super nice. Smiling, non-confrontational, always cooperative, always with the happy happy joy joy.

    Unless you see them in a group of other liberals. Then the smiles are more a predatory baring of the teeth.

    We know you for what you are, liberals. You’re camp guards.

    1. Minnesota Nice.

      As in Passive Aggressive Two Faced Grudge Holding Back Stabbing “Good Minnesotans.”

      I lived among them most of my life. Hell, I was one for most of my life. I still let the hate get to me sometimes. I am trying to be a better person.

      1. Minnesota, yeah. I lived there for a few years in Marshall.

        Tell you what, I agree 100% with you on the culture. Two-faced pretty much covers it. Nice in the front, mean in the back. Kinda different than Southern Ontario. We’re just plain mean, front and back. Swedish vs. Scottish, I guess.

        But for the real cray-cray, you have to go to the University of Minnesota types in town. Went to some parties given by the local cognoscenti, what a bunch of condescending jackasses.

        They have disdain instead of blood.

    2. “Unless you see them in a group of other liberals. Then the smiles are more a predatory baring of the teeth.”

      You see me and you laugh out loud
      You taunt me from safe inside your crowd
      My looks, they must threaten you
      To make you act the way you do
      Red, I’m seeing red
      You see me and you think I’m a jerk
      First impressions without a word
      You can’t believe your eyes at first
      But now you know you’ve seen the worst
      Red, I’m seeing red

  29. Larry, I hope you are right about the “it must hurt your soul” part. I hope some liberals deserving of the name (i.e. not leftists, not totalitarian wannabes) do have enough healthy conscience in them for that development to occur and for them to turn on the Woke-istas. Hope…but …not expect.

  30. Every month I grieve the fact that the SDL didn´t become the Leader of the West, everything(or close to) he ever said has come true, and I, dolt that I am, thought that he was too extreme in 2013…

  31. You got the nail on the head with the “Christian” leftists who support abortion. They don’t worship God; they worship their false idols and reject God. Maybe if they actually read The Bible, they would get a clue about what they are doing. Kings 1&2 shows what happens to idol worshipers.

  32. Echoing the words of Brigette Gabriel… “The Peaceful Majority are IRRELEVANT.” And might I add, “They will be assimilated…”

    “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” ~ Article III, Section 3, US Constitution

    What, then, is war? Let us ask the experts: I believe the United States Marine Corps would qualify:

    “War is a violent clash of interests between or among organized groups characterized by the use of military force. These groups have traditionally been established nation-states, but they may also include any nonstate group—such as an international coalition or a faction within or outside of an existing state—with its own political interests and the ability to generate organized violence on a scale sufficient to have significant political consequences.

    The essence of war is a violent struggle between two hostile, independent, and irreconcilable wills, each trying to impose itself on the other…

    The object in war is to impose our will on our enemy. The
    means to this end is the organized application or threat of violence by military force. The target of that violence may be
    limited to hostile combatant forces, or it may extend to the
    enemy population at large. War may range from intense
    clashes between large military forces—sometimes backed by
    an official declaration of war—to subtler, unconventional
    hostilities that barely reach the threshold of violence.” 1 Warfighting.pdf

    Based on this definition, I believe it is clear that war is being waged against us. And it is similarly clear that the “peaceful majority” are providing aid and comfort to the belligerents who have waged war against us. They burn our cities, loot our businesses, and murder our people… and their “peaceful” supporters either enable their violent brethren with their silence, or offer apologetics in support of their cause. And those whose duty it is to stop them have largely stood by and watched it happen.

    Let us now dispense with any doubt. Our fellow citizens have engaged in Treason against these United States, and we must acknowledge this. I for one hold them in contempt: I will not countenance their lies, I will not accept their excuses, and I will certainly not assume their arguments and any offers of compromise or protestations of “good will” are in good faith.

    Fuck ’em all, straight to the wall. They made a choice. Now let them live with the consequences of that choice. If they wish to make amends, they must take responsibility for their actions, atone for their evils, and forevermore hold firm to their oaths and pledges… or be branded forever as traitors and expunged from our circle of brotherhood and forgotten.

    If they cannot, if they will not… we ask not their counsels nor arms. Let them crouch down and lick the hands that feed them, and posterity forget that they were ever our countrymen.

    Yours in Liberty,


  33. So many truths…
    The sad part is, few will read this.
    I will do my part to share it, because you are entirely correct.
    Now, I am compelled to see if there is anything you wrote that I haven’t yet purchased. 😉

  34. A leftist is just a person who wants you to love him as much as he loves himself. That’s why wokism is essentially religion of self-worship.

  35. By the way, Larry, I have a question. A fairly liberal acquaintance on Facebook made the claim that liberals have more guns than conservatives. He gave a link to Salon that supposedly had the information. That is the first time I’ve heard that. As someone who has more experience than I in the gun world, do you know if it’s true or false?

      1. nope, liberals really do own more guns than conservatives. This is because the last two years (starting about the time the ATF began redefining what a legal firearm is) there have been an EPIDEMIC of boating accidents. In fact every conservative I know no longer owns any guns because regardless of whether or not they own a boat, they ALL lost ALL of their guns in boating accidents.

        Sadly this happened to me too. I dont own a boat, and never have, but I lost all my guns in a boating accident just like everyone else. It was ‘the great boating carnage of 2019-2021’. We may never recover.

        on a completely unrelated note, if the salon article is relying on survey’s to declare this then it MIGHT suffer from things like ‘selection bias’ where the people who choose to answer the survey are not representative of the whole because some people have some MOTIVE for not answering questions. just a thought.

        1. It’s an interesting reversal of the old pre-2020 narrative that all the record gun sales were the result of a small minority of ebil racist white yaddayadda gun owners buying more guns, and that gun control was totes popular with a vast majority of people.

      2. That’s kind of how I felt, but I wasn’t as experienced with the issue. And the person is a publisher, so I’d expect he’d be more rational. He thinks that in a civil war we would be surprised.

        1. Everyone will be unpleasantly surprised if it comes to ACW 2.0, even those of us who think that if it happened it would be extraordinarily unpleasant.

    1. Just because something is published in Salon doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a lie…

      I’m sure some truth and facts get in there once in a while, if only because nobody can be perfect, not even perfectly wrong.
      ‘Progressives’ will do the wrong thing just because the people they hate do the right thing.

  36. Where I live you have choice between moderate conservatives stealing money from cops to build vanity projects and selling off public property to their muslim buddies or literal communist party spending money on building businesses, increasing police spending in poor neighbourhoods and generally taking action for people. So choice is quickly made to who I am giving my vote and taxes.

    Equally, I am damn glad that on this side of the ocean we are doing our best to keep away murcan left and right. Even if there are retards trying to copy-paste your republicunt or leftoid rhetoric and themes they are quickly put down. It is far from perfect here but at least there is a choice unlike in freedomstan where you have two flavours of awful.

    And last of all reminder that if you are republican, Church of Satan is proud of you and LaVey is drinking to your health from the other side.

    1. Nobody in America has given a shit about garnering French approval since the late 1700s.

      Not that somebody with Communist is their name is ever to be trusted to truthfully represent anything, ever.

    2. FrenchCommunist, is it possible to combine two words to more loudly proclaim your utter lack of intellect and decency?

    3. FrenchCommunist, with all the respect you’re due…


      …and while you’re at it, go fuck yourself with a baguette.

      From Cuba With Love.

    4. “It is far from perfect here but at least there is a choice…”

      Says the Frenchbot whose only choices are socialism, MOAR socialism, or creeping Sharia. Boy, that’s rich.

  37. Who cares if you are painting with a broad brush, as far as I am concerned you can have at them with a rattle can. I’m a 50 something, straight, white, conservative, Christian, rural, gun owner. I think that checks pretty much all the “the left hates me because I exist” boxes. I began to feel the scorn in my late teens when I started college and it’s become consistently worse in the time since. It climaxed with a crescendo of vitriol and oral diarrhea from the left during the Trump administration, that jaded as I am, I found infuriating. In every other human encounter, I try hard to give a stranger the benefit of the doubt. Not so with modern leftists. I’ve been demonized for too long and I just don’t care anymore. As far as I am concerned if you profess the creed of the modern left, you are an amoral, lying, piece of filth until proven otherwise, which will be difficult, since I’ve run completely out of time, sympathy, understanding, compassion, and interest in your thoughts, opinions and existence.
    I feel cynical and wrong for even voicing such an opinion since Christ taught us to love one another and I really do try to live by His teachings. Unfortunately, time and experience have taught me that trying to love a modern leftist is akin to trying to love a rabid dog. You can try to love it, but at the end of the day, you are loving something that will go for your throat because there’s something wrong with it’s mind. The rabid dog has been infected with an incurable virus that leaves it vicious and filled with rage. The modern leftist has been infected with a less tangible, but equally dangerous philosophical virus that leaves it in a constant state of denial of reality, and, also vicious and filled with rage. The modern leftist is ready to lash out in any direction, even at its own herd mates, at the first sign of deviation from the appointed path. Because (IMO) they have been taught or come to believe that “to disagree with me is to diminish me”. To disagree with me is to say, at least tacitly, that you are smarter than me, or see something I don’t, perceive something I don’t and that I am wrong. And that’s absolutely intolerable to those who subscribe to a philosophy built on the false concept of equality in all things, and diversity in all things but thought.

  38. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    Schadenfreude is a dish best served microwaved, with whipped cream and Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

  39. the funniest one going around is “well regardless if Kyle hadn’t gone there those men would still be alive ”

    b/c of course the convicted child molester setting fires at gas stations and LARPing a Psycho from Borderlands (NPCs who run up to you yelling “SHOOT ME IN THE FACE!!”) was otherwise perfectly safe

    sadly “no one should guard Kenosha from rioting Democrats if the Democrats in charge won’t” makes perfect sense to most voters in deep blue areas, tacit approval of violence included

    that DuPage Dem who called the Waukesha massacre “karma” wasn’t an outlier, she was fired for saying what about half are thinking

    1. Heh… Good point. If Kyle hadn’t been there the news would be talking about the tragic death of dozens when a gas station inadvertently caught fire and exploded during a peaceful protest.
      EDIT – said fire was obviously the direct result of Donald Trump’s racism. Because reasons.

  40. Consider that the ACLU, a supposedly mainstream organization is basically calling for the removal of Presumption of Innocence, Due Process, and other longstanding protections of our legal system because they didn’t like the Rittenhouse verdict.

    Where’s the outcry from the Left?

  41. Also, until you start painting the left with a streetsweeper I don’t see how you can be regarded as treating them unfairly. These are people actively calling for a perfectly decent 18 year old kid to be lynched because he was aquitted. I don’t see how any level of mere insult is unjustified.

    1. Painting with a Streetsweeper people who want to beat you into silence and steal your wealth and flat out kill you seems reasonable to me.

  42. This reminds me of my (now former, his choice) best friend. He always leaned a bit to the left but after moving to LA he’s become so radicalized by his friends. He’s always been one to go with the flow but I’ve never seen someone throw away all their deeply held beliefs and values so quickly. His opinions are all left wing newspaper headlines and if you try to explain it to him he complains about you making him feel “Devauled.” It’s like he’s in a cult that tells him any sort of criticism is bad if it comes from anyone but his “group.”
    I miss my best friend, I miss talking to him. I miss how I could confide in him. I miss all the in-jokes we’ve had over 25 years of friendship. But I don’t like this brainwashed cult member he’s become.

    1. Greg,

      Kinda like Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, huh? It looks like him, but it is not him inside anymore, is it?

      Socialism is an infectious disease. You get it from your group. The people you hang with will set your politics, your attitude, your preferences. Experience and reason are not as persuasive as peer pressure and the desire to belong.

    2. Greg,

      I had a Brother-in-Law like that. He was so insecure in himself that he immediately adopted the opinion of the city newspaper as his own position, and parroted it out with great fidelity.

      It took me a while to realize it, even after I moved to the same moderate sized city. He just immediately adopted the “local convential wisdom.” Part of it was being a public facing member of his profession I think. Parroting the popular opinion is relatively safe and non-confrontational. Sort of like social camouflage.

      Now a days, it is necessary to survive the Leftist Cancellation Mob.

  43. Remember: The United States Democrat Party not only lied and hid exonerating evidence to put Americans in concentration camp under armed guard (and in Jerome with no guards, because the environment was deemed such a horrific natural barrier) and got rich doing it (via helping big ag donars steal family owned farms), but TO THIS DAY they continue to worship and hold the people responsible as an ideal while whitewashing the events. The party is by its very nature hostile to freedom and the American people. The rank and file they’ve duped can be educated, but the leadership is 100% knowing evil.

    1. The Democrat Party was formed before the Civil War to support Slavery and Expand Slavery to all the new states added to the Union. After they lost the Civil War, Democrats formed the KKK as their militant arm. The KKK lynched and killed as many White Republicans as they did Blacks in the South after the war. Newspaper Publishers were a favorite target.

      Southern Democrat and Ivy League University President Woodrow Wilson resegregated the Civil Service, where he didn’t just fire all the Blacks completely. Wilson also proudly exhibited “The Birth of a Nation,” as the first Movie shown in the White House. When I first heard that story in the 1960’s, Democrats were proud of it being shown first in the WH. Then I saw the movie on PBS (of all places) in the 1970’s. The plot was simple, “How the Noble Klan saved the South and its Womenhood from rapacious sub-human Blacks and Evil Northerners.” Yes, It was that blatant in its B&W imagery and scripted dialogue cards.

      Scratch a Democrat? Scratch a Racist. Sure, many Democrats are kind and patronizing Racists now, but definitely still Racist in their actions and opinions. All Democrats, White, Black, Hispanic Democrats. Tell me I am wrong.

      1. All accurate, until everything switched during and after the Voting Rights Act of 1964. Now, modern Democrats are patronizing racists and modern Republicans are isolationist racists. Essentially two sides of the same coin depending on who’s vote they are after.

        1. Bullshit on the switching.

          People very widely assert that it has happened.

          If it had happened, it would have happened in every single state, and you would be able to see it in the political history of every single state.

          One state where it clearly did not happen would falsify the whole theory.

          Furthermore, the key figures where changes or constancy in a party’s tactics are concerned are the most influential long term members of the party. Either effers who stay in a legislature forever and have a lot of funding chops, or the unelected election service providers and leaders of activists who hang around as elected officials come and go. So, a voter switching parties means nothing if it can be shown that several of these movers and shakers are amoral power hungry types, and stayed with the organizations that they had already deeply invested in by developing influence.

          So, researchers in ‘history’ who wring their hands about the systemic racism and horrible results of the ‘Tulsa Race Massacre’ at the University of Oklahoma have publicly held their tongues about U of O President Joe Harroz’s support for the BLM riots. If they have the brains to see for themselves that the Tulsa Race Riots were not a good thing, they have the brains to see that BLM riots are not a good thing in exactly the same way. If they think the BLM riots were justifed because Biden, they are hypocrites to be lecturing us about the Tulsa Race Massacre. If they think BLM justified because of Biden, and think Tulsa was justified because it helped get FDR, at the same time they want us to apologize for systemic racism, they are utter monsters and not people that can be peacefully coexisted with.

          Joe Harroz was a Boren crony, who became President due to a deal between Boren and the Regents that results in Harroz not reporting Boren’s sexual abuse of students to Oklahoma state law enforcement. Boren is a rather famous figure in Oklahoma political history, a Democrat in the 1970s and a Democrat in the 2010s who went to a lot of trouble to pretend to be woke. Folks with roots in Oklahoma know that Boren would have been chummy with white supremacists, and turning a blind eye to a lot of white supremacism early in his career. Another key figure in showing Oklahoma Democrat continuity, and in the hypocrisy of the modern woke Oklahoman left, is Gene Stipe or Stipes.

          Gene was a long term figure of influence in the state legislature, and a Democrat. He went into politics in the early 1930s, about ten years after Tulsa. If he had a shred of feeling that Tulsa was wrong, he would not have willingly and knowingly remained complicit in the cover up for so long. Official cover up continued to around 2000. Gene left state politics in the 2000s, with a retirement, when the feds caught up with him. He still had enough pull in state politics to get himself sentenced to community service ‘giving advice’ to the state legislature.

      2. Then there’s Critical Race Theory, which is the old Democrat White Supremacist Dogma repackaged as an apology.
        Heck, the Dems have even been able to successfully reintroduce their beloved Segregation as a measure to protect BIPOC from Toxic Whiteness.

  44. Love the hypocrisy of not approving replies / comments that don’t fit your agenda, while also bitching about censorship, shadow banning, etc. Maybe the left will start taking these rants from the right seriously if they actually start practicing what they preach.

    1. We only block spammers or people making death threats on Larry’s family. Beyond that, we had this thing yesterday called ‘Thanksgiving’ where we spend time with family instead of approving comments from scolding idiots such as yourself. We approve just about every comment- even the most cursory look around will show you no end of comments from people who hate us. Calm yourself- we have lives outside Larry’s blog. We’ll approve them when we get to them; we’re not the ones blocking speech we don’t like.

    2. You are an idiot.
      Wordpress is set so that anything with a link or from a first time email (like your fake one) get put into moderation awaiting approval.
      It was a holiday, you dork. Jack and I both have lives outside of listening to whiny internet scolds.

      1. Can confirm! I have a wordpress site!
        It reviews the wokeness content in video games to warn the consumer. I don’t update as much as I’d like to, unfortunately.

        This was another reason my BFF no longer likes me…

    3. Like seriously, scroll back through hundreds of posts and thousands of comments to test your hypothesis.
      And then ask yourself, how fucking stupid are you?

      Also, pro tip, as I’ve told previous moron trolls who’ve whined about the same exact thing, if you just used the same bullshit fake email every time rather than making up a new stupid one for every troll post then you wouldn’t get stuck waiting for approval.

  45. I agree with everything you wrote except one, I don’t pity them, I hate them for all the evil they are doing to America and Americans.

  46. Leftists have a collectivist mindset and view everything in terms of groups rather than individuals. Seeing Leftists as a group is how Leftists perceive themselves. Concomitantly deviation from a group is the cardinal sin and explains the excommunication of Cubans from “people of color” for both voting Republican and opposing illegal immigrants. My favorite example was the massive freakout and cancelation of Adolph Reed Jr. for daring to criticize the 1619 project and the general obsession with race over class. As background Reed is a black Marxist political science professor with hitherto impeccable Leftist credentials.

    1. “Leftists have a collectivist mindset…”

      That’s the difference, I think. I also think that there’s a legitimate “Classical” liberalism that focuses on individual rights. There were always those progressives, the socialists and red diaper babies, who presented themselves as that because, after all, demanding tolerance of themselves is a way to gain power so why not attach to actual liberal people who believe in tolerance?

      And some tipping point was reached where it wasn’t useful anymore so instead of promoting liberal ideas such as tolerance and free speech, we’re told that tolerance is morally abhorrent and the only purpose of free speech is to excuse hatred.

      And we’ve reached a place where what I might have called silliness or hyperbole a decade ago is happening before our eyes.

  47. Moderate liberals who are nice in person? Where? Haven’t met a one, they all act like screaming Karens the moment you admit to be unvaxxed or to being on the wrong side of any of their demented opinions. Guys like Glen Greenwald and Matt Taibbi are so rare as to be unique.

    Tulsi Gabbard, now she is in interesting case. Lately she’s been talking like Tucker Carlson more than a Democrat. But she was always her own person.

    1. Have twice seen Tulsi asked a “difficult” questions by a friendly interviewer (Dave Rubin) and both times she waffled away from the question. Tulsi seems to be a lovely person, but… spineless.

      Which is pretty much what Newt says about Joe Manchin.

    2. “Niceness.” Being “nice.” “Nice-ities.” Blah!

      “Nice” describes the socialite who offers to commend your work on the company facebook page, but then holds that offer over the contractor’s head while she terrorizes him with frivolous complaints, warranty claims and threats of public slander.

      In over thirty years’ experience in private contracting, every single one of the evil scolds, badmouthers or entrappers that I’ve had to jettison was “nice.” By “nice,” I mean chatty, amicable and accommodating with dollops of supposed hospitality that is viscous, sticky and hard to wash off.

      “Can I offer you something to drink?” “Would you like to come inside?” “Blah blah about non-sequitur people, places, things”…idle nonsense fishing for intrigues in lieu of real work.

      To which I now think to myself: “No, I’m the gardener. I work outside and I bring my own friggin’ water. So stop trying to grapple at me with your “nice” tongs.

      In short, “They” are always Nice.

  48. You may pity them and not hate them, but for me it is the opposite. I hate their guts and I have absolutely no pity for them whatsoever.

  49. Muito bom Larry! Destruiste por completo a Narrativa esquerdista.

    I will be saving this post to show it to my leftist “friends”.

  50. I don’t know Larry. Most of us learned long ago to stop trying to change the left(its). Your anger is just, but all it amounts to is anger at democrats, for being democrats. I don’t want to hear about the distinction between leftists and democrats. This article makes plain the in step marching of that party.

    These people cannot be cajoled, shamed, begged to be better people. They must be defeated along with those they march with. There is no other way

  51. I was born into a family that was ‘Blue Collar Left.’ Parents loved FDR, Truman, etc. I was at my State University’s student unions and an Alinsky fool showed up and picked me out of the crowd to tell me I wasn’t ‘real left,’ as I did not go far enough. He was using the usual tactics, or in my face to the point of literally spitting on my face, while being super aggressive.
    This is true. My response was Ice cold, and told him to back way off, because I was ready to “snap his twig neck.” He did back up a little and went to passive-aggressive, saying I would “go to jail” if I attacked him. A couple of friends close by said that they would back my up and say that I was just defending myself against his attacks.

    Yet that was the mid-1970’s, and those days are gone, and I’ve long considered myself on the Right.

    Yet, the left has always bullied their moderates to show that they will push further towards insanity, and it was going on even decades before it happened to me.

    Many blue-collar left has switched sides long ago. and the numbers are fake, and more and more not Americans. The large majority have contempt for these Leftists, and even most ‘Conservatives,’ most of who are merely ‘Leftists Lite.’

  52. There are biblical references which deal with a ‘seared conscience’, as with a hot iron – a necessity by which you can lie as often as you wish. Paul mentions that in his letter to Timothy.
    My personal favorite is Hebrews 5:11-14, which admonishes the church for remaining infantile – being fed on milk, unable to ingest meat – thus not able by practice to discern good from evil.
    All societal f-ups can be distilled to their essence – a lack of spiritual discernment – and it began in the pulpits and pews. The rest was easy peasy – As I explain at Government/Religion/Politics/Culture – my website and library.

  53. I first learned about Larry Correia because the left was trying to cancel him. In the following months I ended up buying 10+ Larry Correia books.

  54. The American Red Guard. This ends in one of two ways, and we all know it. Either they eventually send us to the gulags, or we eventually give them free one way helicopter rides. If I have to pick between Stalin or Pinochet, I’m going to go with the latter. His people ate better, and there was a much smaller body count.

  55. They came of age the heirs of ruin,

    When remnants of the West were carrion

    To a ravening madness, a fear whose name

    Their fathers knew but feared remember, for shame

    Had so unmanned them, and degradations

    By degrees for generations

    The Enemy bred them to embrace and cherish.

    The virtues of their forebears so would perish,

    And with them any memory of their worth

    As nations or the race from whom came forth

    A civilization peerless and sublime.

  56. If you change the viewpoint to someone on the “other” side, almost everything you say and every example provided can be applied equally to the right. To take a few of your examples:

    – Besides, as soon as a democrat (republican) stands for principle outside of the narrative, they get tossed.

    Let’s go ask Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger how they are feeling right now, and whether they’ve been tossed by the Republicans for their involvement with the January 6 committee.

    – The left however gets shit done, because they always put aside their differences and work toward whatever goal their elite wants. This is effective, but also what makes them despicable.

    The complete and utter failure of the infrastructure bill, complete inaction on voter laws, healthcare initiatives, among everything else, shows that this is not true. Both parties have individuals within the party that are willing to step out of line and grind things to a halt. Not many on either side, but they are there.

    – When the insane progs among you lie their asses off, I’m talking blatant, easily disproven, painfully ham-fisted, fucking LIES… Do you call them out? Do you say, “hang on guys, that’s a little nuts”. Because if you do, the rest of us sure as fuck don’t ever see it. Pick a topic, any topic. It’s always the same.

    The fact that a large minority, if not a majority, of Republicans still believe that the last election was stolen shows that both sides are susceptible to believing easily disproven lies.

    – Anybody with the courage to speak up on the left is swiftly set upon by the rest and devoured. They’re the cow and social justice warriors are the piranhas.

    Again, let’s go talk to Cheny and Kinzinger about this issue.

    – The only people the right “cancels” (we are crap at it) are the ones who pretend to be something they aren’t and lie about it to sabotage (i.e. The Lincoln Project) and even then, those dishonest fucks don’t get cancelled. The right doesn’t know how to cancel for shit. They still have jobs and a platform. They just get mocked for being dishonest losers.

    Admittedly, liberals are better at cancel culture when it comes to individuals, celebrities, etc. If conservatives focused on it though, they would certainly come out on top. Instead, they are focused on cancelling entire segments of our country ( Where are the conservatives speaking against this particular insanity? They aren’t, because it will benefit them at the polls.

    I could go on and on, but ultimately, my take on everything is that this type of post demonstrates what is wrong with our country, at least from a political perspective, on both sides. Everyone thinks the EXACT same thing about the “other” side, and no one is willing to compromise anymore. Right, left, middle, up, down, who fucking cares, it’s everyone at this point. As a result, absolutely nothing gets done besides finger pointing, and they all look like fools. The rest of us then get in fights on the internet as we continue to allow ourselves to be dragged along with them, further eroding any ability for compromise.

    All that said, I’m not someone that embraces the left’s agenda completely, and I wish that the current incarnation of both parties would shrivel up and die already so that a system with more than 2 relevant parties could rise from their ashes. I’m a pro-gun, anti-abortion, pro-universal healthcare, anti- cancel culture, pro-voting rights expansion, pro-justice reform amalgamation of opinions that used to vote Republican, but can’t bring myself to do anymore because the real Republican party is already dead. Ultimately, so long as there are only two parties, no matter who I vote for I end up getting fucked and am really just choosing which hole.

    Lastly, none of the above means that I won’t continue reading all of your future books, even though I likely disagree with you on most political issues. You’re a good author, and write excellent stories, which is all that matters when I’m picking my next read (unless you start printing your novels on vellum made from Democrat babies or something, in which case I might need to reconsider… or just buy the Audible versions).

    1. Except your thesis is clearly incorrect. Both sides may engage in similar behavior, however one side owns the vast majority of big tech, the media, Hollywood, publishing, and academia… So all of your bullet points afterwards are largely irrelevant as far as actual effectiveness.

      As for your actual bullet points, super brief version because this blog post is a week old so most of the audience is gone –
      – I believe as of the last polling over half of Americans believe election fraud occurred. They aren’t wrong. You are.
      – As for election fraud being “easily disproved”, of the highly questionable states, the least questionable one got audited and it still found 5X the margin of victory in questionable ballots in a single county, which could not be tracked back any further due to democrat lawsuits stopping signature verification (the next logical step in the audit process). And before you continue this line of questioning, trust me, I know more about auditing than you do. 😀
      – Getting shit done is not a synonym for passing every single bill their heart desires. The fact they PASSED the ridiculous “infrastructure” bill through (with hardly any infrastructure in it) despite a 50/50 senate, and the most unpopular president in our lifetimes (possibly in American history) with a dozen republicans flipping due to media pressure would seem to indicate that your take is shit.
      – I believe you are mistaking the infrastructure bill for the much larger and far more expensive Hurry And Pay Off Our Friends Before The Midterms bill. But I can see how you’d get this wrong, considering this giant blog post I just wrote about how the media covers for democrats.
      – Cheney and Kinziger are fucking idiots who pissed off the vast majority of their voters, so now they’re fucked. If they were democrats they’d still be covered for until their usefulness ran out. Which kinda demonstrates the point I was making about lefty solidarity. So thanks for proving my point.
      – Lol… You are actually trying to declare that cancel culture (which you admit the left is far better at) is the same as election reform laws? (as in, hey fuck face, maybe it is a bad idea to let randos throw piles of untraceable ballots in a box and nobody is ever allowed to question them? Naw. It’ll be fine.)
      – seriously, that’s such a dippy ass, apples and oranges argument, that you should be ashamed of yourself. Who are they cancelling? Dead and imaginary people? See my earlier bullet point about how many people believe in fraud? That includes the minority populations white liberals always claim to speak for. Black and Hispanic people have IDs. The only people who believe that horseshit are useful idiots. Even the media and DNC doesn’t believe it. They just like having fraud as another tool in their tool box.
      – “compromise” is a fucking stupid platitude usually barfed up by mediocre people who stand for nothing. When you have two mutually exclusive ideas competing, there is no actual “compromise” between them. I got into politics because of guns, where “compromise” always meant that my side gave up a little bit and the other side gives up nothing, repeat, repeat, repeat. The left just kept getting incremental gains for generations. (Lawdog’s famous cake analogy) Yeah no. Fuck that. About 20 years ago everybody with a clue said screw your fake ass gun compromises, and we started going for victories instead. It’s been great. And as soon as activists clue in on this in every other avenue of politics, the better off we will be. Quit compromising with evil/stupid.
      – You could go on and on… I bet you certainly could. But considering this was the quality you led with I’m not gonna hold my breath.

      1. Like I said, this type of post (along with your so biased as fuck reply that it’s laughable) are what is wrong with this country’s politics currently. Although it’s not worth responding to further, I do love the fact that your “ra-ra-ra guns are the best thing on earth and any regulation is bad” rant occurs almost simultaneously with the most recent school shooting. But hey, fuck compromise and fuck dead kids, right? Once they’re born, ain’t the right’s problem what happens to them.

        1. So your “I’m pro-gun” stance didn’t even last one post? No surprise.

          The childish desire to “compromise” (also known as abject surrender) is why “conservatives” have failed to conserve a single damn thing over the last 50 years.

          By the way sunthin’, compromising simply to achieve the usual politicians’ “Something must be done, this is something, so we must do it!” is not only moronic, it’s contrary to the primary purpose of representative government.

          1. You do know that someone can be generally “pro” something without being psychotically against any compromise on the issue whatsoever?

            Yes, desiring to “compromise” (work with others) is such a naturally childish trait. I suppose that is why we don’t have to instill sharing and other traits in our children because they do so naturally. Wait, they don’t. The fact that you view “compromise” as simply abject surrender says all that I need to know.

            Posts and replies like this make the authors sound like a lunatic to a majority of people because they are still able to consider other points of view without foaming at the mouth. Must suck to be so constantly angry at the world to the point that you can’t view the “other” side as anything but evil.

          2. Except you are totally full of shit, E. You’re just using loaded words to paint a picture of unreasonableness, where the left just wants sunshine and rainbows and why won’t the hateful right compromise like good people should?
            And nobody is buying that weak nonsense anymore. You guys shot your wad.

            I view “compromise” on this particular issue as surrender based upon thousands of hours of training, research, and personal and professional experience over two decades. Basically, I know more far more about this topic than you do, so your childlike attempts at emotional blackmail amuse me. Nothing more.

            Your last paragraph is great, but just not in the way you intended. All you dishonest fuckers can do is gas light and shame. “You sound angry”. So on and so forth. You don’t speak for the majority. You speak for useful idiots. And my people are done humoring idiots.

          3. Compromising our basic rights away in the false name of safety is absolutely evil. I’m guessing you’re not familiar at all with the actual gun control statistics or the article Larry linked.
            The left’s idea of gun control compromise is exemplified by states like New York – you can maybe have a gun locked in your home, but you can’t have it with you anywhere else.
            Or there’s the “gun show loophole” whereby a private citizen (someone without FFL to sell guns) can sell a gun without needing to do a background check, because we want to limit who has access to the Federal databases and guns sold in such a way are so rarely used to commit crimes. 5 years later, leftist politician who is either ignorant or knows about the compromise and has decided to alter the deal stands up and talks about a loophole. Hell, or we have all the insane takes about new laws to try and pass based on shootings that wouldn’t have even stopped the shooting that supposedly caused it.
            Other “compromises” we’ve gotten – PATRIOT act, sponsored by the contemptible Orrin Hatch, written by who knows, but awaiting an emergency, whereby politicians compromised away our liberties to the surveillance state. Generally speaking, when politicians “compromise” they’re screwing everyone over.

          4. Evil is as evil does. I can’t see ‘Defund the police!’ and ‘let violent criminals out of jail free’ as anything but evil. As demonstrated by the violent criminal that plowed through a Christmas parade last week. That was evil.

            What degree of ‘compromise’ would you recommend between a murderer, and someone who does not want to be murdered? 50%? 25%? I’m going to go with 0%, and the only way to ‘negotiate’ with a murderer is by force. Taking that option away from the innocent leaves them helpless.

            The Australians and Canadians ‘compromised’ until now they’re being rounded up and put in concentration camps.
            Negotiating with an enemy that can’t be trusted is Just Plain Stupid.

          5. You’re not “pro” anything if the instant being “pro” is difficult you bend right over because standing up would be “psychotic”.

            Desire to compromise is indeed childish if you will instantly abandon your purported beliefs solely out of fear of being seen as troublesome and not a “team player” or, heavens to Murgatroid, someone infected with wrongthink.

            Post and replies like yours are the work of liars and dissemblers, and the fact that you believe that “considering points of view” means abandoning any option to judge said points demonstrates that even if you’re not fully on the side of evil, you’re clearly a coward. You’re also not very good at either rhetoric or dialectic.

          6. Mass murders carried out by governments have a greater potential loss of life than spree killings and ordinary murders carried out by criminals. Gun Control, which is a wrong way of addressing the latter two issues, would make no sense anyway because of the former.

            The fundamental context around gun control is of self proclaimed ‘allies’ stabbing the opponents of gun control in the back, as well as the flagrant dishonesty of gun control advocates in negotiations.

            What you would alleged is ‘psychotic’ refusal to compromise is a sane response to this context.

            It is interesting that you want people to consider only the school shooting during the usual period before it comes out that the facts of the shooting do not really support well the left’s talking points. a) Either this is an unusual coincidence, or the shooter will turn out to be a Democrat pro-felon terror soldier like the guy who drove into the parade. b) Shutting down the public schools would also end school shootings. Additionally, if teens are too unstable to have firearms, then they are too unstable to have access to the educations that would permit them to potentially rack up a decent body count with a spree shooting, instead of chump change. c) Seriously, are we going to find out that FBI instigators pushed him to go forward before he was properly prepared, for a short term news cycle advantage?

            Anyway, with blood in the streets, how can you continue to justify your psychotic refusal to support common sense education control?

            1. End the ‘school to prison pipeline’ by removing the terrible influence of Education majors from the lives of America’s children.
            2. ‘Defund’ and ‘abolish’ the schools of Education.
            3. Dismantle the colleges and universities by spinning off the schools for every field as separate entities. Fundamentally, the professional schools for medicine, law, accounting, engineering, etc., should not be accountable to the purely academic disciplines, and should not have influence over each other’s instruction either.
            4. The purely academic disciplines have also had a terrible influence on each other.
            5. Additionally, the public cannot trust current university administrators to practice adequate industrial safety with disease samples. Either medical schools and hospitals need to change their leadership, or they need to cease handling disease samples.

          7. I hear a lot about the need for compromise, but it always ends up with me giving up more of my rights while not receiving anything in return.

            And this may come as a surprise to E, but when compromise involves me giving up stuff for nothing in return, it’s actually not ‘compromise’.

          8. Not sure why I can’t reply to your latest post, so replying again to this one.

            As stated before, you can be pro something, and willing to compromise on an issue, without abandoning it. Compromise is literally how this country was founded, and without it there would not have been a constitution or a United States. Things can get done with compromise. Will all of those things be something you like? Of course not, that’s the nature of compromise. My willingness to compromise has nothing to do with fear, but everything to do with my belief that both sides can bring valid points of view to the table.

            Lastly, knowing that I have a better chance at discussing these issues with a wall than the echo chamber in these comments, I’m not wasting more than a minimal amount of my time engaging with you. That being the case, feel free to judge my rhetoric and dialectic all you like.

          9. Oh, they’re judging your “rhetoric” all right. 😀

            You can’t reply too far down a chain due to WordPress nesting feature… Or I’m sure you can assume this is some kind of malicious plot to prevent these people from seeing your brilliance. Your call.

            Your bit about compromise is vapid platitudes, and more importantly, they are non-specific platitudes. Compromise by itself is not inherently evil, but it can be depending on who/what you are compromising with. Everybody knows that, except for the vapid leftist who reflexively bleats “compromise! compromise!” yet who can offer no specific items they wish to give to us, only demands of things we give to them. Every. Fucking. Time.

            And then as we’ve seen over and over the stuff you guys demand is usually total shit, which will do absolutely nothing to stop the problem you are crying about, and in fact, usually makes the problem far worse. But I already wrote a giant blog post breaking all your usual “compromise” proposals down in great depth, and why you’re full of shit.

          10. Compromising with cannibals is not a wise course of action. Nor is compromising our rights to increase government power.

            Because so long as there is something they want, their demands for ‘compromise’ will never end. And they want EVERYTHING.
            The one thing we need more of from the government is LESS!!

        2. Translation: I can’t formulate an intelligent response, so I’m going to hide behind the still-warm bodies of children.

        3. It’s not worth responding to further… yet you are here.

          But I look at your emotional blackmail gibberish, capitalizing on dead children (once again killed in a leftist beloved “Gun Free Zone” like almost every other mass shooting), and it once again confirms that my original point was correct. The left deserves the broad brush they are painted with.

          However, for the people still reading these comments who aren’t shallow pieces of shit, here’s the article I did on that exact topic, and it’s one of the most in depth and widely read articles on the topic of mass shootings and how they relate to gun control ever written. So basically I’ll put my actual expertise and research on this particular subject against your pathetic, knee jerk, posturing any day.

  57. Mr. Correia’s comment that they’ve become a religion is on the nose. Why does the left hate Christianity so much? Because we already have a religion that’s incompatible with theirs and superior to theirs, thus have no need of theirs. We already have a savior, we don’t need them to save us.

    The Left has now become the Cult of the Almighty State. They cannot imagine a power they do not wish the government to have, nor can they imagine government to be anything other than a perfect, caring, all-powerful benefactor.

    Their god is political power without restraint. Their god is themselves, with the delusion that their politicians are beholden to them and will do as they desire faithfully and without deviation, and make their particular vision of a perfect anthill society into a reality.

    The list of things I will not do, under some circumstance or another is fairly small, but bending the knee to such an insane creed is not on that list.

    1. The Left has always been the cult of the all mighty state.

      Lenin and Stalin each had the personal drive to hurt other humans at least on the level of a career violent felon. They set up the state cult of the Soviet Union as an instrument for feeding their own vile appetite for hurting and killing human beings.

      Which is why the state cult had features of vocally and energetically agreeing with whatever the lunatic criminal at top said. The people near the top partly did so in the futile hope that the top guy would not get around to having them murdered. The top guy wanted them wasting their time with such pointless religious rituals, instead of cold bloodedly seeing what was coming, and taking the effective action of removing the top guy. Lack of enthusiasm and obvious lack of belief did get people prioritized for murder, the magical thinking was that the ritual did more than move you towards the back of the line.

      The state cult of the soviet union is more commonly known as the religion of communism. For some decades now, almost everyone on the left has acted with the behavior that distinguishes communism from other flavors of Marxist socialism.

  58. I mean…..DAMN! I’ve read some scorching articles in the past but this put all the rest to shame. LC, you definitely have a way of driving straight to the heart of the subject and driving a stake right through it. Good on ya!

  59. Larry, reply isn’t showing up on your last post, so just replying generally here.

    A few things and I’m officially done banging my head against this wall:

    1) I don’t need to use loaded words to paint a picture of unreasonableness. I can just point to your post, your follow-up comments, and your rhetoric. You’re a literal poster boy for the stereotypical angry far-right. If that’s what you are going for, kudos, you’ve nailed it.

    2) Apparently your so called expertise in guns doesn’t extend to numbers (particularly ironic with your background as a CPA). Considering that about half of the county identifies as independent and the other half is evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, the “majority that I don’t speak for” would definitely view this post as what it is… a stereotypical angry far-right rant. Don’t let the echo chamber of your website fool you into thinking that you are in the majority.

    1. Larry, reply isn’t showing up on your last post, so just replying generally here.

      That’s what happens when you reach the WordPress nesting limit. It’s not a mystery, and nobody is being mean to you.

      A few things and I’m officially done banging my head against this wall:

      No, no, by all means keep banging. You don’t have any brains to damage, so there’s a chance that enough impact might bring about some improvement. Plus, it’s funny.

      I don’t need to use loaded words to paint a picture of unreasonableness.

      Followed by two whole paragraphs full of loaded words! The mockery practically writes itself.

      You shouldn’t use loaded words; you’ll just hurt yourself. You’re a literal poster boy for the stereotypical clueless left-wing troll. If that’s what you are going for, kudos, you’ve nailed it.

      After a certain point, hostile mockery is the only worthwhile response to willful stupidity. You are well beyond that point. It must feel like anger on the receiving end.
      Only two things are infinite: the universe and stupidity — and I’m not sure about the universe.

    2. You’re that guy, opinion of one, raging about how everyone else is angry and wrong.

      You’re killing it, my man.

    3. E- you speak of compromise, so I’ll bite.
      What are you putting on the table in this compromise? For now, not what you WANT- what exactly are you OFFERING? Let’s start there.

      1. That was an “Obama” tactic and the press ate it up. Not specifically on guns but on everything. He’d put forward a proposal, including what he was going to ‘give’ the Republicans that the Democrats didn’t care about and the Republicans hadn’t asked for, and then tell an adoring press that HE was willing to compromise, but Republicans were mean.

    4. You keep saying you are done, yet you keep returning. (you are such a dorky stereotype)

      But I’m happy with that, because you serve as a fine example of the kind of profoundly dishonest shithead I talked about in the OP.
      As for your recent lame points.
      1. Except you forget that internet debate is a spectator sport, and the audience decides. The participants don’t get a vote. You’re a dipshit. Of course you think you are doing well.
      2. Oh, I’m extremely good at numbers. You should check the polling on guns among independents, and also far more importantly that the polls, the actual real life firearm purchasing habits of independents AND democrats over the last few years. (there’s an interesting difference between providing social pressure “virtuous” answers to pollsters and actual real life behavior). You don’t speak for the majority, especially post 2020. Lots of mushy “Why would we need guns when we have police” types got red pilled during the Great National Democrat Temper Tantrum.

      But there you go again, pulling stupid shit out of your ass.

      Also, you clearly didn’t read the giant essay I posted a link to. Because your initial cries for compromise are nothing new, and I happily go through all of the usual lefty proposals, and why they suck, or are actually counter productive, in great detail, using real life numbers and examples… Oh well. I eagerly await your next emotionally manipulative yet totally vapid shame attempt. 😀

      1. Oh, and since you are super lazy and I know you’ll just make shit up. Here is the ultra reliable and never biased in favor of lefty politics CNN declaring that support for gun control has fallen to its lowest level in decades, as calculated by the ultra reliable and never biased in favor of lefty politics Gallup.

        And the part that makes that really interesting is that judging by Gallup’s prior polling on the issue over the last 20 years when compared to actual rubber meeting the road voting, they’re historically off by 4-12 points. (kind of like their swing state election polling! 😀 ).

        Now, when you look at actual gun purchasing, again, from the totally not biased to try and make lefty stuff sound good CNN
        Purchasing guns has gone insane. And here’s the ugly little tidbit that everybody on my side knows, and everybody who actually works in the gun industry can confirm… That sales explosion caused defensive guns to be going for super high amounts, I’m talking scalpers prices… People like me and mine don’t pay scalpers prices. We’ve already got a stack of guns. That wasn’t regular gun people buying up tens of millions of ARs and handguns. That was your so called “independents” and a fucking staggering amount of democrats. First time purchasers were at an all time high, as confirmed by the gun industry and dealers. And far more importantly, and a fact which you as a (I’m assuming) white liberal must find galling (since white liberals always claim to speak for all women and minorities) a giant percentage of those new gun owners are women and minorities. NSSF polling of these first time purchasers indicate what pushed them over the edge was a combo of The Great Democrat Temper Tantrum of 2020 and Defund The Police. Fucking duh. Moron.

        So even your best case, wishful thinking scenario polling from a place which cheerleads for gun control shows you don’t speak for everybody, while the actual numbers from the people with skin in the game show that those polls are fucking garbage.

        Do you wish to cry harder about how I don’t use numbers right? Or do you wish to barf up some more vapid platitudes about how bending the knee to stupid leftist demands is actually a good thing, and we are all bad for no longer wanting to compromise with fucking idiots? Or you could actually keep your word (for like the 3rd time) about how you’re done, because this post is old so there’s not much audience left (which means if you keep going I’m going to have to compile all these into a blog post for fresh audience)

        Oh yeah, on that note. You keep bleating about “echo chamber”. Motherfucker, this is open to the public. You’re the dumb shit who is arguing in the comments of a week old blog post on my page, acting shocked that nobody who is still getting notifications is dumb enough to buy the crap you’re selling.

        1. Their “Dear Leaders” extra special kool-aid is the jab, given, consumed, and now demanded of everyone to drink.

      2. When someone wants to talk about compromise, and negotiation, one of the questions in my mind is whether they can deliver on any concessions they make in discussion.

        If I think that someone cannot or will not deliver on any concessions that I would value, I take a good hard look at my alternatives to negotiation, and see if any of those are livable.

        Example, the Libertarian argument for drug legalization stopped being something I considered negotiable around ten years ago, because the Libertarians and everyone else in favor of legalization /cannot/ deliver on one of the key elements of that proposed model. Drugs are a risky poison, and legalization is basically deciding to stop policing recreational substances for excessive hazard. If society is not policing substances, society should not be expected to hold responsibility for the safety of substances. Libertarian drug legalization is ‘if someone kills themself while on a trip, it is that person’s fault’. Which basically requires a mechanism for deciding fault about deaths that interprets ‘drugs in the system’ as no-fault for any other person. It doesn’t take a highschool graduate to work out that a significant political faction will refuse to allow such decisions to stand. Therefore, such mechanism cannot be delivered.

        The gun control advocates either have nothing that they can deliver, or nothing that they will deliver, because they see no need to deliver anything.

        And spree shooters are a bullshit argument, because serious examination shows that there are underlying influences contributing that the left is unwilling to address in as capricious and tyrannical a fashion.

        Paddock and Roof? Psychiatric meds are very bad things, and some of the time use is related to horrible stability issues.

        PArkland? The bureaucracies running the schools are terrible. If teachers are going to bully students using other students as proxies, they should at least allow their victims to be arrested when the violent behavior of the victims shows that they are becoming emotionally capable of retaliation, /before/ it escalates to a spree shooting. Most especially, when the school system bullies, leaves victims free to carry out a shooting, and then runs the aftermath of the shooting as a pro gun control propaganda exercise, there is a serious need for someone to be able to intervene in school bureaucracies, and stop such criminal conspiracies.

        Santa Fe? Schools have a lot of ability to force mental tools on students, and the tools that they provide are shit when it comes to living a healthy stable life. In particular, broken families ‘raising’ kids in left wing values will not have the kid magically stable and healthy after the schools have their fingerprints all over the kid. “Hey, weird kid with issues! You are LGBT, which has all the answers you need for personal happiness.” The kids who listen to this do not wind up happy, and may find themselves more strongly drawn to the path leading to a spree shooting. LGBT absolutely does not on its own contain a route to happiness, even for a weird kid with issues who actually matches LGBT. A weird kid with issues can be straight, and getting them to accept identifying as Bi because they are desperate for acceptance somewhere is probably going to make things worse.

        And a lot of this shit seems to be copycat. So, it would probably help if the media and Democrat activists did not immediately run a ‘look at this shooting, we need gun control’ talking point everywhere until the evidence comes out that the shooting was more complicated than simply guns. Especially the ‘oh no, look at the white supremacist’ who very rarely turns out to be an actual white supremacist. The attempt to build the narrative of terrorist right wingers with these acts is a deliberate and unnecessary element of the hype that contributes to the copy cat element.

        If there really were a disturbing trend of right winger terror soldiers, that could be discussed outside of the media format, in a way that is not overhyped, lazy, and superficial.

        So, if E does not want his side to be forced to shut the hell up in order to combat school shootings, E is not willing to deliver on addressing school shootings, so does not have a moral case for arguing that we should deliver what is demanded from us. And, if someone is too unstable or uncivilized to be provided access to firearms, they may also be really too unstable or too uncivilized to be provided access to literacy or numeracy. Literacy and numeracy are also critical paths towards an effective mass casualty spree shooting.

        1. This is a way more consistent approach than I’ve used, very well put. I personally have looked at issue compromise as – will the people I would be compromising with accept the outcome as final? Or would they immediately start pushing for the remainder of things they were trying to get in the first place?

          1. Both approaches look valid to me, but I lean toward yours. Given that the Left never stops demanding, I’ve adopted the position of never giving them another inch and doing what little I’m able to claw back every inch they’ve ever taken.

            Since we’ve entered the transactional ethics phase of society, it’s the only rational approach.

    5. Don’t let the echo chamber of your website fool you into thinking that you are in the majority.

      Whineth the troll from inside the supposed ‘echo chamber’.

      Let me give you a free clue, since you are in such desperate need of one. You’re here, aren’t you? That alone should be all the proof you need that Larry lets anything in here. No matter where it’s been.
      I used to live on a farm. I know what bullshit smells like.

      1. We, strictly speaking, do not actually /need/ a majority to cause problems for the opposition.

        They are relying on compliance that they don’t have the force structure to coerce. Their superlative genius needs a lot of compliance to be effective enough that they won’t throw murderous hissy fits. Possibly more compliance than is humanly possible.

        They are quite possibly hung up on gun control precisely because of the pushback they are getting from their goons on implementation of murderous hissy gits.

        To cause trouble for them, we only need a minority that is stubbornly non compliant.

        Samples of commentators at this or that blog are absolutely not a useful estimator for whether we have a majority. The estimator for whether we have a majority that seems most useful is the level of shenanigans Democrats push wrt votes, and what is implied about what the actual votes might have been.

  60. For whatever it’s worth, I tend to think that Larry over-reacts. Sarah Hoyt, too. And I spend this period of discomfort thinking, wow, they’re over-reacting. And then it turns out that they weren’t over-reacting at all. Every. Single. Time.

    This has happened so reliably over the last, gosh, seven years? That sequence has happened so reliably over the last seven years that I tend to just skip to the end and save myself time. If I think, “wow, someone pissed in Larry’s Wheaties”, I just pay attention and whatever I didn’t see happen or notice at the time, eventually I’ll see exactly what they are on about.

    Every. Time.

  61. I have come to think of it as the ‘South Park effect.’

    It seems absurd, and I smugly think ‘Ohoho, because I am so smart and wise, I see this overreaction for what it is. Gosh it’s a good thing I know everything’

    Then of course a few years later I look back on it and realize it is exactly what society has turned into. If anything the South Parks and Larrys of the world didn’t make their social commentary absurd enough to match what things have become.

  62. It’s actually getting better. It looks worse, because the problem is so much more visible now than it was – but given that part of the problem was the enforced silence, the fact that the problem is visible at all is a sign that the problem is actually getting better.

    Personally, my attitude towards the left is a sense of profound betrayal. Honestly I think a lot of us are in that boat. They were supposed to be the ones who fought against the high-minded conservative authoritarian theocrats – that’s what initially attracts a lot of people to the left, personal experiences with the petty dictators of the right – but as soon as they get a modicum of power, they just become another flavor of high-minded conservative authoritarian theocrat. A worse flavor, without decades of institutional barriers against their worst impulses, and with the worst elements of cult mentality – and a society-wide ban on even discussing it.

    The difference between the left and the right in this regard has, until recently, entirely come down to the enforced code of silence in the left; everybody is aware of the tiny dictators of the right, but there has been forced silence on the matter of the left.

    This shit isn’t new. It’s been going on for at least twenty years, when I first became aware of it, and I suspect it’s much older than that.

    But it is getting better, as hard as that may be to believe, as the scope of the problem becomes increasingly apparent. The code of silence has been broken, and the hidden tiny dictators are no longer so well hidden.

  63. Dear, Mr. Corriea I want to pursue writing comics as a career. Sort of a fantasy world like yours and Hellboy’s. Where people know the paranormal exist but rarely see it. Do you have any tips?

  64. My god, it feels so good to read this from France, surrounded by the same lunatic kind . This cancel and woke shit started here in the mind of insanes academics back in the 70’s I think. (deeply sorry) and come back “enhanced” to us.
    Well everything’s not lost for mankind.
    Thanks for your writings, Mr Correia, novels and … now that i can read it : enlighted political talk.

  65. I agree with every word. I would love to hear you go into a bit more depth sometime on “Many in the GOP are trash grifters…”

    The right seems to be easily duped by these folks. A ton snuck in during the Tea Party wave and I think only one or two were worth a damned. We need a way to better vet the grifters.

    1. It is not the Tea Party that is the core of this, by far.

      The basic and fundamental issue is that Presidents have a lot more influence over an American political party than do many other politicians. State Parties are a lot of a National Party, but not everything, and a state politician with influence in their state party has limited influence in the national party.

      One of background things with the GOP, once GHWB was President in 1988-1992, he was able to concentrate a lot of influence in the Republican national party. But, that goes away as soon as a GOP presidential candidate wins who isn’t beholden to him.

      So, Bob Dole, who perhaps purposefully lost. Then, GWB, and the Bush faction consolidated more power within the GOP.

      At that point, a bunch of folks owed their position to Bush faction influence within the National party, and losing to Democrats was less harmful to them than a successful GOP presidential candidate outside the faction.

      McCain and Romney were intended to lose, and McCain and Romney knew that, and were comfortable with that.

      The plan was to put in Jeb, and presumably set things up for a third generation Bush a decade down the line from that.

      Then Trump happened, and the resulting noise included a bunch of people who were not really careful in their statements. It became clear that many of them had been running long term confidence games on conservatives. As a result of that, the whole mess came into focus and became obvious.

      Note: Trump is something of a 1960s Democrat. He has a goal in mind, but it is not necessarily lasting influence within the Republican Party. Thus, I have no idea how to turn any part of the Republican Party to ends profitable for conservatives.

  66. The majority of the left are far more sinister then that. Perhaps like so many people they are uglier in a group then one on one. But I very much doubt that I would get along with them, no matter how much alcohol I drank. They empower politicians that want to take my freedom, and my money. They are idealistic like Stalin was idealistic. More like sadistic, if you ask me. Im 100% with Larry.

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